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Integrated approach in developing the secondary sector in Africa. Supporting craftsmen with professional tools, and knowledge for education, employment and entrepreneurship.

Gered Gereedschap: why? All over the world, there are hundreds of millions of people living below the poverty line. Since 1982 Dutch charity Gered Gereedschap works on improving these people’s living conditions.

We believes that everybody in the world has a right to an independent livelihood and that people prefer independency over ongoing assistance from the outside. 

Gered Gereedschap represents a practical approach and believes that concrete solutions can lead to big changes.

Gered Gereedschap: how? Gered Gereedschap wants to promote and professionalise craftsmanship in developing countries.


The foundation aims to achieve this by expanding and strengthening vocational training, supporting professionals and by promoting technical entrepreneurship.


This will contribute to the development of the secondary sector in regions and countries, it will create employment and consequentially an independent livelihood for people.

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Gered Gereedschap: what? Gered Gereedschap aims to contribute to poverty reduction in Africa by working with its partner organisations and supporters in the Netherlands to empower people to build viable and sustainable livelihoods through the delivery of technical, business and life skills training and through the provision of (in the Netherlands refurbished) tools for their trades.

Gered Gereedschap: 34 years of excellent work! Dutch charity established out of idealism in 1982. Starting with collecting and refurbising tools to support vocational training centers in Africa. Broad-based voluntary movement: from 5 volunteers in a shed to 500 volunteers in 30 workshops who help to collect and refurbish tools. 350 collection points in the Netherlands to collect used tools. From 10 small toolboxes per annum to 8 20ft shipping containers loaded with tools per annum. 1,8 million tools refurbished and shipped.

Gered Gereedschap: 34 years of excellent work! Working areas: Asia, Latin America, Africa
 Focus countries 2016: Kenia, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi Supporting 1,200 organisations 70,000 learning places created Support craftsmen like: carpenters, car mechanics, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, metalworkers, tailors, shoemakers

More than just tools and education. In 2015 we started expanding our programs to further increase our impact in response to developments in Africa.

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Macro-level developments • Africa shows economic growth, especially in the primary and services sector. Secondary sector growth is low due to, among other things, shortage of craftsmen. • Over 40% of the people live below the poverty line. Young people migrate to the cities. High unemployment rate • For economic reasons, many people choose to leave Africa for a better future. • Primary education is showing progress. Quality and access to vocational education and training requires continued attention


Meso-level developments • Increasing demand from developing countries for tools (> 500 per annum) • Increasing demand of business people asking for tools • Top quality tools are unaffordable • Tools are well available in urban areas, not in rural areas • For the larger part, vocational training is being organised by private initiatives


Our ambition: to further strengthen the secondary sector Strengthening the secondary sector offers even more people the chance to build viable and sustainable livelihoods.
 • More and better trained craftsmen to further develop African secondary sector • Improve access for craftsmen to high quality tools and workshop machinery • Support private initiative to strengthen and expand vocational training and entrepreneurship More focus :

• On programs and regions where the entire chain will be strengthened: to learn, work and undertake. • On self-reliance as the outcome. Tools are not the only means. • On the transfer of knowledge • On creating jobs and encouraging entrepreneurship • On the conditions of successfull learning, working and undertaking

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Our programs

Tools 4 School

Education Schools
 Support of vocational training in developing countries in providing tools, sewing machines and workshop machinery.

 Teach the teachers Train teachers on didactics and technical knowledge

Scholarships Supporting young people with fewer opportunities in developing countries with scholarships to undergo vocational training, purchase learning materials like tools, etc.

Tools 4 Work

Employment Start to work! After completion of the training an additional 6 months MasterJourneyman programme for the young craftsman/ craftswoman, including supervision by an experienced professional.


Strengthen professional knowledge and skills, life-skills and entrepreneurship. Microfinance for buying tools, resources and for the cost of living.

Tools 4 Business

Entrepreneurship The Tool Shop Setting up a tool rental shop: more craftsmen will have access to tools and machines of high quality. If possible, combined with a workshop where used, discarded tools can be refurbished and sold. This will create direct employment.


Gered Gereedschap supports (with a modular approach depending on the needs) partners with tools en workshop machinery, business space, technical or entrepreneurial training and/or microfinance.

Region oriented approach • Focus on regions where the entire chain will be strengthened: to learn, work and undertake. • Depending on the needs, programs will be started. Adequate offer of vocational training, master-journeyman learning places, schollarships and rental- and/or refurbishment workshops • Local project office with local employees. • Each region shout be able to cover the cost of its activities in 5 years time.

Objective In 2021 Gered Gereedschap contributes to the self-reliance of 100,000 people in Africa, because their craftmanship provides them an income and they use the tools of Gered Gereedschap.

More information Stichting Gered Gereedschap
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 The Netherlands E:
 T: +316-14230518 W:

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