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Pre-diabetes patients taking resveratrol supplements demonstrated lower post-meal glucose levels and improved insulin sensitivity – an encouraging outcome with potential implications for those with type 2 diabetes or at high risk for the condition.

I nsulin Sensitivity  According to a new study

conducted by Jill Crandall, an endocrinologist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New Y ork City, intake of a resveratrol dosage increases insulin sensitivity in human patients suffering from impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) - also known as “pre-diabetes.

I nsulin Resistance  A related study by Meredith

Hawkins, M.D., from the Global Diabetes Initiative at Einstein reported on the effect of red wine resveratrol in overweight, middleaged subjects who were insulin resistant.  As people either age or gain weight, they don’t respond to insulin as well as younger or thinner people do.

Resveratrol Dosage In the resveratrol study, Dr. Hawkins detected a 40% increase in insulin sensitivity, as well as improvements in mitochondrial function, concluding that resveratrol supplements may serve as a treatment for this condition.

Resveratrol Supplements and Diabetes  

Recent studies presented at the American Diabetes Association show that high dosage resveratrol supplements improve insulin sensitivity and...

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