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What we do We operate in a saturated market in which too many designers have similar ideas and styles realised for identikit brands. Today, no matter how innovative or seductive a product is, the sheer weight of competition means there’s a limit to how successful design alone can make it. Orangebox Creative Director Gerard Taylor believes that it’s no longer enough to simply design a great product. In order to achieve sustainable success – and not be quickly superseded by the next nuanced design – even the greatest product now needs both a compelling story and the power of an engaging and continuously energetic brand behind it. The designer has to operate from the heart of the brand and change the category by originating fresh and compelling narratives that are valued. Over the last decade that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at Orangebox. Why Build Walls?, Away from the Desk and Network Landscapes are more than just great products: they embody compelling, category-changing stories. As a result, Orangebox has been able to grow rapidly, winning a reputation as a progressive, innovation-focused brand.