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9 - amy louise talks the truth but is it what you want to hear? 10- why did griny leave birmingham and when is she coming back if she is at all

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ave you ever thought about your next album?

Thought about it? It’s almost done (laughs) I can’t really say too much though but be aware this ones going to be HOT! Where did you shoot your new video “I do music”? Well we shot the video in a number of different places all over the Midlands but most of it was done in and around the Birmingham city centre. I wanted to do most of it there so we could capture the recognisable Birmingham landscapes so that the people that were watching would know where im from and what im representing, which is Birmingham to the fullest.

Where do you want to be in 3 years’ time?

Where do I want to be in 3 years time? Hmm that’s an interesting question you know, erm in a higher position then I am now im the grime scene and working with more talent across the UK and anybody else that interests me.

What made you decide that you wanted to become a grime artist?

I’ve always had a deep passion for music since I was around the age of 10. When I was about 12 I heard my first garage song, I think it was so solid crew 21 seconds which I’m sure you’ve heard of (laughs) I remember when me & my cousin used to just chill and put the instrumental on and just used to say all the lyrics because we knew them off by heart. One of the days I saw some people spitting their own bars in school and decided to get involved and that’s when it all started but it’s only in the last year where I’ve started to take it seriously.

Why do you choose not to make your own beats?

Well I think it’s a good experience when you just sit down with a good producer and make a song together and see what each

other can do with their talents, it really is a good feeling when you listen to a hot beat that’s someone’s made for you and see what you can do with it in terms of vocalling and making a full song. I am interested in making my own beats but at the moment I haven’t really got the time if I’m not writing my music then I’m doing college work.

What do you eat or drink before you go on stage?

You know what, I’m weird because I’m not like them other artists who don’t eat and only drink water. Before every performance I eat a jam doughnut and have a can of coke so that I get hyped up before I perform.

Why do you only do tours in Birmingham?

I only tour in Birmingham at the moment because although im known all across the UK, Birmingham is where im from and I want to make sure that im known to fullest in my own home town before I go anywhere else atry an build a bigger fan base.

So are you seeing anyone at the moment then?

Why? Interested? What do you want to of achieved by the end of 2011? My main goal for this year is to release this album that im currently working on and to try and get as many plays on radio as I can and just push it out as much as I can to the public.

Why is your music name ‘Gee Arr’?

I called myself Gee Arr because grime is the main genre of music that I make and I have a deep passion for grime. The name Gee Arr/GR is an abbreviation for the word grime which is what I stand for.

What’s your dream holiday?

I would love to take a holiday for a month or more in New York or Tokyo and just sight see and explore what the places had to

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