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PROJECT DEFINITION AND VALUE PROPOSITION Preparing the Hungarian high school students for the next years in a summer camp: internationalism, language, entreprenurship. In a 2 weeks long camp the interns will drive the high school delegates through different skills development session such as communication, team work skills and innovative thinking methods. The goal is to prepare them how to think and act as an entrepreneur. Its also important to make the students aware of how to contribute to the society as a person like this.

TARGET GROUP Interns will manage 15-18 years old high school students.

EP PROFILE We are opened for every country who can get the VISA. In each camp we want to work with a diverse team of facilitators so, people from every country is welcome to participate in the project.

PROJECT DEFINITION AND VALUE PROPOSITION We are aiming to make the next generation of Hungary open-minded and curious about getting to know new cultures and languages at their early ages. The interns will have an effect on the way of thinking of children with the general activities in the Kindergarden. They will teach them english through games, activities and classes. They will share with the kids knowledge about their culture thorugh the given opportunities. They main goal to make the kids love internationalism, making them accepting differences between people.

TARGET GROUP Interns will manage 3-6 years old kids.

EP PROFILE We dont have country preference, but we do have profile preferences. We can work together with people already having good profile for working together with kids.

PROJECT DEFINITION AND VALUE PROPOSITION Under this Project we are selling to our partners 4 sub-products. Language development: The intern will work together mainly with English Teachers and will contribute to the delivery of the general curiculum. The main added value is the practical english language usage that will be reinforced by the interns. Language education: In Hungary the practical language knowledge of the society is missing. Because of it we created this sup-product to support those people who will have a language exam, or who will have the school leaving language exam. World awareness: During the 6 weeks internship, the goal is to open up the eyes of hungarian students to be more global minded. To introduce them some world problems and trends. Int he end of the 6 week internships the intern should close his/ her internship with making the students not just aware of the facts, but also make them realize their role in this issues. Career planning: Most of the students are not so conscious about their future. This subproduct will contribute to make the future perspectives and opportunities clear for the next generations of the country.


Target Group

Career planning

17-18 years old High Schoolers

Language Development

10-18years old primary and high school students

Language Education

16-18 years old students

World awareness

15-18 years old students


EP Profile We dont have country preference, but we do have profile preferences. We need interns with high communication skills, high presentation skills, excellent English and with empathy to work with students of the given ages.

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