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Geovital Academy

Radiation Free Living A Healthy Home is Vital

Patrick van der Burght


Geovital Academy

Published by Blue Remora Pty Ltd PO Box 7002, Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC, 3156, Australia email: help@geovital.com.au www.geovital.com.au Tel. +61 3 9020 1330 Written by Patrick van der Burght. This publication is copyright of Blue Remora Pty Ltd. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, microcopying, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the specific written permission of Blue Remora Pty Ltd. E&OE.


Geovital Academy

Radiation Free Living

Patrick van der Burght


Geovital Academy

Some experiences of others “I have to tell you that I have never felt better, I have no swelling in my toes or fingers any more. I wake up feeling physically well, have my life force back. I am so thankful that we decided to paint the room. A big thank you to you for everything you have done and for selling us this amazing product. Thanks again.” K Arbuckle, Bayswater “There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own home. With a feeling that something is wrong, but no idea on what it is. I contacted Patrick at Geovital and purchased a Trifield Meter. It was actually a relief to see the readings on the meter as these identified some of the issue’s in my home. I now had a starting point. The home assessment was excellent value, meticulously done with real solutions available. I followed through and made the changes as suggested. As part of these I purchased the Therapy Mattress and Massage Pillow, these are great products, true to their descriptions, great support and really comfortable. I also added a shielding matt for under the bed. I have gone from sleeping 3-4 hours, or not at all, to 8 hours plus, this is a big change. Patrick has been of great assistance throughout, able to answer my questions, and offer real help, backed up with Geovital products that are scientifically tested, have made a real difference for myself and created a healthier environment for my family. My Sincere thanks.” Gillian Laland, Victoria “…I purchased some products and took advice given to prevent further exposure at home to the electronic pollution, booking in my electrician to fix some faults picked up by Patrick and to apply a special switch in the meter box. What a small price to pay for a worthwhile outcome in the overall outlook!” Susan Smith, Dandenong North, Victoria Registered nurse & massage therapist


Geovital Academy

Welcome and thank you for investigating the major health burden creeping up in modern living. This booklet covers a lot; in it we will try and educate you about:

Geovital Academy and who we are. What the problem is with low level radiation exposure. How does research show we are affected by it? How we address radiation professionally and holistically. What you can do right now. Many handy tips to reduce your exposure to common household sources of radiation. Items carried everyday increasing your exposure. The importance of the bedroom. Mattress health and how it is often a health burden. What you should know about protecting your family from radiation. What you need to know about Existing homes you live in already, Purchasing existing homes and how to prevent disaster, Building a new home and how to avoid doing it wrong. The results and benefits of radiation free living. We trust you will find this interesting and hope you’ll tell your friends and family about the work we do. We look forward to making a positive change in your life.


Geovital Academy

Index Geovital – Who are we? With our roots as a naturopathic health clinic and the aim for long term health recovery and protection, Geovital really is unique.

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What is wrong with the way we live? What research is there? Low frequency electromagnetic fields High Frequency radiation – In your home or kilometres away Symptoms typically associated with electronic pollution exposure

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What can be done to reduce radiation exposure holistically A serious problem demands a serious solution. What are some of the verifiable ways the academy addresses radiation.

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The bedroom is most important

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What are some of the issues we address? Electric field exposure from internal wiring Circuit Cut-off Switch High frequency radiation exposure from outside sources Shielding Paint Shielding Fabric

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What can I do right now? – Handy tips you can use today Lighting – Dimmers can be big trouble Meter box / Circuit breaker panel Light Bulbs – Pick the right ones Wifi in the house Cordless phones Computers, Laptops and Tablets Support for radiation exposure - Medisend Appliances likely to produce EMR

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Geovital Academy

Items you may carry on you Mobile phones Mobile phone radiation shielding Mobile phones and children Battery operated watches Metal object on your Body

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The Bedroom The worst 3 things you can do to yourself in a bedroom Radio alarm clocks Mobile phones as alarm Electric blankets and water beds – Cancer, Miscarriage and foetal growth changes Other things to avoid in the bedroom

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Mattress Health – You’ve never realised it goes this far The problems with mattresses Natural is not always good for you Aeration important for skin and deterrent to fungus What is different about Geovital mattresses?

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What you should know about protecting your family from Radiation Verifiable Solutions Existing Homes – 90% need improvements MUST KNOWS for home buyers – Don’t buy a sick home How you can eliminate the bad homes from the fixable ones

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Building New – Don’t build a sick home

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Results and benefits of radiation shielding Prevention better than a cure

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Geovital Academy

Geovital in Sulzberg, Austria – Academy, clinic and manufacturing

Geovital – Who are we?

With 30 years’ experience as a naturopathic health clinic in Europe (Austria), Geovital’s outstanding reputation has come from long term strategies and patient focus. Many years ago, when an ever increasing number of patients attending the practice became therapy resistant, this prompted further investigation of patients’ homes. This revealed many things to be wrong in the average house especially when it came to radiation exposure. Mattresses were found to be an issue with many producing intolerance reactions in the sleeper. Most mattresses were prone to bacteria and fungus and all built up an unhealthy charge of static. The metal spring frames acted like a large aerial attracting radiation to the sleeper. After fruitless and extensive testing in the hope of finding a mattress readily available to recommend to our patients we ended up designing and making our own.


Geovital Academy

For radiation exposure we have verifiable solutions. Sadly there are too many businesses that play on justified fears of radiation exposure and sell dubious gadgets with unsupported claims of ‘protection’ or ‘neutralisation’ of radiation present. Some gadgets can be supportive, but the claim that they protect or neutralise is something our academy has not been able to verify or measure. If the radiation is still measurable you are still exposed and affected. With our solutions radiation levels are either dramatically reduced or completely eliminated.

Werner Hahnen Founder Geovital Akademie - Retired

Sascha Hahnen CEO Geovital Akademie Sulzberg, Austria

Patrick van der Burght Director Geovital Academy Australia

World leader in Holistic Radiation Protection and Building Geobiology training Everyone is welcome in the Geovital Academy: Ideally suited for therapists, physicians, architects, tradespeople but also the layperson who is interested in geopathic stress and radiation in their home. In various seminars and workshop we share our 30 years of research and experience with those interested. Some need it professionally and others privately so we try to cover the latest in a wide range of subjects. 9

Geovital Academy

From technical applications to health and wellbeing - Exciting topics like electrobiology, building biology, geopathic stress measurement, shielding techniques and the implications on health are explained here and shown in practice. The Geovital Academy team consists of 22 teachers and about 280 building geobiologists. Most of them have a scientific background and have come from different disciplines including medicine, electrical engineering, physics, computer science and architecture. This interdisciplinary cooperation in research and development provides our patients and trainees with a solid knowledge base. A current course schedule can be found on our websites www.geovital.com.au, www.geovital.co.nz and www.geovital.com “…With cancer and chronic illness on the rise this course and the steps people can take to clear their environment are going to be essential. Everyone should have this knowledge to help their clients make wise, informed and effective decisions about their health and well-being. I would highly recommend anyone committed to holistic health to do this course. " Leonie Blackwell, Naturopath, Author “Attending the Geovital workshop gave me the opportunity to make sense of the common sources of electro-magnetic radiation, how to measure them and provide appropriate advice to individuals. …I would encourage anyone (or any health professional) to do to this beneficial and fun workshop." George Papadopoulos, Pharmacist 10

Geovital Academy

What is wrong with the way we live? The way homes are built and how they are connected to electricity both in supply and appliances makes a bad combination. The radiation exposure from distant outside sources like mobile phone towers, smart meters and Wifi in the area (even from the neighbour’s house) all contribute. A number of everyday appliances in your home pollute the air with signals the body at best translates as a stressor which depletes energy adding to overall fatigue. This affects all of the population and more worrying is that in a proportion of the population it can be a real contributor to illness and disease.


Geovital Academy

What research is there?

The World Health Organisation classified radio frequency radiation as a possible carcinogen. There is a great deal of research supporting the fact that exposure limits set by most governments are far too high. There are countries advising, for example, pregnant women and children to stay away from wireless technology. It is ironic that the government allows mobile phone towers to be erected near schools. Most schools use wireless technology, more appliances are being made wireless every year. Many local governments have forced smart meters on the homes of their population. A good source of research is the Bioinitiative Report. This report was put together by 29 authors from ten countries, among them ten holding medical degrees and 21 PhDs. They investigated the available research data on the health effects of low level radiation exposure analysing the results in this report. It is an attempt to get governments around the world to take notice and lower allowable exposure limits. This report can be accessed via the Geovital website under research. The Report makes a fascinating but confronting read. It’s a 1400+ page PDF file, freely downloadable which will allow you to use the FIND function of Adobe Reader to find links between any illness or condition and radiation exposure. 12

Geovital Academy

Highlighting research results that should SHOCK and concern anyone Low Frequency Electromagnetic fields

Low frequency electromagnetic radiation (LF EMR) is produced by power cables running past houses, the cable going to the meter box and circuit breaker panel, dimmer lights, faulty wired circuits and appliances to some extent. 1000mG (milliGauss) of exposure is perfectly acceptable according to many governments around the world. Read on to see what research shows:

2mG blocks the hormone Melatonin in its natural anti-cancer action

All bodies produce thousands of cancer cells every day. In the body Melatonin plays an important part every day in identifying and eliminating these mutated cells. In naturopathic circles it is accepted that when this balance is impaired, more mutated cells are produced than eliminated and the body slowly loses the battle. Allopathically (medical doctor) cancer is ‘treated’ by trying to remove the obvious cancer cells (which is not a bad thing to do), but the imbalance of the body is rarely addressed. Most natural therapists and integrated doctors are horrified with this lack of insight. This is why in natural medicine cancer is often referred to as a lifestyle issue. If you don’t change the lifestyle the problem is likely to return. 13

Geovital Academy

With just 2mG of LF EMR exposure you have just made the body’s work to fight mutated cells a lot harder. REFERENCE: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8320637

1.6mG doubles the chances of sperm abnormalities

This study examined sperm cells, which are functionally able to be assessed for performance and structure. Most in the natural medicine field would therefore deduce that if it affected sperm cells by having a 1.6mG of electromagnetic field why not others cells or organs in the body? This research is important to everyone, not just those couples trying to conceive the healthiest baby they can or those with difficulty trying to become pregnant or experiencing miscarriage. Sperm cells take about 4 months to mature, so we would recommend fathers-to-be to avoid radiation (phone, car, aircraft travel) as much as possible. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19910156?dopt=Abstract More about fertility can be learned from an interview with me about radiation and fertility. Find it in the video collection on our website: http://www.geovital.com.au/video.html 14

Geovital Academy

1mG+ increases the mortality rate of children with Leukaemia by 280% http://cebp.aacrjournals.org/content/16/6/ 1167.short

This does not mean that 1mG gives someone cancer (research shows that happens at just 4mG+) but what we think it does mean is that the exposure of just 1mG will significantly impair the immune system. What about the rest of us that don’t have Leukaemia? That burden, at one thousandth of the governmental limit, may also be reducing our immune system’s abilities and our vitality. Chances are that a few homes in your street are burdened by 1mG or more throughout the entire home from an outside power cable, underground or above. Perhaps it’s just the room near the meter box. The point is that you have to measure to find out. Either buy yourself a Trifield Meter, or get one of our assessors to investigate your home for this type of radiation AND the other types we have not discussed yet. See our website for assessors near you. geovital.com.au geovital.co.nz geovital.com geovital.co.uk geovital.co.za geovital.asia 15

Geovital Academy

High Frequency Radiation – In your house or Kilometres away This radiation can be coming from a long distance right into your home. It could come from the neighbour’s houses or from appliances in your own home.

High Frequency Radiation Sources Mobile Phone Towers Smart Meters on the house or in the area Wifi in the house or in the area Cordless phones Mobile phones Radar Baby Monitors Wireless Cameras Airport Navigation Systems Cordless; Printers, Media Players, etc 16

Geovital Academy

Exposure to something as common as a cordless phone base station triggers the Sympathetic nervous system Your nervous system has 2 states it can be in; • Parasympathetic is the normal state in which all body functions are normal and optimal. • Sympathetic is the emergency or ‘fight or flight’ state in which the body is getting ready for a perceived emergency like an approaching tiger. The research showed that when exposed to something as simple as a base station of a cordless phone, not only do many people have a change in heart rate, but it also showed the Sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system was activated. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/23675629/ and http://www.magdahavas.com/wordpress/wpcontent/uploads/2010/10/Havas-HRV-Ramazzini1.pdf When the sympathetic nervous system is active, digestion is slowed down considerably and blood vessels are constricted (which raises blood pressure). It is rational to deduct then that exposure to all wireless radiation in our lives is constantly affecting the way we uptake nutrients and putting unneeded pressure on our circulatory system, unnecessarily raising blood pressure. 17

Geovital Academy

Symptoms typically associated with electronic pollution exposure

There are a number of ways electronic pollution interacts with us. • It puts a stress on our body systems which detracts from other functions. • It weakens us as the man made signals are very different from naturally occurring electromagnetic signals we actually need. • It interferes with the relay of information by our nervous system. • Impairs body functions like making the blood brain barrier more permeable for toxins otherwise kept out. • Lowers our immune system. • Increases risk of cancer. • It can raise our blood pressure, alter our digestion, interferes in our reproductive potential. • At the very least exhausts us from an energy perspective. Most of these issues develop over time and here are some typical symptoms associated with radio wave sickness which was determined many years ago; Insomnia Headaches Dizziness Nausea memory loss difficulty concentrating respiratory illness • bronchitis, • sinusitis, • pneumonia flu-like illness impaired sense of smell pain in the teeth (especially with metallic fillings)

asthma fatigue weakness pressure or pain in the chest increase in blood pressure altered pulse rate (usually slowed) pressure behind the eyes other eye problems swollen throat dry lips or mouth dehydration irritability skin rash

sweating, fever shortness of breath muscle spasms tremors pain in the legs or the soles of the feet testicular or pelvic pain joint pain pains that move around the body nosebleeds internal bleeding hair loss digestive problems ringing in the ears

Firstenberg, A 2001, ‘Radio Wave Packet’


Geovital Academy

Some experiences of others “At home I often had low energy levels but had become so unwell I found working very difficult and feared a future of serious illness. … I had symptoms of earache, insomnia, nausea and dizziness, memory loss, headaches and painful muscular tension in parts of my body I worked out later since the smart meter was put in a few weeks prior. Since Patrick came to check my home and show me how to prevent overexposure to high levels of electricity in the home as he proved the levels of exposure with his equipment. I purchased some products and took advice given to prevent further exposure at home to the electronic pollution, booking in my electrician to fix some faults picked up by Patrick and to apply a special switch in the meter box. What a small price to pay for a worthwhile outcome in the overall outlook!” Susan Smith, Francesco Drive, Dandenong North, Victoria, Australia Registered nurse & massage therapist

“I am considerably better now that I can turn off the lighting circuit at night time by use of the circuit cut-off switch: many thanks for detecting which circuit was the problem.” Jane R, Victoria “I just want to thank you for your thorough testing of my villa's lounge/dining, kitchen and bedroom. What an eyeopener!! … Again, thanks for your advises as well, which I also pass on to family and friends." Evelyn Rykes


Geovital Academy

What can be done to reduce radiation exposure holistically?

Geovital has had wonderful experience in recoveries to good health from chronic complaints once the house was assessed and appropriate solutions put into place. There are some simple things you can do to reduce exposure a little and we’ll cover many of those soon. However, the fact is that you are most likely bombarded by radiation from the wiring in your walls and the transmitters outside your house like mobile towers and smart meters. This can only be addressed with a proper Geovital home assessment by one of our assessors.

The bedroom important



No matter if you unplugged every electrical device in your bedroom, chances are your body still experiences an overload of signals and radiation. Only by ‘updating’ you home by making some simple and verifiable changes are you able to create a radiation free haven where your body can truly rest and regenerate. 20

Geovital Academy

What are some of the issues we address? - Electric Field Exposure (and the Circuit Cut-off Switch)

Wiring inside the walls produces electric field radiation, regardless if you use the electricity or not. These electric fields get propagated by other conductive materials like timber, plaster, metal (in bedframes and mattresses) and also our bodies as we are about 60% water. During an assessment the client is asked to lay on the bed and a measurement of electric field exposure is taken on their foot, nearly two meters away from the wall. In 90% of homes, our instrumentation goes off the scale. We then investigate with the client which electrical circuits are responsible for these electric fields. Once identified an electrician is used to install a special ‘Circuit Cut-off Switch’ in your circuit breaker panel. These special switches monitor the flow of electricity on that circuit and a few seconds after energy use has stopped, the switch cuts the power to the circuit. The wiring around your bedroom is effectively dead and hence electric field exposure is truly eliminated. In practical terms this means that you get into the habit of turning things off at night, which saves you money, and as soon as you turn off the bedside light (lets imagine that is the last appliance using power), the power to that entire circuit will be removed for you automatically. If in the middle of the night you need the light or anything else on that circuit, you simply switch it on. The Circuit Cut-off Switch registers your 21

Geovital Academy

request for electricity in an instant and gives power back to the circuit. You have your power back to do what you need to do and when you turn it back off, the power supply is cut once again. It’s a brilliant system which allows you to use whatever you like, but as soon as you are done, the radiation burden is removed from your environment.

High frequency radiation from outside sources

During an assessment we will measure your body for current exposure to high frequency radiation from sources like mobile phone towers, smart meters, wifi and other cordless technology. If the readings are higher than the precautionary values set in Austria, we would recommend shielding to be put in place. Shielding can be done in a few ways depending on the situation, the home or if someone is renting. Solutions are unique and designed by our naturopathic clinic for long term health recovery and protection. Because of too many disappointing results with mass produced alternatives available a real solution was developed. In our opinion it makes no sense to shield someone from radiation, but burden them with intolerance issues as some paints can do. We need our patients to get better, that is the aim and that is what our reputation has come from.

Shielding Paint T98 Alpha

One option, if required, is shielding paint. Our T98 Alpha shielding paint is unique, the world’s best shielding paint on graphite basis and actually designed for long term health. It can be applied on external walls to shield a whole house, or applied to single bedrooms. 22

Geovital Academy

It deflects high frequency radiation and because the surface is earthed by an electrician, it also aids the removal of electric field exposure from wiring. It can be wallpapered or painted over with your favourite colours and stays nicely hidden whilst protecting you.

Shielding Fabric NOVA

Our NOVA Fabric offers realistic shielding well past 8Ghz whilst still looking attractive as a white sheer fabric, perfect for curtains, partitions or to construct a bed canopy out of. NOVA canopies are a great idea for those renting as they can be packed up and taken with you. Also for babies and children this option is very popular.

Very Effective

The removal of high frequency radiation is very effective if applied properly and to our instructions. Our Youtube Channel shows multiple customer experiences and post application radiation measurements to show this effectiveness. Applying the shielding can be done by the average person or a professional painter could be used. 23

Geovital Academy

What can I do right now?

Warning: We have to impress on you that the chance is great that your house is a constant burden of low level radiation, even though it looks new, clean and fresh. The following tips are good practice, but do not address the major issues present in your home and especially your bedroom.

An assessment often starts with investigating the living room (daytime) areas and shows how easy it is to be exposed to radiation from appliances present. This is educational to identify the ‘trouble makers’ quickly. This will help you to reduce exposure by awareness about what is bought and how electrical items are used in the home.

Lighting – Dimmers can be big trouble

A lighting system has an enormous amount of electrical cabling to make it work. This has its own issues which, when consulting on new building designs, we can minimise very effectively. This is also possible in existing homes but is more difficult when the house is completed. A problem often found is the effect of dimmer switches. Most dimmers produce a large electromagnetic field that starts at the switch and it generates along the wiring all the way to the lights. This means if the switch is on one side of the room and the light on the opposite side, the whole room can be affected. During an assessment this would be clear and minimising use of dimmer lights would be advisable. Better still get an electrician in to remove the dimmer, effectively turning it into an on-off light. If you are currently considering putting dimmer switches into your home, we would urge you to reconsider. 24

Geovital Academy

Living Rooms – Don’t get paranoid, get clever with Geovital

There are quite a few appliances that produce electromagnetic fields and electric fields. The trick is to increase distance between them and you, and to be mindful of certain ‘trouble makers’ that you should consider replacing now or changing to something else when they eventually break.

Meter box / Circuit Breaker Panel

The supply cable coming into your house and the area through which it has to travel to the Circuit Breaker Panel, can often produce a significantly large field of electromagnetic radiation. This could render that area unsuitable for prolonged use. During an assessment we show you if an area is affected by that supply cable. It is best to avoid placing sofas, chairs or beds against the walls where this cable runs or where the meter box or circuit breaker panel is located until this radiation has been measured. 25

Geovital Academy

Light Bulbs – Pick the right ones

The side effect of energy saver light bulbs is that they produce high frequency radiation. This radiation is internalised (absorbed) by the body. This is especially worth considering if you have a light which you leave on for extended periods of time, like living room lighting, reading lamps, bedside table lamps and lights you leave on throughout the night. The very popular fluorescent light bulbs, as well as tube lighting, also contain mercury which, if accidentally broken, can be absorbed by the body so please be careful with removal and disposal. The best option for light bulbs are non-dimmable LED energy saver lights, or the old fashioned non-energy saver light bulbs. Free standing lights with dimmers in them normally produce a lot of radiation and should be avoided. The touch sensitive lights found in bedrooms have transformers in them which again are bad news. A simple on-off bedside light is best.

Wifi in the house

There is much research that shows high frequency radiation has health effects. Many countries have put out warnings for pregnant women and children to stay away from wireless technology and the World Health Organisation has classified radio frequency technology to be a possible carcinogen. http://www.iarc.fr/en/media-centre/pr/2011/pdfs/pr208_E.pdf


Geovital Academy

Wireless technology should be minimised or eliminated in households. This can be difficult as much technology now only comes in wireless configurations. The best things to do are: • Get a non-wireless router and run cables (in the walls) to various locations in the house where you would expect to use computers. • Turn Wifi off in appliances like printers, media servers, some new fridges etc. • If you are going to have Wifi anyway, then please: o Don’t sit right next to the router. o Don’t have the router backing onto children’s bedrooms. o Buy a power point 24hour timer and make the router go off every night and on again in the morning. This way there is at least a break in the broadcasted signal for a number of hours a night. • When using computers and tablets, please don’t place them on your chest, lap or genitals for obvious reasons. • When entertaining children with apps on a smart phone or tablet, switch it to FLIGHT MODE.


Geovital Academy

‘When using computers and tablets, please don’t place them on your chest, lap or genitals for obvious reasons.’ 28

Geovital Academy

Cordless Phones

The research that looks at the increases of brain cancer, makes no distinction between mobile phones and cordless phones (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ 15746469). For this reason the home cordless phone is as much of an issue as mobile phones. Arguably it is more of an issue, because in most phones the base station transmits all the time and the handsets maintain a connection with the base station at all time. Research also showed that a base station of a cordless phone triggers the sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight response) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23675629 which raises blood pressure and affects/slows the digestion. As so many people have this in their homes it makes you wonder if this could be contributing to, or may be a main cause for the increase in digestive issues and mal absorption of nutrients. All the more reason to move away from cordless phones and go back to the way we did it 35 years ago with wired phones throughout the house. If you turn the base station off at night, the handsets will simply work harder to try and find the base station, so that is not a suitable solution for at night either.


Geovital Academy

Computers, Laptops and Tablets Computers produce radiation and the desktop computer setup can often be improved upon. Eliminate wireless technology by buying wired keyboards and a wired mouse. Flat screen monitors are actually good for not producing big fields of radiation. The old ‘tube style’ monitors produce a lot of radiation. The tower of your desk top computer should not be placed right next to your leg under the desk. Increase the distance if you can. 1 Meter away would be a big improvement. Also the accumulation of wires, power cords, chargers and more often found near peoples feet, needs to be cleaned up. Unplug what you don’t use and it is better to suspend the cables on the back of the desk top so they are not so close to your feet. Printers can produce radiation when on, so place them not right next to you. Laptops should have been called ‘table tops’. They should never be on your lap. Not only will it make you more tired, there are serious concerns what this may be doing to your cell health and fertility. Please place them on the table and work on them there. Your hands are still in contact with your computer and all the components producing radiation, so a clever way to make your laptop based workstation more supportive is to plug in a wired keyboard and push the laptop 20-30cm away from you. Again, a wired mouse would be preferable. 30

Geovital Academy

Feel better during and after radiation exposure - Medisend

The fact is that you can’t get away from radiation exposure when working with electrical equipment or machinery. The Medisend is made by Advanced Medical Systems GmbH in Germany and has been available for over 30 years. It has again become very popular because of its beneficial effects for those exposed to radiation. Many are sold to Pilots, Customs officials who work with x-ray equipment, cabin crew, office workers and others exposed to radiation at work.

In short, it recreates natural electromagnetic signals which are of importance for any living organism. This allows the body to focus on this ‘natural signal’ and ignore the stress signals around you. For most people this means a dramatic increase in energy levels to the point they make sure to not leave their house without it. It has many more functions to aid relaxation, travel, concentration and more. For more information visit


Geovital Academy

Appliances likely to produce EMR There are various appliances likely to cause fields of radiation when they are in use. There is no reason to panic over this fact, but you do have to be aware of placement of these items to avoid unnecessary radiation. Remember that electromagnetic fields basically go through everything and even though a field of radiation may only be of concern within 1 meter, this meter is enough to reach through a wall to a sofa or bed on the other side. Items to consider like this are: • Fridges • Chest freezers • Washing machines and dryers • Dish washers • Range Hood • Ceiling fans (mind who is sleeping above them in 2 storey homes) • Tube style televisions


Geovital Academy

Items you may carry on you Many people carry on them quite a few things that produce radiation or function as an antenna. Let’s examine this closer.


Geovital Academy

Mobile Phones

As mentioned before in relation to cordless home phones: research that looks at the increases of brain cancer, makes no distinction between mobile phones and cordless phones (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1 5746469). The issue is twofold. Clearly a lot of radiation is produced whilst having the phone against your brain during a call, but the phone also produces radiation whilst it is in your pocket or next to your bed as an alarm clock. Research in an infertility clinic analysed over 361 men and found that as exposure to mobile phones increased the quality of sperm deceased. We can only imagine how other cells in the body are affected or what the consequences of this are. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17482179 • • • • •

Phones should be in your pockets as little as possible. Whenever possible use speaker phone. Don’t keep your mobile in the bedroom. Don’t use headset with electrical wires leading the radiation to your ear. Be critical about gadgets offered on the internet claiming to protect or neutralise your phones radiation. If the levels of radiation are not reduced, you are not ‘protected’. Also low frequency electromagnetic fields can never be shielded against. 34

Geovital Academy

Phone Protection that actually works

If your mobile has to be in your pocket, then please use a Geovital Mobile Phone Shielding Pouch which deflected the bulk of high frequency radiation away from the body due to a special shielding fabric used. This helps reduce radiation during a call and whilst on standby in your pocket. Watch a video on our Youtube Channel.

Mobile Phones and Children

Those with a conservative view on health are fearful for the future. Children multiply their cells at an amazing rate and there is not enough data to show children would not be more susceptible to health effects. Some countries have warnings for pregnant women and children to stay away from wireless technology.


Geovital Academy

With young girls there is an additional issue. Girls are born with all eggs they will ever get and to protect them from radiation, avoidance and shielding is the right approach. Research suggests that ‘EMF-exposure might impair mammalian female reproductive potentiality by reducing the capacity of the follicles to reach a developmental stage’. http://www.intechopen.com/books/fr om-preconception-topostpartum/environmentalelectromagnetic-field-and-femalefertility It is best to leave mobile phones off and turn them only on for emergencies if you don’t have a Geovital mobile phone Shielding Pouch. Encourage children to not keep their phone in the front or back pockets of pants, as well as near the breast area.


Geovital Academy

Battery or Electrically Operated Watches

In the practice of electro acupuncture, in which the resistance of meridians are measured, it is well know that electrically operated watches produce radiation pulses that can act as stressor on the body. This may be the reason some people just don’t like watches.

We recommend to use wind-up or automatic watches (the type that winds itself up due to your movements) which don’t produce pulses.

Metal Objects on your Body

• • • •


Metal attracts radiation and so quite a few things you may wear on you draw radiation to you. Examples of these are: Underwires in bras, now thought to contribute to breast cancer risk Large ear rings Metal Necklaces Metal frame glasses and sunglasses

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The Bedroom

The most important place to eliminate radiation in is the bedroom. Even with all appliances unplugged, there is a 90% chance you have electric field exposure coursing through your body at night just from the live wiring in the walls. This is something that can normally be completely eliminated by the use of special Circuit Cut-off Switches installed on the circuits of the home that contribute to that electric field exposure. This is part of the reason our home assessments are so in depth and take a fair bit of time to complete. Measuring radiation is quick. Figuring out the best way to deal with it in a holistic manner takes a lot more time. WARNING: Following are some tips for what you can do right now, but do realise that without professional help you are unlikely to create a radiation free haven where your body can rest and regenerate without constant stress signals. Please contact us or one of our assessors near you.


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The worst things you can do to yourself in a bedroom

In a bedroom there are a few items that have been producing major problems for a long time and should be avoided. • Radio Alarm Clocks • Mobile Phone as an alarm • Electric Blankets • Water Beds

Radio Alarm Clocks are well known as a source of radiation that causes

lots of trouble. Many people have had issues, like waking up with headaches, which have disappeared after the removal of their radio alarm clock. Perhaps the acquiring of a radio signal, or perhaps the fact that the power cord leads electric field closer to you is the problem. You’ll have a better sleeping environment without it, that’s certain. Just use a battery operated alarm clock and feel the difference.

Mobile Phones as alarm

Even worse when being charged at night on your bedside table, the mobile phone is producing high frequency (HF) radiation which is a source of irritation to the body. As mentioned earlier, similar radiation produced by base stations of cordless phones showed to trigger the sympathetic nervous system, which would raise blood pressure and slow the digestion. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23675629


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Especially at night it is important to have our nervous system in the parasympathetic state, which keeps digestion optimal and aids in the regeneration of your body. Please remove chargers from your bedroom and if you need to use your mobile for its alarm function, insert it into the double shielded pocket of a Geovital Mobile Phone Shielding Pouch which will block the HF signal completely for most phones. The alarm will still sound and wake you.

Electric Blankets & Water Beds – Cancer, Miscarriages and foetal growth changes

Electric blankets & Water Beds produce electric and electromagnetic fields with are typically strong enough to be well in excess of 2mG (milliGauss) which is linked to Melatonin being blocked in it’s natural anti cancer action, sperm abnormalities and raising the mortality rate of children with leukaemia (See discussion earlier). Also Foetal growth changes and increased rates of abortion have been found in users of these products. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ bem.2250070103/abstract Clearly, you don’t want something that has such a dramatic effect anywhere near you. 40

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Other things to avoid in the bedroom

More general things you should be mindful of: • Remove electrical wiring from underneath your bed. Extension cords etc make the electric field exposure problem which is already bad in most home even worse. • Don’t use bedside lights that are of the touch variety as they have transformers in them and produce a lot of radiation, on or off. • Don’t use earthing sheets on the bed. They will initially help with static charges, which is good, and can perhaps create a short term improvement of symptoms, but there is a serious side effect. They are more likely to increase the exposure to electronic pollution rather than reduce them because they make you the exit point. Electosmog should be taken care of at the wall, which is the approach we use.


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Don’t use silver sheeting on the bed, claimed to shield you from radiation or be anti-bacterial. o Silver sheets can reflect HF radiation, but this means that if you sleep on top of the sheet, you have just doubled your exposure to them as radiation is reflected back up to you… o The Anti-Bacterial claim on silver is quite correct. However, the body is a delicate balance with so many bacteria that perform very important functions for us. The constant application of silver is like taking internal anti-biotics every day and we have seen too many patients with skin issues after using silver bed sheets or mattresses. It’s a wonderful material, used totally inappropriately. Avoid Metal containing mattresses and bed frames. o Metal attracts radiation from outside sources and propagates electric fields from wiring in your walls. Sleeping on a spring core mattress is like sleeping on a massive aerial. o Predominantly timber bed frames and NonMetal based mattresses are a must. o Read further about mattresses in this booklet as mattress health is a subject that goes far deeper than you realise. General things to improve on o Don’t place sofas or chairs against the wall where the meter box is on. o Don’t place your bedhead against the wall where the meter box is. o Solar Panels: Can be a serious issue, ask us about it. o Own a Trifield Meter, so you can measure exposure to low frequency electromagnetic radiation in your home or a house you are thinking of purchasing. www.trifield.com.au 42

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Computer/home office: o Keep cables away from you as much as you can and unplug what you don’t need. o Use a wired keyboard and mouse, even with a laptop. o Get rid of your wireless router and use the blue cables instead. o If you insist on having Wifi, at least put a timer on the power point, making it turn off during your typical sleeping time.

Use a wired keyboard and mouse, even with a laptop.


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Mattress Health – You’ve never realised it goes this far

Geovital Academy realised the mattress has a big role to play in health, but more importantly that most mattresses posed a serious health burden. We were desperately searching for a mattress that we could recommend to our patients but our list of requirements was so detailed that 600 different mattresses were found unsuitable. Eventually we started designing our own. You’ll be amazed how much better you can sleep and how reasonable the pricing is.

The problems with mattresses are: •

Static Charges: Most mattress materials work up a static charge. This puts you statically out of balance. Intolerances: Many natural materials and foam types used produce an intolerance reaction in many people. This is more subtle than an allergic reaction but drains the body over time and you don’t sleep well. We found (natural) Latex to be the worst in this and we actively warn people to stay away from Latex or at least get tested for intolerances by suitable natural health practitioners that have that ability. (Kinesiologists, Vega testers, Bioresonance 44

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• •

and Electroacupuncture practitioners) Our website has a growing list of practitioners able to do this and they also have a test sample of our mattresses to test you on, which should confirm the great job we did to create a mattress that is biologically neutral. Metal springs attract radiation from wiring in walls and transmitters outside. Many mattresses have very little airflow through them, causing a build-up of moisture and creating a breeding ground for bacteria, moulds and fungus. Spinal support often leaves much to be desired with the natural curves of the lower back being left unsupported. This is why so many people sleep with their hand under their lower back, or eventually roll onto their side. Spinal pressure remains no matter what bed you are on. We wanted a design that reduced pressure on the spine to help it regenerate. Marketing gimmicks like the use of anti-bacterial silver were shown to have long term issues and were to us unacceptable.

Natural is not always good for you

Realise that the term ‘natural’ is very misleading in terms of mattresses. Uranium is natural too, but you would not want to sleep on it. What you want is a mattress and pillow that are biologically neutral, meaning they don’t react poorly with your body. Geovital did extensive testing and found Latex to be a problem for most people and so were ‘natural’ alternative materials like horsehair. 45

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Aeration important for skin and deterrent to fungus

Many mattresses have a structure that does not allow for ventilation of the area underneath you. Again Latex scores poorly here, so do the organic mattresses, but memory foam together with water beds are the worst.

What is different about Geovital Mattresses?

Our mattresses were designed by Naturopaths and Orthopaedic surgeons for long term health, not quick sales. They have 5 patents which demonstrates their uniqueness. After all our testing we ended up choosing a foam material because it was biologically neutral and scored exceptionally well with intolerance testing. The special thing about our foam is the following:

Most foams are made using a chemical propellant that makes all those little bubbles. We go to the extent to use carbonated water instead, avoiding all those chemicals normally used in the creation of foam. Also the adhesive used between foam layers is of a special edible variety. Finally the cover is made from a material called TENCEL速 which is tested to be very beneficial for people with skin issues and asthma. This cover is fitted with a zipper that allows you to remove it and wash it!


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The unique combination of design and materials give the following benefits, they are: • Anti-Static • Anti-Allergy and Anti-Intolerance • Metal Free • 100% Latex Free • One of the highest aeration levels of any mattress • An open structure that makes for an inhospitable environment for fungus • Supportive for the spine to due to a ‘Stretch Effect’ that reduces pressure on the discs by converting downwards weight into a gentle traction • Supportive of the lower curves of the back

They are hand made in our facility in Austria and sent to all over the world. You will find our mattresses to be exceptional and very reasonably priced. 47

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What you should know about protecting your family from Radiation

Sadly, as the fear of low level radiation is quite justified, many companies present themselves aiming to cash in on your fear with poorly designed products. These may be made from essentially good material but utilised in a totally inappropriate manner, or products which misleadingly claim to protect or neutralise radiation whilst clearly unable to change radiation exposure.

Geovital originated as a naturopathic health clinic and long term health protection and recovery in our patients has always been the goal and benchmark for the solutions we have developed. Some of those look similar to other products but are often very different in design or make up.

Verifiable Solutions

Radiation Solutions should be verifiable, meaning if you measure radiation levels before and after application, you see a dramatic reduction. Geovital uses solutions that are logical and their function can be checked: • T98 Alpha Shielding Paint against transmitter (HF) radiation and electric fields from wiring. Used to shield all bedroom walls and ceiling. (NEVER shield just one wall without professional measurement from one of our assessors) • NOVA shielding fabric against transmitter (HF) radiation, used as curtains, partitions and as bed hung (canopies) for adults and children. • Circuit Cut-off Switches to completely eliminate electric field exposure from circuits that are not in use during the night. These 48

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switches, installed by an electrician, monitor the flow of electricity and once usage stops, the power to that line gets cut off. This is the kind of logic we have been using for years and has gotten us great results in so many patients bothered by chronic complaints that conventional medicine could not help them with.

Existing Homes – 90% need improvements

Much can be done in existing homes and the approach can be tailored to suit the person’s needs and budget. We often find internal wiring producing electric field exposure on the sleeper whilst in their bed, which can often be eliminated completely. Also mobile phone towers, smart meters in the area, wireless technology and more can penetrate the house from outside. Barriers can be put into place, like our T98 Alpha Shielding Paint, to address this if required. An assessment of your house is often an eye opening experience and very educational. We’ll be able to teach you simple ways to improve your situation and work out a plan of attack for the more serious issues especially where they affect the bedroom. The bedroom is always important to get right as it is the place where we are supposed to rest and regenerate without constant sources of irritation.


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MUST KNOWS for home buyers – Don’t buy a sick home

As discussed earlier, there are types of low level radiation from power supply cables above or underground, that cannot be reasonably shielded against and which have been shown to produce serious health issues at prolonged exposure. Not every home has this, but where people are sick or have fertility issues we do find it. Within a street, there is a good chance there are at least a couple of homes affected by this type of radiation so please realise:

It is not only the high voltage power lines (walkers) that are causing this serious problem. Standard street power lines are affecting far more homes this way! Most homes do need improvement. Things like mobile phone tower exposure or radiation produced by internal wiring need to be addressed in most homes. The last thing you want, is to buy a home, get us to come ‘improve it’ and to be told you have a radiation issue we can’t fix.


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Pest Inspection,

Structural Building Report Pre-Purchase Radiation Audit

There is a way to sift the wheat from the chaff which we will discuss in just a minute, but before putting an offer in you need to get one of our assessors to investigate your potential house purchase to determine if it is ‘updateable’. The benefit of having an assessment done before you sign the dotted line is that it will tell you what needs to be done when you move in. If products need to be ordered, it will all be ready to go on settlement day before you start painting or moving in furniture.

Don’t Buy A Sick Home If for some reason radiation is unshieldable, our assessors will also tell you before you sign the dotted line. This may prevent you purchasing a sick home that is likely to make you sick in the short or long term.


How you can eliminate the bad homes from the fixable ones.

There is one type of radiation which is found often and it cannot be effectively shielded against. This is low frequency electromagnetic radiation (LF EMR) which is produced by power supply cables running past the 51

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property (underground or above ground), to the property and its circuit breaker panel and to some extend the internal wiring and appliances.

Trifield Meter

You can measure this radiation with a relatively inexpensive measurement device. As you are going to make a decision about your long term future with this device, it needs to be a quality tool. We strongly recommend a particular model of Trifield Meter fit for use in our country. When you buy this meter from us we’ll receive besides the manufacturers information our own user guide which is far more hands on. This will give you the confidence you are using it correctly. Find your Trifield Meter under ‘products’ on our website now.

You can test during Open For Inspections

By measuring for electromagnetic fields with your Trifield Meter (www.trifield.com.au), you will be able to detect if the home you are considering has this typically unfixable problem. This way you don’t even need to call us to check it out. Only when you find a house with acceptable levels of LF EMR, you then move forward to involve one of our assessors. We will double check your own findings and assess the other types of radiation, which you are likely to be exposed to due to building design and location. We can then recommend the best strategies to deal with these radiation sources in a holistic way as we have done for many year for many families.

A Pre-Purchase Radiation Assessment is arguably the most important pre-purchase test to do before a house purchase. 52

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There is a small chance that wiring in the house is incorrect and produces a lot of EMR. There are clever tricks that enable you to confirm this. This is discussed in the unique ‘Geovital Trifield Meter User Guide’ that only comes with your meter if your purchase it from Geovital. Too much LF EMR produced by an outside source affecting areas of the house means that in practical terms that house is unfixable.

Can you afford to buy a sick home?


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Building New – Don’t build a sick home

Updating an existing home to reduce radiation exposure has its limitations compared to the opportunities presented by building a new home. A new home is like a blank canvas and you have the opportunity to build it correctly from the foundation up. By making simple changes to wiring routing, the placement of Circuit Cut-off Switches and shielding against high frequency radiation from outside sources if required, you will be creating a far healthier home. “As an architect, I simply cannot advocate being a designer of healthy homes without considering the potential hazard EMF is having on our health. Geovital not only brings awareness to this issue but provides you with ongoing support in how best to protect and shield yourself from such potential hazards.” Christian Zambelli, Architect


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It is important to get us involved early, preferably before buying a block of land to build on. The location itself could be polluted by unfixable levels of low frequency electromagnetic radiation. In this which case we would advise against the purchase of the land and help you avoid potential disaster. A lot of improvements can be made to your design and we can work with your architect, builders and electricians who are often fascinated by our work and very supportive. If you choose a builder (especially for predesigned homes), it does pay to ask if they are flexible and able to accommodate for the possible incorporation of additional materials or having wiring plans changed. By looking at your building plans and ideally taking some onsite measurements before construction, we can advise you on the best approach to build your healthier home. Also the use of lighting, large appliances and solar panels needs to be addressed early.


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Results and benefits of radiation shielding

One can never predict what the positive effects of the removal of radiation exposure will be on an individual basis. It is not a treatment, medicine or a substitute for health care. We have found it to be a serious health burden and road block on the way to good health in many of our clients. The removal of radiation exposure has led to many wonderful recoveries to good health or better quality of life.

Your body has to recover and repair itself on a daily basis. There is so much research that shows radiation exposure can be a limiting factor and hence it is logical to deduct that one should not fail to remove this burden in the approach to holistic health.


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Prevention better than a cure

Needless to say, the prevention of chronic complaints is preferable compared to letting problems develop in the first place. The way homes are built now and what we are exposed to from outside sources requires us to take preventative measures in every house.

The longer the exposure remains, the more difficult the recovery will be. The expense of creating a healthier home is insignificantly small compared to the cost of a roof, proper alarm system, private health insurance or illness. It is important to get this right in your living environment and ‘strengthen’ yourself for the exposure you are likely to suffer during a working day. Take the tips in this booklet to heart and make some simple changes to reduce exposure, but please realise you need professional help to address this properly. When you are ready or when you’ve had enough, we will be delighted to assist you. Patrick van der Burght Geovital Academy 57

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