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Dear Residents, Healthy eating is an extremely important part of our lives and we’ve created this handbook with BHA resident leaders to provide information about making healthy food choices. Becoming knowledgeable about reading nutrition labels, common health risks, allergens, and added substances, is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating recipes, menus, and food facts, this handbook is the perfect guide to making healthier choices. The handbook includes a number of additional resources and we encourage you to share the information with your friends and neighbors. Bill McGonagle BHA Administrator

About this Handbook This handbook is meant to act as a simple guide that promotes healthy eating among BHA Local Tenants Organizations (LTOs) and residents. The handbook was designed in collaboration with resident leaders from a number of LTOs to create a guide that is relevant and useful for BHA residents. The handbook contains information about nutritional facts, relevant healthy guidelines, and tips on eating healthy on a budget. We hope this handbook provides useful information. This handbook will also be available on our website. Enjoy!

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BHA Healthy Food Purchasing Handbook