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Taxi Discount Coupon Program City of Boston residents age 65 and over, as well as disabled residents of all ages may purchase coupon books worth $10 at a cost of $5 per book (a 50% discount) for all taxis licensed by the City of Boston. Taxi Coupons do not expire and all City of Boston licensed taxi cab drivers are required to accept them. A maximum of two books per person per month can be purchased and are only available to Boston residents with proper ID. Coupons can only be purchased with cash. Coupon books can be purchased at Boston City Hall, Room 271, or at various sites throughout the city. For more information call: 617-635-4366 Or visit:

NECC Woburn shuttle This shuttle travels from Andrew station to the South Bay Mall. The shuttle stops in front of Target, Stop and Shop, Best Buy, Marshalls, Tj Max and Office Max. The shuttle runs Monday through Saturday from 10:30am to 11:30pm and until 10:30pm on Sundays. Schedules vary on holidays. For more information call George at 781-994-1260

Paul Revere Transportation The Paul Revere shuttle only operates in South Boston, and much selected areas in Dorchester. The Shuttle runs Monday through Friday. Times vary depending on the location for pick up. The shuttle services start from 9:30 am to 12:30pm. The shuttle services L Street, West Ninth Street, Harbor Point, H Street, Ashmont, Englewood, Kelly House, Kit Clark, Bellflower and Star Market. For more information call Laron James at 617-445-4334

Boston offers a variety of transportation modes for residents and visitors alike to navigate in and around the City. For more information contact the City of Boston Transportation Department at: (617) 635-4680 Or visit:


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