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The Durbin Amendment is a provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It was implemented to promote the financial stability of the United States by ending �too big to fail� and protecting the American taxpayer by ending bailouts and abusive financial services practices

EMG offers an electronic gift card services program that turns ordinary paper gift certificates into electronic gift cards that work similar to debit cards. With our easy-to-manage program, you can reduce the headaches and hassles of gift certificate sales with your very own private labeled gift card system. Convenient purchase Increased security & reporting Increased average sale Increased card revenue Guaranteed future sale Complete custom design & service With EMG's gift card solutions, your business will enhance the benefits of your current paperbased gift certificate program by replacing it with a more durable, re-usable, and efficient electronic card program. Gift cards increase sales, enhance customer retention, are easy to use, improve brand recognition, and are an appealing and attractive gift. EMG can provide you with the technology and marketing exposure to make sure your program is a complete success.

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Eliot Management Group can increase profits in your business by offering some you services like credit card processing, cash advance, POS sy...