Issuu on Google+ Art has no limits and it always serves as a piece of memoir. Do you always look for artistic things either to collect or give it as a gift? Go for beer steins this time. Beautifully crafted, hand painted and decorated, these steins are ideal for souvenirs, collectibles or gift purposes. You can even use these traditional beer mugs as show pieces or decorative items. These ornamental mugs are not used to serve as a container. Originated from Germany, these steins are made from materials such as pewter, crystal glass, porcelain, silver or wood. There are a number of suppliers who offer steins online. You can search for these suppliers and even order virtually. While going for a purchase, you should keep in mind the following parameters: Quality of Material: Go for suppliers who offer steins made from original materials like glass and porcelain so that the item can be used for longer period. There are chances that suppliers may counterfeit about the material thus leaving you in loss. Weight: Steins are usually heavy in weight so if your stein seems quite lighter, get it checked right away for its authenticity. Packaging Criteria: Looking at the fact, how delicate steins are, make sure your supplier does ideal packaging. The packing measures should keep the product safe from the outside environment or any kind of tampering. Mode of Transport: Another very important factor, your supplier should not only pack the product safely but also transport it through safe hands. Customization: Steins come in a wide assortment. Depending upon your preferences you can order any kind of stein. You can choose a stein based on design, colour combination, size and shape.

Go the German Way with Steins