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H.A. Treff

In this issue of Insight we are not going to introduce you to two scientists, but rather two places where new, amazing and surprising experiences from the sciences can be »understood« in the truest sense of the word.

Museum of Man and Nature, Munich Idyllically located in one of the side wings of the Nymphenburg Palace, the Museum of Man and Nature offers everything you need to know about the versatile interacti-

ons between the earth and life. Thus, anthropogenic and natural changes in the environment are at the heart of the permanent exhibition. Again and again exciting experieces are added by special exhibitions. Following an exhibition on Spiders in spring 2013 the touring Exhibition »Valuable Earth« from GEOTECHNOLOGIEN is a guest here from July 17th to November 10th 2013 . The museum, which opened to visitors in 1809, has become a very modern museum in recent years and is very popular with children and young people in particular because of the diverse range of multimedia and the experience-oriented presentations on offer.

State Museum of Natural History, Karlsruhe the State Museum of Natural History is located in the heart of the city of Karlsruhe. It is both a presentation museum as well as a collection for research and enjoys an excellent international reputation. The museum itself, which is very dedicated to the

topic of biodiversity, in addition shows preparations, artefacts and dioramas and even live animals in it’s in-house vivarium. Visi-

Astrium Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe

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tors are welcomed in the atrium by a lifesize model of a prehistoric Quetzalcoatlus. The museum has plenty of space for special exhibitions: Under the motto »Bodenlos - durch die Luft und unter Wasser« from April 25th until October 27th 2013 visitors can see exciting aircraft, airworthy animals, submarine robots and marine life. As early as, 1785 the collection of the Margravine of Baden was open for visitors. The museum in Karlsruhe is one of the oldest natural history museums in Germany. ¢

From space to the centre of the Earth – a joint conference with the GeoUnion The GeoUnion, the umbrella organization of the geoscientific associations in Germany, will carry out its annual meeting this year, together with the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN program. The exploration of the Earth from space has not only provided researchers from a huge range of disciplines with new insights into our planet. Extremely diverse data is collected, not only in the geo-, climate and marine research, but it can also be used to estimate of forest and agricultural land as well a detecting environmental damage. In addition, data transmitted in real time via satellite, for example, is essential for the operation of early warning systems against natural hazards . The early identification of natural hazards such as floods, landslides or tsunamis in a densely populated world is becoming increasingly important to minimize victims, but also economic damage. Increased use of the subterranean space also plays an important role for example in the production of mineral resources, which are used for energy supply. Therefore, 3 - 4 introductory presentations into the topics »Monitoring the system earth from space: measurements of the Earth's

gravity field make it possible to evaluate tectonic processes and ocean currents and climate change«, »the development of early warning systems against natural hazards« and »the geotechnical use of the subsurface«. A 45 - 60 minute podium discussion with the speaker from the respective subject areas will follow the topic, moderated by either a peer reviewed researchers or a science journalist . The event is aimed primarily at the interested public, teachers, pupils and students, as well as journalists and representatives from politics and industry. The meeting should give an insight into different areas of the earth sciences and the relevance that findings in research reflect on our daily lives. You are all kindly invited. ¢

The event will be held as a one-day conference on November 22nd 2013 from 10:30 to 6:15 p.m. in the State Library Berlin.

Insight Issue 2/2013  

GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Newsletter "Insight" issue 2/2013