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Creating Value by David Heasman David Heasman on what technology wants Hey, David Heasman here.

Today I want to talk to you about something that makes me angry.

I want to talk to about creating value.

Now, I've been massively influenced by the works of Ray Kurzweil, Star Trek, and all the science fiction I've read. I truly believe (based on past data) that the rate of technological progress is increasing and increasing. The counter arguments of their being an upper limit, are moot when faced with the fact that each time technology (including nature and evolution; check out Kevin Kelly's talk on "What Technology Wants") reaches an upper limit, the paradigm changes. A new breakthrough is achieved which opens the doors for future advances. When biology had reached an upper limit of what genetics and biodiversity could achieve, it evolved a neocortex (allowing for a David Heasman to think) When the neocortex reached its upper limit, it evolved writing (allowing me to put down this knowledge) and so forth and so forth until we reach the advent of the computing age. When mechanical gears reached an upper limit, vacuumn tubes were invented. When those reached an upper limit in miniturisation, the micro chip and electronic transistors were invented. As we're reaching the upper limit of Moore's Law in regards to processors, new avenues are being pursued including 3D chips, Grapehene is promising to be a replacement for silicon down the road and so forth.

Money = Value Created So where exactly is this going David Heasman, you ask? Well I'll tell you, because of this belief, I'm an avid believer that the future that I grow up in will fit some of the models of science fiction that I read as a boy, and some that no science ficiton author could even predict. And there are groups of people out there who believe the same thing.

However what is angering me, is this belief that we need to chase the future, because once we achieve this age of abundance, then finally mankind can be free from money. We will be able to establish a baseline wage that everyone will have.

This concept angers me, not because of the nobility of it (which David Heasman will explain in a minute) but because I don't think people out there actually get what money is.

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Money in its simplest form, is a tool. A tool we use to determine how much value someone has provided to society at large. I transfer money to you when you provide me something I value. I go out of my way to provide value to people, so that they can transfer me money, which I can use to improve my quality of life, by getting other people to provide value to me etc etc.

So do you get the holy equation that David Heasman is espousing?

Money = Value created.

This is not new. Now people are arguing that in a future economy we should establish a baseline wage so that people can be free to pursue the limits of human creativity.

Abundance I have no problem with this. We're heading towards a society of abundance. The tools of production, technological advances and macro economics mean that necessities are being produced to the point of abundance. Soon energy will be basically free, and new tools for cultivating food including vertical farming and 3d printed food will bring the price of food to near zero. We will get to the point where these things are basically free. We won't need a government wage.

But what will drive the economy when all these things are free? What already is: information.

People will value information more and more, whether its entertainment in the form of art, or useful problem solving information, or whether its intelligence in the form of journalism or espionage. These will be the highly valued commodoties, and people will always exchange something for these services. Whatever it will be called it will basically be money.

For without money, the only way to compel someone to do something for you is at the barrell of a gun. Or in less dramatic terms, by intimidation or blackmail. You remove money, you remove civilization, you remove David Heasman being able to buy the latte he's enjoying right now.

Rant over.

Let's try to create value in this civilization that we live in.

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Creating value by david heasman  

With the rate of technological progress that is accelerating, a future of abundance is inevitable. However even in this post scarcity econom...