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Many of us have heard that wine is beneficial for the  health. Scientific research has revealed it is because of the  polyphenol resveratrol present in red wine.

Of the several polyphenols found in grape skins, flavonoids garner the most  attention from the scientific community because of their antioxidant  properties, specially Resveratrol.

High doses of Resveratrol have been shown  to lower blood sugar levels, have  anti­inflammatory properties, and aid in  cancer treatments. 

Resveratrol protects the lining of the blood  vessels, preventing the arteries from becoming  blocked with fat deposits, effectively  reducing the risk of heart disease.

Including alcohol in your daily diet  might not be the best way to receive  the benefits of red wine resveratrol.  The concentration of resveratrol found  in a single glass is not sufficient to  experience the maximum benefits of  this powerful antioxidant.

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Red Wine Resveratrol Health Benefits  
Red Wine Resveratrol Health Benefits  

Red Wine resveratrol is the powerful antioxidant polyphenol present in red wine with proven anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and cardiovascul...