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Gerri Robinson’s

FA D E D M E M O R I E S Spring 2017

Feed your soul by doing what brings you joy. -Gerri Robinson

Creating . . . whether it’s a new fabric line, a new quilt design or a simplier way to make a block; brings me joy each and every time. It’s with that same level of joy, I’m happy to share with you my first fabric collection for Penny Rose Fabrics, Faded Memories. Faded Memories is a 21-piece collection of assorted florals and ditsy companion prints in deep saturated colors of blues, reds, yellows and golds; pure classic yumminess! The Faded Memories fabrics were used to create 9 classically fabulous quilts ranging in size from table runners, throws to bed size quilts all available in one book, Casual Classic Quilts. As you wait the arrival of your book, peruse the following pages to whet your appetite of what awaits you when your book arrives. I hope you enjoy the fabrics and quilts as much as I enjoyed creating and designing them for you.

All my best,


The quilts in the Casual Classic Quilts book were created around 5 very basic quilting elements:


Square-in-a-Square Quick Angled Rectangles

Flying Geese



Snowball Block



Half Square Triangle

If you’re confident in making the above block elements, you’re well on your way to making any one of the designs in the Casual Classic Quilts book. The hardest part is deciding which quilt to make first! Take a look at the first several we designed using PRE-CUTS! Maybe that’s a good starting point since the fabrics are already “pre-cut” for you!


5” Squares PRE-CUT Friendly! 50” x 50”

A Star Within 10” Squares PRE-CUT Friendly!

54” x 84”

Hidden Stars 2½” Strips PRE-CUT Friendly! 54” x 84”

Diamonds in the Sky FQ Stack PRE-CUT Friendly! 54” x 84”

Gosh, I wish we were standing right here together so I could hear your thoughts and comments on what you’ve seen so far. I hope you’re inspired and can’t wait to get started on your projects! Before we flip through the other pages, let’s pause for a moment while I give you a quick overview of what inspired the following designs, I refer to this process as DECONSTRUCTING a QUILT. The United quilt is the foundation in which all the other designs are created by simply “deconstructing” the quilt in either a vertical row, horizontal row or simply isolating a block. It really is quite fascinating don’t you think?


78” x 86”


8 Star Table Runner 30” x 86”


4 Star Table Runner 30” x 78”


Stacked Stars Table Runner

30” x 70”


62” x 62”

Faded Memories Color Stories . . . .

- do you have a favorite?

A Classic Mix of Traditional Colors & Prints

A Classic Mix of Blue and Yellow Prints

A Cla Red, White

assic Mix of e and Blue Prints

Well, what do you think? You’ve just perused all the designs and the fabrics used for each and we made it really simple by including the yardage, by print, for your ease and accessibility. I would LOVE to see the quilt(s) you make from the Casual Classic Quilts book. So let’s see them by sharing them with us on Instagram using the #hashtag - #casualclassicquilts.

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