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how far would you travel to make it in the industry?

CAmy louise is back

welcome back to our monthly mag, it is bursting with exciting news this month.

Music pages

her single out at the end of the month


1 - up coming gigs not to be missed new to the industry

2- the lyrics to duppys new single killerand exclusive back stage footage from his tour in Japan, China and England 3 - Top tips to perfect your voice when singing

14. 2.

4 - win a trip to Tokoyo

14- Cross the band comes into studio to talk to us about there upcoming album, and tour dates.

email to win

5 - A day in the life of christian an exclusive interview with gee arr

6 - the most wanted dubstep 7,8 - kick back and inhale 12,12

9 - amy louise talks the truth but is it what you want to hear? 10- why did griny leave birmingham and when is she coming back if she is at all

Everday pages 10

15- have your say write to us and let us know

16,17 - Do it your way, today.

and leave your past behind

18,19,20 - Listen live

summer spcial issue only 99p next month




finished work yay

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