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MEETINGS MADE IN GERMANY Issue 2/2016 | The Newspaper of the German Convention Bureau

Ready for the future: How the meeting destination Germany drives innovation Innovation network “Future Meeting Space“ presents phase I results of major research project in Frankfurt’s “House of Logistics and Mobility“ (HOLM)


he “Future Meeting Space“ innovation network’s presentation of the phase I results of a long-term research study ticked all the boxes, providing the audience with inspiring insights, a multifaceted delivery and thought leadership. Here’s a glimpse into the future of meeting rooms: On a Thursday afternoon in October 2016, about 50 guests sat in the HOLM “House of Logistics and Mobility“ in the so-called “fishbowl“ space, a circle of several rows of red benches placed on different height levels in the light flooded foyer of the building. The seating order as well as the event venue, that HOLM managing director Michael Kadow described as a “catalyst, enabler and cooperation platform“ in his welcome, indicated what the audience could expect for the next 90 minues: a live experience of a future meeting room where the research partners presented their findings in new and unexpected ways.

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Getting ready for the future The “Future Meeting Space“ research project was initiated at the beginning of 2015, looking at the impact of trends, innovation and developments in society on the meetings industry: “Germany is currently well positioned as a congress destination. However, what will the situation be in a few years‘ time? That’s the question we need to answer,“ said Joachim König, president of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC) that together with the GCB set up the “Future Meeting Space“ network. GCB managing director Matthias Schultze and Dr. Stefan Rief of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO showcased innovative approaches in their results presentation, using the Prezi online presentation tool including an avatar who took part in the conversation, asking questions and giving answers.

Interaction and knowledge transfer The presentation kicked off with a mood

film that featured an avatar who invited the audience to “start into the future of events – now“. Matthias Schultze then highlighted the developments and challenges that Germany as a meetings and congress destination is faced with, including megatrends such as the digitisation and mechanisation of the events sector. Designed as an innovation workshop, the “Future Meeting Room“ initiative aims at providing precise recommended actions as a basis for the development of requirements for successful events, looking at factors such as technology, organisation and space. To that end, the partners of the innovation network have developed six scenarios that were presented by Dr. Stefan Rief.

“Future Meeting Room“ The basic “interactive forum“ scenario was the one that the audience could actually experience at the event via the chosen venue, infrastructure as well as the use of technology and format of presentation. Another scena-

rio painted the picture of a congress that is spread out over several different geographical locations, with a number of regional events taking place at the same time. Further setups revolve around moving real events into the virtual space (“hybridity“) or supporting networking during longer events and providing co-working spaces for delegates. A tool box helps event planners and venue operators to pick their best option from the six scenarios that were presented: “The tool box helps to figure out individual aims and define requirements in order to choose the appropriate scenario,“ explained Rief.

Committed research partners “Future Meeting Space“ collaborates with a number of research partners from various parts of the industry, who commented on the research results and indicated how the recommendations will be used and incorporated in their work: Prof. Christine Kohlert of Drees & Sommer, a ... CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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Strong convention year for LEIPZIG

consulting company working in the construction and real estate sector, is convinced that, on the basis of the scenarios provided, they will be able to develop considerably improved visions and strategies for the future with their clients in the structural engineering and infrastructure space. “These are good ideas and concrete recommendations for actions in order to develop Berlin in the long-term as a future-proof meetings destination,“ said Marco Oelschlegel, Senior Marketing Manager Conventions at visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office, while Katja Heuer of Tourismus NRW (North Rhine-Westphalian tourist board) stressed the importance of taking on a future-oriented perspective as early as possible. With a view to mechanisation, digitisation as well as demographic changes, the results of the study prompted Tourismus NRW to place future meeting formats in the centre of a major MICE project that is designed to run for several years.

For Rainer König of conference service provider KFP, another research partner, interaction, live experiences and virtual reality are core themes in order to turn delegates into dynamic participants that can take on an active role in shaping events and get involved on a practical level. According to Claudia Delius-Fisher of the convention center marketing cooperation SevenCenters of Germany, this requires “absolute flexibility“, adding: “Our business is about the future – we always need to remain up-to-date with what we’re doing and continue investing in infrastructure.“

tific meetings to society and cultural events and trade fairs. In the scientific area, this includes the German Biology Days (Deutsche Biotechnologietage), the International Symposium on Neuroprotection and Neurorepair and the DGG Kompakt der Deutschen Dermatologischen Gesellschaft convention. By the end of the year further significant events, such as the Light, Energy and Environment Congress of the Optical Society, will complete the list.


Elevating conference delegates to the next level

KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig and Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) can look back on a strong performance during the first six months of the year. Numerous conventions with several thousand participants from around the world and high-ranking guests, along with a consistently filled events calendar, contributed to this result.


he CCL officially started operations of the KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig at the beginning of the year; since then, the venue

has benefited from many bookings and a steady stream of inquiries from event organisers. The spectrum ranges from medical and scien-

The KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig is a modern meeting venue in historical guise. The fine Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau-style edifice in the heart of Leipzig features 15 halls and rooms, several foyers and exhibition space. The KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo is a member of the ‚‘ campaign, an alliance of meetings industry suppliers in Leipzig who are jointly committed to maintaining highest standards throughout Leipzig as a meeting destination. «


To be continued All the project partners agree that their initiative needs to continue. KFP’s Rainer König described “Future Meeting Space“ as the perfect showcase in order to position Germany as an innnovation driver and GCB managing director Matthias Schultze announced early 2017 as the estimated start date for the second project phase. Stage II of the study will explore how different types of delegates and different event elements influence user acceptance, knowledge transfer, learning progress and the quality of the experience.

GCB blog series: 8 requirements to be met by event organisers The research findings result in eight requirements that future meeting rooms need to fulfil and that meetings planners and venue operators increasingly need to be aware of, namely interaction and networking, knowledge transfer, individualisation, time efficiency, the short-term nature of proceedings, use of technology, hybridity and user experience. Over the coming weeks, a series of eight blogs by Matthias Schultze will explore what needs to be considered in this context and illustrate how events can be organised in a flexible, interactive, networked and hybrid way at «

The second research phase will now look at the different types of participants and explore how the use of different methodical and technical elements during events affects participants. It will start on 1 March 2017 and end after 18 months on 31 August 2018. If you are a company operating in the events sector, a destination or a technology service provider that is keen on tapping into the potential of future event settings and formats, we would like to get you on board for our second project phase! Contact: Raphaela Herbst, +49 69 24293020,


Achieving more together The 72nd BVR (Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks) Bank Business Congress was successfully held in the Maritim Hotel Berlin.


opious amounts of sunshine, 800 bank managers, VIP guest speakers – everything a good banking congress needs. Between the 8th and 10th of June 2016, the 72nd holding of the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks’ Bank Business Congress and the BVR’s general meeting took place in Berlin. Under the motto, ‘The cooperative finance group – successful and prepared for change’, a diverse range of oral presentations were held, including those by BVR president Uwe Fröhlich, Federal Minister for Justice Heiko Maas and the German Federal Bank’s Executive Board member Dr. Andreas Dombret. The place chosen to hold the event in 2016 was the same chosen to hold it last year – the luxurious Maritim Hotel Berlin in the Stauffenbergstraße. A team effort built on strong foundations that’s further distinguished by harmonious cooperation. As the German cooperative bank group’s umbrella organisation, one of the BVR’s responsibilities is to represent the group’s interests. Their headquarters are located in Berlin, making the capital the logical choice for congresses of this scale. The Maritim Hotelgesellschaft mbH has enjoyed an enviable reputation for providing exceptional service since its founding in 1969. Over four decades later, the company not only plays a pivotal role in Germany’s hotel industry, but is also the nation’s most significant private supplier of congress facilities. In addition to 505 stylish rooms and suites, the Maritim Hotel Berlin is a top-notch congress hotel with an infrastructure that includes 48 event rooms of varying size. Preparations for the BVR congress began on the 4th of June. The Maritim Hall was

set up for the plenum, the Berlin Hall turned into an exhibition room and Salon 7 turned into a storage facility. A day before the event got underway, the remaining conference rooms were readied for meetings as well as assigned to upper management for use as offices. In addition to meeting the logistical demands, human resources management was the No. 1 theme during the preparation and execution of the event. On top of that, not only did staff have to arrange and manage the congress, but the overnight stays as well: a task that required making 400 rooms available. The result: a full house with a total of 800 room nights, satisfied guests and a successful organiser. The Maritim Hotel

Berlin was able to contribute to the success by providing the appropriate infrastructure for the event. In order to facilitate the kind of atmosphere necessary to ensure that guests were able to concentrate on the controversial issues at hand, hotel employees had to work as a quick and competent team both ‘on and off stage’. Their efforts did not go unnoticed and the Maritim Hotel Berlin received a letter from the BVR thanking the team for ensuring everything went off without a hitch. Furthermore, they also emphasised that they were looking forward to the 73rd Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks Bank Business Congress and BVR’s general meeting 2017 between the 31st of May and the 2nd of June in the Maritim Hotel Berlin next year. «


Responsibly into the ­Future: Lufthansa Group publishes 22nd S ­ ustainability Report “Changing working environment” topic focus gives insight into the fascinating world of work of the Lufthansa Group

Changing working environment As a service-providing corporation, motivated and well trained employees are essential to the Lufthansa Group. The sustainability report’s priority subject “Changing working environment” thus places employees up front and shows how the Group reacts to the everchanging conditions with diverse ideas and programs. The aim is to continually offer an attractive working environment to those working on the ground and in the air, in order to inspire existing and future talent for the globally active aviation Group. This also includes offers which enable employees and managers to have a balanced professional and private life. More than 120,000 people currently work for the Lufthansa Group and in 2016, the aviation corporation will employ 4,000 new employees, of which 2,800 will be flight attendants. With the recently launched Diversity@LHGroup project, which increasingly places management in focus, the Lufthansa Group is campaigning for more variety in management levels which also includes the sustainable increase of the percentage of women in management positions. During the report year, this figure rose worldwide by 0.7 percentage points to 14.9 percent and in Germany by 0.2 percentage points to 16.2 percent. 2 / 2

Solid environmental balance – further successes in sight In 2015, the specific fuel consumption of the passenger airlines could be held at the previous year‘s record value (an average of 3.84 litres of kerosene consumption per passenger

and 100 kilometres) despite a 1.1 percentage point lower load factor. The Lufthansa Group continues to work diligently on improving its environmental footprint and has, for example, implemented more than 500 fuel efficiency programs since 2013 including numerous plans to reduce weight such as, for example, 30,000 lightweight on-board trolleys. “A key point on our agenda is our responsibility to protect climate and the environment. This is reflected in the diverse programs that follow the established four-pillar strategy, which comprises technological, operative, infrastructural and economic measures”, stated Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of the Deutsche Lufthansa AG, in the foreword to the report.

velopment cooperation, concrete emergency relief and sustainable integration projects at large corporate sites in Germany. «

Link to “Balance” special and ePaper: balance-2016


35 Years of Global Event Solutions

Continuous investment in new technologies The most effective lever for flying responsibly in the future is investment in new technologies. In 2016 alone, the Lufthansa Group will receive 52 especially fuel-efficient and quiet aircraft. The Airbus A320neo and Bombardier CSeries aircraft models are world premieres and herald in a new era of ecologically-efficient flying. Moreover, in winter 2016, Lufthansa will receive the first Airbus A350-900, the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly longhaul aircraft. In order to improve the travel experience for Lufthansa Group passengers even further, the airlines of the Lufthansa Group have once again implemented numerous service optimizations in 2015. “Balance” also informs about “sustainability along the travel experience” and introduces measures and offers in the area of product responsibility, including electronic boarding cards, eJournals, offers for intermodality as well as voluntary CO2 compensation. In the area of social commitment, the focus of citizenship activities in 2015 was on helping refugees. The Lufthansa Group together with the Help Alliance employee charity organization uses a three stage concept. This comprises projects of de-

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he Lufthansa Group published its 22nd sustainability report today. For over two decades the Group has been communicating important issues of corporate responsibility under the title “Balance”. At the beginning of 2016, the Lufthansa Group once again carried out a stakeholder survey in order to prioritize and further develop the key sustainability issues in a dialogue with the numerous stakeholders. The result of the extensive survey is illustrated in the report in a so-called materiality matrix.

Meet us at IMEX America in Las Vegas and/or IBTM World in Barcelona.

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Medical congress power at the Locations of Messe Frankfurt in September With a record number of participants, the 57th Congress of the German Society for Hand Surgery (or Deutsche Gesellschaft für Handchirurgie) in Kap Europa drew to a close on 24 September 2016. The congress was held in collaboration with the American Association for Hand Surgery, making it an international affair. The congress was presided over by Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Sauerbier, the director of Hesse’s only certified centre for hand surgery, the Department for Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgery at the BG Trauma Centre (or Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik) in Frankfurt. This was Messe Frankfurt’s second medical conference of the month, the 44th Congress of the German Society for Rheumatology (or Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie) having been staged in the Congress Center at the beginning of September, accompanied by an industrial exhibition featuring some 95 exhibitors in the directly adjacent Hall 5.1. This, too, was described by conference president Prof. Dr. Ulf Müller-Ladner as a total success, with a clear increase in the number of both participants and exhibitors. hlen von einem vollen Erfolg sprechen. «


Hamburg Convention Bureau presents its “Unpack Hamburg” campaign at IMEX America Hamburg, 17 October 2016 – The Hamburg Convention Bureau has presented Hamburg’s diversity as a meetings destination at IMEX America in Las Vegas from 18 to 20 October 2016.


MEX America, the American MICE trade fair, was also the starting point for launching “Unpack Hamburg” – a cross-media campaign initiated by the HCB and aimed at systematically attracting international organisers’ interest in Hamburg as a conference and congress location. Hamburg is an attractive, liveable and centrally located European city, and it has a lot to offer: its exciting business environment and its many strong economic sectors make Hamburg a hidden gem. The “Unpack Hamburg” campaign combines these two factors and is aimed at highlighting Hamburg’s attractiveness in front of national and international conference and congress organisers.

VIBRANT, SMART AND OPEN-MINDED – UNPACK HAMBURG! There is so much more packed into Hamburg than you might think. Discover the diverse opportunities of one of Europe’s most exciting meetings destinations.

The campaign’s core element is a classic business wheeled suitcase that is “packed with Hamburg”. Over a period of twelve months the HCB will gradually unpack this suitcase and disclose the hidden and attractive sides of Hamburg to congress and conference organisers. The campaign will showcase what this highly liveable city on the River Elbe has to offer and provide insights into Hamburg’s attractive business environment with its strong economic sectors, its rich academic landscape and some of the city’s innovative projects. The HCB set this campaign up as part of its destination corporate partnership agreement with the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO). This partnership with IAPCO provides the HCB with direct access to some 120 PCO-companys from 41

countries. With the partnership, Hamburg is striving to raise its profile as a congress destination among a highly international target group. In launching this creative campaign, the HCB aims to fully harness the opportunities and channels available

through the IAPCO partnership with the goal of drawing the eyes of congress organisers towards the city on the River Elbe.. «


V of the isit De 29 us ce th at mb of th er No e IB ve T 2 St 016 mb M b an in er et w dF B a 50 arce nd t een h -0 l 5. ona e 1 , S st pa in.

Meetings are our business

Rest assured that with Maritim as your partner, you’ll benefit from over four decades of MICE expertise. We have more than 650 well equipped event rooms to accomodate your every meeting, incentive, conference or exhibition requirements. M Hotels · International Sales Office · Kuelpstrasse 2 · 64293 Darmstadt · Germany Phone +49 (0) 6151 905-710 · · M Hotelgesellschaft mbH · Herforder Strasse 2 · 32105 Bad Salzuflen · Germany


New Locations New developments up north in ­Lübeck and Travemünde One of the oldest industrial sites in Germany’s northernmost state Schleswig-Holstein has been turned into a stunning event venue: The Kulturwerft Gollan in Lübeck is a new flagship project in the historical city’s portfolio of conference and event locations. Thilo Gollan, a regional entrepreneur, is the driving force behind the project, transforming the once derelict factory and shipyard site into a cultural and event centre on altogether 53,000 square metres on the fringes of the city’s famous Old Town.

Opening of revamped OsnabrückHalle After six months of refurbishing work, OsnabrückHalle re-opened on 25th September, starting the 2016/2017 season in a completely modernised fashion. The largest and most state-of-the art event centre of this region in the federal state of Lower Saxony already has about 200 events booked in, including 80 conventions and congresses. More than 150,000 guests altogether are expected until the end of June 2017.


he refurbishment of the building in Osnabrück‘s centre was undertaken in two stages between 2013 and 2016 with a total construction cost of about EUR 30 million. Major projects of the second phase of work were new conference and catering rooms as well as lounge areas, the modernisation of the building’s facade and basement areas plus replacing all media, stage and audio equipment. OsnabrückHalle now has two halls and ten rooms that can cater for conferences and congresses for 3,000 people. The venue can also host concerts for up to 3,500 guests standing.


he venue consists of a number of red brick buildings that were constructed between 1870 and 1920 in Lübeck’s harbour area and have been rebuilt and extended to now offer 17,000 square metres of space, providing event professionals with lots of potential for special set-ups. Up to 18 metres high, the buildings mix the old industrial architecture with modern, multifunctional designs that are suitable for concerts and exhibitions as well as for corporate events.

the river Trave, where a new complex of holiday villas, a hotel, shops and recreational facilities plus a conference centre is being built on the Priwall Peninsula. To be completed by 2018, the Priwall Waterfront project will offer 1,500 additional beds and is part of a two-year reinvention process that Travemünde, Germany’s third oldest seaside resort, is currently undergoing. «

Just outside town, another major development is under way in Travemünde, Germany’s largest ferry port on the Baltic Sea on the mouth of

vantage of our strong points, namely modern rooms, our central location in Osnabrück which is a walkable city with short distances, sufficient hotel and parking options, easy access to the venue and our close cooperation with different regional catering partners and the city’s convention bureau,” says OsnabrückHalle managing director Jan Jansen. Over the coming months, the venue will, among others, host an annual physicians’ conference and the annual meeting of the Association of German Foundations.

“Particularly in the conference and congress segment, we can now take even better ad-

Fit for a kING: new stand-out event venue to open in Ingelheim in 2017 kING – Kultur- und Veranstaltungshalle Ingelheim, an architecturally striking new event venue, is taking shape in Ingelheim, about an hour west of Frankfurt on the Rhine. The completion of the external structural work was celebrated this April with the traditional German topping-out ceremony and the venue for congresses, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions and concerts is scheduled to open in August 2017.


’m delighted that building work is proceeding according to plan and that we could celebrate this important milestone in April. We now have sufficient planning security with regards to the opening next August and can enter into binding agreements with interested organisers,“ says managing director Michael Sinn. The modern complex, which will feature a very distinctive facade design, offers a variety of spaces for 20 to 1000 people including a big congress hall, five conference rooms as well as further meeting spaces, with an attractive foyer providing additional options for catering or exhibitions.

meeting rooms, that is set to open at the end of 2016 directly opposite. Event professionals can also freely choose which service providers they wish to work with and kING customers will, for example, be able to bring in a caterer of their choice. Plus, a new business hotel with 110 rooms is set to open next to Ingelheim’s new stand-out venue by the end of the year. «

The available space can be increased even further since the venue will be linked via an underground passageway with a centre for further education, featuring a number of




Meet you here, arrive from anywhere Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center Meet at the most central hotel in Europe with direct connection to an International Airport and ICE train station as well as perfect access to the motorway.

T Cologne — Tradition Meets Modernity 2017 will be another year of exciting events in Cologne.


n addition to long-established trade fairs of international significance such as gamescom, dmexco and Anuga, the city will host innovative congresses such as the European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, the 14th European ISSX Meeting and EUROMIT. The range of events reflects the multifaceted nature of Cologne. This vibrant metropolis on the Rhine has more than one million inhabitants and is Germany’s oldest major city. At the same time, Cologne has a young and dynamic creative sector that harbours tremendous potential. All of these facts have been ta-

ken into account by the Cologne Tourist Board and the Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB) in their focal topic for 2016/2017: #urbanCGN — cologne urban lifestyle. Cologne is on show as an urban hotspot that also has lots to offer that’s off the beaten track for tourists — no matter whether visitors are coming here on business or for pleasure. We especially want to enable our guests to have an alternative experience of our city in addition to what they already know about Cologne. «

he demands on a conference hotel become more individual, the expectations of a location and services increase steadily. It is no longer enough to simply offer meeting rooms; it has to be a whole concept, from space to technology and food and beverages. This is precisely what hotel stands for - with 40 years MICE experience and 60 meeting rooms. Meetings for two or events with 1,200 people, press conferences, fairs or parties - anything is possible, 365 days a year. How about starting your conference with a party exclusively in our lobby and our modern two-story SkyLoft? Both are stunning and unique event locations at the airport and offer all amenities

a high class hotel brings along. NEW: This year over 500 Deluxe Rooms were newly designed (in total 1,008 guest rooms & suites) «


Explorer. Cologne Convention Bureau.

A mix of tradition and modernity, Cologne has always been a city to explore and remains so today. Worldfamous perfume manufacturers, iconic cathedral architects and engineers, an international art, photo and computer gaming scene, all call this city on the banks of the Rhine home. Cologne is also ideally located as an international conference venue. Find out more in Meeting Point Cologne 2016/2017 Get a free print at: The team photo was taken to accompany this year’s #urbanCGN - cologne urban lifestyle – theme. Discover more at:


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Hamburg Convention Bureau

Maritim – your professional event partner throughout Germany and the world

About the Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB):

As a family-owned and operated company, Maritim has been leaving its positive mark on Germany’s hospitality landscape since 1969. Thanks to ongoing expansion in selected destinations abroad, Maritim’s success has long extended beyond the nation’s borders. Combined with its many years of expertise planning, organising and carrying out meetings, incentives, congresses and events, the portfolio’s more than 650 dedicated MICE spaces make Maritim one of Germany’s leading providers of conference and event-related services. Revel in an exceptional accommodation experience that’s enhanced through elegant rooms, luxurious suites and state-of-the-art event spaces.

The Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB) is the competence centre for all sectors of the event industry in the city of Cologne. Integrated within the Cologne Tourist Board, it offers event organizers an initial neutral point of contact for questions regarding Cologne as a location for conferences, congresses and incentive events.

Hamburg Convention Bureau (HCB) is a subsidiary of Hamburg Marketing GmbH, combining local expertise with a wide range of industry know-how including B2B events, such as congresses and meetings, as well as large events in the public space. HCB is tasked with the worldwide marketing of Hamburg as a congress and meetings destination as well as with profiling the city internationally through stunning public events.

Congress Frankfurt As a part of Messe Frankfurt, one of the world’s leading trade fair organizer with its own exhibition grounds, Congress Frankfurt markets the locations on the Frankfurt fairground for meetings and conventions. The facilities offered to convention organizers include not only the Congress Center, Festhalle, Forum and Portalhaus but also the exhibition halls. In all, 80 convention and meeting rooms with a capacity of 22,000 places as well as generously dimensioned exhibition halls are available. These are complemented by Kap Europa, which is certified for sustainability and lies in the nearby Europa District.

Since 1975: Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center KONGRESSHALLE am Zoo Leipzig

For more than 40 years, the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center has been offering unlimited opportunities for the MICE industry. Directly adjacent to Frankfurt Airport, it is Europe’s most centrally located hotel, as expressed in its motto “Meet you here, arrive from anywhere“. The range of options for virtually any type of event includes 60 function rooms of every size and with capacities of up to 1200 guests, 1008 hotel rooms, club floors, two restaurants, two bars and a café in the lobby. No matter if conferences, seminars, intimate small meetings, exhibitions or product presentations – there’s a solution for every requirement, ensuring that every event becomes a success.

Directly adjacent to Leipzig Zoo, Kongresshalle was re-opened after years of extensive renovations in early 2016. Originally opened in 1900, the historical building served as a major cultural venue for more than 80 years and was, amongst others, home to the Gewandhausorchester. Restoration work started in 2009 and the new Kongresshalle now provides event organisers with 15 rooms and halls for 10 to 1200 people as well as numerous foyers and lounge areas. It is suitable for congresses, meetings, corporate events, receptions and evening events.

IBTM World »»When: 29th of November – 1st of December 2016 »»Where: „Fira Barcelona“ Barcelona, Spain »»Exhibitors: about 3.000 international exhibitors »»Website: Meet us at the German Pavilion stand F50! At the following Websites you can find an overview of all German exhibitors:

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GCB Newspaper Meetings Made in Germany 2-2016  

Ready for the future: How the meeting destination Germany drives innovation

GCB Newspaper Meetings Made in Germany 2-2016  

Ready for the future: How the meeting destination Germany drives innovation