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September 2013

Volume 2

Arifjan, Kuwait

Special points of interest: 

End of Summer Morale Day 2 Oct.

Cancer Awareness Run 13 Oct.

Enlisted Bowling 20 Oct.

Halloween Party 25 Oct.

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This year's Combined Federal Campaign kicked off, September 14 at 0400 with a 10 Mile Road March where four teams from the 53rd Transportation Battalion donned 20lb rucksacks to support the cause.

The Combined Federal Campaign begun in the early 1960s by allowing federal employees to make payroll deductions to various charitable organizations.

Federal employees, according to the CFC website, conThe CFC donates tinue to make the CFC the largest roughly 250 million dollars per workplace philanthropic fundyear to a variety of charities. The raiser in the world. groups vary from animal shelters to children's education. Donations can be made Donating to the CFC is a great to any of the roughly 4400 eligiway to help out others and sup- ble charities in cash or come diport a foundation you are truly rectly from your paychecks and passionate about.

can range from just a couple cents to as much as you can afford. Anyone looking to participate and donate should contact their unit CFC representative.

XO’s Corner: MAJ SCOTT well. Most of the children have been in school now for at least two weeks, so many of you are making adjustments from the summer camp schedules to school drop offs and bus schedules. What an exciting time and know that we enjoyed all the Facebook posts and e-mails of first day of school photos. It almost made us feel like we were there. Hello Family and friends of the Siegesrader Family all the way from Kuwait. We are just over 60 days now, but who’s counting right? As you all read in our last newsletter we had a few changes to our mission, but we have persevered and adapted to the changes, because that’s what we do. We picked up the newest mission and kept the ball rolling. We continually make improvements to our operation to ensure we provide world class transportation support throughout the Kuwait Area of Operation. We have settled into our battle rhythm, and everyone is doing well. For you all back there, you’re probably making changes to your routines as

The Siegesrader Family here in Kuwait has had an event filled month with several morale and team building events. This month we had a Senior Leader’s Luncheon, a few trips out to Kuwait City for the Soldiers to experience the culture and gain international experience, and we celebrated several birthdays. Even though we are away from our Families, each Soldier knows that their Army Family is always here for them. Our biggest event this month was the 10 mile ruck march to kick off the Combined Federal Campaign. This event forced old and young Soldiers alike to push our bodies to the limit, but we had a great time.

In closing I would like to thank you the Family, friends and 53rd Provisional Headquarters Battalion for all your love and support. People always say Soldiers make great sacrifices for their country, but I would say you as Family members make an even greater sacrifice. “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”. We as Soldiers are blessed to have all of you. Take care and continue to hold down the home front. TUSKER 5 MAJ CLARISSE T. SCOTT Executive Officer

S3’s Corner: MAJ JOHNSON

Hello to the family, friends, wives, husbands, kids, and all relatives of the 53rd Transportation Battalion. Let me start out by saying thank you for taking care of home while your Soldier is deployed abroad. The 53rd team knows and understands that we could not accomplish our mission without the support you provide your Soldier while he/ she is here. So I want to give my personal thank you to all of you and to let you know your Soldier is in good hands here with this organization.

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Our mission while assigned to Kuwait is Movement Control. Movement Control is the planning, routing, allocating, validating, coordinating, priority management and in transit visibility of personnel, units, equipment, and supplies moving over the lines of communication (LOCS), and transportation assets according to command planning directives. Our ability to forecast requirements and designated assets, determines movement within this theater utilizing our skill sets and working with our civilian counterparts to make all missions happen. Movement Control has two sections within its operation; Highway Traffic Division section (HTD), and Plans, Policies, and Operations section (PPO). Your Soldiers are directly responsible for the integral amount of detail, planning, and allocation that is additionally synchronized with the Kuwaiti Rear Operation Center (KROC) which provides host nation support for movement escorts within Kuwait multi nodes in which we transport personnel and equipment. Our team provides 24/7 operations utilizing key systems that interface providing the most

current information in order to better support the customer. I want all the families and friends to know that your Soldier is doing an outstanding job, remaining battle focused, and fulfilling his/her duties as a Soldier should. We are proud of Team 53rd and the mission that they have accepted each and every day. Even though movement control is a critical function that requires demanding hours of operations, the Soldiers of the 53rd MCB continue to provide movement control and customer service support without hesitation. TUSKER 3 MAJ JAMES S. JOHNSON Operations Officer


CSM Coleman and CSM Thomas, SDDC CSM, smile for the camera.

Soldiers of 53rd BN meet with CSM Thomas, SDDC CSM.

Leadership of 371st Sustainment Brigade attend the 135th ESC Commander’s Call on 20 September 2013 in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

LTC Ledbetter and MAJ Scott enjoy music by the Negligent Discharge Band.,

LTC Ledbetter and BG Tatum discuss the awesome job S1 did putting together the Commander’s Call dinner.

CSM Kinder gives Soldiers of 53rd BN coins for a job well done.

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HHD: The Rhino Report CPT Griffith Greetings Soldiers and Family members of the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 53rd MCB, I am proud to say we have almost completed our third month here in the desert. I would like to congratulate all of you on making this a successful deployment thus far. With the ever changing global climate, it is important to remember that as professional Soldiers it is our job and our Family’s job to be able to respond at a moment’s notice to support the country’s interest home and abroad. The possibility of an assignment change or an extension is ever present. It is important that we be able to adapt to meet the challenges presented. When change is thrust upon us, we must maintain positive attitudes and work together as a unit to accomplish the mission. An integral component of our success as deployed Soldiers is knowing that we have the support of our Families at home regardless of where in the world we are or what we are doing. I encourage each and every one of you to stay engaged with loved ones at home as much as possible while still satisfying the demands of the deployment. Our ability to adapt and overcome any obstacle presented is the key to the Army’s success. Keep up the good work. CPT James A. Griffith All the Way Lead the Charge

SFC Kelley Rhino's, We have 2 months on the books and are getting closer to the goal every day. Although we've all settled into our battle rhythms, let's not become complacent of our surroundings and the needs of our Battle Buddies. There are many opportunities to have fun, get educated, and keep physically fit while we are deployed. Don't just do your "9-5" and call it quits for the day. Enroll in college, see a movie, or go to the gym and exercise. Some of us just completed the CFC 10 Mile Ruck-march and had 100% completion, (you could tell who some of us were by the way we've been limping around lately) GREAT JOB!!! Continue to exceed the standard in everything you do and remember, If you see something wrong and you just walk by without correction, you've just created a "bad standard". Always do the right thing no matter how difficult it may seem. Thank you for the hard work. It's an Honor to serve with this great team. SFC Kelley Rhino 7 Page 4

Volume 2

679th MCT: Road Dawgs 1LT Rodgers The 679th Movement Control Team was alerted that in the near future they would be departing their home station for deployment in May of 2012. Throughout the mobilization process the Soldiers of 679th MCT not only showed dedication but commitment to the United States Army and their duty. 679 th MCT departed their home station on May 12, 2013 to embark on their journey at Fort Hood, Texas for deployment and readiness training which was completed in 5 weeks. The unit departed Fort Hood, Texas on June 15, 2013 en-route to their final destination of Camp Arifjan, Kuwait for the next 9 months. It has been 90 days since we began our journey. Now, those 90 days may have been longer for some, than others, but through it all we have continued to maintain focus and high morale. The soldiers have demonstrated good judgment, discipline and the willpower to continually work together, going all out to achieve the same goal. As, Alexander H. Leighton, said “Moral is the capacity of a group of people to pull together persistently and consistently in pursuit of a common purpose.” When committed to as task, the soldiers of 679th will not compromise their moral and values. Their unrelenting devotion to the standards of duty and courage, absolute loyalty to the United States Army and those who serve, enables them to complete any task given regardless of how difficult or easy it may be. Morale has been high amongst the Command and the Soldiers which has shown throughout the duration thus far. Unit cohesion and military performance continues to lead the way as our Soldiers continues to support one another throughout this deployment. We are successfully molding together and working on each other strengths, with the support of our loved ones back home and 53rd Transportation Battalion (TC) here. We are able to maintain focus on our mission, dedication to the success of the responsibilities we have been given and encouraging the growth of our Soldiers and the unit.

SFC Anderson

Over the past six months, which includes pre-mobilization and mobilization, the 679th MCT has come together as a team to meet the standards on all mobilization training requirements. During our pre-mob and post-mob training, the soldiers have displayed both mental and physical toughness to meet the challenges of our deployment. From those challenges, the unit is better trained in resiliency, team building, and safety. Every day, our team becomes better, because we are continuously learning and growing. I am proud to serve with such a great group of dedicated Soldiers. Over the next few months we must remain focused and not become complacent. Keep up the fantastic job!!! “Road Dawgs, Roll Out”

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171st MCT Iraq The 171st Movement Control Team (MCT) is one of three MCTs currently executing a Mobile Redistribution Property Assistance Team (MRPAT) mission in Iraq. MRPATs are charged with gaining accountability of DOD equipment and shipping it to Kuwait or CONUS. The 171st MCT is paired with the 574th QM from Grafenwoehr, Germany under the 402nd AFSBn-South West Asia (SWA). The SWA Battalion is supporting the Office of Security Corporation-Iraq (OSC-I) with the normalization of Iraq. OSC-I replaced the United States Forces- Iraq (USF-I) Eleven Soldiers from the 171st team are dispersed to five locations within Iraq, conducting movement control and retrograde operations of the remaining DOD equipment in Iraq. Over 3,000 pieces are designated for retrograde back to CONUS. However that daunting number is not a problem for the 171st, who moved more than 3,000 items in a single week at National Training Center (NTC) in California. Every item identified to be retrograded has to be cleared through the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait for customs and taxation. Sensitive items and major end items, like FMTVs, are either airlifted or line hauled by KBR to Ali Al Salem . The Army logistics support during Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation New Dawn are no longer in place, which makes retrograde difficult under the best circumstance. The 171st MCT has been on ground in Iraq for 60 days. The Detachment has made a positive impact on the mission by moving 600 pieces. Over the next 30 days 2,300 more pieces have been identified for retrograde. -1LT Martin

Soldiers of the 171st MCT working hard in Iraq.

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SPC Charisse Jackson graduates from her first NCOES school, Warrior Leaders Course on 30 September 2013 in Camp Buehring, Kuwait. SPC Jackson is a 25B, assigned as a LAN Manager in the Battalion S-6 Section. Congratulations on your Achievements!

Chaplains Words of Wisdom

Chaplain CPT Hernandez

The transition/adaptation/acclimatization phase is over and we are all pretty much into a relatively steady rhythm. The spirit of family has maintained the unit as an example for other units around us. This does not take away from the longing we all feel to be with the loved ones that wait for our return. What helps us is to remember that it is precisely for those we love that we are here doing the best job we can. Love transcends time and distance and the love that we foster for our loved ones fuels the efforts we put in to the work at hand, having as a reminder those simple words that carry so much weight if we say them from the heart and with our lives, "because I love you". This is where everything claims its true value, love. God bless you all! Thanks again for all you do. God bless! Page 7

SSG Mirna Rodriguez, a Transportation Management Coordinator with the 679th MCT, works 12 hour shifts daily but still reserves time to volunteer at the Red Cross Center everyday in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Her baked goods are infamous around the camp and boost morale everyday for many Soldiers and Civilians. According to Red Cross Team Leader Michael Patton, “A way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, and SSG Rodriguez has Soldiers adoring her through her baked goods”. SSG Rodriguez’s volunteer efforts is the epitome of Selfless Service, one of the core values for the Army. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and personal conduct has greatly benefited all personnel On Camp Arifjan. She represents the 53rd Transportation Battalion exceptionally and is well on her way to receiving the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM) for her outstanding volunteer service.

SPOTLIGHT CIVILIANS The Movement Control Technicians of DynCorp in Camp Buehring, Kuwait succeed on a daily basis through excellent customer service and observation of all movement control problems. Marcella Macon, the MCT Forman, is in charge of daily mission productivity. Her attention to detail is vital to incoming and outgoing controls. Every day she must complete all missions in a timely manner without any oversights. Having worked closely with military all her life, she “is proud to serve with the Soldiers of the United States Army, as well as Kuwaitis”. In fact according to Marcella, working with local hires has been a “great learning experience” that has taught her about different cultures. Michelle Long, of Houston, Texas, has been working for DynCorp in Kuwait for three and a half years. As an MCT coordinator she assures the daily arrangements of movements are executed accurately throughout all camps in Kuwait. Michelle says her main focus is customer service. She is proud to serve Soldiers and finds her job to be exhilarating. Though she is continuously working at her demanding job, she still has time to focus on her Bachelor of Science and is a scuba diving and Crossfit fanatic. Another member of the MCT, Gregg Bolieck, of Central Florida, was a Senior chief petty officer in the Navy before joining the DynCorp Company. His main focus is to coordinate movement across Kuwait. When asked how he liked life as a member of the MCT, Bolieck said, “My occupation is awesome!” All the DynCorp Movement Control Technicians are a great asset to the 53rd BN and a exemplary example to Soldiers and Civilians alike. They are indispensible to our mission in Kuwait, and we are proud to call them a part of the 53rd Family. Page 8

Summer is finally over, and we’ve A total of 12 teams that particiarrived to the fall season. This is time of pated in the successful, multi-day event. year is a great time for sports fanatics and The tournament was double elimibragging rights. Here in Camp AJ, the nation; giving a losing team a 2nd opportuMWR has hosted some competitive events. nity to advance to the finals. The tournaMost prominent was a Labor Day ment was highly competitive with particiClassic basketball tournament held in the pating teams displaying lots of athleticism. Zone 1 Gym.

On defense there was a combination of zone and man defense, mainly 2-3 zone as a base. Ultimately, a team called ‘’A Few Good Men’’ representing 143 rd CSSB took home the championship. SGT Derek Claud Sports Writer

Unit Upcoming Events

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SFC Kelley 1 Sept. SFC Brooks 11 Sept. Ms. Sherry 11 Sept. SFC Maxey 12 Sept.

CPT Thomas 14 Sept. Mr. Tyson 18 September Ms. Janet 20 Sept. SGT Hill 27 Sept.

Morale welfare and Recreation events          

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5 oct. - Oktoberfest celebration zn1 community center @ 1900 8 & 22 oct. - haunted bingo night zn1 community center @ 1900 10 oct. - old school dance night zn1 community center @ 2000 11 & 18 Oct. - Scary Movie on the Stage Zn6 Stage @ 2000 19 oct. – r&B dance night zn1 community center @ 2000 19 Oct. - 3 on 3 Basketball Contest Zn6 Courts @ 1830 17 oct. - Tailgate toss tournament zn6 stage @1900 31 oct. - Fright night run zn1 fitness center@ 1900 31 oct. - Halloween costume contest zn1 community center @ 2000 31 oct.– chamber of horrors mwr haunted house zn1 community center @ 2030

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