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Architecture Portfolio Georgina Karakasilis Selected Works 2018

Georgina Karakasilis Master of Architecture [M.Arch] University of South Florida 727.967.9563

1 Willard Elementary School October 2017 - Ongoing Project Type Education Project Location River Forest, IL Size Second Story Addition: 3,075 sf Overall Area of work (1st + 2nd floors): 9,800 sf A second story addition is added to an elementary school in River Forest to accomodate for it’s growing enrollment. The design is an extension of the existing and doesn’t seek to take away from the overall. The first level underneath the addition is also redesigned, where two existing classrooms are created into three. Two of the rooms will remain as classrooms, and the third to be used as a multi-purpose room constructed with soundproof walls.

First Floor Areas of Work

Second Floor Area of Work

01 Willard

Top of Construction EL= +28’-6” Second Floor Ceiling EL= +23’-4”

Addition Existing

Ex Second Floor Ceiling EL= +10’-2”

Finished First Floor EL= +0’-0” Existing Grade EL= -2’-0”

East Elevation

North Elevation

Existing 02

Second Floor Demolition Plan 1 Ex Stairs 2 Ex Hallway 3 Ex Classroom

1 2 3

Second Floor Construction Plan 2 3








9 10

03 Willard

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Classroom Multi-Purpose Classroom Office Hallway Office Office Office Hallway Classroom

New roof construction Typical roofing membrane on .08” aluminum pre-finished metal on continuous cleats on treated 2x16 Remove existing metal coping and blocking as required to extend wall up to support new joists on top of wall blocking

Extend new wall up as required for bearing and new roof construction 1/2” HD fiberboard on 2 layers of 2.6” insulation on roof decking - see structural plans for sizings Remove existing roofing, insulationand blocking and prepare for new roofing repitched to the south Ex steel joists & decking Ex lay-in acoustic ceiling system

Roof decking Second Floor Ceiling EL= +23’-4” New joist bearing New 2’-0” x 4’-0” lay-in acoustic ceiling system





Connection Between Existing and New 04

2 White Residence August 2017 - Ongoing Project Type Residential Project Location Chicago, IL Size Existing: 2,665 sf New: 2,538 sf

Public Alley

S Hoyne Ave

In a small quiet street in the Mckinley Park neighborhood of Chicago, an existing 2-family residence is converted into a single family home. An open floor plan becomes the design to the interior of the residence, with a newly redesigned second floor. The overall form of the building was preserved while adding a new addition to the existing rooftop design. The concept of the design was to create more open spaces and brining more light into the house.

3 1


Site Plan 1 2 3

Site New Deck Ex Garage 5’

05 White



Top of Roof Parapet EL= +22’-2” Top Second Floor Ceiling EL= +20’-2”

Top New Second Floor EL= +11’-0”

New Roof Existing

Top Ex First Floor Ceiling EL= +9’-10”

Top Ex First Floor EL= 0’-0” Top Ex Basement Ceiling EL= -0’-14”

Top Ex Basement Floor EL= -8’-8”

West Elevation

Existing East Elevation 06


3 1


7 2



15 6 10

4 5



First Floor Demolition Plan 1 2 3 4 5

Ex Front Porch Ex Entry Ex Stairs Ex Living Room Ex Bathroom

6 7 8 9 10

Ex Hallway Ex Bedroom Ex Stairs Ex Bedroom Ex Dining Room

11 12 13 14 15

Ex Closet Ex Pantry Ex Closet Ex Kitchen Ex Rear Porch

3 8





10 5 7 6


First Floor Construction Plan 1 2 3 4 5

Front Stair Entry Stair Hallway Living Room

6 7 8 9 10

Bathroom Kitchen Dining Room Rear Porch Rear Stair

07 White

New 6” cement fiberboard fascia & aluminum cap Top of Roof EL= +22’-2” Typical new second story siding wall construction

New flat roof construction

New aluminum framed fixed window & cement fiberboard window trim

New aluminum framed casement window & cement fiberboard window trim Existing demolished roof line New aluminum framed fixed window & cement fiberboard window trim

Top of Second Floor EL= +11’-0”

Typical new exterior stucco/brick wall construction

Top of First Floor EL= +0’-0”

New awning window

Typical new basement exterior siding wall construction Grade Existing foundation wall

Existing concrete slab


Wall Section 08

3 Reviving the Ghost City

Academic Work - Advanced Design C - Team Project Spring 2014 Project Type Urban Project Location Famagusta, Cyprus The town of Varosha has been uninhabited for 40 years and Cyprus remains divided into two, with the Greek-Cypriots living in the South and the Turkish-Cypriots living in the North. The area has been fenced off and patrolled by Turkish soldiers. Recently there has been interest by some from the North and South to return the “Ghost City� to its owners. The project aims to create a place for sustainability, job creation, trade, technological advancements, integration, and eco-tourism.




1 City Center 2 Existing Walled City 3 Agricultural Center

Street Near City Center 09 Academic Work

Bike Share Offers a new way of transportation in the city.

Rooftop Gardens Provide a sustainable way for the community to grow food along the main street.

Market Street Serving as the main street in the city center of Famagusta, it is home to a market which takes place once a week in which the community is able to come together to sell goods. The street consists of residential, mixed use, and public buildings, and empties into the public plaza.

Site Sections


4 Photography

Royal Ontario Museum Toronto, Ontario 2015

11 Photography

Pearly’s Beach Eats Clearwater, Florida 2017

Clearwater Beach Clearwater, Florida 2017


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