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Winter Issue 2012

9th Masonic Manhattan News

Volume 45, Number 8

Masonic News

Ninth Manhattan District Devoted to the interests of Freemasonry, its District Lodges, their members and their families

WINTER ISSUE The 12th Annual Ninth Manhattan District Drama Portrayal On October 28th, 2011, the Brothers of the Ninth Manhattan District held its annual District Drama Portrayal at the Whitestone Temple. Newly raised Brothers of the District are able to observe once again the beautiful rendition of our Masonic history as a full costumed production. The evening began with a delicious meal for all the participants which gave us a chance to get acquainted with the new Brothers of our District. As the performance time drew near, an announcement was made, "We're on in two R:.W:.Werner Kniesel, R:.W:.Erwin Gerbavsits minutes!" The actors entered the dress- Kress, who was hobbling on a bum foot, ing room and prepared themselves for was instrumental in starting the District the spirited performance. Drama Team back in 1998. R:.W:.Walter Fingerle, District Deputy A special thank you goes out to Grand Master welcomed all the Brothers R:.W:.Lawrence E. Wund for coordinatincluding, R:.W:.Klaus Vogel, Grand ing the event and stepping into an imSteward and R:.W:.Kurt Ott. The Vice portant role as one of the scheduled perPresident of the Past Masters Associa- formers had to attend to a family emertion, W:.Robert Stein was also intro- gency. Our Assistant Grand Lecturers, duced and acknowledged for all the con- R:.W:.Michael Moriarty and tinued support by the members of the V:.W:.Richard Witthohn assisted the Past Masters Association. One such players and also had major roles in the Brother in attendance, R:.W:.Werner drama.

The Zenith of Morgo's Year!

Grand Treasurer, and R:.W:. George By W:.Gerard Messina The "purple apron" finally found its Blasch, Trustee of the Masonic Hall and rightful place on one of the deserving Home. In attendance with words of brothers in the Ninth Manhattan Dis- praise were R:.W:. Kurt Ott, Grand Reptrict, R:.W:. Ted Morgo, Grand Repre- resentative to Austria, and R:.W:. Irwin sentative to Michigan. Gerbavsits, Grand Representative to The official public West Virginia. apron presentation The delegations ceremony took of the district place in Whitestone also honored Ted temple on Decemfor his fine work ber 13, 2011. The as a mason. I had lodge was filled to the opportunity capacity with addito thank my tional chairs necesfriend Ted who sary to accommoencouraged me to date the many fambecome a mason ily members, and Master of friends, and MaCopernicus sonic brothers in left to right R:.W:.John Krebs, R:.W:.Theodore Morgo, Lodge, without R:.W:.Walter Fingerle DDGM attendance. Ted Morgo that R:.W:. Ted Morgo's Grand Represen- would not have happened. tative Commission was presented by R:.W:. Ted Morgo has worn the MaR:.W:. Walter Fingerle DDGM, and long sonic apron proudly for over fifty years, time friend and Brother R:.W:. John holding officer positions in many organKrebs. The apron was presented by izations within the Ninth Manhattan R:.W:. Gottfried Schuebler with the ac- District as well as serving Copernicus companying jewel presented by R:.W:. Lodge #545 as Master. He continues to Werner Puckhaber, both of whom have set the example for what our new served with Ted in Copernicus Lodge Copernicus brothers should aspire to for many years. become. Among the many guests honoring Ted I will speak for the District by wishing were of course his lovely wife Marge, R:.W:. Ted Morgo, Grand Representative R:.W:. Walter Fingerle, District Deputy of Michigan "fair winds and following Grand Master and R:.W:. Klaus Vogel, seas" during his travels throughout the Grand Steward. Also honoring Ted Mor- Ninth Manhattan District. go were R:.W:. Werner Kniesel, Past Jerry Messina

Manolo Roncesvalles Knickerbocker Laszlo Kiss Herder Ronald Wallace Herder Jose Colon Uhland Joseph Mazzariello Uhland Raoul Monterroso Uhland Raymond Pabon Uhland Raymond Somai Uhland Victor Urena Uhland

Brothers from each Lodge of the District are encouraged to attend or take part in our Masonic Drama Team performance. If you are interested, please contact R:.W:.Lawrence E. Wund at The response from the newly raised Brothers was very positive. The evening concluded in the dining room with more refreshments and fellowship enjoyed by all. Newly Raised Brothers Mark Ciesla Trinity No. 12 Oscar Garcia Trinity No. 12 Jim Liguori Trinity No. 12 Dan Rosenfeld Trinity No. 12 Paul Deliso Knickerbocker No. 182

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

182 698 698 735 735 735 735 735 735

Performers R:.W:.Lawrence E. Wund R:.W:.Kurt Ott R:.W:.Michael Moriarty R:.W:.John Krebs R:.W:.Adi Lins V:.W:.Richard Witthohn W:.Kevin Olivencia W:.Al Mayo W:.Robert Quaglio W:.Robert Stein W:.Daniel DeLouise W:.John Ott W:.John Farina W:.Anthony Cancemi W:.Steven Schwarz W:.Curt Nickel Bro. Dan Santiago Bro. Edgar Colon Bro. Michael Seeley

Lessing Lodge Presentation Grand Rep West Virginia On Thursday, October 27, 2011 Lessing Lodge #608 honored one of their own as a new Grand Lodge Officer. Over 130 Brothers, ladies and guests greeted R:.W:. Erwin Gerbavsits, for his presentation as Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia near the Grand Lodge of New York. The lodge room was filled to capacity. The impressive presentation was attended by many elected and appointed Grand Line officers including the MW Vincent Libone the Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York. MW Vincent Libone presented R:.W:. Erwin Gerbavsits with his certificate, R:.W:. Werner

R:.W:.Werner Kniesel, R:.W:.Erwin Gerbavsits

Kniesel presented with tremendous pride the apron and R:.W:. Wolfgang Schlichter with the jewel. Once the preliminaries were finished, what followed was an hour of accolades and compliments upon the guest of honor, by all speakers. R:.W:. Erwin Gerbavsits gave his acceptance speech, in which he graciously thanked everyone present for having attended, and their many kind words. The evening was capped off with an address from MW Vincent Libone Grand Master followed by a sumptuous catered dinner.

M:.W:.Vincent Libone, R:.W:.Erwin Gerbavsits

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Is there some truth to the matter that our handsome R:.W:. Eric Jacobs and sex maven Ruth Westheimer are now an item? Well, Eric has picture-proof evidence, however, I have not yet seen. Theodore Oh Theodore, where have we heard that

name before? - seriously, our R :. W :. Teddy Morgo seems to be appearing all over, from apron presentation to 50+ years a Mason, to Representative of Michigan, that could actually mean the next thing would be that our Teddy could appear on the "Most Wanted" list. All kidding aside, we congratulate you, Teddy on everything that has been happening to you lately. The grand affair was held at the Roma View with family and friends and Masonic Brothers and Sisters.

Ninth Manhattan

Masonic News Published February, April, June, September, November and December by German Masonic Home Corporation c/o GMHC Publishing Committee 12-44C Clintonville St., Whitestone, NY 11357 Phone (718) 360-1538 Published under the auspices of the Ninth Manhattan Publishing Committee EDITOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Joseph S. Goldbloom 17 East 96 Street - New York, NY 10128-0783 Email: Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Gottfried Schuebler Co-Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .James Woerner Editor Emeritus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marvin Goldsmith Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Robert Schimmel Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marge Morgo Contributing Editors . .Stanley Lewin, John Kuhlmann,Walter Fingerle Society Columnist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bambi R. Schimmel Kruisin’ With Kathy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Kathy Stein Holiday Issue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Theodore & Marge Morgo Memorials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .email: - Robert Stein Commercial Ads Subscription/Advertising . . . . . . . .Robert Schimmel Production . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lee Publications Coordinator . . . . . . Larry Price Production Coordinator . . . . . . Jessica Mackay 518-673-0106 / email: New Jersey/So. PA Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Werner & Gertrude Graba Florida Bureau . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marvin Goldsmith Per capita Lodge assessment subscription $3.50 per year Non-member subscription $10.00 per year The deadlines for announcement and article submission to our 2012

Ninth Manhattan

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There was great music, speeches and table-hopping to greet all familiar faces. The dance floor was filled, the photogs kept on clicking, and while all that was going on Marge took it all in stride; and let's not forget beautiful little Madison who definitely stole the show. Amongst all the accolades, pins, certificates, a ring? and more, our Teddy is now worth, literally, his weight in gold. Congratulations you big hunk, from everyone that likes you. Masons, Masons everywhere, be it at dancehalls, festivals, parades or on cruise ships. Yes, unbeknownst to friends Barbara and Eddie Wiemann, who cruised the Panama Canal on the Island Princess, when strolling on deck who did they meet but our own funny man Werner Dietrich and his love Gudrun; what a surprise, they spent the rest of their vacation time together, taking it all in. Actually, all four are cruising regularly sometimes on different ships, but always on high seas. It's nice to have you back, so that the parties can continue on land, and we can all be a part of it. Atlantic City, here we come - it was for the great entertainment provided by our Gisela Lewis who "imported" again the Bayrische 7 with Axel Becker from Germany and what a great event it turned out to be. Yours truly had arranged for two tables and we had, literally, the best seats in the house. "Donald", the Trump that is, allowed us to fill his Convention Hall where we browsed from vendors selling all their wonderful merchandise and delicatessen counters where we could enjoy an eating feast of delicious foods. Since newscasters were predicting a horrendous snowstorm later that evening and all roads to New York were supposedly closed, the cautious ones, our Harry Barth with Irmgard and Albert Bauer with Elsie booked rooms for the night in respective hotels and friend Harry suggested that all the ladies share his room while good sport Albert was supposed to accommodate the men, oh, yeah, that really didn't sit well with Albert. Actually, we were the brave ones, Robert, yours truly, Gisela and Horst who ventured to drive home. In snowy and icy conditions, without incident and hardly any vehicles on the road, we safely landed back in New York. After giving it a few days rest, I had my own agenda planned, a fundraiser for the Schiller Sister Circle again to Atlantic City (this venture was actually started by yours truly and friends 20 years ago for seniors - meanwhile the younger generation is joining us, I think it's because of all the freebies and entertainment on board). Robert being at the helm, the "stewardesses" Jackie and Maggie are serving whatev-

er the patron's request, and with amusing anecdotes, desserts and nighttime movies at the end they already reserved their seats for the next trip. The Von Mensch Dinner Dance was held at beautiful Russo's on the Bay. Seeing so many friends again was wonderful. Beautiful table dĂŠcor, scrumptious hors d'oeuvres and a culinary delight, where Frank Russo oversaw the affair assuring that everything was to our satisfaction. The dance floor was filled and our John Weber made certain that the soothing music met with everyone's expectations. Von Mensch's Master Paul Otati together with Ralph Poetsch, and DDGM Walter Fingerle with love Diane as well as Grand Steward Klaus Vogel and honey Colette really did enjoy themselves. A grand affair with lots of fun and entertainment. Schiller Master Willie Kaltschitz and his love Christine let a story surface that the reason Willie could not participate on the dance floor was he was seriously hurt when a truck landed on him and injured his back. Well, no shame on that, I think not even Hercules could have overcome something of that nature. The Schiller Lodge's Christmas party, as always, was again a well-planned event. In our Whitstone Temple the room was festively decorated. A lighted Christmas tree, pine greens, candles and candies were on the tables and Robert, together with Manfred, were the chosen ones to buy the toys for our little ones while Santa Ernest in his festive attire played his role to perfection. The food was plentiful, the children got to play with their new toys. Handsome youngster Jake Hetzler entertained most of the children with his helicopter while our miracle baby Marco Valentino was running through the halls with the best of them. Very festive, very enjoyable, and by the expression on the childrens' faces, you could call it truly a Christmas success story. We were saddened by the news that Wolfgang Enke, brother of R.W. Uwe passed away and we extend our heartfelt condolences to the entire family. A blast from the past, to my surprise, our Schiller Sister Theresa Herbig called, and we chatted for the longest time. The travel bug has bit our Theresa, who is now partially residing in Pennsylvania with her life companion Jerry. The two (and canine companion) are on their way to Florida where they rented for six weeks to visit all their friends over there, then returning back to PA and from there Theresa is off to Germany (one of her many homes!!). It was really great hearing from you Theresa. Please, on your way to New York, we invite you to attend our next meeting, okay?

Winter Issue 2012

Manfred and Josephine Luebke are showing off their two peas in a pod, the adorable twins John and James Stanton. Oma and Opa do the necessary babysitting so Mom Christine and Dad John can enjoy some quality time in peace. His smile is worth a million "Bucks", get it? Allemania Brother Heinz Buck and love Renate are cherishing their new addition to the family - cute-as-a-button little tyke Michael Heinz, born on July 26, 2011 at 9:18 a.m. with a birth weight of 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 20 1/4 inches in length to Mom Monika and Dad Matthew; and when grandma Renate finds time don't forget she is the mover and shaker behind the scenes always filling the Plattduetsche Hall to capacity when parties are scheduled - it's always a sold out house. Congratulations to you all. And the grandkids keep on coming in the Masonic circle that is. The newest

and literally enjoying their "not yet married" time together. Hansi, you know that Mom is seriously looking for another grandchild to spoil. (I was actually not supposed to say that, so mum is the word). Our grandson Nicholas (in all his demeanor already a teenager), celebrated his 13th birthday with siblings Julianna and Zachary, mom Petra, dad Richie, Oma and Opa and grandma Kathy at TGIF. Continuing from there with Horst and Gisela to fashionable Villa Milano in Manhasset for a super-delicious dinner and then retreated to the Mahr's house where we celebrated the dropping of the ball at midnight with some serious bubbly. It was a great but very quiet end to an actually wild and exciting year. This can only mean that we are literally "maturing" at an alarming age. (Hopefully this was only an isolated incident; because our calendar is already showing all kinds of upcoming events, thank God.) Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Paula Schlichter and son Robert on the passing of their beloved husband and father who left us much too soon. R.W. Wolfgang, a true gentleman who always

addition is adorable little Mia Nicole Wissert, born December 23, 2011 at 10:17 p.m. with a birth weight of 5 lbs. 8 oz. three weeks before her due date and after 34 hours of labor - WOW. Mom Jennifer and Dad John Paul as well as ever -so-proud grandparents Barbara and Jerry Messina (including dog Harley) are enjoying the blessed event tremendously. Congratulations to all of you. Hansi Grimm, offspring of Janet and Hans is now steadily playing house with love Barbara in Florida. The two, besides housing two dogs are vacationing together, traveling to New York in his private plane

greeted you with a smile and funny line succumbed to his bout with cancer. The memorial service was held by Peter Unfried, the prayer by Kevin Koeberl and the emotional eulogy by son Robert. The Home had 300 plus Masonic friends and Brothers who paid their last respects to Wolfgang who never showed his pain and suffering to the very end. Hope your transition from 2011 into the New Year was a peaceful one. Someone bothering you, really, as they say: "knock 'm dead" or at least give 'm a slight coronary - otherwise, enjoy whatever the New Year has to offer. Until next time.

9th Masonic Manhattan News

Winter Issue 2012

Serving the Legal Needs of the Ninth Manhattan District for over 50 Years

FOREHT LAST LANDAU & KATZ, LLP RICHARD A. KATZ, Managing Partner 228 East 45th Street - 17th Floor New York, NY 10017 Phone (212) 935-8880 • Fax (212) 935-5554 Web site



66-10 Fresh Pond Road Ridgewood, NY 11385 718-628-9767

158-22 Crossbay Blvd Howard Beach, NY 11414 718-529-5377

69-13 Grand Avenue Maspeth, NY 11378 718-446-5600

Most Mason Jewelry at This Location


To bring back some of the old traditions and mysticism of years gone by the "new" New Hyde Park Inn was researched and booked by the 2011-2012 Masters Association who are promising no unwelcome surprises at this year's gala black tie event which is slated for May 12th, 2012 with the cocktail hour commencing at 7:00pm and Dinner & Dancing between 8:00pm and low twelve. The cocktail hour will include buffet style carving stations, hors d'oeuvres and delicacies including separate ready to eat

Page 3

Shrimp and Spanferkel (roasted pig/Lechón) stations, with W:. Stanley Pratnicki playing the Piano in the background. Later look forward to four hours of dinner and dance music by the Peter Daniels Orchestra. Dinner choices include Filet Mignon, Chicken Marsala, Grilled Salmon, Jägerschnitzel and Sauerbraten. Naturally there is also a full five hours top shelf open bar with plenty of iced Jägermeister, Snake Bites, and Spatenbräu imported from München. This promises to be a sold out event as seating is limited to the first 150, and tickets are selling fast. Please contact your Master or W:. Peter Unfried at (718) 417-8703 to get your tickets before they are all gone. Price is $95 per person and your tax deductible check should be made payable to the German Masonic Charitable Foundation, Inc. We are also still soliciting and accepting Charity Ball Journal Ads starting at just $45.00. The contract is available from your Master, at Whitestone Masonic Hall or can be downloaded from This event will be the swansong for 10 of the District's Masters, Grand Steward R:.W:.Klaus J. Vogel and District Deputy R:.W:.Walter Fingerle. The incoming regime will be officially introduced and congratulated for the first time. This year's Charity Ball of the Noble 9th undoubtedly will be an event not to miss!

Past Masters Sister Circle By: Kathy Stein The Past Masters Sister Circle of the Ninth We also make charms, cuff links, tie tacs, and all kinds of jewels

Manhattan District held their Christmas celebration at the tem-

We give discounts to all Brothers and Family

Call for a Free brochure!

Join our Family at the Plattduetsche Home 1150 Hempstead Turnpike Franklin Square, NY Dignified Atmosphere In A Park-like Setting

TELEPHONE (516) 333-4311






ple in Whitestone. There was a very nice turn out of Brothers and Sisters to take part in the festivities. Peter and Inge Unfried did a wonderful job decorating the Lodge for the festive season. The Sisters decorated the tables with beautiful Poinsettias provided by the Morgo's. They kept many of their German traditions alive with their choice of food and drink. Their joyous singing helped all to remember the true reason for the season. In keeping with the Christmas spirit of giving and the belief that it is better to give than to receive, the Sister Circle continued to support their charitable activities. They recently recognized the good

works of the Masonic Care Community, the Research Laboratory and Camp Turk by gifting each of them with $1000.00. It was a wonderful party and we are looking forward to next year's celebration. Our annual Chinese Auction will be held at the Temple on February 11th at 6 pm. As this is always an SRO event, it would be wise to get your reservations in early to assure yourself a seat. This is a great evening with good food, much laughter and friendship and of course the many "treasures" that you may be lucky enough to win! Plan on being with us so you too can have the opportunity to win that something special!

Town & Country Tuxedos • Apartments and single rooms in many sizes with private baths • Indoor pool and Jacuzzi • Three family style meals in our beautiful dining room • Interdenominational Chapel for Sunday services, prayer and meditation • Cultural trips - social and recreational facilities • 24 hour a day nurses aids and periodic visit from our staff doctors • Housekeeping services

For more information Call (516) 352-4260 Also Independent Apartment Units Available Call (516) 352-2995 Check our competitive prices - Certified by New York State Our dedicated staff assures prompt, caring attention to the needs of our residents so that their retirement years are carefree and enjoyable

Warehouse Sale New and Used Tuxedos and Accessories

See Brother Jeffrey Arist of Trinity #12 at 1941 Wantagh Ave., Wantagh, NY Or Call 516-785-7711 Suffolk County Location 121 E. Sunrise Highway, Lindenhurst 631-888-1889

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Winter Issue 2012

Holiday Traditions in the Noble Ninth

by Bob Stein Trinity Lodge's annual Christmas party was held in the beginning of December

and was a perfect way to begin the holiday season. The Temple in Oyster Bay was festively adorned with

The members of the Sister Circle of Trinity Lodge enjoy a German Christmas at the Village Lantern

holiday decorations in anticipation of the joyous season. After a delicious meal, the Sisters Circle brought the focus of the celebration to the true meaning of Christmas by serenading the group of approximately 100 guests with traditional Christmas songs. "Silent Night", sung first in German and then in English was very moving. As the Sister's ended with "Here Comes Santa Claus", the big fellow made his spectacular entrance. The children squealed with delight as Santa presented each with Teddy Bears and gifts. Santa honored each lady by presenting gifts to all and the Brothers

The Brothers of Trinity welcome Santa

joined their families many also sitting on Santa's lap and whispering their wishes in his ear. The Sister's of Trinity Lodge continued their tradition of sharing a special meal

as sisters and friends. This celebration took place at the Village Lantern, a German restaurant, whose lively decorations brought memories of the old country to our German sisters.


November 20,2011 Since the sale of the Dumont Home , the Trustees of the German Masonic Home Corp. have boldly entered into a new phase of activities in terms of the obligations and initiatives involving the settling of accounts with the new owners and the resolution of ongoing agreements and legal disputes. The Semi Annual Meeting of the Trustees was called to order by President Lawrence Wund and the reports by the various Trustees indicated that the German Masonic

Home Corp. was continuing in the Ninth Manhattan tradition of transparency and integrity.In this regard, the voting delegates of each Lodge were handed minutes for the previous three months and a financial summary. Knickerbocker and United Brothers Lodges had no representatives. Trustees present in addition to the president were: Erwin Gerbavsits, Jack Lanzer, Kurt Ott, Stanley Pratnicki, Michael Seely, James Woerner and Peter Unfried. Also on hand were past presidents Heinz Ja-

cobs, Werner Puckhaber and Gottfried Schuebler. Kurt Ott informed those present that the Traubenfest had realized a significant profit for the Noble Ninth. President Wund announced the establishment of a fund in memory of Frank Chrissotimos' daughter, Allondra. Contributions would be used for research on SIDS and for grief counseling. Lawrence Wund also gave an update on the complex union mediation issue and the appeal of the audit decision made by the

Office of the Medicaid Inspector. The financial report presented by Erwin Gerbavsits indicated that the current asset allocation is 75% fixed income and 25% equity. In terms of due diligence, Treasurer Jack Lanzer provided a summary of the financial report and reported on his efforts to update the accounting software in time for year end tax filings. An appeal was made to have the Lodges of the Ninth come up with suggestions for fund raising and possible charitable donations.

Accordingly, plans are being developed to use the Tappan Grounds as a site for a Blue Grass Festival on June 16, 2012. A vote was taken on the Charter revised because of changes suggested by New York State's Secretary of State and it passed 111 with the dissenting vote coming from Von Mensch Lodge. In the ongoing discussion suggestions were made to have the Lodges vote on any charitable donations greater than $5,000. Grand Steward Klaus Vogel told of the good

Fifty Years of Masonry Recognized by Bob Stein Socrates Lodge #595 recently recognized their Brother Guen-

ther Bartsch for 50 years of Masonic service. Copernicus Lodge #545 also rec-

ognized their Teddy Morgo 50 years of This is quite

Brother for his service. an ac-

complishment and Brothers Bartsch and Morgo should be commended for their continued support of their lodges and Masonry. Socrates

Lodge and Copernicus Lodge together take pride in presenting Brother Guenther and Brother Teddy with this distinguished honor.

works of the Brotherhood Fund and our DDGM Walter Fingerle made a donation to the Kleine Kasse. He thanked the Trustees for a job well done and the meeting was adjouned at 4PM and all retired to a hearty collation. As always the Brethren of the Ninth are meeting their many obligations with prudence and conviction.

PARTY ROOM FOR RENT Whitestone Masonic Hall Ideal for Parties, Meetings, Luncheons Dinners, etc. Occupancy 80 Space for small bands Dance Area

Fully Equipped Commercial Kitchen Call Peter Unfried Teddy Morgo was also recognized for 50 years of Masonic service. He is pictured here enjoying a moment of Masonic camaraderie with Uwe Enke, Werner Puckhaber, Kurt Ott, Erwin Gerbavsits and Werner Kniesel.

at DDGM Walter Fingerle presents Brother Guenther Bartsch with a recognition plaque


9th Masonic Manhattan News

Winter Issue 2012

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THOUGHTS FROM We meet but once or twice a month, for what we receive from this fellowship, this time every month is not much to ask. We are part of a worldwide organization that offers much and WITH US ALL working together we can accomplish much. When we first became members we came with enthusiasm, and wide eyed innocence


with that we made a commitment to the meaning of this fraternity. Sometimes, we lose our way out of apathy or just everyday life, now it's time to take stock again in WHY WE BECAME A MASON and start to take a more active part in Masonry and the Lodges regrowth. We have a lodge's that date back to the 1700's. Have our lodges

grown or have we become stagnant. Are we just card carrying Masons? Attendance at our own Lodges and our Brother Lodges for dances, table lodges, charitable functions etc. will help us come into 2012 with a New Vitality. Bring a friend night will help to expose a new generation to possibly become Master Masons. Even in these

hard times let's try to support our fraternity, a little from each of us goes a long way. Lodges are always open to new ideas for the future expansion of our fraternity. Please help support the Brotherhood Fund which helps our fellow Brothers in distress. COME MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS.


by Bob Stein Frederick and Richard Stein, real and Masonic Brothers of Trinity Lodge #12 and the Masonic Yacht Club, participated in the Tri-State Tough Mudder Challenge in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Tough Mudder is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Pro-

ject and, Tough Mudder participants have raised more than $2 million to support this project. These funds help support thousands of warriors returning from the battlefield by providing combat stress recovery programs, adaptive sports, benefit counseling, education and employment services,

and other programs that aid in the healing of the mind, body and spirit of these brave Americans. The Tough Mudder Tri-State event is a hardcore 12.9 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. Tough Mudder has

already challenged half a million inspiring participants worldwide that have contributed to the funds raised. Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world and we are proud of our Masonic Brothers for their efforts on behalf of this very worthwhile cause.

New Gasthaus in Town by Joseph Goldbloom For over two years SEASONAL- the Austrian restaurant with a difference has been gaining good reviews in print on the tube and in blogs for its subtle and complex approach

to Austrian and German cuisine. Located at 132 West 58th Street (Sixth Avenue, Manhattan)"on the way to Carnegie Hall" its chefs have been on national TV explaining why their Wiener Schnitzel and

PAST MASTERS ASSOCIATION of the NINTH MANHATTAN DISTRICT CHARITABLE FOUNDATION dress or messages of interest to the district (i.e. last minute changes to events, snow closings or sickness, distress or funeral announcements). If you were getting notices from R\W\Roy Puckhaber in the past then your email address has already been uploaded onto the new system.

course luncheon is $27.00; and an evening tasting menu is $52.00 (whew). As to desserts the apple strudel has won fame. The restaurant is open seven days a week but reservations should be made at least one week in advance by calling 212957-5550. All credit cards but Discover are accepted at this small but welcome addition to New York City's world of fine eating establishments.

Real Brothers and Brothers in Trinity Lodge and the Masonic Yacht Club use their Masonic character to raise money for a worthwhile cause. This photo is taken at the end of the course when the brothers are caked in mud.

This photo is taken before the race begins when their shirts are still white!!!

R:.W:. Wolfgang Schlichter On January 7th, 2012 R:.W:. Wolfgang Schlichter put aside the working tools of life and has joined the Great Architect of the Universe in the House of many Mansions, not built by hand. He was raised a

Master Mason on November 5th 1980 in Lessing Lodge #608. R:.W:. Wolfgang Schlichter served as Master of his Mother Lodge from 2003-2004 and as District Deputy Grand Master of the 9th

Park Resta e h c s t e ura du t t n la



Brothers please be advised that W\Peter Unfried has started a new program for our District with which we can communicate with one another faster and more efficiently via email. It is similar to the Atholl system used by Grand Lodge to disseminate information to the state. Please use the address below to forward your email ad-

Pork Belly entrees are so special. Even their potato soup has amassed raves for their unique addition of leeks and specks. The restaurant has an extensive and much praised assortment of Austrian and German wines. Gruner Veltliner is $13.00 a glass; Riesling from Rheinhessen; $16.00 a glass. As to the main entrees: Wiener Schnitzel costs $28.00; Spaetzle, $23.00, Kaiser Gulasch, $28.00. A three

Manhattan District from 2006-2008. A Masonic Funeral Service was held on January 9th with well over 100 Masons in attendance. Wolfgang is survived by his beloved wife Paula, son Robert and numerous family members.

In Memoriam R:.W:. Wolfgang Schlichter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lessing # 608

1132 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY 11010 Tel: 516-354-3131 Fax: 516-354-4990 E-Mail:

Meeting Rooms Available Wed. Through Sun. Catering Facilities for 15 to 600 Persons

Bro. Ted Riegel . . . . . . . . . .Lessing # 608 Barbara Schmidt . . . . . . . . . . .Herder #698

Please send all Memorial notices to Bob Stein at

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Winter Issue 2012

We Love You Mike!

Over 100 friends braved the frigid temperatures to pay tribute to the Half Century Clubs Outstanding Mason of the Year, Michael Moriarity. Surrounded by his family, who traveled from Virginia and Philadelphia to celebrate with him, Mike took center stage. There were many adjectives used to describe Mike tonight but those that resonated throughout the speeches pertained to his generosity and testaments as to how incredi-

bly humble he is. These are two of the many traits that endear him to us all. Mike's sister MaryLu's husband, John Chapple, told us that from the very beginning he was struck by Mike's generosity. Mike has been known to help those less fortunate, the down trodden and those in need. He has been known to become Santa to children at Christmas who otherwise would be forgotten and forever scarred on Christmas morning.

Mike and his family

Just as important as his many monetary donations, Mike is extremely generous with his time. He will readily help anyone that merely asks and even those that don't when he knows they could use a hand. He devotes many hours during the Christmas season dressing as Santa and walking the streets of Manhattan just to bring joy into people's hearts. As Santa, a smile from strangers on the street is the only reward Mike is seeking. Roy Puckhaber, Mike's partner in crime for two years, related a few anecdotes about Mike's driving habits. I always thought what happened in the vehicle, stayed in the vehicle!! Fred Cortese, The Master of Arcana Lodge # 246 and Tom Demery, the Master of Allemania Lodge #740, both spoke with great affection of his contributions to his respective lodges over the years. Rick Whitthohn, his assistant AGL, let Mike know how easy Mike is to work with and how giving he is as a great teacher. Our Grand Steward, RW Claus Vo-

The officers of the Half Century Club, RW Michael Moriarity and Susan, and the Grand Steward and the DDGM Left to Right: RW Bob Stein, RW Klaus Vogel, RW Walter Fingerle, RW Mike Moriarity and Susan, RW Eric Jacobs, RW Jimmy Woerner, RW Werner Kress gel and our DDGM, RW Walter the attributes that makes a Fingerle sang Mike's praises good Mason a great man. Mike's two sons, Mike and for his contributions to the fraternity and probably more Frank, were short and simple importantly, his contributions in their remembrances of their Dad. With much gratitude, as a man with a huge heart. Jimmy Woerner, the Presi- they spoke of his sincerity and dent of the Half Century Club, his helpful nature and their presented Mike with a lovely appreciation and love. He is a teddy-bear of a man, plaque and a clock. The Vice President and Master of Cere- a gentle giant of sorts, but to monies, Bob Stein, read an ex- most he is just plain Mike and cerpt about what a Free Ma- one thing we all know, just a son is and Mike Moriarity em- his lovely granddaughter bodies the tenets of what a Maeve also knows is..... WE true Mason is. He embodies all LOVE YOU, MIKE!

The Spirit of Selfless Giving

by Bob Stein Dr. David Gardner of Trinity Lodge #12 and the Masonic Yacht Club exemplifies the true tenets of giving selflessly of oneself. Dr. Gardner left behind his private dental practice in Roslyn and took his wife Isabelle and his two young children with him to participate in a humanitarian effort in the Caribbean. Dr. Gardner is involved in the Bately Relief Alliance which provides care to impoverished nations. The first time David went, he worked under extremely primitive conditions. This time, the conditions were somewhat improved. The Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) is a non-profit, non-political, humanitarian aid entity uniting grassroots groups, faith-based or-

ganizations, government agencies, and the international community in a strategic partnership to help create a safe, productive and self-sufficient environment, through health care, education and development programs, for children and their families severely affected by extreme poverty, disease, and hunger in the United States and the Caribbean. The Batey Relief Alliance-BRA celebrated on October 23rd, 2011, fourteen years of humanitarian services for children and families severely affected by poverty, disease and hunger in the Caribbean, particularly those suffering inside the Bateyes, rural slums, and urban barrios of the Dominican

Dr. David Gardner and his wife Isabelle with their children Michael and Sohia standing in the village in Haiti

Republic. As part of its continuing humanitarian intervention in the economically-isolated and medically-deprived Southeast border region of Haiti, the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) dispatched in October 2011 a team of American dentists and assistants to deliver preventive dental care to impoverished children and their families living in this area. "The weeklong dental intervention took place at BRA's medical clinic in Ansea-Pitres and free care was also provided along with free toothbrushes, pastes and flosses to anyone in critical need, including quake-affected internally-displaced people and those living in the Dominican Republic's community of Pedernales," said Dr. Thomas Beague, BRA's Dental Mission Chief. It was very important to the Gardner's to take their own two children, Michael and Sophia,

along on the mission so that they would appreciate what they have and understand the importance of helping those less fortunate. It was a life lesson they wanted to share with their children. We are very proud of Dr. Gardner for giving of himself and for not only being a great dentist, but for also being a great father. Trinity Lodge and the Masonic Yacht Club commend their Brother for taking his Masonic beliefs to the next level.

Attention to our Masonic Brothers and Sisters. Ever wish that Traubenfest had a warm weather equivalent? Well the wait is over because on June 16th, 2012 The German Masonic Charitable Foundation will present the first annual Traveling Man Bluegrass Music Festival at our Park in historic Old Tappan New York. This event will feature live music from leading bluegrass bands, beer, food, and a variety of goods being

sold by our local 9th Manhattan lodges who will be operating their booths. The live entertainment will start at noon and won't stop until the sun goes down at 9pm! June 16th is father's day weekend, so bring the family to this incredible celebration! Tickets are only $25. A portion of each ticket will be donated to a SIDS charity in memory of Alondra Chrissotimos.

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Dr. David works on a patient as his daughter Sophia tries to sooth and calm a nervous child.

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9th Masonic Manhattan News

Winter Issue 2012

Masonic Yacht Club "A Family Club of International Distinction"

The frosty arms of winter have finally tightened their grip, drawing us in closely like a mother nurturing her young. She looks us squarely in our eyes reminding us who really is the boss. We know we have been blessed with warm temperatures thus far, yet, we still complain. It is our nature to do so as we fear blustery, snowy days may follow. Our wish is for her to leave quickly without leaving her mark... The annual October land cruise to the east end wineries was a great success. It never rains on a Yacht Club Parade! Spirits were high as the rain fell and

a very enjoyable day ensued. First stop is always at the farm stand to buy beautiful mums. It is a great way to decorate the house for the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. The mums are huge, lush, colorful and inexpensive. They are a real bargain and a treat. This trip was very educational as well as being a great deal of fun. We even learned a thing or two about wines from the hostess at the Castello di Borghese Vinyard. She taught us about the grapes, as well as the wine making process. Alex, at Duckwalk, is always so accommodating to our group. This year was

This is the MYC Breast Cancer Team as they prepare to do the five mile walk at Jones Beach.

no exception as he never charges us for our tastings and gives us a generous discount on our purchases. A great meal at the wonderful Soundview Restaurant with a beautiful view of the Long Island Sound and an encounter with some fierce pirates were all part of the jovial day. This land cruise is always a wonderful example of Masonic camaraderie at its best. First Mate, Isabelle Gardner, reported about the land cruise and gave it a big thumbs up in spite of the bad weather. On October 16th the Masonic Yacht Club sponsored a team to participate in the Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach for the fifth year. Contributing to this worthwhile cause is just one of the numerous ways the MYC shows its Masonic spirit of doing for others. First Mate Luann Dunne reported on the walk and spoke about how worthwhile it is to participate. The December meeting of the Masonic Yacht Club was held at the White Whale

This is the group of Masons and Sisters that enjoyed a wonderful fall day on the east end of Long Island

MORGO FLORIST 62-34 Mt. Olivet Crescent Middle Village, NY 11379

Restaurant in Seaford Harbor. Thirty members and First Mates arrived for dinner with friends and to discuss and plan upcoming events. Commodore, Chris Dunne, called the meeting to order at 8:00 after an hour of highspirited social conversation. Committee reports were presented and lots of new and exciting ventures were discussed for the MYC to initiate and participate in as well. Committees were formed to research the possibilities of sponsoring different events. Suggestions for activities were considered and the committees will report their findings at the next meeting. Spirits ran high as we began the holiday season by toasting the season wearing our holiday chapeaus. Some of our snowbirds will be leaving the northern cold for the warm of the Florida sun and we wish them a safe journey. We will miss their input and laughter at our next meeting. Member, Al Brunett, spoke about the program to remember Pearl Harbor Day at the Air Museum at Republic Airport. Bros. Bob Stein, Chris Dunne and Ed Forman attended the ceremony. It was a very moving tribute to remember and honor the brave men and women present on December 7th at Pearl Harbor. The club is continuing to grow and we welcomed six new members. Our meetings are well attended and we usually have approximately 25 members present. Members are encouraged to bring their spouses since the MYC is a family club. Bro. Anthony Cancemi reminded everyone that the Dinner dance will be at Verdi's in Westbury on March 24th. He also announced that the land cruise to Atlantic City will be on April 28th. As this trip is very popular, it is advised that

Masonic Yacht Club “A Family Club of Distinction� (for boaters & non-boaters alike)

Telephone: (718) 821-2330 WWW.MASONICYACHTCLUB.COM

Ted and Marge Morgo

Registered with Yachting Club of America Member of National League of Masonic Clubs

Page 7 you book early to insure a seat on the bus. One of the perks of being a member of the MYC is the Reciprocity Card. Some of the members reported that they have used it recently and received great discounts. They reported that it can be used in numerous places and they not only were able to purchase dinner at many Yacht Clubs but they also received large discounts for their boats. This included the first night free for overnight stays, and reduced prices for boat dockage. As we have outgrown the White Whale, Opening Day festivities have been scheduled for June 10th and will take place at Captain Bill's in Bayshore. We will use the large room and deck at this lovely waterfront restaurant. This is a change of venue but those of you that have been to a function at Captain Bill's know that it is not only a pretty venue, the food and service is excellent as well. Make your calendars for this event as it is sure to be very popular. Commodore Dunne and Past Commodore Bob Stein, welcomes all suggestions for new activities or how to improve existing activities. Everyone's input is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged. Our Commodore will consider all suggestions and looks forward to hearing from you. Tony and Linda Perry had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with their relatives at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Karl and Betty Hank (Herder Lodge) and Bob and Cookie Donnelly (Trinity Lodge) have already left for their homes in Florida and they were missed at the meeting. We look forward to seeing them when they return in the spring. David and Isabelle Gardner (Trinity Lodge) and their children Michael and Sophia, together with Paul Withjack (Trinity Lodge) participated in a motorcycle run in New Jersey for Toys for Tots. This was to benefit Beth Israel Hospital. Richard and Fred Stein (Trinity Lodge) participated in the Tri-State Tough Mudder in New Jersey to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior proj-

ect. We are proud of our members who do good works to benefit others. Anthony Boccabella took his wife Cathy to Paris to celebrate her birthday!! That is a very special birthday present!! While they couldn't go to Paris by boat, they hope to enjoy their boat in Ft. Lauderdale this winter. The boat has already been sent to Florida and is waiting their arrival. We will miss them as well and look forward to seeing them in the spring. Uwe Enke and the lovely Brenda Clinton traveled to Estonia, Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. They traveled as Ambassadors of Friendship Force International. They had a wonderful trip and before returning home they visited friends in Germany. We want to send our best wishes to Vinny and Rosanna Sovoca. Vinny continues to get stronger and each day he gets a little better. Rosanna is keeping it all together and we are thinking of her. The Masonic Yacht Club is registered with Yachting Club of America and is listed in their Reciprocity Guide. The MYC is also listed on the YCA's Website. As a member of the Masonic Yacht Club, you autoa matically become member of YCA, the oldest existing Yacht Club organization in America. A Reciprocal Courtesy Card will be mailed to you with your membership, which entitles you to the use of the facilities of all member clubs. The Masonic Yacht Club and its First Mates Club is for nautically minded individuals who enjoy an evening out with friends. You do not have to be a boat owner to enjoy and benefit from membership in this organization. Please attend one of our meetings to experience what we are about. For those out there that are interested in learning more about us, come to The White Whale in Seaford Harbor for our next meeting. For more information or directions, call one of the numbers at the top of this column. New shipmates are always encouraged to attend. Boaters and nonboaters alike, we Welcome You Aboard!

9th Masonic Manhattan News

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Winter Issue 2012

Past Master's Widows Luncheon -Sunday, April 15th Plattduetsche Park Restaurant - 2 PM

The German Masonic Home Corporationn

February 11th - Past Masters Sister Circle Chinese Auction Saturday 6PM Whitestone February 10th - Friday - District Brother Bring a Friend - Whitestone

c/o GMHC Publishing Committee 12-44C Clintonville St. Whitestone, NY 11357

District Deputy Visitations February 1st - Wednesday - King Solomon-Beethoven Lodge #232 23rd St Masonic Hall February 9th - Thursday - Knickerbocker Lodge #182 - 23rd St. Masonic Hall March 14th - Wednesday - United Brothers Lodge #356 - Whitestone March 20th - Tuesday - Trinity Lodge #12 - Matinecock March 27th - Tuesday - Copernicus Lodge #545 - Whitestone

District Social Functions & Dinner Dances February 4th - Saturday - Copernicus Fellowcraft Club Venison Dinner - Whitestone February 5th - Sunday - Combined Super Bowl Party - Whitestone March 24th - Saturday - Schiller Lodge #304 - Dinner Dance Plattduetsche Park Restaurant March 24th - Saturday - Masonic Yacht Club - Dinner Dance Verdi's Westbury March 31st - Saturday - Lessing Lodge #608 - Dinner Dance Roma View April 7th - Saturday - Uhland Lodge #735 - Dinner Dance - Ricardo's April 14th - Saturday - Lessing Lodge #608 Spring Dance Whitestone

German Masonic Charitable Foundation Annual Meeting Sunday, March 18th - 2 PM • Whitestone Masonic Hall Masonic Breakfast - Sunday, March 4th - 8 AM - Marina Del Ray Guest Speaker Radio Personality John Gambling

February 29th - Wednesday - Grand Lecturer's Convention Whitestone 7PM March 3rd - Saturday - Leadership Development Course - Whitestone

Presentation R:.W:. Bob Stein - Grand Representative to the Grand Lodge of New South Wales, Australia - March 29th - Thursday - 8PM Matinecock Blood Bank Drive - Friday, March 9th - 3 - 8:30 PM Whitestone Masonic Hall

Homecoming / Roast & Toast April 5th - Thursday - Von Mensch Lodge #765 - Whitestone Homecoming - R:.W:. Klaus Vogel Grand Steward April 13th - Friday - Roast & Toast for the District Deputy Grand Master R:.W:.Walter Fingerle and the Grand Steward R:.W:. Klaus Vogel - Whitestone April 16th - Monday - Allemania Lodge #714 - Whitestone Homecoming - R:.W:.Walter Fingerle District Deputy Grand Master

The Masters Association of the Ninth Manhattan District presents their Annual CHARITY BALL Saturday, May 12th - The Inn at New Hyde Park 7:00 PM

Reenactment of George Washington's Inauguration Monday, April 30th - 12 Noon St. Paul's Chapel - Manhattan

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