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Electronic Cigarettes- A Healthy Alternative to Tobacco electronic cigarette tool has been introduced to use as an alternative for tobacco based cigarettes with the purpose to save smokers from the side effects of tobacco The manufacturers first requested the celebrities to start with the practice because common people have a habit of following what Celebes do and they start doing the same instantly. At present, smoking e-cigarettes is an increasing trend that also has long lasting and farreaching impact. Different ingredients are being used in the cigarettes that satisfy the urge of smoking without casing any harm to the smoker’s health. Following the advantages of esmoking, many people are now saying good bye to the malpractice of smoking traditional cigarettes and it is obviously a good sign.

What is an Electric Cigarette: An electric cigarette is a tool that consists three individual devices- A power supply, an Atomizer and the Cartridge. The cartridges are actually the mouthpieces that look like original cigarettes and it contains the liquid that is supposed to be vaporized. The atomizer on the other hand, works as heating device that helps in vaporizing the liquid. Both the atomizer and the cartridge come with some power supply equipments like batteries, USB drives, plugs etc.

When the liquid in the cartridge burns, it produces an infused vapor (nicotine) that though looks like real smoke but is actually the atomized air. Some of the e-cigarettes manufacturers replace nicotine flavor with other flavors like chocolate, vanilla to completely reduce the side effects of nicotine. Well, it seems difficult for smokers to opt for this special practice and they prefer nicotine flavor to the other flavors, but if you try you get accustomed to these flavors easily. Advantages: There are several benefits of smoking electric cigarettes than traditional cigarettes. The most important one is that you don’t need to worry about the ill effect of tobacco on your health that proves to be fatal sometime. It hurt neither you nor the other people, surrounding you. Thus, smoking e-cigarettes among family, even with kids, is safe. Then, it doesn’t leave stains on your teeth like the traditional ones because the tobacco in the cigarettes makes your teeth yellowish. Sometime after smoking traditional cigarettes you need to take menthol-based things like chewing gums, mint chocolates etc because not everybody likes the smell of tobacco. However, here it is not important, as you are smoking vaporizer that includes mild smell of different natural things like vanilla, peppermint, echolocate, fruit flavors etc. Moreover, it is an economic option because you spend for the tool once only and save the cost required to treat diseases that generates from tobacco-based cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes- A Healthy Alternative to Tobacco  

Electronic cigarette tool has been introduced to use as an alternative for tobacco based cigarettes with the purpose to save smokers from th...

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