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The ART of Meetings made in Germany Meetings as a cultural experience

IMEX 2009

“Our high-price image is a thing of the past” Meetings destination Germany: excellent value for money, great offers

The whole world is on the move – Be one step ahead!

u w o a y n s a t ! m o o r h c u m s A M Hotel Berlin M Hotel Dusseldorf

M Hotel am Schlossgarten Fulda

M Hotel & Int. Congress Centre Dresden

M Hotels operate 50 first class and deluxe category hotels located throughout Germany, as well as Latvia, Turkey, Egypt and properties on the islands of Tenerife, Majorca, Mauritius and Malta. M Hotels will also open a new hotel in Beijing/China (September 2009). Located in most major cities and resort areas in Germany, M Hotels offer an extensive range of facilities for both business and leisure travellers. M remains an independent group with a simple philosophy: to offer a variety of hotels - from traditional to ultra-modern that combine excellent service and facilities in prime locations. Hall 8! , 9 0 y a o 28 M Visit us at the IMEX in Frankfurt/Germany, 26 t M Hotels International Sales Office Kuelpstrasse 2 路 D-64293 Darmstadt Tel.: +49 6151 905-710 路 Fax +49 6151 905-717


Dear Reader,


oaning about the crisis is a popular occupation right now. Indeed it is quite an art to stop prophets of doom from painting everything black and insist instead on brighter colours. We require a fresh perspective and another look at the situation. In Germany, for example: especially now when MICE planners are

breakfast in a modern four-star superior hotel in Berlin only costs around 138 Euros. Compare that to London, Paris or Barcelona! What is the trick? Unlike most European countries, Germany is a highly decentralised nation. Berlin and Munich are not the only cities where things are hot and happening. We also have Hamburg, Frankfurt

The ART of Meetings: fantastic value at an astoundingly low price checking and re-checking their budgets and when organisers all around the globe are hunting for exotic destinations which offer reasonable value for money. So why don’t they consider Germany first? As an El Dorado for Daimler, BMW and Porsche fans – sure, but as one of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe - that can’t be true? Or can it? It most certainly is! Countless studies, statistics and surveys regularly confirm the attractiveness and affordability of the top meeting and events location in the heart of Europe. Germany = pricey? Get up to date! An overnight stay with

am Main, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Leipzig and many more to offer. Hence, the number of attractive meeting destinations is virtually endless in Germany. And as for mobility, MICE planners can rely on a high-class infrastructure with a great reputation.You can also depend on the well-proven guarantee that Germany is an event destination that knows the art of MICE like virtually no other. This takes us on to art. The German Convention Bureau (GCB) not only wants to inspire you this year with great value made in Germany – these are the “hard facts“. We have dedicated 2009 to the exciting

topics of art and culture. We would, therefore, like to invite you to get to know the art of masters old and new - Schiller, Bach, Gropius and Neo Rauch or even the Scorpions. We invite you to a champagne reception in Goethe’s living room in Weimar, to a private concert at Dresden’s Semper Opera house, to a product presentation for the 90th anniversary of Bauhaus in Dessau and to seminars with Macke, Baselitz and Richter at Berlin’s famous Brücke Museum. In brief: Let us be your muse for the “ART of Meetings made in Germany”! I look forward to seeing you soon, Yours sincerely, Lutz P.Vogt Managing Director GCB German Convention Bureau e.V.





English Edition 1 / 2009

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GCB German Convention Bureau Editorial


Meeting Destination Germany “Our high-price image is a thing of the past”


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The ART of Meetings made in Germany

IMEX 2009 The whole world is on the move – Be one step ahead! GCB’s Germany stand IMEX Association Day boasts packed agenda

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Goethe and Beethoven welcome you Meetings as a cultural experience Out of the ordinary: The ART of Hotel Architecture

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Editorial Staff: GCB German Convention Bureau e. V. Featured Writers in this issue: GCB, Anke Pedersen, Michael Behrendt Translation: Alison Dobson-Ottmers, Proof reading: Dr. Patrick Patridge, Layout: Sven Steglich Title: Malerei an der East Side Gallery. Fotograf: Hans Peter Merten Pictures: p. 6: Registrierkasse ©Chrisdesign / PIXELIO; p. 8: Kaffeetasse © Günter Havlena / PIXELIO; p. 30: spohler/laif; p. 31: Historischer Flügel im Beethoven-Haus Bonn: Leipzig Tourismus; p. 32: Säulensaal: Staatsgalerie Stuttgart; Mercedes Benz-Museum Stuttgart Copyright Daimler AG; Bundeskunsthalle: Presseamt Bundesstadt Bonn; p. 33: Bauhaus Dessau Treppenhaus VG Bildkunst, Bonn 2009; p. 34: Liederhalle Stuttgart; Axica Berlin; Völklinger Hütte: © Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte/ Gerhard Kassner; p. 35: Kameha Grand Bonn; p. 37: Martin-Gropius-Bau: Lichthof, ©, 2007; p. 38: Klimahaus Bremerhaven Frequency: Biannual The GCB is supported by: Strategic Partners: German National Tourist Board, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, IMEX - incorporating Meetings made in Germany; Preferred Partners: Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH, Maritim Hotels and darmstadtium wissenschaft | kongresse



“Our high-price image is a thing of the past” n Meetings destination Germany: excellent value for money, great offers

also confirm Germany’s high-quality offers that come in at a surprisingly low price. For example, overnight stays in German cities are always much cheaper than in many other international cities. Last year’s list of average room prices in German and European cities for 2007, which was created by the German Hotel Association (IHA) e. V., arrived at the following conclusion: “On an international scale Germany provides excellent value for money.” According to the survey, room prices in Moscow, Geneva and Paris were the highest with even the most expensive German cities much further down the list.

Germany is one of Europe’s most favourably priced destinations


he meetings industry is still a growth market. However, it will not be able to escape the current financial and economic crisis unscathed. That is why meeting planners are keeping a closer eye on where to buy and what services they will get for their money. In Germany you can not only meet at an affordable price but the great meeting quality and rather low incidental costs make it an extremely attractive meeting destination in the heart of Europe. “Our excellent value for money in all areas of business and everyday life are reason enough to opt for Germany,” says Lutz P.Vogt, Managing Director of the GCB German Convention Bureau, which markets Germany both nationally

and internationally as a destination for meetings, conventions, events and incentives. “However, not everybody is aware of this yet. Although, as the Meeting- & Event Barometer 2008 shows, Germany is deemed the best meetings destination in Europe and is posting a rising number of meetings and events,” says Vogt, “we sometimes discover in our discussions with customers that we still have a highprice image. But this image is now a thing of the past.” As proof of this the GCB German Convention Bureau not only singles out experiences with its own members, including wellknown hotels, convention centres and event agencies. A wide range of international surveys and studies

Another remarkable thing: hotel prices in Germany have remained stable. This is confirmed by the Hotel Price Index (HPI) recently published by online hotel booking service “With a price increase of only one per cent over last year’s figure to an average room price of €101 per room and night Germany is one of Europe’s most favourably priced destinations even in the 3rd quarter of 2008.” Hence, in terms of attractive prices Germany is number 6 of the 19 countries analysed countries. According to the HPI, the highest room prices in the summer months of 2008 were paid by guests in Norway (€149 on average), Switzerland (€147) and Denmark (€144 on average).


“On balance, the hotels in Germany’s major cities provided to be internationally competitive in terms of value for money,” For further proof see the 2008 Hotel Price/Performance Index published in late January by hotel. de, another online hotel booking website. This index is the result of a comparison of currently around 600,000 hotel ratings by customers of the portal world-wide on the price/performance ratio of 3- and 4-star hotels. “On balance, the hotels in Germany’s major cities were internationally competitive in terms of value for money,” recaps “Compared to average prices in the major cities of the surveyed countries (including the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the USA and China) (= 7.42) the German result is above average with an index rating of 7.55. Hence Germany’s major cities rank fourth in the country comparison.” A look at the current situation of the meetings and events business shows how important such indicators are for decision-makers. The available space for meetings, exhibitions and trade fairs is constantly growing world-wide. The same applies to the supply of hotel rooms and number of new jobs in the industry. Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the world’s largest association of the meetings and events industry, confirms that meetings and conventions are still one of the global growth markets. Nevertheless, meeting planners have shown more reticence especially in the last few months: From September to November 2008, says MPI, several industry trends have proved to be “serious”. The ailing economic situation is top of the list, followed by an increase of last-minute cancellations and falling attendee figures at meetings and conventions. Although planners predict 9% less meetings for 2009, 3% fewer

delegates and a 3% shorter meeting duration, they also expect a 2% increase in expenditure per event. In view of a still tense budget situation this means that decision-makers are keeping an even closer eye on where they want to stage a meeting and what services they will get for their budget. n Outstanding meeting destination As the latest hotel price comparisons have shown, Germany is very wellprepared for the crisis especially in the overnights segment. Further qualities include infrastructure and service. Especially its reliability, professionalism, meticulous organisation, optimum traffic connections and excellent transport facilities make Germany an “outstanding meeting destination” on a European level - as a survey performed by IMEX Research last year showed. And this result is confirmed by further studies: According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2008 by the World Economic Forum and Booz Allen Hamilton, the EU states are the most competitive in the field of tourism. It states that Germany has a leading position alongside Switzerland and Austria. “Due to its excellent connection with international tourism flows, one of the world’s most advanced rail and road infrastructures and its sustainable environmental regulations and high security standards Germany is among the top three ... This is due to the reinforced efforts of German decision-makers to push the competitive advantages of their country even further.” Published last November, the Country Brand Index (CBI) 2008 of

the consultant firm FutureBrand also confirms Germany’s great attraction for business travellers: In the “Ideal for Business” category it also ranks second just behind the USA, and in the “Easiest to do Business in” category it comes second. In the “Quality Products” category it holds an excellent third place, and in the “Conferences” category Germany is among the world’s top four. Excellent infrastructure, high competitiveness and sensible hotel prices combined with a certain air of serenity and professionalism in realisation - these are convincing advantages. But another thing that ought to interest thrifty meeting planners about Germany is quite simply but inevitably the fact that Germany is a leading international brand that offers a great quality of life and optimum services - even outside of convention centres and meeting hotels - at a comparatively low price.




Worldwide Cost of Living 1 Coffe: Rent of a 2-room luxury flat: Musik-CD:





€ 6,92

€ 3,50

€ 2,80

€ 2,05





€ 3.333,05

€ 1.550,-

€ 1.400,-

€ 1.100,-





€ 21,99

€ 19,50

€ 17,99

€ 16,99





€ 3,35

€ 2,69

€ 2,65

€ 2,18





€ 3,50

€ 2,85

Source: Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Mercer Incidental holiday costs 1 Cappuccino: 1 Bier: Sonnencreme:

€ 3,87

€ 3,54



€ 12,26

€ 9,44

Source: ADAC

n Germany: a strong brand

In detail: according to the AnholtGfK Nation Brands Index (NBI), created for the first time by GfK Custom Research North America together with Simon Anholt last year, Germany has the best nation brand image in the sense of a commercial brand. The index is based on a survey in 20 industrial and developing countries in categories such as exports, government, culture and tourism. With regard to the meeting business this means: those who meet in Germany, will benefit from a strong brand – plus an excellent quality of life that can hardly be matched world-wide. In the wellknown Quality of Living Global City Rankings for 2008 by consultant firm Mercer Germany has three cities - Düsseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt am Main - in the world-wide Top Ten. At the same time the cost of living between Flensburg and Munich, between Aachen and Berlin is anything but expensive by international standards. No matter what price comparison surveys you consult, Germany is not in the picture when it comes to the world’s most expensive destinations. So, to put it plainly, Germany offers

excellent value for money only as not just as far as hotels are concerned. The best proof is delivered by the annual Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, also conducted by Mercer. This survey compares the prices of over 200 products and services and is used by global players and governments all over the world as a basis for determining salary allowances or bonuses for employees who are on short-term or long-term secondments abroad. The result of this price comparison is a ranking of the most expensive cities world-wide, which can also be read the other way round: as a ranking of the world’s lowestpriced cities. According to this interpretation, five German cities are among the Top 50 of metropolises listed for the year 2008 - and they are all among the upper third. Hamburg is the most affordable of these 50 Düsseldorf comes in fifth, followed by Frankfurt am Main (11th), Berlin (13th) and Munich (14th). Leipzig is even cheaper. By the way, the Mercer specialists discovered that Moscow is the world’s most expensive city. Also Tokyo, London, Oslo, Geneva, Copenhagen and Milan are much more expensive than the aforementioned German cities.

Finally, the ADAC took a slightly lighter approach and compared the so-called incidental holiday costs last summer - i.e. the average prices for products from an ice-cream cone to painkillers to air-beds in ten leading European holiday destinations. Conclusion: On average, the lowest-priced destination was Poland, the most expensive France, Denmark and Italy. Again Germany eschewed any extremes holding a midfield position. Some German holiday resorts were even cheaper than average. “The figures and indicators for destination Germany are rather pleasing,” Lutz P.Vogt of the GCB German Convention Bureau recaps the results of all surveys and studies. “Against this background the German meeting and convention industry ought to be able to cope very well even in difficult times and hold its leading position as an meeting and events destination.”

Pulsating, fascinating, inspiring!


Ein echter Berliner, mitten in Berlin! A real hotel much like the capital – full of personality, charm and possibilities! Your conference will be a neat Berlin experience at all times – with a perfect blend of classic and modern, constancy and dynamism, tradition and future: n in the Conference & Event venue, with 22 superbly equipped conference rooms from 20 to 540 m² for events with up to 500 people n in 701 rooms and suites in six categories – with a comfortable interior and a complete cutting edge Inroom-Entertainment-System with HDTV and High Speed Internet n in the creative centres for fitness, wellness and business n in the high class restaurants and a huge bar with a casual lounge NEW in March 2009: Facade as well as entrance area, lobby, reception and bar will be glistening in a whole new splendour. Experience our “Living Surface”, the “Media Screen Panels” and the design of light, which will be enlightening you, too.

Ideally located in city centre, business and government districts.

Lützowplatz 17, 10785 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 30 2605-2801 • Fax: +49 (0) 30 2605-39 2614 •



A-ROSA resorts impress with deluxe experiences


uxurious retreats and unforgettable experiences await you at A-ROSA Resorts in Travemünde, Kitzbühel and Scharmützelsee Lake. With a new focus the Finest Hideaway Resorts offer high-class luxury worlds with perfect hospitality. The new A-ROSA Experiences catalogue presents the luxurious offerings of Sport and SPA Resort A-ROSA Scharmützelsee to its guests. A-ROSA Finest Hideaway

Accor opens first MGallery Hotel in Germany Hotel Mondial am Dom - Cologne is the first hotel of Accor’s MGallery label ( to open in Germany. The new MGallery luxury hotel collection was added to Accor’s brand portfolio as its upmarket category in September 2008. The hotels all have a special flair due to their history, architecture, location or vision.

Resorts stand for a contemporary way of life in lifestyle domiciles that offer a unique experience. After an extensive conversion “Germany’s leading golf resort” on the banks of the picturesque Scharmützelsee Lake has become even more attractive. High-quality facilities enable you to escape everyday stress or ensure a successful corporate event. Apart from a selection of Germany’s best and most beautiful golf courses, the

Hotel Mondial am Dom Cologne lies in the heart of the old town near the cathedral, Rhine and trade fair. The hotel features 205 elegant rooms, two junior suites, five board meeting rooms and a 184-sqm hall. Special offers: City Experience and Gourmet Experience To underline the individuality of the hotel and city, MGallery has two attractive special offers: The City Experience package attracts visitors to the city’s sights and therefore

resort organises champagne trips on board the legendary RIVA on the lake for its guests, combines sporting achievements with fine cuisine in the Golf & Gourmet package, or musical arrangements in its Golf & Symphony programme. The A-ROSA Founders Cup is already a legend, combining two exclusive sports:You can practice your swing on the golf course and be a skipper on a yacht for attractive challenges and contrasts in the beautiful landscape of Scharmützelsee Lake. A-ROSA Finest Hideaway Resorts offer meeting delegates a perfect “space to relax”: The newly designed MICE concept realised in the Hideaway Resorts in Travemünde, Kitzbühel and on Scharmützelsee Lake, focuses on incentive board meetings, events with a strong leisure factor and image events.

comprises an overnight stay and breakfast plus a City Pass or city tour and a free public transport ticket. The Gourmet Experience offers a culinary tour of the hotel’s own cuisine. This package includes an overnight stay, breakfast, lunch or dinner in the restaurant.

Building measures at Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin make headway – opening on 1 July 2009 The four-star superior hotel of the exclusive Leonardo Hotels brand is becoming a real gem. The first model rooms are now ready for preinspection and meet all requirements: with a king-size bed, desk, flat TV or wardrobe with built-in safe – high standards are guaranteed. Designer Andreas Neudahm describes the décor as a “minimalist, elegant style that meets the high standards of our guests.” The building will feature 346 rooms, including various luxury suites. Up to 300 guests can be accommodated in the in-house restaurant with its clean lines and indirect lighting. In summer a generous outdoor terrace invites


you to enjoy the flair of the capital. In addition, there are ten light-filled banqueting halls of variable sizes, including a generous ballroom with a total space of 1,000 sqm and separate entrance, a 120 sqm VIP lounge for special events, and a modern bar with lounge. On the seventh floor an exclusive spa area with saunas, a gym and stylish rest area invites you to relax with breath-taking views of Berlin’s television tower.

Built in 1956 as a representative Art Déco style building and lavishly


refurbished from 1990 to 1992, the complex in Otto-Braun-Straße is now a listed building. Despite the refurbishments its historical substance has been preserved. For example, the entrance lobby is already striking for its beautiful design. Grand Opening of andel’s Hotel Berlin The 4-star superior design hotel andel’s Berlin recently celebrated its grand opening. After 19 months of intense construction, the largest hotel project for Austrian real estate developers Warimpex and UBM to date was officially opened in March. The management of the hotel has been entrusted to Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG. The opening of the andel’s Hotel marks the successful completion of

Global Event Solutions for 25 Years

CONFERENCE – EVENT – DESTINATION – ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT Conference Management As a Professional Congress Organiser (PCO) we offer full or partial service in congress management in Germany and worldwide.

Event and Incentive Management CPO has many years’ experience organising motivational travel and events. We design creative incentive programmes and events tailored to the individual needs of your group.

Association Management CPO is specialised in administration and management for national and international scientific associations.

Destination Management CPO supports the planning and organisation of your conferences, incentives and other events onsite throughout Germany.

Please visit us at the IMEX in Frankfurt!

Berlin • Paulsborner Strasse 44 • 14193 Berlin, Germany • Phone: +49-30-300 669-0 • Fax: +49-30-305 73 91 • Hamburg • Zum Ehrenhain 34 • 22885 Barsbüttel, Germany • Phone: +49-40-670 882-0 • Fax: +49-40-670 32 83 • Dresden • Wilhelm-Wolf-Strasse 3 • 01326 Dresden, Germany • Phone: +49-351-261 63-0 • Fax: +49-351-261 05 10 • I N I











the second hotel project in Germany for the joint venture of Austrian real estate developers UBM and Warimpex. “With andel’s Hotel Berlin, we want to follow up on the success of the andel’s design hotels in Prague and Cracow. Not least due to the dynamic development of Berlin as a conference capital am I convinced that we will more than succeed,” says Warimpex CEO Franz Jurkowitsch of his largest hotel project so far.

andel’s Hotel Berlin The 4-star superior design hotel was built on Landsberger Allee at a cost of € 80 million with the participation of London star interior designers Jestico + Whiles – the designing force behind the interiors at the andel’s Hotels in Prague and Cracow – and the architectural office of Seeger Müller. With a total of 557 rooms on ten floors, a 3,800m² flexibly designable conference centre, a 570 m² ballroom and a sky bar on the 14th floor of the 60 metre high hotel tower – offering panorama views over the rooftops of Berlin – andel’s Hotel is one of the most attractive events and conference locations in Berlin. Guests also have a 550m² wellness area at their disposal and are offered an exquisite dining experience in the sophisticated à-la-carte restaurant. The unique, first-class interior design is sure to make a stay in the andel’s Hotel an unforgettable experience. Rudolf Tucek, the CEO of Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG: “andel’s Hotel fits well to Berlin – it is modern and aspiring, in line with

the zeitgeist of a young capital city. The conference facilities, marked by their functionality and design, make it possible to realise a variety of creative events. With Ambion as a partner, we can offer full client support in the planning and realisation of events.” Location: Convenient and Central in former East Berlin andel’s Hotel is located in the eastern part of the German capital, in the immediate vicinity of the Velodrom concert and event facilities and the swimming and diving centre in the Europasportpark, which, with the most modern swimming facilities in Berlin, is the venue for many national and international competitions. The central location is further guaranteed by a the commuter rail (S-Bahn) station and tram stop directly in front of the building, ensuring quick, easy transport into the heart of Berlin, the main train station, to the international airports Tegel and Schönefeld as well as the ICC and Messe Berlin fairgrounds. Thanks to its excellent connections, the hotel is ideal for tourists and businesspeople alike. Novotel Germany introduces AirPlus Meeting Solution Novotel, the dynamic and futureforward Accor hotel brand in the superior mid-market segment, offers its business customers a novel service: In co-operation with AirPlus, one of the world’s leading payment solution providers for business travel management, all 25 Novotel hotels have introduced the AirPlus Meeting Solution from the start of 2009. This gives Accor customers an innovative settlement solution for event management and a direct connection with hotels. This offer will meet the demand of companies for standardised, centralised settlement

for business travel, a selection of booking channels, centrally controlled modes of payment, and above all a transparent and paperfree billing process. For users of the AirPlus Meeting Solution this means that they will have all booking channels at your disposal for Novotel hotels. Moreover, all MICE services can be paid for safely and evaluated in detail with the AirPlus Meeting Solution – a novelty for billing in the event industry.

Innovative partner in the meeting segment With its Meeting@Novotel conference programme and focus on the MICE segment Novotel already presents itself as a reliable and innovative partner for demanding business travellers. Novotel hotels set accents with their superior facilities, unique locations and state-of-the-art meeting equipment. By introducing the AirPlus Meeting Solution the brand is once again following its pioneer philosophy and leading the way in the meetings segment. After the successful completion of the pilot phase with Novotel – the first hotel chain with direct access to the AirPlus Meeting Solution - in autumn 2008, Accor and AirPlus are presenting a wider range of offerings over the coming year. After Novotel, Sofitel and Pullman will soon be offering the new service. And there are plans to integrate further conference-focused hotels of the Accor Group, e.g. the Mercure brand, in the first quarter of 2009.



Customer surveys in the event management industry n Web-based seminars as professional training programmes are on the rise


flexibility for our customers”, explains Thorsten Kolbinger, General Manager ppa. USI EMEA.“ There are no more time-consuming business trips and expenses for overnight accommodation. Employees can follow the learning matter independent of their location while still remaining integrated in the working process – without any quality loss in their knowledge training.” This fact is confirmed by the survey results: Only 16% of the participants considered webinars as not informative whereas 67% were completely satisfied with the business examples presented. The majority of customers also responded positively when asked about

the organization of the webinar. 100% agreed to the questions “I found the email invitation precise and clear”, two thirds found the registration process and the software usage simple. These predominantly positive results indicate the tremendous potential that lies in software-based knowledge training. “Ungerboeck Systems International wants to relay these advantages to its customers as well as prospects for best possible information and usage of EBMS”, says Kolbinger. In addition to specialized training for certain modules, product presentations are also planned via webinars.

of respondents (customers’ employees) consider webinars an adequate knowledge transfer method and would recommend them to others. This is the result of a survey carried out by Ungerboeck Systems International on customer satisfaction with regards to using this method (in use since 2008) among European customers. New features of software releases were shown online – webinar participants using “go-towebinar” software and a phone. “The advantages of webinars over traditional training methods, such as, on-site briefings, lie in their cost efficiency as well as an increase in

imex 09 frankfurt 26.-28.05 f 180

Daylight changes naturally. Naturally with m:con meeting light® From 3,200k to 12,000k: Daylight changes - and with it m:con meeting light®, too. Because, with the expansion of the m:congress center Rosengarten, we have created optimal meeting conditions using natural daylight. The ideal atmosphere for exchanging information, realising visions and developing concepts for the future. Experience the new dimensions of the Congress and Meeting Center Rosengarten Mannheim during a virtual tour at Construct your very own event presentation – including all room facts and impressions, details of neighbouring hotels and important information about the surrounding region. Welcome to the specialists for congress and event management. Call us at +49-621-4106-107/-177


IMEX 2009

Lounge at the Germany stand F 100

The whole world is on the move – Be one step ahead! n Get your inspiration at IMEX 2009 from 26th to 28th May 2009


here can hardly be anything more global than the most important trade fair for meetings and incentive travel in Germany. Event planners will experience a unique ambience where they can share ideas and opinions with people of similar interests. That makes IMEX the ideal place for finding suitable partners for your next event. IMEX is the trade fair that offers you everything: n More business opportunities than ever before n Free seminars on a wide variety of topics with expert speakers from all over the world n Ideas and insights that give you an edge on your competition n Networking and contact opportunities right across the industry

IMEX works. Come and get some fresh inspiration − at the most exciting trade fair in our business. n Virtual Exhibition Over 3,500 exhibitors from over 150 countries will be featured at IMEX 2009. The Virtual Exhibition offers you an opportunity to get information on products and destinations that meet your requirements all year round.

n IMEX further training programme / New Vision Look forward to countless free lectures with top-notch speakers and add to your industry know-how with

informative daily seminars in German and English. The seminars are intended for event planners from agencies, corporate planners, business travel managers and

n IMEX 26th to 28th May 2009 Facts


marketing pros (see GCB Seminar Tipp: Boring? Not Our Meetings on p. 20).

n Convenient travel options

By air Date: 26th to 28th May 2009 Place: Messe Frankfurt, Hall 8 Opening hours: Tuesday, 26th May, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, 27th May, 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, 28th May, 10:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Admission: free (subject to prior registration) Online registration on:

IMEX 2009

Lufthansa, Star Alliance and Star Team offer registered IMEX visitors a discount of up to 20% on international flights to the fair.

By rail

Our partner, Deutsche Bahn, has a great special offer for IMEX visitors: For only 79 Euros you can buy a first-class return ticket to the fair from any destination in Germany and for only 119 Euros you can travel from Amsterdam, Brussels or Zürich. From Frankfurt Central Station it is only a 15-minute walk to the trade fair. The S-Bahn and underground (U-Bahn) have stops right at Messe Frankfurt.

By car

The route to Messe Frankfurt via Westkreuz Frankfurt is easy to find, just follow the signposts. Sufficient parking spaces are available on site. For more information visit

Where to stay

You will find all leading hotel chains In Frankfurt. After registration, rooms can be booked at special rates via the CPOHanser agency. For more information and booking options visit

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Frankfurt am Main Meeting Point Convention Services Free Hotel Reservations Incentive Ideas

Frankfurt. We’ll show you.

Convention Bureau Frankfurt Tourist+Congress Board Kaiserstraße 56 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main Tel. +49 (0) 69 /21 23 87 03 Fax +49 (0) 69 / 21 23 07 76


IMEX 2009

All national offerings for event planners in one spot at the GCB’s Germany stand n German presence is the largest stand at IMEX 2009 – 15 per cent more exhibition space than in 2008

n Germany stand opening party On the first day of IMEX, 26th May 2009, the GCB will be hosting a special opening party for meeting and event planners from 11.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.: According to the motto “Germany invites you“, exhibitors and customers will be celebrating together at the largest IMEX stand. With live music and catering the GCB and German MICE providers will already offer an opportunity to network in a cosy atmosphere there at the start of the fair.


ith a focus on “The ART of Meetings made in Germany“ the GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. invites IMEX visitors to its Germany stand. IMEX incorporating Meetings made in Germany - The Worldwide Exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events will be opening its gates once again from 26th to 28th May 2009 in Hall 8 of Frankfurt Fair. The Germany stand is the largest presence at the fair representing over 160 cities, convention centres, meeting hotels and further service providers of the German MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Congresses & Events) industry. “We are also proud that the Germany stand is almost 15 per cent larger than last year with 1,500 square metres – this shows how attractive it is for German MICE

providers to exhibit at IMEX under the umbrella of the GCB,” says a happy Managing Director Lutz P. Vogt. “For business travel and national meeting planners the Germany stand is the ideal place to find important information and collect offers in the shortest possible time – saving both time and money,” adds Vogt. And in 2009 Berlin will again have a very strong presence in the Germany area with 25 exhibitors. Exhibitors in the open space will include the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and North Rhine Westphalia together with Bonn, Düsseldorf and Cologne. IMEX host Frankfurt will be featured together with Wiesbaden and Messe Frankfurt Venue. And Autostadt Wolfsburg, m:con Mannheim, Hannover, Nuremberg, and the SevenCenters – the marketing alliance of Germany’s

seven largest convention centres – will be also be returning to IMEX. Some providers have increased their stand space considerably: For example, Congress Alliance and Munich Tourist Office have relocated from the main GCB site to stands of their own. In addition, the Göttingen-based Hotel Freizeit-In will present itself to the international meeting and convention industry at IMEX for the first time. A lounge inside the Germany stand can be used for more detailed talks. There will be a restaurant on the upper floor. With a new design element – black, red and gold trimmings covering the entire space – the GCB will integrate exhibitors in the open space even better in the Germany stand, which consists of individual exhibitor cabins, a catering area and open spaces.

IMEX 2009

IMEX Association Day boasts packed agenda n IMEX has announced a full programme of educational sessions and round-table discussions for its next Association

Day, featuring advice from leading industry experts and tailor-made peer-to-peer networking opportunities.


he IMEX exhibition (26th – 28th a New York think tank focused on how organisations can support May) is forecast to attract 800 learning and knowledge within association buyers from around the globe over the three days of the show, the workforce. He also leads the “Learning Consortium”, a coalition representing a hugely important and of 240 global organisations that coresilient industry sector; with almost operate on the evolution of learning a third of these – 250 – regularly strategies. attending the Association Day and Maarten Vanneste, founder, Evening event. This represents the president and CEO of ABBIT largest gathering of international Meetings Support, will present a association executives in Europe. seminar entitled: “How to give Attending for the first time is your congress delegates the best keynote US speaker Elliott Masie, an internationally renowned futurist, networking experience”. This will explore the full range of options analyst, researcher and humorist. for improving the effectiveness of Masie will present a seminar entitled networking at meetings. Maarten “What is the meeting of the future? comments: “If you want to be (And can we start today?)”. His talk in the driver’s seat and become will offer delegates a unique insight a meeting architect, this is the into some of the ways in which ideal session to attend. It will help they can enhance their associations’ delegates understand the true value educational strategies, challenging of networking and the importance assumptions and suggesting of designing and managing it in innovative new ways of thinking. advance. Masie heads The MASIE Center, Image 4c 200 89 KWI GCB Kd.Ztg:Image 4c 200 89 KWIParticipants GCB Kd.Ztg will en learn 26.01.2009

Elliot Masie

simple techniques and technology tips that will help them generate real networking value.” Leading UK specialist in crisis management and workplace health, Dr. David Perl, will moderate a session on “Communication and PR when times are tough”. Additionally there will beUhr four Seite German 17:22 1 language sessions

t h e M H o t e l K ö n i gs w i n t e r o t e m o c Wel Accommodation and conference facilities along the wonderful Rhine promenade.

The M Hotel Königswinter is elegantly furnished and offers a perfect ambience for professional functions. Appreciate the comfort of our hotel after your day’s work. Keep your body fit by taking advantage of the fitness area with swimming pool, sauna, solarium and modern training equipment. We are sure you will enjoy our warm hospitality and personalised service. You will find the right setting, irrespective of the type or size of your function. Our ballroom M is equipped with a stage and can cater for up to 432 persons. We also have 10 additional meeting rooms for up to 250 persons and will be happy to organise your conferences or exhibitions.

M Hotel Königswinter · Rheinallee 3 · 53639 Königswinter Phone +49 (0) 2223 707-0 · Fax +49 (0) 2223 707-811 ·



IMEX 2009

including “Liabilities of volunteer board members” and “Philanthropic Fundraising – How to win long-term sponsors and donors.” The Association Day, which is organised by ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) with the active support of seven of the industry’s leading associations, culminates in an evening reception where association buyers have the opportunity to network with recognised industry suppliers. This event regularly attracts in excess of 700 participants and is the unofficial opening party of the exhibition. Continuing into the week, IMEX association buyers will have the chance to attend two further sessions especially for association executives. “Creativity –The Quest for our industry’s Holy Grail”, will see a panel of expert event organisers from ICCA moderated by Martin Sirk, ICCA CEO, providing personal insight into

how best to deliver truly creative events. In addition, Greta Kotler, Chief Knowledge and Strategy Officer at ASAE The Center for Association Leadership together with Rohit Talwar, Global Futurist and CEO of Fast Future, will discuss the latest thinking on, “Leading Your Association into the Future – How to Survive and Thrive in Turbulent times.” More than 70 educational seminars will take place over four

days at IMEX this year – the largest professional education programme yet provided by the trade show. Other organisations participating in the broader programme include Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Convention Industry Council, Site (Society of Incentive & Travel Executives), DMAI (Destination Marketing Association International) and the GCB (German Convention Bureau).

n Facts - IMEX Association Day Date: May, 25th 2009 Time: kick-off 1 p.m. Place: Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Frankfurt/Main Online registration is now open for the IMEX Association Day hosted buyer programme, which includes complimentary flights/ train travel, hotel accommodation in Frankfurt, attendance at the Association Day and Evening plus the IMEX exhibition. The full programme can be viewed online at

Focus on latest topics for travel managers and event planners: GCB seminars at IMEX n “With our wide range of topics we are in tune with the times: Cost-cutting ideas and sustainability in the business

travel segment are up-to-the-minute issues,” GCB director Lutz P. Vogt emphasises the attractive seminar programme.


isitors of this year’s “IMEX incorporating Meetings made in Germany” will again be able to enhance their expertise in 15 free German-speaking seminars organised by the GCB German Convention Bureau, which is also offering a lecture in English. In one-hour workshops top-notch speakers will talk about specific topics from the fields of business travel, marketing, event planning, and “green meetings” during the GCB Seminar Days “Innovision Learning More Effective Meetings &

Events” from 26th to 28th May 2009 at Frankfurt Fair. For detailed information on all topics and speakers visit On you can already register for IMEX 2009. n Optimising business travel costs

and sustainable business travel management “Travelling Smarter - priorities for effective travel management in

the economic crisis” is the topic of Martina Eggler’s workshop on Thursday, 28 May, from 09.30 to 10.30 a.m. As Vice President Strategic Sales & Account Management, Marketing Central & Eastern Europe with Carlson Wagonlit Travel Martina Eggler has detailed knowledge of the business travel segment. Given that all companies will be focusing especially on business travel costs this year, the seminar will be dealing with questions like: Which areas should one concentrate on to monitor and

further optimise travel costs in 2009 - especially in this unstable economic environment? What other areas are there, apart from immediate travel costs, for optimising the corporate travel programme? How important is a travel directive especially now? What impact will the economic situation have on planning meetings & events? “Now is the time to emphasise the value of an effectively managed corporate travel programme - this is an opportunity business travel planners should benefit from” says Martina Eggler. Also on Thursday, 28th May, from 3 to 4 p.m. Torsten Kriedt will be discussing “Corporate Social Responsibility - sustainable travel management”. The background of this discussion is once again the ailing world market and hence cost pressure on business travel. The speaker, who is among other things a member GCB Anzeige:Layout 2 18.03.2009 commission 11:28 Seite 1 of of the sustainability

IMEX 2009

the German Travel Management Association (VDR) will be looking into the question whether buzzwords like “sustainability”, “CSR” and “green” now also play a role in corporate travel management. The seminar seeks to offer both context and practical advice on how to integrate sustainability in an effective and cost-neutral manner when planning business trips. “Even if we have to save, it is possible to find the right balance between people, costs and environment,” explains Torsten Kriedt. n Marketing strategies for the growing target group of senior consumers The generation of the over-50s aka 50plus - is ever more willing to spend, which makes it the marketing target group of the future. Andreas Reidl will explain this on Tuesday, 26

May, from 4 to 5 p.m. in his seminar “Boom factor 50plus - marketing in times of demographic change”. “In tomorrow’s marketing one must identify the trends, consumer preferences, purchasing motifs, product and service preferences of consumers aged 50plus,” points out Reidl. “The purchase decisions of the 50plus generation are decisive for the success of many companies in a wide range of industries,” says the owner of the first agency for senior consumers marketing in Germany and lecturer for “Marketing 50plus” at Georg Simon Ohm University in Nuremberg.

Welcome to Germany Your meeting, your celebration, your business – our priority! The Accor Group offers its customers and guests in Germany a close knit hotel network with hotels from the budget to the luxury sector and services. In Germany Accor is the market leader with currently 330 hotels in the brands Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure and other brands in the economy and budget hotel sector and over 4,000 hotels worldwide. Book online at



IMEX 2009

GCB Seminar Tipp: Boring? Not Our Meetings

n English Language Seminar

„Why most conferences are boring“ Thursday, 28th May, 8.45 - 10 a.m. Room Esprit (110) Speaker: Richard John RJA (GB) Ltd.

Richard John


o on, be honest; when you go to a conference, how much do you really remember? How excited were you at the thought of sitting for hours in another dark, cavernous overheated auditorium? And did you find yourself wanting to get involved with the presenters, but had to sit passively, wriggling in your seat? Or were you just bored, and started toying with your Blackberry? Don’t worry if any of this sounds familiar, because you’re not alone. According to one piece of research, boring meetings cost the UK economy £8 billion (E9 billion) a year. And as the audience gets younger, the problem gets bigger. It’s something we all know, yet continue to ignore, claims Richard John, Managing Director of RJA (GB) Ltd, based in the UK and a regular speaker at IMEX who will be presenting on this topic and – he hopes – not boring his delegates! Richard has been a regular and popular speaker at IMEX and many other international events, and also lectures and writes about “live marketing” at universities in UK and Germany.

“One of the basic problems is that the people who organise meetings listen to their bosses who will be doing most of the presenting – and presenters are rarely bored on their own voice”, explains Richard. “It’s much more important that the organiser becomes the voice – and conscience – of the audience, and thinks almost totally about their needs. Delegates need to leave feeling their time was well spent, so we need to connect with them on many levels.” “But,” he warns “It’s not just about having happy delegates. We know that a bored delegate will think about sex at least 6 times every hour. That means there are many boring Finance Directors who have been giving terrible presentations and seeing an auditorium full of happy-looking people – and the FD is foolish enough to think they are the cause of the happiness!” He adds, “We know that most people are activist learners – they want to put into practice new ideas as soon as possible.Yet most major conferences are far too passive. Technology such as interactive voting systems can make a huge difference, and are nothing new,

but many companies are frightened about giving the audience that much power. If that’s your organisation, punishing your delegates with a one way tirade of dull PowerPoint and endless speeches is not the solution.” So why do companies make such basic mistakes? “It’s a combination of laziness and cowardice, wrapped up in this cloak called “value for money”. And with the world economy in recession, it’s easier to continue with that excuse. I work with many companies who want to shorten the number of days of their event, by increasing the duration and reducing the time where delegates can contemplate and reflect on what they’ve learned. It’s a recipe for disaster.” So, what is the solution? Richard insists the answers are all around us. “it’s a combination of psychology, HR and marketing”, he insists. “We all know how we want to learn, and we all know what we want from our conferences. We just need the courage to stand up and be counted. It’s very much like the story of the Emperor’s new clothes; it just takes a couple of loud voices to start the change.” And where will organisers find the inspiration. “Well, my seminar, to start”, insists Richard “but IMEX has a range of companies that will provide technological solutions to challenge the boredom factor. However, technology is useless without the willingness to apply it effectively, and that means having an understanding of the real need of the delegate, and a process to follow. I’m going to be sharing a wealth of ideas that have their origins in other disciplines but which can be taken and applied

effectively to the world of conferences and meetings”. Richard has worked with luminaries such as Ib Ravn and Martin Vanestre to develop a range of techniques that organisers can pick up and use to reshape their events into far more effective vehicles

IMEX 2009

of communication – and that’s communication which works both ways. He’s insistent that the skills required to make conferences far more effective vehicles to achieve organisational and commercial objectives can be quickly learned and applied.

“Nothing beats meeting people face to face, and for organisations the opportunity to capture the untapped genius in a hall of 500 delegates is simply unbeatable. Our job is simply to make it happen.” Richard will be speaking at IMEX on 28th May 2009.

“No Limits!” n Eight questions for Joey Kelly


haring experiences with and among professionals has always been the motto of the GCB trade seminars. The musician and extreme sports athlete Joey Kelly is a very special professional. His lecture and slide show at Frankfurt’s IMEX will be all about overcoming your inner coach potato. Kelly’s message for the MICE business is both simple and plausible: “You have to set yourself a goal and then simply get started!” GCB: Everybody in Germany knows your name. Not so much as a successful extreme sports athlete, manager and speaker but above all as a member of the folk band The Kelly Family. And you were one of the first tri-athletes in the world to complete eight Ironman competitions in just one year, to say nothing of all your ultra-marathons and bike marathons or extreme runs. For the last three years you have been lecturing about your sporting achievements.Your motto: “No Limits!“. Who do you want to reach? Joey Kelly: My target group are people who want to get ahead, be they managers or housewives. It’s about personal goals. If you really want something, there are no limits. Once you realise this, you experience an unbelievable drive – and the

MICE industry can take advantage of this, too. It’s about doing something for yourself, having a goal, no matter what! And you have to support this goal with sports. That’s what I tell people about my experiences. GCB: So what can your audience look forward to? Kelly: It’s not about: “Hey presto! You can do it!“ or “Buy my book, and I’ll make you rich!“ It’s about telling people: “Overcome your inner coach potato, that everyday sluggishness, and combine your goals with sport!“ Then your body will be better able to perform. In the end it’s about the battle, about arriving on all fours and being as happy as a baby. Although you get no prize money in the end – and no coach potato. (laughs) GCB: Your own sporting achievements are extraordinary – and virtually bizarre for the man on the street, like the ten-day desert run from which you returned the day before yesterday. Doesn’t this deter people? Kelly: I don’t like to torment myself but if I will if I have to. For me sport is my own personal way to let off steam and a source of energy, it’s what makes me feel really alive. The important thing is to have fun

Joey Kelly

with what you are doing. And it fills me with pleasure. Perhaps not every step. Today, I will start with some light training again, 12, perhaps 15 kilometres. I’m not really looking forward to it, especially in this neverending rain. But when you have an ultimate goal, EVERYTHING is possible. GCB: So what got you started? How did you manage all those record achievements? Kelly: I never did any endurance sports before. But one day my sister Patricia made a bet and challenged me to take part in a folk triathlon. We both participated then. Once I’d reached the goal I thought: I’ll never do that again! It’s completely sick and makes no sense! But a few days later, after my muscles weren’t so sore



IMEX 2009

anymore, I felt really good. And I thought, what if I change my diet … GCB: So first you changed your entire life? Kelly: Yes, it’s necessary. And I tell people that it’s not as difficult as it may sound.You have EVERYTHING you normally have, but you become a completely different person. Even the beer tastes better! (laughs) GCB: There’s no doubt about your personal achievements. In 2008 alone you gave 80 concerts with the Kelly Family, which you also manage. In addition you have your sporting achievements and are frequently invited to give lectures. Kelly: Last year I gave 70 lectures, in 2009 it will be 100. It started three years ago. Also by co-incidence. Today I regularly give lectures to companies like Daimler, Postbank, Siemens, Audi, Sparkasse, Deutsche

Bank, Provinzial and Viktoria. But also to smaller companies – for 10 to 100 people. GCB: You obviously motivate people. Why don’t you advertise this? Kelly: I don’t need the applause, so I just work on recommendation. And I have no celebrity bonus in my

lectures. It’s a challenge every time: “Will I be able to motivate people?“ I’m so happy when they feel inspired by what I tell them. GCB: Your personal motto? Kelly: I don’t think you can move mountains - but almost.

n Seminar: “No Limits - You have to set yourself a goal and then

simply get started” Wednesday, 27th May, 9.30 to 10.30 a.m., Room: Esprit, B/A Speaker: Joey Kelly More information: After the seminar Joey Kelly will be at the Germany stand (F 100) for a meet and greet from 10.30 to 11.00 a.m. If you want to ask Joey Kelly personally about his motivation, answer the following question and win two tickets for this event: Who inspired Joey Kelly to get started? a) Stefan Raab b) His sister Patricia c) His brother Angelo Please send your answer to:!

Book now: ProFlight simulator at the new training centre in Munich ProFlight, a subsidiary of the Bremen-based PRO TOURA agency for flight and space events, has launched a new location to mark its tenth anniversary: the newly opened Lufthansa Flight Training Center (LFTC) in Schwaig at Munich Airport. “We are proud to be one of the first at the start again,” says happy director Walter Drasl. The former pilot looks back on a long partnership with the Lufthansa training subsidiary. Since starting to market free simulator capacities as a special flight event in the 1990s, the business has developed continuously. As of this spring amateur pilots will also have Munich at their disposal alongside Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt and Vienna. As Drasl explains,


customers can already use the full flight simulator of the Embraer E190 as of March. In April the Airbus A320 will follow suit and in autumn the big airbus A330/340. The simulators are all state of the art. Under the professional guidance of an instructor would-be captains learn the ropes

thoroughly before starting their simulator flight. After completion they receive the coveted ProFlight certificate with a photo and hard copy of their flight profile.You can already make bookings for the new location with ProFlight.

Leipzig goes to the heart! A truth not only remembered by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Mohr who has made the Heart Centre Leipzig one of the world‘s most renowned cardiac surgery clinics. Whether conference, large-scale event or corporate function, anyone wishing to organise it in Leipzig will find all the corresponding information at the website This provides details on conference hotels, congress centres and event venues, together with the necessary service providers, such as agencies, PCOs, hostess services and transport options, all from a single source. Leipzig‘s excellent infrastructure offers the perfect framework for unforgettable events.

Want to find out more? Plan your event in Leipzig online: Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH Richard-Wagner-Str. 1, D-04109 Leipzig Telephone: +49 (0)341 7104-240, e-mail:




Lufthansa opens new training & conference centre in Seeheim of 9,120 sqm it accommodates a meeting hotel with 483 guest rooms, conference rooms up to a size of 600 sqm and various restaurants with lounges and large outdoor terraces. There you can stage conferences and meetings of virtually all sizes. Lufthansa also offers this modern infrastructure to external planners. Around 220 staff members ensure a great service and smooth handling, including more than 20 trainees who are being trained by Lufthansa in Seeheim as hotel managers or cooks. n Building with a low-energy


s a sign of its commitment to the Rhine-Main area, Lufthansa inaugurated its new Lufthansa Training & Conference Center in late February. After two years of construction Lufthansa CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber opened the new meeting hotel, which is one of the ten biggest in Germany, together with the deputy premier of Hessen Jörg-Uwe Hahn. Lufthansa invested over 100 million Euros in the new building. The Training & Conference Center will be the central training establishment for Lufthansa staff world-wide. “For over 35 years Seeheim has epitomised education, dialogue and encounter for the Lufthansa Group. Its location on the idyllic Bergstrasse route, proximity to Frankfurt/Main Airport and excellent relations with the community of Seeheim-Jugenheim are ideal conditions for meeting this

purpose in an optimum manner,” explains Wolfgang Mayrhuber. For 109,000 Lufthansa staff from over 150 nations the new Lufthansa Training & Conference Center Seeheim serves as a venue for training, seminars and meetings. Networking and a dialogue beyond hierarchies and cultures were the focus of the new concept right from the start. “Seeheim was and is the place where you can experience our corporate culture and where Lufthansa members from all over the world can jointly discover Lufthansa’s roots,” says Wolfgang Mayrhuber. n Modern meeting centre generates over 220 jobs Since construction kicked off in early 2007. Lufthansa has created one of Germany’s most cuttingedge conference centres. On a space

concept The concept for the Lufthansa Training & Conference Centers attached great importance to sustainable building and sustainable management. All outdoor facilities are irrigated by rainwater reservoirs. Thanks to optimum insulation only a minimum of precious heating energy remains unused. But the ecological highlight is the geothermal system. Its heart consists of 64 sensors in boreholes with a depth of up to 99 metres. A heat pump captures heat from inside the earth and transfers it to the building’s heating system. For 100% of heat we only need 25% of additional energy, which will lead to much lower carbon emissions.

Börse Dresden under construction: Excavators start digging … Right on schedule, construction work on the new BÖRSE DRESDEN convention centre at Dresden Fair kicked off a few days ago. The ambitious goal is to complete the first construction phase by the end of this summer. It will comprise the construction of two combinable halls with 300 seats each, the integration of halls 2 and 3 and a revamp of the entrance area to hall 2. During the second construction phase, starting in spring 2010, Röschenhof, which is better known as a party venue, will be refurbished and connected. It will receive a banquet hall (approx. 200 seats) and garden hall (approx. 180 seats) plus further seminar rooms. By creating these new capacities congress destination Dresden wants


to explore the potential beyond the 5,000-delegate mark, which hasn’t been sufficiently targeted so far. As soon as BÖRSE DRESDEN is fully operational even major conventions for up to 10,000 participants will be possible on the fair site in the Ostragehege area.

The most important new measure of the revitalisation programme is the integration of a Business Office Lounge and Garden Lounge in the existing congress centre. Directly adjacent to the entrance area of the CCD, they provide a pleasant balance of efficient work and relaxing leisure options for event attendees.

Modernisation of CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf has long been one of Germany’s largest and most important convention centres. Around 2,000 events with a total of over 400,000 visitors take place there every year. To ensure that the CCD keeps its excellent position on the congress market both now and in future, comprehensive modernisation and conversion measures are now being realised.

Always at your Service



in Berlin

In the Business Office Lounge the CCD will be adding a modern information and communication HQ. With its attractive design and

in Germany




Alt Friedrichsfelde 11 D-10315 Berlin

Tel.: +49.30.44 35 06 - 0 Fax: +49.30.44 35 06 20





innovative facilities, up to 24 people can meet or work there individually in a concentrated atmosphere. The light, friendly room structure with open barrier-free access facilitates the workflow. The Garden Lounge in the immediate vicinity of the Business Office Lounge will offer an oasis of peace and quiet within the revamped work atmosphere of the CCD. On deckchairs under a sun sail in the sand event attendees can enjoy moments of relaxation and recreation alongside a little stream. In addition to the two new lounges further revitalisation measures will set visual accents in the CCD over the next few years. Apart from new colour accents and LED banners in corporate colours there will be new info counters and seats especially in the entrance area. ICM sees successful kick-off of new Newsletter 360°

Three times a year the new ICM Online Newsletter 360° casts its eye on the world of meetings, congresses and events of tomorrow. Futurologists and trend scouts can voice their opinion in the ICM’s new virtual customer medium as well as ICM customers and partners. The first issue 1/09 met with great acclaim: Contributions about the ICM team and major key accounts

of International Congress Center Munich, were especially popular. Its title 360° stands for a variety of perspectives and meeting and convention-related themes in the new newsletter divided into sections like Highlights & Trends, Congress & Corporate and Insights: “We want to offer up-to-date information and address our customers and partners in a highly individual and personal manner,” ICM boss Andrea Bisping recaps the concept behind 360°. The new take on the ICM customer medium kicks off a relaunch of the ICM’s marketing and communication concept, which will be implemented this year.You will find more details on the new concept in the 2/09 edition, scheduled to appear in mid-May 2009. Düsseldorf: Station Airport opens Station Airport is part of Düsseldorf Airport’s long-distance station and now offers around 3,900 sqm of exclusive function space for any kind of event. With space for up

to 1,650 people on two levels the new venue is ideal for meetings, receptions, exhibitions, fashion shows and various corporate events. As a highlight, Station Airport features direct views of the runways of Düsseldorf Airport through its huge panorama windows.You can see up to 700 aircraft take off and land there every day. Station Airport is marketed by DüsseldorfCongress, one of Europe’s largest event organisers. Hilmar Guckert, CEO of DüsseldorfCongress, has great hopes for the new establishment: “We already have numerous requests for Station Airport. With its unique location and atmosphere the new venue is in tune with the current trend in the event industry – especially companies are always on the lookout for extraordinary and well-equipped special event venues. So Station Airport is predestined for success.“


ICC Berlin 2009 - 30 Years of Excellence and the Congress of the German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neuropsychiatry (8.000). Other events included the German Radiology Congress (7,800), the Medicine and Health Congress in the Capital (7.500), Hypertension Berlin 2008 (8,000), the INTA Annual Meeting 2008 (8,300) and the 6th European Breast Cancer Conference (8,300). Approximately 54,000 visitors came to see the 18 show events held in the ICC Berlin in 2008, among them the ECHO German Music Awards, concerts by Neil Young and Mireille Mathieu.


esse Berlin’s Congress Division can look back on the most successful business year to date. 2008 witnessed an unprecedented number of large-scale congresses in the ICC Berlin, and several high-level conferences in the Palais am Funkturm and on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Spending by non-local congress participants from around the world boosted purchasing power in the Berlin region by more than EUR 139 million. Berlin is currently ranked the world’s number 2 among congress cities. Its flagship, the ICC Berlin, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. During the past thirty years almost 17,800 events with 11.1 million visitors have taken place here. Non-local participants’ expenditure has brought an additional purchasing power of 1.92 billion EUR for Berlin’s economy. In the year 2008 a total of 623 conferences and shows with almost 270,000 participants were held at Messe Berlin. Conference attendees numbered around 220,000, with non-local participants making up the highest percentage to date in any one year. Around 77 per cent (170,000) of visitors to conferences in Berlin were nonlocal. Numerous exhibitions accompanied the conferences and covered a display area of 200,000 square metres in the ICC Berlin and on the exhibition grounds. Congress highlights in 2008 included mega-conferences such as the German Cancer Congress Berlin, with a Special Activities Day, attended by 15,000 participants, the Conference of the European Respiratory Society (20,000), SAP Sapphire 2008 (9,500), the XXIXth International Congress of Psychology (10,700), the Joint German Orthopaedics and Traumatology Congress (11,500), the Annual General Meeting of Daimler AG (10,000), the Conference of the German Society for Surgery (8,000)

n World Travel Award taken for the fifth time running

Once again the ICC Berlin received the world’s most coveted award for congress venues. This was presented in recognition of the architecture and diverse hall layout of the ICC Berlin, but also honoured the team of the Congress Division responsible for successfully organising and carrying out congresses. For the fifth time running the World Travel Award went to Europe’s largest conference centre, which was recognised as the “Leading Conference & Convention Centre“. The World Travel Award is presented each year by the London-based media concern World Travel Awards Ltd. and is regarded as “the Oscar of the travel industry“.

n High number of 2009 bookings for the ICC Berlin Once again, there will be high-level conferences on the events calendar of the ICC Berlin this year. Some of the highlights are: 90th German Congress of Radiology with 7800 radiologists (20 to 23 May) n Medicine & Health Congress in the Capital with 7800 medical and health experts (27 to 29 May) n The 14th Congress of the European Hematology Association with 5000 medical specialists (4 to 7 June) n EUROPACE 2009, with 4,000 heart specialists (21 to 24 June) n The 2nd European Congress of Immunology with 5000 scientists (13 to 16 September) n The joint ECCO (European CanCer Organsiation) and 34th ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) Multidisciplinary Congress with 15,000 cancer experts (20 to 24 September) n The 18th EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) Congress with 10,000 medical specialists (7 to 11 October) n Joint German Congress of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery 2009 with 12,000 experts (21 to 24 October) n DGPPN Congress 2009, German Society for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Neurology with 8500 specialists (25 to 28 November) n




SevenCenters celebrate 7th anniversary n Germany still the most popular meetings destination in Europe


n May 2002 the seven biggest German convention centres with large exhibition grounds directly adjacent founded the marketing alliance “SevenCenters of Germany”. Since then, the Big Seven have jointly promoted Germany internationally as a meetings destination with the slogan “Great Places for Great Conventions”. At IMEX 2009 the SevenCenters now celebrate their seventh anniversary.

Managing Directors of the SevenCenters

top row from left to right: Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz (Berlin), Bernhard Conin (Cologne), Stefan Lohnert (Stuttgart), Edgar Hirt (Hamburg) bottom row from left to right: Claudia Delius-Fisher (Frankfurt), Hilmar Guckert (Düsseldorf), Andrea Bisping (Munich)

The members of the SevenCenters of Germany are: n International Congress Center ICC Berlin n DüsseldorfCongress n Congress Frankfurt n CCH – Congress Center Hamburg n Congress-Centrum Koelnmesse – KölnKongress (Cologne) n ICM – International Congress Center Munich n ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart Since the marketing alliance’s foundation, the SevenCenters have numbered among the foremost representatives of the German meetings industry on the international stage, positively influencing growing awareness of the destination. The seven convention centres are spread across the whole of Germany, making the SevenCenters a perfect portfolio of venues for organisers of major international events. All the members can boast conference facilities of a similar dimension featuring a direct link to extensive exhibition space.

n SevenCenters with an anniversary competition To mark their seventh anniversary the SevenCenters are holding a big prize draw with an extremely attractive prize. The lucky entrant will win: 2 VIP tickets for a concert by the famous rock band Coldplay on August 27, 2009 in Düsseldorf plus hotel accommodation (in a double room) for two nights Take part in the SevenCenters competition, and you could win the trip to Düsseldorf. All you need to do is to send us an email with the keyword ‘Prize draw’, addressed to The winners will be notified in writing. The judges’ decision is final.

n IMEX 2009 – SevenCenters anniversary activities and German “Stammtisch” At this year’s IMEX from May 26 to 28, 2009 in Frankfurt the SevenCenters will again go on show with a joint presentation at the German Convention Bureau’s Germany stand. All the partners and their sales teams will be present at Stand F 110, where they will be available to talk to customers, make contacts and exchange information. And what would the anniversary year be without the familiar “German Stammtisch”, organised each year by the SevenCenters at IMEX and EIBTM? On the evening of May 26, 2009 the SevenCenters look forward to welcoming their customers for a cosy dinner together. Afterwards a shuttle bus will whisk the guests straight from the restaurant to the legendary Cocoon Club, scene of the famous CIM Clubbing event that the SevenCenters are again co-sponsoring this year. The party is an opportunity to make new business contacts or simply to dance the night away. Participation in the SevenCenters Stammtisch is by invitation only. Those interested in attending the event on May 26, 2009 can contact the SevenCenters of Germany Office in advance by email at


Meeting Place Berlin from 2nd to 6th July 2009


very two years the Berlin Convention Office (BCO) of BTM, together with BTMPartnerhotels e.V. and Berlin Preferred Agencies, extends an invitation to Meeting Place Berlin. This year it will be held from 2nd to 6th July 2009. The target group consists of hosted buyers, meeting and event organisers and organisers from associations, companies and agencies. In the course of a multi-day workshop the attractiveness of Berlin as a meeting and convention destination is presented. The participants are split into two groups. Based on a rotating system each group attends three events: “Meet Professionals Day”, “Meet Facilities Day” and “Meet Berlin Day”. During the first event convention customers have appointments with local providers agreed in advance. They range from five-star hotels over special locations down to gourmet facilities. Another advantage: the providers seek out the participants and present their locations to them.

On the “Meet Facilities Day” the hosted buyers are given a professional overview of Berlin’s venues by visiting diverse meeting and conference venues throughout Berlin. The “Meet Berlin Day” showcases special attractions of the metropolis on the river Spree. An impressive tour enables all participants to see for themselves the rich diversity of the

German capital. The emphasis is on art, culture and the Berlin scene. One highlight is a visit to a concert during the Classic Open Air Festival on Gendarmenmarkt, one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. This unique experience in a historical setting will also be the unforgettable climax to Meeting Place Berlin 2009.


DÜSSELDORF • top modern and multifunctional convention locations • a prominent German metropolis of business and science • third biggest airport in Germany, optimal traffic connections/infrastructure • more than 23.000 hotel beds • international flair meets typical Rhenish tradition • world-class shopping

Call us! +49 (0) 211/1 72 02-858 convention bureau





Goethe and Beethoven welcome you n In 2009 the GCB will focus on the topic of culture in and from Germany and take a look at the land of poets and

thinkers, of painters and composers past and present. And we’ll show you how offerings from this field can be attractively used for the meetings and conventions market.


erman cities and regions are steeped in the legacy of famous people, historical events and a centuries-old collectors’ culture. All this is an important part of Germany’s attraction and quality as a MICE destination, offering a cultural ambience for conventions, meetings and seminars of the highest standards. From a meeting in a museum to an event in the former domicile of a famous person, everything is possible. Germany’s museums, where our national art treasures are stored, also serve as meeting venues with

a special flair. As a “special venue”, museums are very popular with customers. Over the last few years many new buildings and modernisations have helped create modern meeting and event venues that offer a culture-steeped ambience and unique atmosphere. In 2009 Germany will again see major anniversaries and events that will draw an international audience. For example, 90 years ago the Bauhaus movement in Weimar started revolutionising design and architecture world-

wide. International visitors can look forward to a host of events and exhibitions on this topic. Friedrich Schiller was born 250 years ago in Marbach, which is being celebrated in the places where he lived and worked. And once again major exhibitions and collections in Germany’s museums will attract around 100 million visitors this year. Experience Germany’s cultural wealth and take advantage of these fantastic offers when choosing your meeting destination.You will be amazed at all the possibilities!


Meetings as a cultural experience n Germany is internationally famous and popular for its art and culture treasures. This also benefits the meetings

and events business. In the land of poets and thinkers, of painters and composers you can meet and celebrate in the places where major personalities really lived and worked, as well as in hundreds of museums and historical buildings – places and experiences you will only find in Germany.

n Germany: top culture destination After France, Germany is the country that attracts the most culture tourists in Europe. More and more people from all over the world want to get to know Germany’s culture treasures in museums, theatres, castles and cities. Many great personalities lived and worked in our country. Countless authentic locations offer a multitude of experiences: Cologne Cathedral as a national symbol, Dresden as an all-out art, music and architecture experience, Weimar as the home of the German classic era, documenta as the largest world exhibition of contemporary art in Kassel, Berlin’s Museum Island as the world’s largest museum. And original world literature sites such as the Thomas Mann House in Lübeck also belong to the internationally recognised “world travel destinations”. Apart

from the touristic experience most of these cultural sites are not only extraordinary meeting and event venues but also offer possibilities for social programmes that can hardly be rivalled. n At home with Goethe, Beethoven

and Luther Cultural institutions in Germany are open to a wide range of visitors and activities. An evening reception in Goethe’s birthplace in Frankfurt/ Main is only possible in Germany. A private concert on a historical grand piano in the Beethoven House in Bonn after a meeting in the Kammermusiksaal is one of the experiences participants will treasure forever. And Johann Sebastian Bach, the “original father of harmony” is omnipresent for meetings in Leipzig:

n German art sets international standards In the last few years contemporary art from Germany has been increasingly in the international spotlight. Names like “Young German Artists” or the “New Leipzig School” stand for international recognition and top prices at auctions. Artists like Gerhard Richter, Neo Rauch and Anselm Kiefer are popular world-wide. The Düsseldorf Academy of Art has produced some of the most successful international photo artists: Works by Candida Höfer, Thomas Struth, Thomas Ruff and Andreas Gursky are to be found in exhibitions and collections all over the world.

Gerhard Richter’s 1024 colours on the new GCB image brochure

Historical grand piano in the Beethoven House in Bonn

Just book places where he worked as a conference venue or a private organ concert in St. Thomas’ Church, where he was choirmaster for many years. Martin Luther, Germany’s great reformer, left many traces in various sites. In Erfurt, for example, you can stage meetings and receptions in the protestant Augustinian abbey where Luther studied. A tour of the city’s medieval old town following in the




reformer’s footsteps plus a banquet in the historical Luther Cellar is a popular social programme. The Wartburg in Eisenach as a national symbol and former hiding place of Junker Jörg (his alias) is also popular with guests from all over the world. In this fortress, where Luther translated the Bible into German, you will find attractive and professional meeting and event facilities. This and many other historical memorial sites to famous figures of the past offer interesting and unique experiences “made in Germany”.

into a catwalk for international fashion labels. Berlin’s state museums are frequently used for parties and dinners to tie in with major trade fairs or the Berlinale Film Festival. n Car-crazy – meetings in motor museums

Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany

n This is where it started…

n Artful – museums as a special


Mercedes Benz-Museum Stuttgart

Event at Stuttgart’s State Gallery

Germany’s museums great and small are definitely no closeted culture temples anymore. Apart from art treasures the architecturally often outstanding buildings feature a wide range of meeting and event facilities of the highest technical standards. Museums are the most popular and well-booked special venues in Germany. They can serve as a location for conventions, meetings, seminars, product launches, fashion shows, events and gala dinners. Volkswagen presented its new Golf in a spectacular live show to German dealers at the Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn. The Ständehaus in Düsseldorf, now home to K21, the North Rhine Westphalian art collection, is regularly transformed

can be rounded off by theme tours of the exhibitions.

German cars enjoy world-wide prestige. In the last few years spectacular museums have been built to present a different take on the history and legends surrounding VW, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes Benz. The Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and is one of the city’s main attractions. It also serves as a venue for extraordinary events and meetings. The same goes for the new museums of Porsche, BMW and the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. n Lectures and concerts with Beckmann and Richter Many of the big museums and exhibition centres have their own lecture and concert halls that meet state-of-the-art technical requirements. Many meeting and event organisers take advantage of this harmonious liaison with concert and museum venues. High-class evening programmes with receptions, lectures and musical performances get a festive touch in a museum and

Germany is the cradle of many products and ideas. European china was invented in Dresden, and the expressionist Brücke group started there, too. Gutenberg invented book printing in Mainz, and Bauhaus originated in Weimar. Classic tourism started in the German Rhineland during the Romantic period. All these places still have stories to tell and offer an abundance of possibilities for themes to tie in with meetings or receptions. n More possibilities than you think Now Germany offers new and exciting ways to explore worldfamous historical monuments. An exclusive tour of the attics of Cologne Cathedral high above the nave will tell you many interesting facts about the architectural history of this outstanding urban landmark and glimpses behind the scenes only few people have access to. At a reception in Trier’s Porta Nigra, the world’s best preserved ancient Roman city gate, guests can learn all about the history of Germany’s oldest city over a glass of sparkling Riesling wine and local specialities. And connoisseurs can look forward to a gala dinner with an exclusive evening visit to an exhibition in Dresden’s


famous state art collection or a private concert with a banquet in Schloss Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. These extraordinary social programmes for meetings and conventions make events in Germany unique and will help you increase your turnout. n Meetings and conventions in iconic venues The architectural ambience of meetings and conventions is becoming ever more important. The standards set by the new buildings created inside and outside Germany by famous architects give rise to countless investments and modernisations. 90 years after the start of the Bauhaus movement modern architecture is the focus of many activities in Germany. The Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau,

Bauhaus Dessau stairway

where famous names like Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Kandinsky, Klee, Schlemmer and Feininger taught and worked, was the most important

and influential design school of the 20th century. The Bauhaus Dessau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is perfect for smaller meetings and

2311020923Anzeige HamburgConventionBureau_09_dt_engl:Anzeige GCB_HCEB_08_dt 11.02.09 09:53 Seite 1

Hamburg – The place to meet Hamburg – the waterfront metropolis is the perfect location for your event. Your first contact: Hamburg Convention Bureau Phone: +49 (0)40- 300 51 127 E-Mail: Internet:




Liederhalle Stuttgart

seminars in an authentic venue. A tour of the Bauhaus building is an informative and obligatory part of the programme. Great architecture is timeless. Liederhalle Culture & Congress Centre in Stuttgart is a case in point. Inaugurated in 1956, it is still one of Germany’s most important post-war

culture venues. The extraordinary architecture and outstanding acoustic quality of this meeting and concert venue seating up to 6,000 people still sets standards today. Axica in Berlin – a convention and meeting centre at Pariser Platz sets completely new standards. Plain and unassuming from the outside,

Important dates and anniversaries 90th anniversary of Bauhaus in Thuringia

Bicentenary of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy in Leipzig

Schiller’s 250th birthday in Marbach, Weimar, Thuringia,,

2,000th anniversary of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in Osnabrück, Detmold, Haltern am See

n Facts and figures from Germany’s culture landscape Germany boasts 6,200 museums, including 500 art museums with a total of approx. 100 million visitors a year. No other country of a similar size has 300 theatres with 130 professional orchestras. WE have 32 UNESCO World Heritage sites and approx. 5,000 castles, of which a large number are open for visitors and events. The German culture and creative industry turns over around 121 billion Euros a year, 200,000 companies employ a total of almost one million people.

UNESCO World Heritage site Völklinger Hütte

Axica Berlin

visitors are all the more amazed at the breath-taking architecture by US star architect Frank O. Gehry in the interior. Germany’s meetings landscape is rich and multifaceted. Culture is one of Germany’s strong points and sets quality standards. There are many reasons to plan a meeting or convention in Germany. Its culture offerings are unique.You will be surprised.


Lobby at Kameha Grand Bonn

Out of the ordinary: The ART of Hotel Architecture n A hotel is a hotel is a hotel!? Really? Then you have never convened in a water tower, met in a disk or floated to a

meeting through a gigantic aquarium. To mark the 90th anniversary of the legendary Bauhaus, the revolutionary school of architecture and design founded in Weimar in 1919, the GCB presents the latest generation of spectacular meeting hotels in Germany: While the former astound with avant-garde architecture, the latter focus on the charm of historical architecture and industrial monuments. But MICE planners beware! These buildings can be addictive!


fter his fam trip through Germany Cecil Burdick cannot get over it. Burdick was employed by US global player HelmsBriscoe to hunt world-wide for the best locations and hotels for multinational events with up to several thousands of delegates, and what he has seen in the last few days between Berlin, Cologne and Munich, almost seems like paradise to the widely-travelled Texan: “Look at the Radisson in Berlin, or the Radisson in Frankfurt:

It’s a disk! Or the wonderful grand hotels!“, he enthuses, thinking of the preferences of his international clientele. In America, the expert adds, hotel chains focus solely on costs per room. But not on the style, the architecture of their hotels. “In Europe it’s a completely different story!“ Especially in organisers’ El Dorado Germany. In order to compete with world-famous grand hotels like the Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten

in Hamburg, the Bayerischer Hof in Munich or Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof on Main, more and more meeting hotel directors focus on a mix of modern technology, spectacular design and distinctive architecture – above all the Rezidor Hotel Group. The latest addition to the chain is the RadissonBLU within walking distance of Frankfurt Fair. Like a gigantic disk of blue glass, Europe’s only completely round hotel stands out against the




RaddissonBLU Frankfurt

Delphinium im Sofitel Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Foyer des Sofitel Munich Bayerpost

cityscape of the banking metropolis – otherwise marked by jagged skyscrapers. Created by Italian star designer Matteo Thun, the 428-room hotel with 1,000 square metres of light-filled conference space was already being hailed as Frankfurt’s new landmark before it had started operating. The five-year-old RadissonBLU Hotel on the banks of the Spree between the cathedral, Museum Island and Alexanderplatz in Berlin has never stopped causing a stir. In the capital, which boasts an abundance of unique hotels, the meeting hotel with its futuristic design fascinates with a 25-metre high cylindrical aquarium in its atrium – the largest in the world. And what’s more, for a fascinating and extraordinary experience, guests at the Radisson Berlin can take a glass lift to the top floor through the cylinder filled with one million litres of salt water. Every day you can watch the feeding of around 2,500 fish by several professional divers. The record-breaking venue is rounded off by a light-filled conference foyer and – like in every Radisson Hotel in Germany and Europe – free wireless high-speed Internet access on the entire (!) site. ( Rezidor is by no means the only chain that fulfils the increasing desire of international travellers for individualism and originality. Autumn 2009 will see the opening of the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn as the first of a new group of lifestyle hotels that will not only excite guests with creative concepts and extravagant design. According to its CEO Carsten Rath, meeting planners and their clientele can look forward to entire “theme worlds” in future: “Our hotels stand for innovation, a warm service, outstanding architecture and imaginative design, a relaxed, sexy atmosphere, green standards and

quality of life,” said the hotel director at the group’s launch in January 2009. Visitors of the Kameha Grand Bonn on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel can look forward to a breathtaking, elliptical glass and steel construction with 254 rooms and suites, a 21-metre high multi-purpose glass hall for meetings and events and a 1,100-sqm terrace on the Rhine. Thanks to a geothermal system the entire hotel will generate 70 per cent of its own heating and ventilation requirements and reduce carbon emissions by around 400 tons a year. But Germany’s unique range of historical, cultural and modern offerings for events inspires hotel operators not only to create ever more extravagant new buildings. More and more chains like Sofitel (Accor), Mövenpick, Starwood or Hyatt are investing in lavish architectural and industrial monuments and enriching the meetings landscape by unique gems. For example, in Hamburg. Sofitel am Alten Wall has transformed an old post bank building into a modern designer hotel, the stylish Park Hyatt now resides in the former Levantehaus in Mönckebergstrasse, and in the Gastwerk guests can marvel at the spectacular architecture of the former Bahrenfeld gasworks. Hamburg’s latest hotel attraction boasts 17 floors in a listed water tower from 1910. In the heart of the Sternschanzenpark the Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg captivates with its exciting interaction of contemporary design, traditional red brick architecture and fairytale views of the city. The entrance to the 60-metre high building is already spectacular: From the observatory a 25-metre conveyor belt takes you through a tunnel to the lobby – right into the historical vaults of the old water tower. Of course, all of the 226 guest rooms and the meeting area – a two-

storey glass building on the south front of the tower – feature state-ofthe-art equipment. Since 2004 Sofitel Munich Bayerpost has resided in the timehonoured Central Post Office II, a spectacular late 19th century building near Munich’s main station. The director will welcome meeting guests either in the hypermodern and city’s largest banqueting hall or in the board room around a glass dome on the rooftop of the old Bavarian post office. In the lovingly renovated Sheraton Pelikan Hannover trade fair visitors can follow in the tracks of the factory workers who once made


the famous Pelikan fountain pen. At Mövenpick Hotel Berlin carefully refurbished stairways, an atrium restaurant and conference rooms such as the historical Siemenssaal evoke the industrial past of the listed Siemens building from 1847. And Hotel de Rome on Berlin’s glamorous Unter den Linden was added to the Rocco Forte Collection in October 2006 in the timehonoured halls of a former bank built in 1889 by architect and master builder Ludwig Heim. At Sofitel Gendarmenmarkt Berlin visitors can meet in the ultramodern Delphinium (see photo!!) and then

relax either on the historical gym rings with views of Europe’s most beautiful square, or in the designer rooms with individually adjustable light organs at the head of the beds adding a special touch. As a special highlight you can pull on a little ball on the right and left of each bed for soothing sounds of a music box to lull you gently to sleep. Warning: extremely addictive!

Trailblazing cheap ticket to Berlin’s Bauhaus exhibition


eutsche Bahn offers special tickets for the 90th anniversary of Bauhaus: For only 89 Euros art fans can travel to Berlin and back. Minimal design, no frills, focus on function: With these features the Bauhaus style revolutionised the architecture and design world of the early 20th century. The State Bauhaus was founded 90 years ago. Its anniversary is now being celebrated jointly by the three major German Bauhaus establishments – the Bauhaus Archives/Museum for Design Berlin, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and Classic Foundation Weimar. In this context the major Bauhaus exhibition in Berlin’s Martin Gropius building from 22nd July to 4th October 2009 will take centre stage to the delight of countless architecture and culture fans. With Deutsche Bahn visitors can attend the exhibition at a bargain price. A return ticket costs only 89 Euros. The ticket offers a second-class trip, is not bound to any particular train and is

valid for two consecutive days. Hence it offers enough time to both visit the museum and go on a sightseeing tour of Berlin. The special ticket is now available on tel. 01805 311153 under the code “90 Jahre Bauhaus – Weimar/ Dessau/Berlin” (90 years of Bauhaus – Weimar/Dessau/Berlin). If you want to combine a visit to Berlin’s

Bauhaus exhibition with a discovery tour of the German capital, you can conveniently book a room via the Service Centre of Berlin Tourism Marketing GmbH.You can reach its friendly staff on -49-30-250025. In addition, you can book hotel rooms fast and conveniently online on the BTM website




Green Meetings in Bremen: from an energy-saving hotel to environmentally friendly conference packages


remen’s first officially designated energy-saving hotel is committed to the aim of reducing energy consumption. It has implemented a number of efficient and innovative measures to conserve natural resources. While many other hotels go no further than saving water by letting their guests decide how often they want fresh towels, the three-star Best Western Schaper-Siedenburg has adopted a far wider approach. The hotel has cut its energy consumption by 30 per cent by switching to energy-saving light bulbs and improving mini-bar ventilation, along with a host of other measures. The Schaper-Siedenburg has been designated an “energy-saving hotel” by the European REST campaign (Renewable Energy for Sustainable Tourism). The hotel has signed a charter undertaking to minimise the high environmental impact of its operations. Guests can therefore sleep easy in the knowledge that their hotel is doing everything it can to protect the climate. The SchaperSiedenburg also enjoys a central location, within walking distance of the city centre, old town, main train station and the AWD Dome, so visitors can leave their car at home. To combat the waste of raw materials in day-to-day business,

Frankfurt’s Radisson SAS Hotel now with TÜV environment certification The independent audit service provider TÜV Rhineland has also certified the environment

the Maritim Hotel and Bremen Conference Centre are offering a Green Meeting package for conference visitors. By booking these packages, event organisers and participants are actively helping to protect the environment. They are also effectively supporting nature, because one Euro per participant goes to Klimahaus Bremerhaven. The Klimahaus exhibition, which opens in summer 2009, offers a unique perspective on the themes of climate, weather and the sensible use of energy. Visitors travel around the world along the 8th line of longitude, starting

and finishing in Bremerhaven, and experience the different climate zones from the burning heat of Africa to the Arctic ice. Numerous experimentation stations in the “Elements” section enable visitors to experience events such as miniature storms and volcanic eruptions. The exhibition also has two other sections - Perspectives and Opportunities - which explore the past, present and future of the world’s climate and suggest changes visitors can make to their own day-to-day lives to make their own personal contribution to climate protection.

management system of Radisson SAS Hotel Frankfurt, which has successfully passed the audit. The aim of certification according to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard is to systematically lower risks for the environment,

make services greener and improve workplace safety for staff members. The certificate is effective for a term of three years, with annual inspections to see whether the standards are being maintained. With this independent audit the hotel

once again meets its high standard of taking long-term and sustainable responsibility for people, the environment and not least for its staff.

For several days the auditors of TÜV Rhineland closely examined all fields of importance for the environment in various areas of the hotel: waste disposal and separation, air conditioning and energy technology combined with resource consumption, observation of cleaning standards and processes, correct and professional personnel training, but also the right use and handling of appliances, machines and aids. The implementation of this environment system has ecological benefits while ensuring considerable cost reductions. For a hotel of this size this enables considerable savings on water, energy and wastes. Technical measures and changes, optimisation of work processes but also the specific training of employees and integration of guests play a major role. As a first step, TÜV Rhineland has already audited and certified the Radisson SAS Hotels in Düsseldorf and Cologne – and another twelve Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts will soon follow suit. Certification according to the ISO 14001 standard enables the systematic establishment of environmental protection services that can be constantly improved. The management system requires a clear analysis and planning of measures. By implementing these measures the system is gradually refined by regular audits to see whether the


environment goals are really being achieved and by the optimisation of environmental protection measures. Audits and certifications of environment management systems in hotels are performed by experts of TÜV Rhineland’s Systems division. Over the past ten years they have awarded over 30,000 certificates to companies world-wide which subjected their – mostly quality management and environmental protection - systems to independent audits. Steigenberger Hotel Berlin offers certified carbon-neutral meetings

In times of climate change it is becoming increasingly important for hotels to adapt to changing environmental protection requirements. Steigenberger Hotel Berlin is aware of its responsibility and contributes to environmental protection and carbon reduction as the first group hotel in Germany with certified carbon-neutral meetings. In the new convention centre of the Berlin five-star hotel all meeting rooms have been converted to meet ecological requirements. Modern design has been combined with ergonomic comfort and certified green high-quality materials. All carpets are of wool without synthetic fibres; the conference chairs are made without plastics and decorated with water-soluble paint. Care has been

taken to use low-emission building materials in paint, wallpaper and wood veneer, and 100% regenerative sources of energy. The entire conversion cost over 10 million Euros. Food menues for meeting breaks are organic and ecological with a variety to suit every taste. Organic produce is preferred and, where possible, bought from regional providers. So the focus is not just on healthy choices but also on regional choices and low-emission naturefriendly production methods to minimise the carbon footprint. Steigenberger Hotel Berlin offsets any unavoidable emissions generated by meetings or overnight stays. As a competent partner it has recruited the greenmiles company, which supports recognised climate protection projects. The meeting customer receives a TÜV certificate from the hotel for the realisation of his event. HCC receives award for participating in ÖKOPROFIT HANNOVER

After Hannover Congress Centrum decided to take part in the ÖKOPROFIT project for environmental and climate protection in the federal state capital of Hannover over a year ago, the associated certification was successfully completed and the HCC was one of the newcomers in 2008




who received the certificate. “We were happy to take part in ÖKOPROFIT, as it fits in perfectly with our focus on sustainable management and the overall concepts of the business,” says HCC director Joachim König. In the next few years the HCC will continue to address the topic of ecological, economic and social sustainability with intensive activities. “Effective green activities will be increasingly worthwhile in future to get resource cost developments under control; customer demand for event centres that take action in this respect will grow, making the centre’s positioning within the competition a very exciting marketing tool,” adds HCC Director König. Munich’s Mercure Hotel supports the United Nations

In the fight against climate change and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide nature can help itself: All plants convert carbon dioxide into biomass and oxygen thus binding the climate gas for many decades. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) therefore has an ambitious goal: Until late 2009 it wants to plant seven billion trees world-wide. The Accor Group (www. is supporting the “Plant for the Planet” project world-wide in around 4,000 hotels. In Germany Mercure Hotel Munich City Center ( is one of the

first to participate in the framework of a pilot project. The four-star hotel in the heart of Munich asks its guests to use their towels more than just once. Half of the savings achieved by this green behaviour are invested in forestation projects. More precisely: Mercure Hotel Munich City Centre was able to save 2,521 Euros last year according to director Henning Michel, because environmentconscious guests used their towels several times. And now the hotel will donate a rounded up 1,261 Euros directly to the United Nations project. Michel is not only happy about the money for planting new trees. “I was really impressed that all of our guests responded so well to our request,” says Michel. Additionally, the hotel uses brochures to inform its guests about the project. On checking in every guest is made aware of the Plant for the Planet project in a personal talk and by an info letter. According to Michel the exact number of towels that are used more than once is precisely recorded and reported to the United Nations. “We will continue to give Plant for the Planet our wholehearted support,” announces Henning Michel. The campaign is integrated in Accor’s comprehensive commitment to environmental protection and social causes. Staged as part of the Earth Guest sustainable development programme, many different campaigns will be realised that ensure a responsible handling of our natural resources and improve people’s living conditions..

Radisson SAS Hotel Karlsruhe gets confirmation for its green commitment TÜV Rhineland has officially confirmed the excellent environment management of the Radisson SAS Hotel in Karlsruhe after an intensive audit. In addition, ISO 14001 – the official title of the TÜV certificate – also encourages the hotel to continue protecting the environment in future, to save energy and avoid or recycle wastes. The independent audit service provider TÜV Rhineland checked the environment management system of Radisson SAS Hotel Karlsruhe thoroughly and looked behind the scenes of the hotel with two auditors for one week. All areas of the hotel that were ecologically relevant were scrutinised: from waste disposal and separation through air-conditioning and energy technology to cleaning processes, efficient training and awareness building among staff members and the targeted information of guests. The aim of certification is to systematically lower risks for the environment and improve the hotel’s eco-balance in general. The TÜV Rhineland certificate is effective for a term of three years, with annual inspections to see whether the achieved results can be maintained or even improved. “With this independent audit we can also sustainably meet our standards in the field of environmental protection to take responsibility for our guests, the community, the environment, of course, and not least our staff,” says General Manager Hagen Müller. The introduction of the environment management system will not only have ecological benefits but also yield considerable cost advantages for the Radisson SAS Hotel Karlsruhe. Especially water and energy can be saved to a great extent in the hotel.


Bonn. Where the World meets. n The Ameron World Conference Hotel

n The World Conference Center Bonn The former federal government Plenary Chamber and the Waterworks form the heart of the current congress center, with the extension and the Ameron World Conference Hotel scheduled to complete the facility in end of 2009. Situated in the middle of Bonn’s former government quarter, in the immediate vicinity of the United Nations Campus, the Headquarters of Deutsche Post World Net, Deutsche Postbank and Deutsche Telekom, the international media broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and next to the river Rhine, the World Conference Center Bonn is a site of international dialogue where future-oriented topics of global importance are discussed. Topics do also play an important part in the marketing strategy of the World Conference Center Bonn. These topics – the so called competence fields - are founded on the existing strengths of Bonn and are for example sustainability, telecommunication or science. In these fields of competence individual branches are investigated. Trends and developments are known. Not only events will be acquired, but together with partners also new conferences will be initiated.

The Ameron World Conference Hotel is integrated directly into the World Conference Center Bonn. A unique symbiosis at the former seat of government. And it is never more than a short step from conference to cuisine, from success to de-stress, from efficient organisation to a true experience. Here in this historic location, our rooms and suites combine innovative design, style and personality. Our Executive Lounge on the 17th floor really is one of a kind: combining roundthe-clock luxury service with the most fascinating views. Experience all the finesse of French cuisine here in our brasserie. Enjoy fine, freshly cooked food while relaxing by the Rhine, or finish your day in congenial company in our sky-lounge on the 17th floor. Our spacious spa area offers the full range of options for active regeneration, relaxation or allowing yourself to be pampered with select cosmetic products. n Bonn. Perfect Connections

Bonn benefits from its central position in the heart of Europe. The Cologne / Bonn international airport is only about 20 km away. There are two further international airports within a one-hour radius. The ICE high-speed train and an ultramodern suburban-railway network make Bonn a congress city with tremendous possibilities.

n The capacities of the World Conference Center Bonn at a glance


• Large hall Rowed seating for 2650, area 2554 m² • Small hall Rowed seating for 834, area 656 m² • Conference rooms Rowed seating for 345 to 600, areas from 273 m² to 562 m²

Plenary Chamber

• Rowed seating for 1275, area 1230 m² • 14 conference rooms,), Rowed seating for 45 to 153, areas from 50 m² to 160 m² (partially combined)


Rowed seating for 600, area 460 m²

n The Ameron World Conference Hotel at a glance • Hotelcategory – 4 star superior • 300 rooms in 3 different categories – Comfort, Superior and Executive • 15 junior- and business suites, 2 Rhine Tower Suites • 2 handicapped rooms • Executive Lounge and Sky-Lounge on the 17th floor • exclusive boardrooms, conference rooms and festive ballroom • spacious wellness area and professional fitness area


Bremen City of diversity Bremen – –City of diversity Large-scale conferences and unusual incentives from the Astro Walk to the Hanseatic diploma

n Large-scale conferences and unusual incentives from the Astro Walk to the Hanseatic diploma


There are many different ways to discover Bremen and its historical centre: following footsteps of astronohere arecity many different waysintothe discover Bremen and historical city centre: in thetour footsteps mers its on the Astro Walk, taking afollowing guided space throughofthe astronomers on the AstroSpace Walk, Station’s taking a guided space tour replica of the International Columbus module through the replica of the International Space Station’s or investigating old crimes on the “Crime and Punishment” Columbus oldthe crimes on the tour. Anyone module wanting or to investigating delve deep into Bremen soul “Crime and Punishment” tour. Anyone wanting to delve could try his hand at barrel-making, learn how to tie sailor's deep into the Bremen soul could try his hand at barrelknots and find out how to stack the Bremen Town Musicians making, learn how to tie sailor’s knots and find out how correctly. Hanseatic diploma awaits those who to stack A theBremen Bremen Town Musicians correctly. A Bremen pass these fun tests! Hanseatic diploma awaits those who pass these fun tests! Bremen forfor corporate Bremenoffers offersa awhole wholehost hostofofopportunities opportunities corporate events, incentive programmes and recreational events, incentive programmes and recreational activities. It activities. It also boasts a wide range of exceptional venues also boasts a wide range of exceptional venues for conferences for conferences and meetings: from the flexible exhibition and meetings: from the flexible exhibition and conference and conference centre to acclaimed museums andthe theatres centre to acclaimed museums and theatres or even Hanseor even the Hansekogge (a cargo ship from the Hanseatic kogge (a cargo ship from the Hanseatic era) – we have the era) – we have the perfect venue for every event. perfect venue for every event. n The Theworld worldmeets meetsin in Bremen Bremen InIn 2009 and 2010, Bremen will play host to to international 2009 and 2010, Bremen will play host international gatherings in in thethe fields of of ocean research, marine gatheringsofofexperts experts fields ocean research,

technology and the aerospace industry. OCEANS 2009 takes technology place in May, by the industry. AIAA Conference marine andfollowed the aerospace OCEANSof 2009 place Institute in May, followed by theand AIAA thetakes American of Aeronautics Astronautics in Conference of theand American Institute Aeronautics October 2009, then in July 2010,of2,000 international andspace Astronautics in October 2009, and then in experts will converge on the city for theJuly 37th COSPAR 2010, 2,000 international space experts will converge (Committee on Space Research). In September 2010on the the city for the 37th COSPAR (Committee on Space German Psychological Society will be hosting its 47th Research). In September 2010 the German Psychological conference entitled “Psychological expertise – explain, Society will be hosting its 47th conference entitled decide, plan”expertise in Bremen. “Psychological – explain, decide, plan” in The BTZ's Convention Bureau is closely involved in Bremen. the planning of these events and is aclosely highlyinvolved experienced The BTZ’s Convention Bureau in theevent planning of these events and isaacomplete highly experienced planning partner. It offers one-stop service event planning partner. It offers a complete one-stop with tailor-made support for German and international service tailor-made support forand German and eventwith organisers including venue accommodation international event organisers including and of advice, participant registration and thevenue organisation accommodation advice, participant registration and the social programmes. organisation of social programmes. Further information is available on the internet at Further information is available on the internet at www.bremen-kongress.deorordirectly directlybybyemail emailfrom from the Bureau:, theBTZ BTZConvention Convention Bureau: btz-kongress@bremenby telephone on +49 (0) 421 308(0)0016 by0016 fax on, by telephone on +49 421 or 308 or by fax+49 on +49 (0) 308 421 0089. 308 0089. (0) 421

A city full of surprises. Heritage and innovation, exciting interactive exhibitions and outstanding venues. Perfect for conferences, seminars and events of any size.

BTZ Convention Bureau Findorffstrasse 105 · D-28215 Bremen, Germany Contact: Andrea Hess Tel.: +49 (0) 4 21 / 30 800-16 Email: Website:

BTZ Convention Bureau – your expert partner in Bremen. Always happy to help.


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Great places for great conventions.

Seven Cities - Seven Centers - Seven Years of Cooperation. The seven innovative centers are based in some of Germany‘s most attractive and fascinating destinations. Our congress organizers are guaranteed the prime conditions to make an event of any size a resounding success. GERMANY. The convention destination No. 1 in Europe.

Stefanie Demuth Office Management SevenCenters of Germany

Phone: +49 (0)2 11 / 45 60 - 84 98 Fax: +49 (0)2 11 / 45 60 - 87 84 98

Messe Frankfurt Venue

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