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Book Signing Event In Chicago Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, the well known German-American historian and community leader from Cincinnati, Ohio, will be in Chicago on Sunday, November 2, from 2 to 3 P.M. to sign copies of his book Illinois’ German Heritage, and also to meet and greet friends from the Chicago area. The book signing will be at the Book Cellar Book Store, 4736 N. Lincoln Avenue (Tel.: 773-293-2665). In Part One of the book three areas of German immigration and settlement are discussed: Southern Illinois, Central Illinois, and Chicago. In Part Two three major German-American community leaders in the history of Illinois are illuminated: Gustav Koerner, Friedrich

Hecker, and Francis A. Hoffmann. Finally, there is a concluding chapter on “Illinois’ German Heritage.” Don Heinrich Tolzmann the author and editor of numerous books on German-American history and culture; he has received many awards, including the Federal Service Cross from Germany and the Ohioana Book Award. He has led the movement to create an awareness of German heritage in the Americas and promoted GermanAmerican Studies and the strengthening of relations between Germany and the United States, and recently retired as Curator of the German-Americana Collection and Director of the German-American Studies Program at the University of Cincinnati. As President of the Society for German-American Studies he called for the celebration of the German-American Tricentennial in 1983, marking the establishment of the first German settlement in America at Germantown, Pennsylvania, and in 1987 led the national campaign to establish October 6th as national German-American Day, earning him the title of “Father of German-American Day.” In 1989, he organized the first German-American Heritage Month in Cincinnati, Ohio, and since that time has actively promoted the national celebration during the month of October. He also initiated plans for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Germans in America at Jamestown, Virginia in 2008.

October / November 2008

Dank-Haus To Hold Literary Reading

The DANK-Haus will host a literary reading of the riveting autobiographical book, “Weeds Like Us”, by Gunter Nitsch. The event will take place in the newly renovated Scharpenberg Gallery, October 17th at 7:30 pm. Gunter will read excerpts from his book, engage in open discussions and questions of the passages, followed shortly after by a wine and cheese reception, with book signing. Gunter, a DANK-Haus member, has written a first hand account of his early childhood at the end of Hitler’s Germany. He was born December 1937 in Koenigsberg, East Prussia but his a story begins in late 1944 with the Red

Army advancing and continues for the next 6 years, as his family searches for freedom in the West. Gunter vividly recalls in page after page, the anguish and adventures of this tumultuous time. Horrors and heroics are recounted with the clarity, frankness, and even the humor of a child. Gunter came to the United States in 1964, attended Hunter College in NY and obtained an MBA from Pace University, NY. He since worked as a marketing consultant to American and German firms at the German American Chamber of Commerce and at Bayerische Veriensbank AG in New York City. He and his wife now live in Chicago.


Weeds Like Us by Gunter Nitsch in the

Scharpenberg Gallery 7:30pm October 17, 2008

“Das vergessene Kreuz von Kentucky” Peter Simon aus Dörrenbach schaffte mit seinem ersten Buch gleich den Durchbruch auf dem Büchermarkt. Im Nachlass seines Vaters, Willi Simon, findet er das unfertige Manuskript einer Erzählung mit dem Titel „Das vergessene Kreuz von Kentucky“, das sein Vater 1956 zu schreiben begann, aber nie beendete. Peter Simon, der schon immer ein Buch schreiben wollte, dem jedoch das richtige Thema noch fehlte, entschloss sich dazu, diese unfertige Erzählung von seinem Vater zu beenden. Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs

fristet ein deutscher Soldat sein Dasein in amerikanischer Kriegsgefangenschaft. Inhaftiert in einem Gefangenenlager in Fort Knox, Kentucky, stößt er bei Rodungsarbeiten auf ein geheimnisvolles Kreuz, welches ihn auf sonderbare Weise berührt - er spürt, dass seine Vergangenheit und sein Schicksal eng mit diesem Kreuz verbunden sind. Der Roman beginnt in einer Bar der amerikanischen Stadt Brandenburg, in Kentucky. Eine wahre Geschichte, die fließend in einen Roman übergeht.

“The Forgotten Cross of Kentucky” Translation By: Darlene Fuchs

Peter Simon from Dörrenbach, Germany, found instant success as his first book was published. After the death of his father, he stumbled across an unfinished manuscript titled “The Cross of Kentucky”, which Willi Simon began writing in 1956. Peter Simon who had always wanted to write a book but was unable to find the right topic decided to finish the story his father was never able to complete. During the period of the Second World War, a German soldier reveals his experiences while in American captivity. Imprisoned in a prison camp in Fort Knox, Kentucky he unearths a mysterious abandoned cross while working in the fields of a local tomato farmer. He is touched by it and has a strange feeling that his past and his fate

DANK Oct/Nov 08.indd 10

are closely connected to this cross. The novel begins in a bar located in Brandenburg, Kentucky. A true story that reads like a novel.

4740 North Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60625 phone: 773.561.9181 Open to the public with book signing and refeshments to follow.

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