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Dear GEOTECHNOLOGIEN program partners,

In order to publish the most important findings that have been achieved within the individual projects of the various topics of the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN R&D-program, this year two further books will be published as Science Reports within the Springer book series »Advanced Technologies in Earth Sciences«. There will be a volume on the subject of »Observation of the System Earth from space CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE and Future Missions«, as well as another on the subject of »Tomography of the Earth's crust«. The next two issues reflect the funded topics in their entire bandwidth and highlighting the added value of such an R&D-program. I would like to thank all parties involved in particular the editors and authors for their support and their contributions and hope that next year we will produce at least another volume.

Your Ute Münch

GeoEd – geoscience teaching & learning modules and concepts for teacher training Geoscientists, educational researchers and practitioners, as well as representatives of the museums and museum pedagogy will meet for the first GeoEd-Workshop at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS) on September 17th in Potsdam. The aim of the workshop is to address; the needs of teachers, the potential of museums and to link the geoscience fields amongst each other and reinforce them in the school curriculum. The far-reaching economic benefits, but also the longterm environmental aspects of geoscientific research (e.g. raw materials, water, climate, land use, tourism) are under-represented in the schools in comparison to their importance for society. Promoting young talent in this area not only has an educational value in itself, but is also very important in terms of economic benefits and sustainability . Through the initiative of the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN program, the GeoUnion, Progress and the IASS new strategies are to be developed in the GeoEd project, to promote geoscientific knowledge more widely in the society and ensure a sufficient supply of well educated professionals as an economic and a knowledge base for Germany. The objective is to contribute to an interesting, interdisciplinary school curriculum which integrates the current level of research and technology. In order to achieve an appropriate and effective implementation existing, local projects and initiatives will be approached with the help of the good contacts the natural history museums in Germany maintain. Therefore GeoEd gives us an opportunity to connect the natural history museums in Germany, with research institutions to a network together, dedicated to the development of Earth science teaching modules and associated teacher training . ¢

Imprint: Coordination Office GEOTECHNOLOGIEN, Telegrafenberg, 14473 Potsdam, Germany, Tel.: +49 (0)331 288 1071,, Dr. Ute Münch (VisdP)

Naturkundemuseum Berlin

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Where else? Teacher training on geo-topics in the natural history museum

Insight Issue 2/2013  
Insight Issue 2/2013  

GEOTECHNOLOGIEN Newsletter "Insight" issue 2/2013