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- MO TIVATIO N It is time for a New Brand | New Fashion Concept!

and reliability are seen as expressions of a high awareness of quality, both at home and abroad. This inevitably leads to a high recognition in

The Justification of the Brand and the Story of

a wide range of fields. Nowadays, “Made in Germany” is more than just


a label – it is a synonym of quality and reliability. Besides for industry and business, sports and culture also play a major

Times are becoming increasingly more fast-moving! The amount of in-

part, and Germany is often mentioned as a model in these fields (like

formation that a person has to consume today has multiplied in recent

during the recent soccer World Cup championship). Germans perceive

years and is still increasing. This abundance of possibilities and innu-

this with a certain pride, but also with the necessary sense of responsi-

merable offers causes fatigue, along with a new kind of disorientation.


As people have the desire to quit their daily routine and forget their stress, they seek distraction and entertainment. They look for “the one

All of this is the basis and justification of a brand offering quality prod-

and only place” that promises to quench that desire.

ucts and exclusive events that gives orientation to people in Germany and abroad and creates a place of recreation and enjoyment in every

Going shopping is one of the easiest ways to quench those desires.


People have always consumed, thinking that this is a way to do themselves some good. Other possibilities to escape from everyday life are

This feeling of emerging, of “rediscovering oneself ”, of enjoyment and

offered by comfortable locations and events, where people can have live-

of passion was probably last felt this intensely by people in the Golden

ly celebrations, be entertained, and enjoy life with like-minded people

Twenties. That era brought people a completely new lifestyle. Borders

without thinking of tomorrow. However, the era of big clubs is over. The

opened, new freedom was celebrated, and women were full of self-con-

hall culture is slowly disappearing. A countermovement to the main-

fidence and lived free with a lust for life that they had never experienced

stream exists.


Increasingly more people wonder what the meaning of their existence

We see it as a challenge to revive that lifestyle and to use a strong, emo-

is, and the most diverse philosophies of life are being rediscovered.

tional brand to establish it as a global point of orientation for all people

Beliefs, the essential things in life – such as friendship, health, and a

who consider those emotions valuable and desirable and who want to

good psychological and mental balance – and the unity of body, mind,

experience – or even live – them again.

and soul are becoming central to the way in which people think and act. This is not only true of Germany but can be perceived in all highly developed industrial nations. However, Germany, being a relatively small country, has a special reputation for its “bouncebackability”. Thanks to its rapid economic growth and endurance, even in periods of crisis, Germany has gained a permanently high reputation worldwide.


The typical German virtues such as ambition, innovation, punctuality,

/ my confashion

- T H E IDE A It is time for a new concept! Not simply buying things from unfriendly

“Experience the quality of the GERMAN CLUB® brand, feel the un-

staff, but entertainment and the joy of life, combined with the almost

limited freedom, live the virtues and experience passion, pleasure and

casual consumption of quality products..

the joy of life!”

Nowadays, people no longer just buy products, they also seek experiences and a certain lifestyle – the feeling of being a part of something, of

The name and the brand:

experiencing things together, and of experiencing oneself again. Getting

The company has the name GERMAN CLUB® and is managed by the

those emotions across has top priority for those who want to be success-

partners Daniel Olminski and Heiko Vetter, who each hold a 50% share

ful in the market.

in the company. The corporate design is being developed in co-operation with the Dres-

Only a strong, memorable, emotionally loaded brand that includes that

den advertising agency “cross media store gmbh”, with an international

promise in the form of defined realms of experience in an unparalleled

communication policy being followed. The company’s place of business

way will be capable of getting across such a feeling truly and credibly.

is in Dresden. The brand GERMAN CLUB® is protected worldwide

GERMAN CLUB® is such a brand.

as a Community trademark.

Like hardly any other brand, GERMAN CLUB® has the potential of bringing people together and communicating both strength and to-

The company’s main activities:

getherness thanks to its attractive, fascinating aura. The name stands

• GERMAN CLUB® is an innovative style and unites lifestyle

for quality as well as greatness, strength and togetherness across all bor-

and haute couture

ders. In this way, it gives an answer to people’s wish to find those char-

• Production of high-quality clothing in the premium segment

acteristics and quench those desires.

• Distribution through partners (boutiques, agencies) • Monolabel stores and franchising are being considered

Like no other brand, GERMAN CLUB® unites and promises people’s

• Foundation of Club Lounges

lifestyle in the “Golden Twenties”.

• GERMAN CLUB® Polo Association

The business idea consists in establishing a new German fashion brand in the lifestyle premium segment.

GERMAN CLUB® will be a global point of orientation for all people who like to consume the positive characteristics that are associated with Germany worldwide, who identify themselves with them and who would like to adorn themselves with them!


- T H E G O LDE N TWEN TIES Fashion as an expression of a new way of life

figure, short hair, short skirt or trousers, shirt with cuff links, bow tie,

Whether Paris or Berlin – in the big cities of the 1920s, the great

and sports coat

changes in society were obvious. Hardly ever before, people had been so

• Leisure: informal loose-fitting dresses, cardigans, casual, and convenient

much aware of fashion and of its importance for expressing one’s per-

• Evening clothes: showing much skin, with sequins, pearls, fringes,

sonal identity. Fashion is an expression of an intimate relationship between everyday life and art, between existence and philosophy, between freedom and necessity. It is an image of new ideas and possibilities. . Woman

feathers, and flounces • Accessories: strings of pearls, feather boas, headbands with glass pearls, shoes with clasps, and glittering handbags • Fashion became more daring (especially evening attire and bathing wear)

• A modern, active member of society

• Accentuation of the hip by belts/cloth ribbons

• New self-confidence

• Popular: pastel colors; soft, and smooth colors

• Detachment from traditional roles

• Popular: short hair – bob, curls

• New professional fields

• Glamour, functionality, and masculinity in fashion

• Fashionable clothing

• A chic touch

• Adoption of male symbols such as smoking, sports, driving cars etc. • More possibilities for independence

Men’s fashion • More informal sports coats; especially popular: strollers

Women’s fashion

• Dandies: bright, well-cut suits

• Fashion icon: Coco Chanel

• Leisure: simple leisure suit, cloth cap, and knickerbockers with

• Clear, straight cuts; multilayered • Tendency toward androgyny • Convenient leisure wear • The typical woman: garçonne: seductive, feminine, and androgynous


matching socks, casual white trousers, and patterned pullover • Evening clothes: plain, dark (tuxedo, tails), together with a tie, gaiter, and wristwatch • Especially hats: Homburg hat made of felt, or rounded bowler hat


Art & Culture | Lifestyle

• Breakthrough of radio broadcasting

• Free from censorship – the mass media change peoples’ awareness

• Glittering, pompous parties (consumption-oriented mass culture;

• Heyday of new art and literature

enjoying life, being free)

• A very varied cultural life

• Time of radicalism and experimenting

• Break with traditional forms, structures, and customs

• Development of surrealism, Dadaism, and New Objectivity

• Mass culture – boom of motion-picture theaters, sports events,

• Avant-garde lifestyle

music events, theater, dance, and music (jazz, swing) • New dance styles – Charleston, shimmy

• Treatment of sexual issues, freer relation to one’s own body • Growing enthusiasm for technology – automobile and motorcycle mean independence and flexibility


- T H E MARKET The comparison of the sales figures of different industries leads to the

is where GERMAN CLUB® is located. While the textile market is

conclusion that trades offering premium quality products and luxury

exposed to strong fluctuations, the turnover in the upper price segments

goods were exposed to business fluctuations only to a small extent –

remains relatively stable. This is true not only for Germany but also for

even in periods of crisis. The popularity of strong brands was undimin-

all industrial nations.

ished even in periods of recession. This premium upper price segment


Tom Tailor


La Martina

Marc O‘Polo






KiK Takko

Turnover of the textile/clothing industry

After a strong decline in 2009, the industry recovered in the first half of 2010. The textile industry increased its turnover by eight percent,


and clothing sales increased by 3.4 percent. (Source: Wirtschaftsblatt)










19.949,6 19.169,3



- C O MPAN Y ST R U C TU R E Function of the brand GERMAN CLUB速

Under the umbrella brand GERMAN CLUB速, all the divisions of the

In our marketing considerations, we assume that in the medium or long

company such as GERMANsports, GERMANlounge, the VIP area

term, several divisions will exist within the company.

or the web presence, including its online store, can be presented clearly and transparently.







If more areas offering new, interesting perspectives are added, they can

scure company structures. The decisive advantage is in the recognition

be integrated into the existing structure easily. For example, areas re-

value that results from such a transparency. In addition, this umbrella

lated to GERMANsports are the Polo Association and the Tennis and

brand strategy guarantees that in the long term, every purposeful invest-

Golf areas.

ment into the brand inevitably leads to an increase of the brand value.

Customers will keep confidence in the umbrella brand as it is transparent to them and does not become indefinable due to complex and ob-


- MANAG EMENT Heiko Vetter

Andreas Hentsch

Heiko Vetter, born 1972 in Riesa, acquired the brand GERMAN

Mr. Hentsch will take over the areas of Product Development and De-

CLUB® together with Mr. Olminski.

sign and will play a crucial part in the launch of the collections. He can

Mr. Vetter is a Partner of GERMAN CLUB®. He has managerial re-

contribute many years of experience in the areas of Design, Purchase/

sponsibility for the (inter)national implementation and distribution of

Sale, and Production, gained in working for well-known brands and

the brand and makes considerable contributions to sharpening the pro-


file of GERMAN CLUB®. He is responsible for the areas of Creative

Professional training:

Management and Brand Management.

Window dresser Studies at College of Graphic Design + Product Design International experience (Australia)

Daniel Olminski

Setup his own agency in the textile industry concerned with textile

Daniel Olminski, born 1972 in Dresden, has been operating sev-

trading/distribution/sale for various fashion brands

eral health clubs successfully together with Heiko Vetter since 2002.

Self-employed activity as an independent agent in the textile indus-

Mr. Olminski is a Partner of GERMAN CLUB®. As Chief Finan-

try concerned with textile trading/distribution/sale for various fashion

cial Officer at GERMAN CLUB®, he is responsible for the areas of

brands, Managing Director of various independent agencies in Ger-

Controlling/Finance and Human Resources.

many, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe

Ralf Koppetzki Ralf Koppetzki is specialized in the organization and implementation of event concepts worldwide and will support the franchisees of GERMAN CLUB®.

left: Daniel Olminski, right: Heiko Vetter



my confashion Colors Gold: Pantone 872


(CMYK simulated 20 | 30 | 70 | 15)

(CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 100)

Typography Adobe Caslon Pro ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789

Bickham Script Pro

ABC DEF GHIJKLM N OPQR abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789


- IMAGE RY Images reflecting the target group

Corporate identity images

The images are grouped into two categories. On the one hand, there are

Are always set in a Twenties-style scene. The typical accessories of that

product images that are used in catalogs, on the website, and for prod-

era in the fields of technology and sports are integrated into those im-

uct presentations. On the other hand, corporate identity images will be

ages. Their purpose is to attract people’s curiosity and create the atmo-

used that convey the virtues and the lust for life of the Golden Twen-

sphere of that time.

ties in an assertive and aggressive way. Their design is bold, chic, and sometimes provocative, and they are used for image campaigns and advertisements.

Product images Product images of GERMAN CLUB® are presented by professional

The viewer knows immediately: “If you dress in the style of the

models only. They show people of the target group in their living envi-

GERMAN CLUB®, you’ll feel like in the Golden Twenties” – free,

ronments – alone and in groups. Bright backgrounds create a pleasant

self-confident, and independent! This imagery corresponds to the

atmosphere. The colors are reduced and have an elegant appearance.

corporate identity and intensifies the identification with the brand GERMAN CLUB®.


The imagery of GERMAN CLUB® has a serious and elegant appear-

elegance, coziness and happiness while, on the other hand, they reflect

ance. On the other hand, the pictures create an impression of luxury and

virtues such as courage, reliability, and commitment.


HEIKO VETTER Geschäftsführer GERMAN CLUB® Schillerstraße 31 01326 Dresden // Germany

Fon + 49 172 345 14 14 Mail

The business cards have an elegant design, in line with the image of the brand GERMAN CLUB®. The logo on the business card has hot foil printing, making it appear both subtle and sophisticated. The color design is based on the chosen special colors Gold and Black.



my confashion GERMAN CLUB® // Schillerstraße 31 // 01326 Dresden // Germany

my confashi


GERMAN CLUB® Schillerstraße 31 // 01326 Dresden // Germany Fon + 49 172 345 14 14 // Mail Deutsche Bank // Account number 7540081 // Bank code 87070024 Tax number 202|109|C5961 // Trade ID DE277208302 // HRB 30130


The stationery also appears in the corporate design colors of Gold and Black.


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Herbst-/ W interkollek

fekte FreiHemd. Das per richtiger zeit-Outfit, ein KontrastAllrounder! Mit modischer paspeln und ine SeiKle . tion Applika tenschlitze. mwolle. Aus 100% Bau

tion 2010/11


Artikel-Nr: 069

fekte FreiHemd. Das per richtiger zeit-Outfit, ein KontrastAllrounder! Mit modischer paspeln und ine SeiKle . Applikation tenschlitze. mwolle. Bau % 100 Aus 651X

Artikel-Nr: 069






Home page | GERMAN CLUB®

The GERMAN CLUB Fashion and Entertainment Portal The web portal of GERMAN CLUB® will be a major information and

• VIP area

communication medium of the brand.

• Absolute discretion for buyers and sellers (no publication of names

• Global network for customers and club members • Current trends in fashion • Forum and news area for the exchange of news and information related to the brand


or addresses) • Personal login area for comfortable information exchange and relaxed shopping • A portal that is easy to use and understand

• Communication and dissemination via social network services etc.

• Languages: German/English/Spanish/Arabic/Chinese/Russian

• The online store offers the possibility to buy products directly on the

• Innovative thanks to the use of up-to-date programming languages

website (the standard collection and “High Fashion” may be separate).

- PRIC E POL ICY • The prices are mainly oriented toward equivalent brands, such as Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc O‘Polo or Ralph Lauren • Goods will be distributed through premium dealers and boutiques, and also through Club Stores later on • Another distribution channel will be the online store

Examples of prices

All prices are in €


- IN VE ST ME N T Annual operating costs and investments 2012/13/14 GC-Fashion



Key of production costs – wholesale trade – distribution 80 % Production (GERMAN CLUB®) 1.5-fold - wholesalers 2.5-fold – retailers 2.0-fold – end-consumer (customer)

Key of production costs – Internet – distribution 20 % Production (GERMAN CLUB®) 7.5-fold – end-consumer (customer)





• Agencies that already attend to other well-renowned brands

• A solvent clientele

• Boutiques

• Brand-conscious consumers with a high income

• Distributors

• Entrepreneurs

• Disseminators, e.g. sports centers, golf courses, polo, and tennis

• Fashion-conscious people in general


Phase 1 Market launch

• Continuous organization of Club Events in Berlin and other cities.

• 1-3 years (depending on how quickly the brand is accepted and becomes known); preferred use of existing high-priced stores/bou-

Phase 3 Growth

tiques (e.g. Breuninger, Ludwig Beck Munich) instead of opening our

• Opening of the unique Club Stores, whose concept is a mixture be-

own stores. Consequent choice of the distributors by applying strict

tween a store and lounge. This is a unique characteristic of the brand

entrance criteria.

and will advance to a new shopping culture under the brand name

• Launch of the web presence. • Opening of the GERMAN CLUB® Lounge in Berlin, Germany’s only metropolis. The city is a mecca of fashion-conscious people from all over the world. Through the opening of the lounge, the brand’s publicity will be increased.

Phase 2 Market penetration • Opening of further monolabel stores at top locations through franchisees. In this phase, the share of third-party boutiques will be reduced in favor of the monolabel stores. Presence at leading fashion


fairs in Europe, North America, and Asia.

GERMAN CLUB®. • Organization of Club Events at all GERMAN CLUB® locations


The applicant

Advantages for the franchisee

• will be at least 28 years of age

• Professional, international marketing

• will be an individual, a company, or an enterprise

• Good entrance possibilities, also for lateral entrants • Unified corporate identity

Will fulfill the following prerequisites:

• Comprehensive business equipment

• Management experience

• Excellent/unique basis for entrepreneurial success

• Entrepreneurial spirit

• Unlimited contract term

• Sociable

• Good support

• Organizational talent

• Concentration on the core business

• Assertiveness

• Excellent potential earnings

• Will to succeed/dynamism

• No competitors due to territorial protection

• Good planning abilities

• Franchisees profit from the franchiser’s extensive marketing

• Enjoys being in contact with demanding customers, and has a


friendly behavior toward them • Can express him or herself excellently and, in addition to his or her native language, has a good command of spoken and written English/German • Can present a perfect credit report and a certificate of good conduct with no entry (for Germany)



Franchise fees and conditions


• Starting fee: € 500,000.00/Business equipment including the first

As our company goals are formulated clearly and pursued purposefully,

collection (single payment made when the contract is concluded)

franchisees will be chosen carefully. Once someone is our franchisee,

• Payment of an annual flat fee for advertising amounting to € 5,000.00 (for superregional public relations activities – e.g. trade fairs – orga-

we shall also expect the same of him or her.

nized by the franchiser)

We make every effort to support our franchisees with their activities

• The franchisee undertakes to advertise him or herself (TV plasma, Club Store parties etc.), which will be supported by the franchiser. • Generous share is 7 % of the annual turnover in the franchise territory • Yielding of a minimum turnover


we shall give him or her confidence and cooperate with him or her, and

and to deal with their questions and wishes in a competent manner. We offer franchisees a high level of independence in their work.


Company development • November/December 2011 New CI/CD, brochure, magazine layout, web portal

• 2013: Germany, Europe • 2014: US, Russia • 2015: Asia

• 2012 Investment

GERMAN CLUB® development

Sample collection/production start


Trade fairs/web portal launch Opening of the Club Lounge in Berlin/showroom Simultaneously: production of collections Introduction of the Polo Association

is expected to achieve a big market share in the fashion segment • GERMAN CLUB® is expected to become a brand known and desired worldwide • GERMAN CLUB® is expected to be – and stay – innovative


- CHAN C ES AN D R IS K S The strengths

higher interest in investments, an interest in prestige, and an expan-

• Knowledge of German and foreign mentalities, which are indispens-

sion of business life and status)

able for realizing the products described above • Multilingual (German, English, and having a Ukrainian partner), which contributes to successful communication considerably • Wide network of professional partners that make decisive contributions to the company’s success

even in periods of crisis • Worldwide increase of information thanks to new media, resulting in the desire for more quality of life and creative leisure activities – which corresponds to the idea of GERMAN CLUB®.

The chances

The risks

• Innovative concept for the implementation

• Not enough investments

• Stable market in the High Fashion segment

• World economic crisis

• Increase of the financially strong population worldwide, connected with an increase in people’s brand awareness (which results in a


• The sale of luxury goods does not face – or hardly faces – any decline

- SU MMARY A summary of the facts: German fashion is more popular than ever

And the prospects are good. “2011 promises to be another really good

(Quotation from the newspaper “Die Welt”, 2010) German fashion

year for the German clothing industry”, says Klaus Brinkmann, Presi-

is more popular than ever – among Russians, Americans, and Asians.

dent of the fashion industry association “German Fashion”.

And sometimes the foreigners even buy entire fashion company groups.

“The turnover of the German manufacturers will probably be almost

Hugo Boss and Jil Sander, Basler and Tailor, Eterna and Street One –

14 billion euro.”

they have all been acquired by foreign financial investors, who make a fortune with the popular brands.

Attractive in times of small loans

German fashion ranks second after Italy

What is also attractive in times of small loans is that investors in the

German textiles are popular. “Globally, fashion ‘made in Germany’ ranks

fashion industry do not have to use much money. Investments into capi-

second after Italy”, says Peter Boveleth, Vice President of the associa-

tal assets are not necessary because the German fashion industry has

tion “German Fashion”. In 2011, the turnover is expected to increase by

coped with the structural change at an early stage.

almost six percent to 14 billion euro. However, less than three percent of the goods are produced in Germany. Now, this is expected to change

Today, the companies have their goods produced almost exclusively in

for the first time thanks to GERMAN CLUB®. The company intends

Eastern European or Asian low-cost countries – but stay in control of

to realize a major part of the production in Germany. The first contacts

the entire supply chain, from the design over production to the shops.

have already been made in order to achieve this.



Contact Daniel Olminski & Heiko Vetter SchillerstraĂ&#x;e 31 . D – 01326 Dresden Tel.: +49 172 345 14 14 E-mail: E-mail:

Authors: Heiko Vetter Daniel Olminski Andreas Hentsch

in cooperation with the agency NARCISS & TAURUS

German Club Booklet  

Englische Version (unscharf)

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