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Teacup Kittens for Sale Teacup Kittens are one of several breeds of domestic cats bred from the smallest kittens in each litter, thereby reducing the size of the offspring in each generation of Teacup Kittens. Cats Creation specializes in Persian Teacup Kittens. Persian cats emerged from the area of Iran. They were popularized in 19th century Britain. The earliest ancestors of white- haired Persian Teacup Kittens arrived in Europe in 1620 when Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc brought them from Angora Turkey to France. Throughout the 20th Century, Traditions Persians, were the most popular breed of cat in the United States, where they have always been called “Persians” and Europe, where they are typically referred to as “Longhairs.” There is little difference in appearance between the original Persian cats and their modern progeny. Identifiable by their long hair, round faces and short muzzles, they are ideal for apartment dwellers because of their calm personalities. There are three categories of faces available for Teacup Kittens from Cats Creation. In the Peke, or Extreme breeds, the nose of the kitten is located directly between the eyes. Traditional kittens have faces similar to those of ordinary house cats, and Doll Faced Teacup Kittens have short noses, which give the kittens an adorable face, like on a baby doll. Chinchilla Teacup Kittens are for sale from Cats Creation. They are the miniature version of the Persian silver cat. The ideal Teacup Chinchilla kittens have a pure white undercoat, with the hair on the rest of the body being tipped evenly with black, which gives the Teacup Chinchilla Kitten a shimmering appearance. Their eye color is green or aquamarine, with red noses and black paw pads. Cats Creation breeds litters of Teacup Kittens using four mothers and one father. Zippi, one of the mothers, is full of energy and loves to play. More importantly, she loves to be brushed. Prisca, a green-eyed mommy Teacup, loves to cuddle in your lap and have a nice tummy rub. Sadie and Devorah are two other Teacups used to breed. Daddy Teacup Pauly has a sweet nature and the kittens that he fathers come in a variety of coats. Male Teacup Kittens from Cats Creations should be expected to weigh six to eight pounds once they are fully grown. Cats Creations female Teacup Kittens will weigh between five and six pounds at adulthood. CatsCreations has been breeding Teacup Chinchilla Persian Kittens since 1998. In order to ensure that the kittens are beautiful, healthy and happy, they are bred only from pristine, Grand Champion Lines. Beyond strong lineage, our kittens and their parents are never caged. From the time they are born until they arrive at your home, you can watch us raise these beautiful kittens from birth until they are strong enough to join your home.

The next litters of beautiful Teacup Chinchilla Kittens for sale from Cats Creation will be born in September of this year, and will be grown enough to make a happy addition to your family just in time for Christmas.


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