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Radiation-free building Effective protection against man-made and natural radiation

What do you expect from your own 4 walls? Should your home only be a safe haven against bad weather and burglars? Or should it also protect your health and by its design support health unlike most homes? Living healthy is vitally important. People who live healthy fight disease more effectively and replenish their life's energy reserves. In modern life we are exposed in our sleeping and living room areas to a multitude of radiation sources. These contributing factors are inside and outside the home. This radiation is invisible, but it affects our lives and thus our family in significant ways.

Electromagnetic radiation:

Natural radiation:

Internal wiring, mobile phone towers, transmitters, smart meters, electrical appliances, wireless technology, TV and radio signals penetrating the room.

Tectonic disturbances, fault lines, grid lines and water veins under the home.

Internal Electrical Wiring

Mobile Phone Towers/ HF transmitters

Natural Radiation

Geovital Academy for Radiation Protection and Environmental Medicine Unterwolfbühl 430 | 6434 Sulzberg | Austria

Get your building plans checked for radiation! Regardless if you are building or renovating, a Building Geobiologist of the Geovital Academy will help you to locate the radiation burdens in your living and sleeping areas. Based on many years of experience in Building Geobiology our trained consultants will plan with you to have radiation shielding and avoidance incorporated into your project. This saves money and gives your home the level of protection you wish it to provide your family.

Do it right from the start... upgrading later is more costly!

Don’t build a sick home Build a home that will add your health and happiness Success or failure stands or falls with the interests, experience and background of your tradespeople. Geovital’s origins are as a naturopathic health clinic and our success has come from our holistic and long term approach to health recovery and protection for our clients. Your Geovital Academy radiation specialist works with you and your architect to uncover the weak points in the design which would be a health burden and select the appropriate strategies and selection of materials at the outset of your project. The cost is insignificant considering the value of a home but it is a great investment in yourself. Safe guarding your well-being is the most important function your house should have. Did you know, that a wooden construction or framework is perfect from a building biology perspective but electrobiologically it is a disaster? Did you know, that early planning and strategy can save you time and money in renovations and new homes? Built in radiation protection! Ideally a Geovital consultant should be involved before your land purchase to avoid locations with unfixable problems! Did you know, that 95 % of all Circuit Cut-off Switches fitted by an electrician are incorrectly placed? The expertise of a Geobiologist is required to invest­igate and uncover the radiation leakage of internal wiring. Only if fitted to exactly the right circuits do these switches bring their benefit. Did you know, that Solar panel systems without the placement of shielding mesh on average emit 1700 V / m of electric field onto beams and the underlying rooms?

Circuit Cut-off Switches - Automatic radiation elimination In bedrooms, on average there are two to four circuits responsible for radiation exposure and rarely just one. Your Geovital consultant measures the circuits’ radiation and will show you how circuit cut-off switches can eliminate this. They will cut off power supply to the circuits when no electricity is used, effectively removing all radiation associated with internal wiring. When you turn an appliance or light back on, the electricity is instantly returned. A supplied light in a power point will show you when power has been cut.

Get us involved early. Contact us today and organise an appointment with a Geovital consultant close to you.

Best value for your health Because our roots are in natural medicine the long term effect on our patients’ health has always been the basis for our research and development. This is sadly unique in our industry and also the reason Geovital is highly valued by doctors, therapists and those who are health conscious. Here are some of our solutions which, once in place, will keep working for you providing ongoing protection and peace of mind.

Shielding Mesh For external walls and roof areas effective shielding mesh has been developed against high frequency radiation. Your Geovital consultant will gladly educate you about the materials and how they are correctly utilised. Whilst many manufacturers and service providers only rely on lab test reports, we know what actually works for your health in a practical sense.

Shielding Paint Wall to wall radiation protection with Geovital T98 Alpha. This is achieved by creating a highly electrically conductive layer which deflects or leads away radiation. This unique paint with its graphite base can simply be wallpapered or painted over.

Shielding Mats When radiation protection is incorporated into the flooring during con­struction the home is protected from the outset against natural influences. Geovital has over 30 years of reliable results in protection of sleeping areas or an entire home.

Meaningful electric wiring With well thought out electrical cabling the greatest source of home made electronic pollution can be avoided. The correct choice of materials and shielding provides the desired results. In this regard average electricians are the worst source of information as they lack knowledge and practical application in this field.

Up to 99.999 % shielding effectiveness! This efficiency is certified in a test report by the German Armed Forces University in Munich.

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Radiation-free building Geovital  

The most important function of a home should be that it protects your health, not subtract from it like most homes do. Learn more about incl...

Radiation-free building Geovital  

The most important function of a home should be that it protects your health, not subtract from it like most homes do. Learn more about incl...