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Cloudsigma Launches Media Services Ecosystem With Free Data CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem may be the First Cost-Efficient, Resource-Ready Public Cloud for Media Professionals, with Free Incoming Data Transfers Vegas - April 16, 2012: CloudSigma, the only real worldwide, customer-centric, pure-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, today introduced the launch of their Media Services Ecosystem, the very first collaborative public cloud atmosphere designed solely for media industry service companies and production companies. CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem provides high end compute, storage and data abilities for media professionals focusing on technically advanced productions, including 3d renderings, encoding and quality streaming distribution. Present day media companies constantly collaborate with partners around the globe on contentheavy productions that need massive levels of compute assets. These companies send and receive incredibly large, high definition files every day, resulting in production-stalling data latencies and excess costs. Imagine flying the most recent Blockbuster hit both to and from LA to London each week - that does not only poses a logistical nightmare, but additionally an expense-prohibitive security risk. CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem supplies a single, dynamic public cloud where media professionals can exchange project components immediately and price effectively. "To be able to give our clients seamless collaboration across their production and publish-production workflows, MediaCloud combines effective storage assets with faster file uploads and downloads all over the world,Inch stated Chuck Stormon, Boss of Attend, a Media Services Ecosystem participant. "The miracle of CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem is the fact that when the data is incorporated in the cloud, several encoding, transcoding, rendering, visual effects, resource management, along with other functions get access to advanced cloud infrastructure, that is easily available. When all of the key functions inside a media project are situated in a single public cloud together, all collaborators can access their data where they're, and processing could be carried out effectively without having to worry about distances or time. The Media Services Ecosystem turns into a functional, magnetic hub for creative forces." Fereidoon Khosravi, SVP of economic Development for Media Services Ecosystem partner Venera Technologies, also said, "Our Pulsar automated content verification software necessitates the quickest possible data transfers for the clients, including broadcast, publish-production and media archiving companies. CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem enables our clients to make use of Pulsar to do QC on their own media files without traditional latency connected using the change in these typically large files, permitting faster change and staying away from productivity loss. CloudSigma's IaaS atmosphere is ideal for service companies like us which are dealing with highly sophisticated media productions on tight due dates. It proves the actual worth of the cloud for the industry." The Media Services Ecosystem is really a venue for next generation media production, by which assets are diverted towards content optimisation, instead of wasted on costly and time intensive data transfers. Data costs could be very overwhelming for media companies searching to maneuver their

procedures to some cloud atmosphere. However, CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem provides highly affordable data portability, with free, limitless incoming data transfers along with a competitive, flat rate of 5 cents per gigabyte for outgoing data shipped over multiple independent company 10GigE lines. Media companies can migrate 100s of terabytes or petabytes into CloudSigma's atmosphere free of charge after which move data among other media services companies inside the cloud free of charge. This open atmosphere produces a highly-integrated network where all participants is capable of the greatest amounts of productivity. "We're effectively getting media companies together in one place at Switch's SuperNAP facility in Vegas to simplify and advance the media production process," stated Robert Jenkins, CloudSigma CTO. "Publish-production shops, rendering service companies, distribution companies and all sorts of other involved parties depend on one another to switch data quickly, with little room for error. Inside a public cloud atmosphere, media professionals aren't restricted to resource needs, plus they can pursue their work more effectively. Our Media Services Ecosystem signifies a significant step forward in utilizing cloud computing to eradicate most of the limitations which have held media professionals back using their full creative potential." Taking part people of CloudSigma's Media Services Ecosystem access probably the most advanced public cloud available on the market, with pay-as-you-go prices, full scalability, 10GigE networking, leading edge solid condition drive (SSD) storage along with a completely open software platform. CloudSigma clients possess the versatility emigrate towards the cloud while using software and os's of the choice, with full treatments for their data with no chance of vendor lock-in. These elements make collaboration among Media Ecosystem people completely seamless, permitting these to store, transfer and edit the fundamental bits of a media project no matter any geographic, resource or cost obstacles. CloudSigma formally introduced its Media Services Ecosystem in the 2012 NAB Show in Vegas, NV at booth N3222H. If you're a person in the press or analyst community and are curious about establishing a period to satisfy at NAB, please contact Meredith L. Eaton by email at restore roof belmont ma

Cloudsigma Launches Media Services Ecosystem With Free Data_  

flat rate of 5 cents per gigabyte for outgoing data shipped over multiple independent company 10GigE

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