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direct this t.v. ad at 30 something smokers...

t.v. ad - see dvd.

make bold large visuals in strange public places.

view from the office block window

like this... view from the upper bus deck

and these. 0

k v.u t.go 4422 itou cut 0 422 80

around public ashtrays

outside train stations

then connect with them by showing them why others also quit. I’m no longer ashamed when I go to the dentist

It took me four attempts but I got there and I’ll never look back 0800 422 4422 0800 422 4422

like here...

or here. Now my break means just that. There’s no more running in and out for a smoke 0800 422 4422

and inspire them to quit, not scare them into it.

Cut It Out  

Anti smoking advertising campaign