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In Jay’s Words: Germantown Presbyterian Church

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With great joy and enthusiasm our Associate Pastor Nominating Committee presents Rev. John “Jay” F. Howell III Nominee for Associate Pastor

• “I believe that meaningful, vibrant, and sustainable ministry grows from a congregation’s healthy assurance of its identity in service to Christ’s Church.” • “…the pastor, as a leader in the congregation, will inevitably play a huge role in shepherding the church’s ministry, but this role should be shaped by empowering many to lead rather than by leaning upon the presence and input of a few.” • “I believe that one of the most immediate theological issues facing the Church is, simply, that the Church need to unashamedly be the Church” • “The Church should minister within the tension of Paul’s instructions not to conform to the world (Rom 12:1-2) and his call to be culturally present and relevant for the sake of the gospel (1 Cor 9:19-23). • “I feel I have been blessed with a passion for the proclamation of Christ’s gospel, both through preaching and in encouraging Christian fellowship. Through my experience as a camp director, youth intern, teacher, and chaplain, I feel at home relating to all age groups, from youth to young adults to older members of a congregation.”

The Session has called a congregational meeting for Sunday, June 24th following the 11:00 a.m. service to hear and act upon recommendation of the Associate Pastor Nominating Committee.

• “Through the work of the Spirit, we are empowered to faith and good works, both as displays of loving obedience to God and as demonstrations of God’s love to other people.”

Rev. John “Jay” F. Howell III About Jay:

Memphis-born and Nashville-raised, Jay is excited to be coming back to live in his home state of Tennessee, especially after living for three years in the frozen tundra of central New Jersey! A recent graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Jay is looking forward to diving into pastoral work and joining the ministry at GPC. During his three years of seminary, Jay concentrated his classes (as much as the curriculum would allow) in biblical studies and preaching, all the while working in a local church’s Christian Education and Youth programs. He is the recipient of the Jagow Award in Homiletics and Speech and was selected to be part of the denomination’s Company of New Pastors. Growing up in Nashville, Jay was an active member of First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, participating heavily in the church’s youth and music programs. During this time, he developed a love for short-term missions.

That travel bug did not wear off once Jay graduated from University of Georgia in 2007 with an undergraduate degree in Religion and Spanish. He decided to move to Argentina. He found work as an English instructor in Buenos Aires and soon discovered a passion for teaching. Additionally, through his involvement in a local Presbyterian church, he felt a strong conviction about the church’s role as a loving and welcoming fellowship and about the church’s responsibility to live out Christ’s Great Commission to the broader community through missions. In 2009, Jay matriculated at Princeton Theological Seminary. In three formative years, he discerned an unmistakable call to pastoral ministry and pursued ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). In addition to classes and church work, Jay also found time to play in the seminary’s Bluegrass Ensemble; participate in Burt Reynolds Day, an annual moustache competition; and impersonate the seminary president. A Presbyterian at heart, Jay has worked in Presbyterian churches in Nashville, Tennessee; Athens, Georgia; and Pennington, New Jersey. His hobbies and passions include music, reading, teaching, travel, and college football (Go Dawgs).

The APNC’s Words: • “Jay has a Presbyterian heart. He is rooted in Presbyterian heritage and is looking forward to continuing to build upon our strong intergenerational fellowship. He will be comfortable and effective at relating to all age groups.” • “Jay is Tennessee born and bred, and even plays bluegrass. He is very approachable and has a gentle spirit. His overseas mission and education experiences, and many talents will bring a bright perspective to GPC.” • “Jay has a special love for mission work and education. He has lived in Argentina and been involved in other global and local missions. He will bring a new energy to the mission area of GPC as we work together to follow God’s call in service to others.” • “Jay will be a great fit with our GPC congregation. He has such a fun, open personality, and he will relate well with all generations of members. He is a thoughtful communicator who brings a great sense of humor to the conversation.” • “We visited with many great candidates, but Jay immediately captured the attention of the APNC. He eloquently articulated his desire to provide GPC members with opportunities to develop a deeper relationship with Christ. He also revealed a passion to extend those same opportunities, through mission, to people and organizations outside of GPC. His passion, great attitude and sense of humor are refreshing and will quickly endear him to the congregation.” • “Jay continues the rich history of energetic associates who not only help develop the faith of our congregation but also experience their own growth as ministers and Christians.”

Words from Rev. Will Jones “I am so grateful that Jay Howell will be our new Associate Pastor at GPC. He has all of the perfect ingredients for a wonderful pastor: deep faith in Christ, a gift for teaching and preaching, a humble heart, an engaging mind, a personable spirit, and a great sense of humor. We will all be blessed by Jay’s talent and leadership as we become stronger disciples of our Lord.”

A Last Thought from Jay In my own ministry, the shaping force of the Church’s role in society should be the proclamation and embodiment of the gospel of Christ. If the Church is to have a firm foundation while also seeking to be relevant, the name of Christ must be that solid ground and assured identity. In my ministry, I seek to live out and proclaim Christ’s message of love and redemption, trusting God that a church committed to the gospel will never be outdated and that the sharing of the gospel will never be stale.

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Meet GPC's Associate Pastor  

Meet GPC's Associate Pastor, Jay Howell

Meet GPC's Associate Pastor  

Meet GPC's Associate Pastor, Jay Howell