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Wishing upon a star may have worked for our Puppeteer Namesake, but here at Gepetto’s Workshop we work hard to make sure your story comes to live its full potential. As a specialized packaging studio collective, we thicken the plot of your establishment by enhancing user experience with authentic, sustainable, well-crafted print products that transform everyday moments into opportunities for adventure and curiosity.

ABOUT US RUZANNA ROZMAN Ruzanna currently spins the wheel of words as the punny Copywriter at Gepetto’s Workshop. She utilizes her advertising skills to direct wordplays that intrigue the mind and provide an unforgettable experience.

TONGLE DAKUM As the experimental Production Manager at Gepetto’s Workshop, Tongle feeds his inquisitive mind by exploration. Using different tools, materials and production methods, he aims to create not only the perfect product, but also that unique user experience.

HANNAH TARBOTTON Organized and on top of her game, Hannah now works at Gepetto’s Workshop as the esteemed Project Manager. She carefully schedules and manages projects to ensure that each chapter would unfold according to plan.

HENRY MINIS Henry enjoys wearing different hats and currently dons the indubious hat of Business Manager at Gepetto’s Workshop. He takes care of balancing the studio’s money, legal rights, and generally helps keep this creative vessel afloat.


PERFORM “Perform’ is a company that is dedicated to creating user-friendly and recyclable packaging that complements the products they hold. The name is derived from the words “perceive” and “transform”, placing emphasis on the consumer’s perception to transform the use of a package.

Perform Belt The typical packaging for belts are designed very well for storage but rarely for more than one time. The idea behind the packaging then is to create a way to be able to store belts in a reasonable manner. Using the idea of rolling, the packaging for the belt is designed to hold a rolled-up belt and provide an easy way to unroll it off. Working like a tape dispenser, the belt can be pulled out of the packaging when desired and rolled back in for storage.

Working like a tape dispenser, the belt can be pulled out of the packaging when desired and rolled back in for storage. A new color palette as well as a new texture is introduced for the new product, this time going with a red with similar values to previous color palettes. The lid is fashioned out of transparency paper, with the logo and stripes printed on it, along with basic information.

Perform Hat The color palette went along with the original palette of the logo to again give the feeling of calmness and friendliness, easing consumers into the product and package. The addition of stripes and velvet to the design is reminiscent of classic vintage packaging, which adds a human touch to such a geometric element. Comparing it to the typical packaging for hats, the package is designed to prevent damage to the hat.

The base is in the simple shape of a hat stand and elevates the hat so that the brim does not touch the base. The lid then is designed to fit under the base to provide leverage to the hat stand. Basic information and turn-around images of the hat are provided on the lid along with the logo.

Perform Shoe Inspired by the previous two packages, I placed an emphasis on quick access to the product along with easy storage. Shoes with high heels are often packages on their sides to fit into a typically rectangular box. Placing the shoes upright and in a readyto-go position eliminates the time it would take to take the shoes out of the box and invites for easy storage for future uses. The box is designed to conform to the shape of the shoes to rid unnecessary space within the box.

New materials were also introduced to the package, such as textured paper to replace the velvet and a bamboo-stick lid that can be rolled up and down to easily cover the unique edges of the box. The element of stripes remain but the color palette was tweaked to complement the lid and the texture within. The green is brighter and more inviting, welcoming consumers who are always on the go.

VINCENT CAFE Vincent Van Gogh has been an inspiration to many artists over the years. As part of my Disney Imagineering course in March 2011, I decided to design a cafe with a theme that is based on this wonderful artist and compile my ideas into this hand-bound book.

The Story A cafe based on the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings; most notably his Starry Night. The cafe is designed to create the idea of stepping into the brilliant artist’s mind and to convey the same emotions as his paintings did.

Wacom Grip Pen A professional digital-media pen designed with professionals in mind and a stylus for the iPad from the leader in creative stylus technology. Create naturally, with a pressure-sensitive pen that enables palm rejection, and lets you draw, sketch, and paint on your iPad with the artistic control of traditional tools.

CONTACT US For any other information abour Geppetto’s workshop or if you would like to order well-crafted print products, don’t hesitate to contact us. Gepetto’s Workshop 125 Whale Ln Savannah, GA 31401 Get in touch with us! Email: Phone: (810) 555-3456