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‘15 Tips and How To Dress Men’s Fashion’

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’ve always been an inordinate fan of the preppy, heritage look. Well perhaps that’s a slightly excessive way of describing it, but it’s certainly the best look a man can choose, in my opinion. That’s not to say that I think all men should walk around looking like clones of one another, with their hair slicked back, clad in polo shirts and deck shoes. Of course, there are various different takes on the look, and I’m fairly open to all ideas. It did, however, come to my attention last weekend that the coloured trouser is a pretty versatile look that could be worn whatever your personal style, although I do personally feel that it’s a pretty standard item for those with a more traditional sense of dress. Needless to say, it’s a wardrobe staple that every gentleman should consider investing in, so let us consider ways in which the coloured trouser could be worn and which colour will work best for you.

As I mentioned above, it was only last weekend that I really considered the coloured trouser. I’m not really sure why it took so long to come to my attention, especially seeing as I was surrounded by coloured trouser wearing boys all through my school years. I think red is probably the best colour to choose if you’re aiming for the preppy look. It certainly seems to be a popular colour amongst this set of people and works extremely well with the other staple items of this style: check shirts in pale blue, tan deck shoein butter soft leather, fine knits in the most delicate cashmere and basically anything from Ralph Lauren.



If you’re feeling particularly brave this summer then colour clashing is an extremely cool trend that shows style, confidence and pizzazz. Summer is the season of colour so now there’s warmth in the air it’s the perfect time to get some brights into your wardrobe. Ensure you pick complimentary colours that work well together, red and blue is always a classic combination as is green and purple.


Colour and print is the ideal combination during the long, hot months. It’s always acceptable, and probably quite preferable, to wear more colour during summer so you may as well immerse yourself wholeheartedly and combine your bright trousers with a printed tee. Ensure the colour of your trousers is subtly shown in part of the print and the same rules apply as colour clashing; always try to wear colours that compliment one another so your outfit doesn’t look too crazy or unthought-of.




s The Amazing Spider-Man is hitting posters, buses and screens around the world I thought I would take a look at the man playing every boy’s dream role. The last few years has seen Andrew Garfield rise through the actor ranks, from staring in his first proper television role in Sugar Rush in 2005, to assisting the Doctor in defeating the Daleks in 2007, working alongside Heath Ledger in the 2009 movie, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, to award nominating performances in the emotional Never Let Me Go and The Social Network. Despite his success he has still not become a household name, something I am sure will change after this summer’s blockbuster.

with a dark blue suit and navy shirt at the Tokyo premiere. Not every man can pull of lime green trousers, but at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea Andrew Garfield proved that he was just the man to do it. Pairing them with a muted checked shirt and his trusty wardrobe staple of a black leather jacket and trainers he wasthe embodiment of cool. Not to be out done in his formal attire the hero chose a plum suit with a blue and white check shirt.

It’s always nice when actors mix up their red carpet outfits and experiment with a range of different styles. Andrew Garfield is a fine example of such a gentleman. London saw a slightly more traditional approach by the 28 year A lot of attention has been focused on old actor. A dark Tom Ford suit, navy co-star and girlfriend, Emma Stone, silk tie and white shirt, was a stark who has been scoring some serious contrast to his Madrid premiere attire. sartorial points this year, especially with Although he looked slightly less formal THAT Ellie Sabb jumpsuit. Although for a red carpet event, he was no less Stone has been catapulted into the a professional. He still kept his Madrid fashion atmosphere in recent months, look formal by sticking to the classic the man that has been by her side both tailoring that suits him so well, but on screen and off deserves some style made it a little more casual with a light recognition. Master of both the formal toned suit, a pale blue open collar shirt red carpet and the laid back style of his and deck shoes. photo calls, Andrew Garfield has yet to put a foot wrong. Another city, another look at the Berlin photo call, Garfield looked more like The premiere in Tokyo gave the first he was promoting a remake of ‘Rebel look at the versatility of Garfield’s Without A Cause’ with a black leather wardrobe. A laid back ensemble for the jacket (a popular reoccurrence) black photo call consisting of tan chinos, a skinnies and trainers. Ditching the denim shirt and a striped Alexander tough, James Dean look for a slightly McQueen jumper, subtly echoed the more preppy one works perfectly for the colour and detailing of Emma Stone’s red carpet premier in Berlin. A Gucci Rue Du Mail dress. Complementing his checked jacket coupled with a grey belle seems right up Andrew’s street as jumper and white shirt and black tie he matched Stone’s powder blue dress offered a modern touch to a traditional

premiere ensemble. Perhaps one of my top outfits from Garfield to date is the burgundy Balenciaga suit he wore to the Paris premiere. A daring colour choice, especially with his on screen character spending most of his time in a red and blue lycra onesie! Garfield’s laid back style is easy to replicate. A black leather jacket and black skinny jeans feature in many of his photo calls, Burberry and ASOS both offer similar jackets to give an edge to your day wear. Black skinny jeans were also a significant, easy to imitate Garfield staple. Not afraid to add a splash of colour into his suits Andrew Garfield is definitely someone to look to when suit shopping. From the fashion forward Burgundy Balenciaga suit one day to a preppy cool look the next, Andrew Garfield is really matching the stakes of his fashion icon girlfriend, Emma Stone. He complements his co-stars perfectly, whilst creating outfits that are young, adventurous and incredibly stylish. It’s nice to see an actor mixing it up a little and not sticking with a safe black or grey suit. Not afraid to add colour, or take inspiration from a range of genres, Garfield’s look is definitely one to consider replicating.




“I think I have the same resolution as most people, which is the eat healthier and stay in shape.” Maintaining your consistency by adding a couple of minutes of exercise into your daily routine and avoiding fast foods at all costs are essential for your health. At least 20 minutes of jogging of 30 minutes of walking a day should keep you healthy and your body in shape. “I [ate well] for most of 2012 but sometimes you get tempted to eat irresistible chocolate bar.”


“I believe if everyone went into everything with an open-minded, than we could make more progress in changing the world. It all starts with the man in the mirror.”


“I’ve learned to let that go as fas as panning trips and see where the wind takes me.” Attempt to do something you would never have done - or something you always deem too insane. Don’t limit yourself this year. “I pulled out the map and chose a city to GO ORGANIC: visit with my eyes closed. Luckily that city Attempt to avoid factory farm food products was somewhere tropical, beautiful Hawaii! - not only meat, but fruits and vegetables I think I’m going to do it again but I hope as well. Reducing your factroy food I don’t land on somewhere like Antartica. I intake will benefit for health and decrease don’t do well in cold weather. your ingestion of pesticides and other chemicals. Some labels to keep in mind LIVE ON INSPIRATION: when grocery shopping: free-range meat, “Being creative is important wherther you wild fish, and organic or pesticide-free are doing it in your work or even taking fruits and vegetables. Do not be deceived time aside to play instrument. There are by health claims as they are processed and so many optionsto be creative and I think artificial (e.g. “fat-free”) we as humans are all enngineered to do it in some way or another. That’s why I love DO SOMETHING BETTER THAN to dance because you can incorporate it in your everyday life even if there is no music YESTERDAY: playing. People might look at you crazy “It’s always a challenge to keep topping but if it makes you happy, then who cares what we do but I’m looking forward to right?” what trouble New Directions gets into,” says Harry. Make the effort to be better STOP PROCRASTINATING: than you were yesterday - do some great each day. It’s quite a difficult endeavor but Sounds simple enough, but procrastination is one of the worst habits one can have. make your days worth trying. There’s no need to outline each day but finish your assingment and work on time BE DIFFERENT: even ahead of time. You fight again the “I moved to a small town at a young age clock each day, so to earn spare time would where I was different and one of the only Asian kids at my school. Its wasn’t easy but be to end procrastination and work a tad bit harder. I knew that if I found my voice I would find a place where people would accept extremely boring world.” The most clich(e) thing we can say is: be yourself. Why spend you time trying to be something you’re nor?



15 Tips and How To Dress Men’s Fashion Do not judge the book by its cover. It seems the term is outdated, especially in terms of fashion. People often assume men in particular, the external appearance does not matter, as long as “it” or “personality” well, perfect. Though Lex de Praxis - a romance experts also think that your appearance is your personality.

8. Use the Best Shoes - The first thing she noticed was the most in your shoes, especially clean. It may be easy to keep clothes clean and look new, but most men do not care about shoes. Show others that you are a classy guy has the best shoes, as this is the quickest way to show others that you care about yourself. 9. Avoid Logo On Clothes - When you In terms of attraction, women want go out with a big logo clothing, you to establish further relationships with look like a walking billboard. men who look interesting, create a 10. Ignore the Trend - You do not have compelling first impression. Even your to wear clothes just because the current business associates will also not inter- trend. Use clothing that is comfortable ested in partnering with you, so just for you, then add some accessories or know you do not look attractive. knick-knacks. 11. Do Dazed Brand - If you want to Here we provide 15 Tips and How To buy clothes, ask yourself whether the Dress Men’s Fashion: currently “in style” or is compatible with your body. Also note trouble1. According size - Fit is King. Make shooting number 9, is there a big logo sure the size of your clothes fit your on the clothes. curves, because this is the most impor- 12. Function Underwear - Underwear tant thing in appearance. Many men remains in clothes, used to absorb wear oversized clothes to the body. sweat, oil or dirt on the body. The un2. Simple - Of course you want to wear derwear also functions so you do not fashion that can make you look athave to always wash your clothes outtractive and cool, but do not overdo it. side, and to keep good and durable. Do Clothing color selection no more than not use the v-neck or crew neck alone 3 colors, do not use more than 3 kinds with jeans. of accessories. Do not also look like a 13. You Updgrade Shaving - Mousrock star, unless you are a child band. tache and beard are not neglected, in 3. Casual - Change your perception of terms of attraction will be an instant casual. Casual does not mean boring. killer opposite sex. Many men always wore suits pamung- 14. Note Model Hair - Hair is also one kasnya, namely T-shirts and jeans. Add of the main things that women nosome accessories or other sweeteners. tice. Match your hairstyle shape to the You can see an example in men’s maga- shape of your head. The wrong haircut zines. would reduce the quality of appear4. Match - The primary legislation in ance. the dressing is harmony between su15. Experimenting with Style - Learn periors and subordinates. If you use new things in fashion, how to dress, do a corduroy blazer jacket or your boss, not be afraid to try and make mistakes. use a subordinate such as jeans or Many men are afraid to express themcargo pants. selves through style. 5. Do not Shop Alone - Invite your friends, especially if the woman want- So, if you want to go hangout with ed to buy clothes. Do not easily believe friends or attending a formal event and the sales / salespeople, because they wants to attract beautiful women you’ll usually work for commissions. meet, do not forget to follow the 15 6. Adjust to the event - of course you tips fashion guy. may not wear a suit with a tie at the hangout places. Adjust well to other people who come to the event. 7. Do not underestimate Detail - It is considered trivial, it is usually first seen by most others. Note the scarf, or tie your belt.








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