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The word conservation is refer to the specific study of the environmental movement that protect natural resources including, plants species and animals; Another definition to this word is preservation or restoration of the natural environment and wildlife.

WATER CONSERVATION It is referring to saving water, to reduce the usage and recycle of it. The recycling water can be use for many other activities. Saving water is saving energy too, because many electrical machines are not going to be use to suck up the water, it will be save both natural recourses. Water Conservation can be a change in our planet.

Green Builders is an enterprise that was created in 2000 with the new age, it is in charge to take care of the natural environment by providing the society a good and a comfortable place to live, besides being one of the most famous builders in the country, this company decided to Invest only in green constructions in order to save the planet And make conciousness to the rest of society.

Its designs are very glamorous and very nice looking. On the other hand, this enterprise has Introduced to the costruction field a new design, It is called Rain Filter. With this new product, the “Green Builders� improve A new way to how recycle the water that comes from The sky in winter.

Our mission is to support federal, state, and local water agencies and professionals to assist citizens in creating a state-wide water conservation movement with the purpose of minimizing wastage and ensuring its more equitable distribution both across and within States through integrated water resources striving to improve the efficiency of water by increasing awareness and knowledge of water conservation opportunities and the new use of the magic filter.

Our vision is to be a company which can offer to people a method in that the people can conserve the water of a better way. What we want to achieve with the magic filter is the maximum use of water and keep. Also will be a recognized company with the products which will help conservation and water use, the magic filter ensures the reduction in water loss as a product which will help conserve water and help better the environment.

MAGIC FILTERS Rain Filters are used as an irrigation system which removes impurities from water by means of a fine physical barrier. These Filters cleanse water to various extents for drinking, washing dishes, gardening, laundry, toilet flushing ,and also for bathing and cleaning. These filters have a tank which stores rain water and uses the water for needs around the house.

A rain filter is made by different kind of shapes and material that allows the rain drive itself to a specific container. It consists in a waterway made of stainless steel placed under the house’s roof, this coducts the water from the roof trough a series of pipes that is connected to a big tank located under or over the ground’s surface, with the help of a special bomb, the house will be provided of water as long as the tank is able to store this resource, it will depend on the capacity of the tank.

HOW TO USE IT? •Screw on the filter with the tube of principal water’s entering of the septic tank with a ¾ spanner. •You must check that the distance between the water’s entering and the filter does not be higher than 5 centimeters. • After the filter is connected you have to turn in on for 5 minutes then turn in off, do not exceed the time. (This is done for prepare the filter to clean the water that it will receive). •When the filter is off, connect the small valves that will introduce the large tubes that will transport the water. •You have to put the duct that goes in the roof of your house with the special staples (they are in the box). You must be sure that between each staple must be a space of 10 centimeters; otherwise the duct is going go fell down and broke. •Your filter is going to work in a good way for three months, after that the sponge that cleans the water must be changed and it will continue working. •Finally, enjoy conserving and purifying the water.

Magic Filters are worth to have Buy one Today!

Buy the kit for

Q 150.00 + Instalation Expenses

The use of the filter is trying to apply and encourage the water conservation. It has a lot of functions like keep natural bodies of water, allows the water to maintain natural flow and one of the most important is that the water conservations lessen the demands on the water resources available for human consumption. The filter can limiting water consumption at home, decreases energy usage in your home like hot water heater, dish washer and washing machine all consumer energy every time you use them.

• • •

The water is cleaner than other fresh water sources available. The water of rain is free and an independent essential resource. It only needs a simple infrastructure for distribution. The collected water is used for the washing machines, dishwasher and sluice in general. It is replaceable by the potable water.

Conserving on water means that you will enjoy lower water bills each month, you can see in activities like such as watering the lawn and showering that use a lot of water because the average family could save around $170 a year by implementing water conservation strategies. If you obtain the filter, you can help to conserve the water for the world and get more benefits in addition to reduce the energy like:

Example of how to conserve the water

Like any other company we have charity, our company every year try to donate an amount of money to different foundations, with nonprofit that really need someone to help. The purpose of this donation is to improve to the people the value of help between them. The most important charity we make every year is to AMA (in Spanish) that means “Association of animal’s friends” It was founded in 1998. This Association tries to be able to rescue thousands of stray, abused, neglected, unwanted, or abandoned animals, cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies.

They are hoping that people become animal lovers and that they might care about what happen to the cute little puppies and kittens that are outside suffering. Their mission is to do the best for the lives of cats and dogs in the country.

They provide the animals with love care and shelter until we match them with their homes. They promote responsible pet ownership through public education and spay/neuter programs. They are a privately funded, non-profit, no-kill organization.

A pair of dogs that have been adopted

AMA have 50 surgeries approximately including dogs, cats and parrot that need a lot of attention and contribution for money.

+ Animal Life Race 2011

Every year on June 30 we promote a race for AMA. It take place on “Las Americas” avenue. people participate and pay an amount of money according with their abilities (professional or amateur runners). At the end of this event the third places that have won, get a trophy and a dinner for them and a partner. The net income this race gets, will be donated for AMA, and they use for the best way that they need. The purpose is that all the people get a new way for thinking trying to care about the animals, and to know that at the same that the humans, the animals have a rights and deserve a good treatment.

The career has a lot of sponsors that are Purina ProPlan, Laboratory Sylvester, Cot’s shop, Pro-vita, Canal 3, Bam, Prensa Libre and others.

+ Animal Life Is a Green Builders’ policy that every donation must be from the income of the annual race supported by the sponsors, the money is not going to be taken from the net income of the company.

Edder Castillo Zabdy Ortiz Carol Rodríguez Karen Tunchez Sindi Vásquez

Conservation Brochure  

the purpose of Green Builder's conservation brochure is to inform the people our new conservation project that consists in water recycling.

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