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Local Tenants Organizations Funding Sources

BHA Policy on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages The BHA has a long history of supporting resident health initiatives and promoting resident health. In recognition that Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) can contribute to obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues, it is the BHA’s policy not to purchase SSBs when providing beverages for resident meetings or events. In addition, it is the BHA’s policy to provide water as the primary beverage at these forums. Sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) are drinks with added sugar including: non-diet soft drinks/sodas, flavored juice drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks. This policy does not refer to coffee, tea, or natural juices. Tenant Participation Funds Provided by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development or State Department of Housing and Community Development. Given once a year. Allowed: Can purchase refreshments and light snacks at reasonable costs, but must be directly related to resident meetings for allowable activities. Some examples are training, LTO meetings, and resident community input/informational meetings. Restrictions: Cannot be used to purchase food for entertainment events such as block parties, holiday dinners, and restaurants. Required: LTOs must provide quarterly expenditure reports.

Laundry Funds

Provided to the recognized Elderly/Disabled LTOs through Boston Housing Operation Department. Given Quarterly. Allowed: Can be used for food and entertainment such as block parties, holiday dinners, and restaurants. Restrictions: Cannot be used to provide service to an individual or small selected group of individuals. Required: LTOs must provide monthly expenditure reports.


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BHA Healthy Food Purchasing Handbook