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MAGAZINE ADVERT ANALYSIS Rumer, Boys Don’t Cry, 2012

Out now: One advert feature that is integral is a release date/ statement. Phrases like ‘out now’ are so typical of ads like this, and music magazines are prime location for this type of advert, allowing fans to keep up to date with new releases. Artist Name: The artist’s name is positioned at the very top of the page and as such takes precedence. The use of Rumer’s first name as her stage name gives a very personal feel to the full poster. Her name has become iconic and has huge associations with Rumer as an artist within the indie music community. Album Title: Following codes and conventions, the album’s title is clearly stated on the poster. This particular album is an album of covers from some of Rumer’s favourite male singers, and the title ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ has a real connection to indie band The Cure. This is a clear example of intertextuality amongst media products. ‘The New Album’: The use of phrases like this on album adverts that are more unconventional like this one is pretty common. As this album is a series of covers by Rumer, what is really for sale here is the artist. Fans of Rumer will buy this album. And this is the clear focus of the ad. Allowing fans to clearly see that this is a new Rumer album is enough to draw them in, hence the rest of the ad is minimal, and lacks certain more promotional features like reviews, etc.

Artists: To further clarify that this album is compiled of covers of the songs of others, a short statement is placed on this add that references the classic and iconic artists whose songs feature on the album. This also builds further implication of the audience and average consumer of this album- they are from an older demographic group, who respect and value artists from the past over new music and releases. Record Label Logo: Following album advert codes, the record label has included their logo to accredit the product and artist to them. This is placed in the bottom right corner in this example, which is fairly typical as it is not in the direct eye-line of the consumer. Atlantic Records is one of the most infamous and long lasting record companies today, producing music for over 60 years. As it is a division of Warner Music Group, it is fairly typical that indie artists with success like Rumer would be signed to them, as labels like this sign such a wide variety of genres.

Web Address: The addition of the web address to this page is an effective and prominent use of synergy to promote further products of the artist. This is also a clear nod towards the modern age of technology in which we are now living.

Frame: A border of a creamy ivory colour frames this ad. This almost seems to mimic the style of old photographs, which is another nod to the more vintage and classic feel of this album and the artists who feature on it.

Magazine Ad Analysis  
Magazine Ad Analysis  

Magazine ad analysis