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Club 2.0 and You

The focus is people’s aspirations. Aspirations determine the way people live and move. Everyone is motivated by something, the desire to look & feel better, sporting performance or for health & happiness, not always

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with a specific end goal in mind. Based on the concept that aspiration is what makes people move, Technogym® have identified 6 CORE ASPIRATIONS.

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SHAPE “Looking good is what makes POWER

me feel good. I exercise to burn calories, manage my weight, and tone my body”.

“Physical presence is a key ingredient of success. I exercise to look strong and powerful”.


“I enjoy meeting people and trying something new. Having fun makes me feel alive”.

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“I want to be active and healthy. I exercise to improve my everyday wellbeing”.

BALANCE “I am looking for

relaxation from a tense and stressful life. I exercise to achieve a mind, body balance”.

SPORT “Sport is not only my

passion, it’s my second life. I exercise indoor and outdoor to improve my sport performance”.

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CLUB 2.0

What is the future o The future is Club 2.0 The fitness industry is at a crossroads. Diversity in fitness member aspirations increased dramatically over the past few years. The traditional fitness Club can hardly overcome the challenges of a much more differentiated gym population. The only way forward is to reconsider the traditional approach to the market and find a new direction. The questions that really matter are:

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at is the future of your business?

Club 2.0 and You.

• Who are my customers? • What makes them move? • How can I satisfy them?

Healthy people & planet

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Club 2.0, aspiration-driven business. How can I drive my business according to my customers’ aspirations?

Make it easy with Technogym’s Aspiration Finder, the first-ever scientific on-line questionnaire that tells you what aspirations move your clients.

The Technogym Aspiration Map makes it possible for you to set the right priorities to drive your business strategy.

Technogym® appointed the IULM University of Milan to carry out extensive testing in Europe, the results of which confirm the scientific validity of the segmentation model based on the 6 core aspirations. Based on these findings, Technogym® have developed a questionnaire in collaboration with IULM University to enable you to identify your customers’ aspirations.

Awareness of your customers’ aspirations enables you to develop a profitable solution around them.

The Technogym Aspiration Finder questionnaire takes only five minutes with results communicated via the Technogym Aspiration Map (fig. 1). Each result is unique for each client revealing a relative percentage mix of the six core aspirations.

• You can focus on what is really important to your customers. By applying the Technogym Aspiration Finder to a test group of customers (100 is enough), you will be able to visualise the Aspiration Map of your entire Club (fig. 2) and know which products, services and activities you need. • You can offer your clients the training experience they want with the Technogym Aspiration Finder which provides your trainers with the information needed to choose the ideal equipment.

• You can take your personal training to a higher level because our Technogym Aspiration Map provides your PTs with the information they need to develop a profitable personal training relationship and increase secondary spend. • Each customer will find the ideal environment in a Club organized by aspiration zones. The traditional layout doesn’t help you to attract new members and retain your customers.

What can I achieve by choosing Club 2.0?

What can Technogym® do to help me? Technogym® have put client aspirations at the heart of the TOTAL WELLNESS SOLUTION, to create the club of the future. • Technogym® innovative products. The world’s most comprehensive range of product, colours and design in the world to deliver innovative solutions of total body training, personal training and group training. • Technogym® Programmes. Club 2.0 programs offer specific guidelines and contents to support your trainers in developing aspiration-driven training experiences. • Technogym® Relationship Management takes your service to a higher level and minimize drop out, with Technogym® Business Solutions, including Wellness System and Contact Manager.

You will expand and increase your source of revenue, by acting directly upon Club attraction, retention and secondary spend activities.

• Technogym® Education provides you with a state-ofthe-art e-learning platform and far-reaching trainers network.


• Technogym® Wellness Design. Our layouts and interior design solutions enable you to create an environment where each customer can enjoy a unique training experience. • Visual and Merchandising. A comprehensive library of images , videos and screen panels will help you arrange tailor-made Club areas for a unique training experience.



(fig. 1)




Member Aspiration Map


Anonymous Member REVENUE

How can I find out what aspirations move my clients?

Club Aspiration Map

(fig. 2)

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CLUB 2.0

Technogym Club 2.0  

Technogym Club 2.0

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