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An Introduction of MCHP Unit for Residential Use National Micro-CHP Technology Pathways Workshop June 11th, 2003 Bill Bezilla Manager/ Principal Engineer

Honda R&D Americas, Inc. North Carolina Center

Mikio Imai Chief Engineer

Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Asakahigashi R&D Center

Honda MCHP1.0 Gas Engine Micro CHP unit

Fig. 2 External view of Honda Micro CHP

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Honda MCHP1.0 Gas Engine Micro CHP unit

Development Concept 1: Utilizing the primary energy with minimal waste. • High energy utilization efficiency • Reduce discharge of CO2 and NOx 2: Installation to general residence. • Compact package • Low operation noise • High quality power supply • Connection with hot water supply and heating system

Energy Utilization Ratio ( conventional style )

â—†Energy service system by thermal power station

(Average of 9 Japan electricity service companies in 1998)

Primary energy Coal / Petrol Natural gas

Electricity Energy utilization Ratio


Transportation energy loss Energy utilized ratio LHV

(Data from JGA)

Waste Energy as heat Fig. 4 Comparison of total energy efficiency

Energy Utilized Ratio ( MCHP model )

â—†Energy supply by using MCHP (by natural gas)

Gas tank

Electricity Grid

Elec. Heat

Honda MCHP1.0 unit Supply through gas pipe line

N. Gas

Electricity Energy

Primary energy ( City gas )

Thermal Energy

Waste heat energy Fig. 4 Comparison of total energy efficiency


Energy utilization ratio


Calculation result with MCHP unit

Honda MCHP1.0

Electricity and heat

Exhaust gas inlet Coolant outlet

Three way catalyzer Exhaust gas outlet Fig. 5 Generator ( 27 poles )

Coolant inlet

Fig. 6 Heat Exchanger with built-in catalyzer

Honda MCHP1.0 Specifications Fuel Output

1Φ 200V/100V 50/60Hz Electricity 1 kW Heat 3.25 kW

Power supply

Grid interconnection

Heat recovery Efficiencies Electricity (LHV) Heat Dimension (L X W X H)

Max. 80℃ Hot coolant 20%

Operation Weight 38 0m


Operation Noise Emission ( NOx ) Engine

Table 1 Specifications

Natural Gas ( Japan 13A)

Type Displacement

Starting system

65% 640X380X940 mm 82 (kg) 44 (dB(A)/1m) Max. 60ppm Liquid cooled 4-stroke OHC vertical single cylinder 163 cm3 Starter Generator

Internal Structure of Honda MCHP1.0 Exhaust Top

Ventilation outlet

Electrical Parts Interconnection Inv.

ENG air intake

Electric Control Unit Starter/generator Driver Power supply unit

Large Air filter box Exhaust muffler

Intake air Silencer

Cylinder Head

Multipole Generator

NG Inlet

Single Cyl. Gas ENG

Condensing water outlet

Oil Filter Large oil Reservoir

LongLifeCoolant out/in

Triple construction Rubber ENG Mount

Fig. 3 internal structure

Heat Exch. with CAT

Honda MCHP1.0 Comparison of layout Conventional Generator

New multi-pole Gen.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Fly Wheel alternator

Multipole alternator

ă€ŒMCHP unit Generatoră€? Multi-pole alternator

Cylinder Head Vertical crankshaft layout engine

Fig. 7 comparison of layout

Big Engine oil tank

Honda MCHP1.0 Achievement Technique ●Installation in a typical house ( compact package ) ●Reduction of operation noise


[mm] 1000








200 0 0

Industrial Industriallevel level Operation noise level




For ForBusiness Business use use


Portable Portablelevel level


For Forresidential residential Boiler




Air cond. outside unit MCHP

Residential Residentiallevel level

40 200





1000 [mm]

Portable generator

Fuel oil tank

Measurement distance

7 [m]

Current Business Model in Japan In Japan Gas Company has Distribution Channel and Service Division End Users MCHP Unit Maker MCHP Unit like Honda House Makers Installers

Gas Company Boiler and Tank Maker

Boiler and Tank

Total System

General domestic use view of MCHP system

Current Market Situation •Beta Testing in Japan 20 sites test completed 80 sites test ongoing – complete fall 2003 •Production/ Sales Started March 2003 Aproximate Retail cost *$6400 * Final price set by Gas Company depending on each installation •1000 unit 1st year sales goal ( initial sales ahead of plan) •Conducting feasibility study for USA market

Current Market Situation

The End Thank You

freewatt Micro-Combined Heat and Power (MHCP) system for household use  

Home-owners can now save money and energy resources, and reduce reliance on the electricity grid.

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