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==== ==== The #1 Honest and all Natural Diet & Nutrition Program on the Internet! ==== ==== If there is one thing that I regret about my decision to live an organic lifestyle, it is the inconvenience that it poses. Don't get me wrong cooking with organic food is delicious and rewarding, but whenever you are consuming something that you haven't cooked or sending something to someone else, things get difficult. In my family, you see, there is a great tradition of sending and receiving gift baskets. Up until recently, it was impossible to find an organic gift basket. I would have to make them myself, and that could be very difficult. Finding all the ingredients for organic fruit baskets, or worse, organic meat and cheese gift baskets, could take forever. Fortunately, the organics craze is taking off all over the country. Organic gift baskets are now every bit as easy to order as any other kind. Although organic gift baskets cost a little bit more money, they are worth it. You see, when you send organic food baskets as a get well gift, you are really doing something that could affect someone's life. Many people don't know this, but organic food actually tastes better. The first time I tried it, I was amazed, but since then I have gotten used to the fact. I know at least one person who, after she tried an organic gift basket, switched to a diet of entirely organic food. Organic gift baskets are not just a novelty they can change your life. The only thing I don't like about sending out organic gifts is the grief I get from a few members of my family. Don't get me wrong most people are respectful of my lifestyle choices, and even try to send organic gift baskets whenever the holidays roll around. The only problem is with a couple of my uncles. Not only do they make fun of my organic gift baskets, but they actually send me veal pate every Christmas. They know that I won't eat veal because of how cruel the factory farms are to the cows when they raise them. They say that they forget, but I know that they are doing it just to get my goat. Nonetheless, I carry on giving them organic gift baskets every year, hoping against hope that one day they will change their ways. I am doubtful, but who knows. Stranger things have happened, and Christmas really is a time for miracles! ==== ==== The #1 Honest and all Natural Diet & Nutrition Program on the Internet! ==== ====

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