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York prepares for aging population

Sunday, June 3, 2012

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Census shows record number of senior citizens in Canada BY CHRIS TRABER

With more people getting ready to retire than entering the workforce, providing programs and services for seniors will be a major challenge, York Region community and health services commissioner Adelina Urbanski said. Senior citizens now account for a record 14.8 per cent of Canada’s population, according to 2011 census data released Tuesday. For the first time, there were more people aged 55 to 64, the age when people typically quit jobs, than aged 15 to 24, when people join the workforce. There are now five million Canadian seniors, a 14-per-cent spike since the last Statistics Canada census in 2006. More than 130,000 of them live in York Region, where 12.4 per cent of the population is 65 and older. The first of four census data instalments to be released in 2012 didn’t surprise Ms Urbanski. In fact, the numbers confirm what the region has been tracking and preparing for, she said. A seniors strategy, though a work in progress, is in place as a proactive augment to the region’s existing and ranging services for the aged. See page 8.


Keswick High SchooL held a spring cleaning drop off weekend last month collecting unwanted electronics, household items and pet supplies as part of a recycling weekend and greener community initiatives. Items will be sorted and donated to the Georgina Animal Shelter, Stretch thrift shop and Georgina Community Food Pantry. E-Waste will be processed and properly recycled by Think Recycle. Taking a load off is Talisa Haskins and (from left) Eric Haskins, Maddie Bell, Megan Mapley, Collin Zinn, Glenn Mitchell and Beatrice Vandikas.

York Region pitches lake-to-lake bike trail BY DAVID FLEISCHER

Getting from Lake Simcoe to Lake Ontario by car is a challenge few would face just for kicks. But hopping on your bike to make that ride? Yeah, that could be fun. You’ll get your first chance to comment this week on the region’s plans to build a lake-to-

lake route spanning the 100-kilometre distance by taking what now exists and linking it physically and under a single banner. “I want to see, when it’s fully implemented, that it’s significant not just in York Region, but the GTA,” York Region infrastructure planning director Lloyd Cheah said. “We want that to be validated by our residents.”







The route could be part of a provincial network and tourist destination for cyclists and pedestrians, Mr. Cheah said. While many segments are expected to be offroad trails, on-road biking and bike lanes will likely be included. See page 8.

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2 The Advocate/The Banner/The Era, Sunday, June 3, 2012

COMMUNITY BRIEFS Jazz festival hits street The Aurora Jazz+ Festival will have seven booths at the Aurora Chamber Street Festival today. The festival will showcase local talent with a stage, live music, photograph booth and speaker’s corner. There will be four booths at Cousins Drive and Yonge Street East and three booths with sponsor King Brewery near Shoppers Drug Mart. — Kirsty MacPherson

Walk for ALS A walk to raise money and awareness for

Family run for over 40 years

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is today at 10 a.m. in Newmarket. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The five-kilometre walk begins at Fairy Lake Park, 500 Water St. There will be a free hot dog lunch, entertainment, children’s activities and more. For more information and to donate, visit

Chartwell seeks musical seniors Calling all seniors with musical talents. Chartwell Seniors Housing real estate investment trust holds auditions for Senior Star June 21 at 2 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion, 105 Industrial Pkwy. N., Aurora. You can pick up a registration form at Park Place Manor, 15505 Yonge St., Aurora or Barton Retirement Residence, 17290 Leslie St., Newmarket. The competition is the largest in Canada dedicated to people 65 and older with a talent for singing or playing a musical instrument. Videos of the first and second place winners from across Canada will be submitted to a panel of judges to narrow down to nine competitors, who will be invited to compete in the Senior Star national final in November in Niagara Falls. For more information, visit chartwellreit. ca/senior_star/regional_locations — Michelle Ma




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If you’re 65 or over, share your musical gift with us & you could be Chartwell’s next Senior Star Champion! Call or drop by any of our residences for your registration form to participate at our Regional Competition. Registration Deadline: June 8th

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WELLNESS: We’re destroying valuable source of vitamins, minerals: Stephenson


Your back yard is your salad bowl. Newmarket’s Karen Stephenson admits her friends and family gave her some questionable looks when she began educating them on what can be included in your diet. “We have been conditioned that weeds need to be destroyed,” she said. “The fact is, we have been removing a food source that offers vitamins and minerals.” With the job market still reeling from the recession, more people seeking financial assistance and more clients needing the local food pantry, it doesn’t make sense to kill plants that could make the food system more stable right here at home, she said. “The word ‘weed’ seems to have this negative connotation associated with it,” she added. “When I find a patch of edible weeds, I cultivate, work around and embrace it.” People need to be open-minded because there is an incredible amount of wild edible plants that have been labeled as weeds that have nutritional value, she said. Ms Stephenson is a writer, but her passion for wild edible food has led her to enrol in a herbal pharmacy education program. Before you pick these plants, you have to be 100 per cent sure in identification, she stressed, adding some of the edibles have nasty cousins that could make you ill.

The Advocate/The Banner/The Era, Sunday, June 3, 2012

Think of weeds as food source


Karen Stephenson extols the health benefits of weeds. There are plenty of reasons to learn more about wild edibles — they are free, genetically stronger than other food, most are drought

resistant, most are more nutritious than hybridized store produce and you get exercise by picking your own.

The local resident held her first group walk during the annual Spiritfest event at the Sharon Temple National Historic Site yesterday.

For more wild edibles, recipes or help identifying a plant, visit ediblewildfood. com

GO WILD IN YOUR BACK YARD Here are five common wild edibles that can be found locally: Alfalfa: An overlooked wonder food containing vitamins such as trace elements of B17 said to help prevent cancer, vitamins K, C and E as well as copper and iron. Identified by clusters of 10 to 20 purple flowers and three-part leaves scattered along the stem. The leaves and young shoots can be eaten raw or cooked and can be dried to make teas or soups. The seeds can be ground into powder and mixed into baked goods

to improve nutrition. Broadleaf plaintain: This perennial plant packs a punch with vitamin C and all of the Bs, calcium and magnesium. It is identified by its green, oval to egg-shaped leaves that grow in a rosette nature and long, pointed green flowers grow from the base containing seeds. The entire plant is edible, although the leaves are bitter. Blanching before adding them to a salad softens the leaves. They can be frozen for later use in sautés, soups or stews.

Chickweed: Is a small plant that boasts vitamin A, B and C and calcium, magnesium, iron and selenium. It is a common plant with small, white, starshaped flowers and oval leaves with pointed tips.

One handful of the leaves contain more than the required vitamin A daily intake. It can be identified by its dusty look when in a large patch and light green diamond leaves that are pale on the underside. It produces tiny green flowers in clusters.

your family nutrition during winter.

The leaves are best added to a salad or sandwich. When adding the plant to a cooked dish, stems and flowers can also be used.

Fans of collards, kale and spinach will like this plant, which can be added to salads, smoothies and juices, but should be eaten in small quantities when raw due to its oxalic acid levels.

Leaves are spoon-like and fleshy and have a distinctive reddish stem.

Lambs quarters: The annual wild edible that tastes earthy, similar to chard, is found in sunny areas with poor soil.

Cooking removes the acid, making it perfect to steam to eat or freeze to provide

Purslane: Can be eaten as a cooked vegetable or sprinkled in salads, soups or any dish as it contains Omega-3 levels equivalent to fish and has seven times the vitamin E of spinach.

You must be careful about identifying this plant as its cousin, the hairy-stemmed spurge, is poisonous. The easiest way to tell the difference is to snap the stem. If there is milky sap, stay away from it.

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PEOPLE: Cuttings involved in Diamond Jubilee festivities

Couple reflects on royal encounters BY AMANDA PERSICO



Mon. - Fri. 11-4 ~ Sat. 10-3 ~ Sun. 11-3

Bradwick Hwy. 7

7 Hwy. 40


Keele St.

259 Bradwick Dr., Concord






The chance to meet a prince might come around once in a lifetime. But Newmarket’s Dennis and Greta Cutting have met Prince Charles twice in previous years. “He is very gracious,” the great-grandmother of nine said. “He was so nice and so ordinary. He spoke naturally.” Last month, Mr. and Mrs. Cutting were invited to the Diamond Jubilee celebration in Toronto to commemorate the War of 1812 with the Prince of Wales and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Mr. Cutting served as a sergeant paratrooper in the 1st airborne division of the British forces during the Second World War. While third time is usually a charm, the Cuttings didn’t get to chat with the prince this time. “He was supposed to come around and inspect the uniforms,” Mrs. Cutting said. “But it seemed they were in a rush. No matter, I’ve met him before. I really wanted to see (the Duchess of Cornwall).” In 1994, the Cuttings traveled to the Netherlands for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. Prior to Mr. Cutting voluntarily jumping into the ceremony via parachute, the prince inspected his jumping gear. Mr. Cutting even made the mistake of forgetting he was in the presence of royalty and asked casually where Prince Charles’ mother was.

To read the full story, visit “He just said, ‘Oh, she is over in your country (Canada) celebrating’, without missing a beat,” Mr. Cutting said. “He never made you feel out of place. He was normal.” The Cuttings were swept away by the buildup and formality of the ceremony last month. The couple received a royal embossed invitation and a phone call from the House of Commons. “This is my prize,” Mrs. Cutting said, pulling out the official invitation, still in its envelope. She plans to get the invitation framed and add it to her collection of photographs on the mantle. “Getting all the letters was so exciting,” she said. “It was all Earth shattering.” Mr. Cutting first encountered the royal family in 1945. After the war, he was presented to King George VI. “He thanked me for what I did,” Mr. Cutting said, remembering more than 10,000 paratroopers served and 2,000 made it out alive. Mr. Cutting was part of the parachute brigade dropped in North Africa and southern Italy in 1943. In September 1944, the division took part in Operation Market Garden, where paratroopers landed about 100 kilometres behind German lines and fought in the Battle of Arnhem.

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Don’t stop at penny, eliminate all coins The decision to eliminate production of the penny is long overdue, but I propose all coins be eliminated, leaving only paper currency. The savings on manufacturing and material costs would outweigh the extra bulk of our wallets.


News Editor Jay Gutteridge


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Community comes together to help family of ducks This spring has been a difficult time for wildlife around Aurora, especially ducks. Coyotes, foxes and hawks are among the predators seen in the neighbourhood. A neighbour, who has fed ducks every day for years, noticed he has only one female coming for corn. This clever duck hid her nest well and hatched her brood safely.

But the high fence and condominium walls that keep them safe from predators also leaves them no access to food or water. Our superintendent, Don Burke, found feeding instructions online and the condo dwellers graciously consented to share their common area of lawn, while the neighbour continues to supply corn. We are all waiting for the young ducklings to grow up safely in their condo home and fly away to fend for themselves.


DO YOU AGREE? Send your letters to the editor to, tkibble@ or

Protests shine spotlight on skewed priorities W

hen I heard about the student protests in Montreal, I swallowed the line that Quebec’s pampered youth pay lower fees than those in other parts of Canada, but aren’t aware education costs money. And then I went to Quebec. There, I heard a different story. After weeks of demonstrations, clearly something more profound is going on. Protesters are forcing us to confront a crucial question: What is government for? Governing is about priorities. Students can’t help but notice they aren’t high on the list. Governments across Canada have no qualms about investing vast amounts of money to exploit “natural resources”, yet they all but ignore the most precious, our children. Young people will take charge long after current leaders are gone and they’ll also be stuck with the ecological, social and economic costs of the decisions we make today. The increasing challenge of getting a post-secondary education isn’t the only issue motivating people to take to the streets of Montreal. On April 22, Earth Day, 300,000 went outside to celebrate nature. On May 22, tens of thousands

David Suzuki spontaneously mobilized to oppose the draconian measures enacted to stop the student protests. The Montreal protesters are drawing attention to a growing trend: governments often skew decisions in favour of short-term priorities, often for industrial interests. To promote those priorities, government, industry and their supporters try to stifle discussion around the real issues and demonize those who press for change or question the status quo. So, because Al Gore lives in a big house (even though he’s worked at being “carbon-neutral”), he’s labelled a hypocrite, leading anti-environmentalists to make the illogical leap that we should, therefore, ignore or

deny the science of climate change. This advancement of logical fallacy reached new lows with a blunder by the Heartland Institute, a U.S. climate change-denying organization. The institute launched a billboard campaign implying because the Unabomber, Fidel Castro and Charles Manson believe in climate change, those who agree with the scientific evidence for global warming must also be tyrants, madmen and murderers. You could just as easily, and as wrongly, conclude the opposite on the basis Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway July 22, is a climate change denier who referenced Heartland Institute “experts” in his manifesto. Heartland aborted its campaign because of massive public outrage and because funders and supporters tried to distance themselves from the organization. But the episode was another demonstration of attempts to deflect rational discussion of important issues such as global warming. And, if even tyrants, madmen, and murderers get it, why don’t our politicians? The Occupy movement also questions priorities, especially those regarding the pro-corporate agendas of many

governments. Corporations are not people, but they have similar rights and generate vast amounts of money to invest in budding politicians and lobby groups that help sidetrack important discussions. This sidetracking tactic also pops up with the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project, especially when it comes to First Nations’ concerns. Many coastal and northern communities are desperate for jobs and economic development. Enbridge is offering incentives, including employment, yet coastal First Nations realize some things are more important than money. Why aren’t we all getting that? As Canada’s government axes programs and organizations that inform us about the environment and climate change, guts environmental protection measures and shovels money to promote fossil fuel interests while wilfully ignoring urgent calls from scientists, students, First Nations, and tens of thousands of citizens, it’s up to all of us to listen and join the conversation. Written with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation editorial and communications specialist Ian Hanington.


mont hly

noble sharing




Giving Back



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To enter, please visit our website Click on Caring Community and view the submission guidelines. All submissions must be emailed to: And received before 12:00noon on the last day of each month.

7, The Advocate/The Banner/The Era Sunday, June 3, 2012

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CENSUS: Region implements senior strategy to meet demand

By 2061, 25% of Canadians will be older than 65 From Page 1

Planning includes enhanced partnerships with senior-centric agencies, including Community & Home Assistance to Seniors, the Central Local Health Integration Network and Community Care Access Centre. The plan helps define the region’s role in supporting our elderly, she said. “It shapes what’s appropriate, our relationships with non-profit agencies and hospitals and identifies any gaps,” she said. “It will let us know where to direct or redirect funds so we clearly know where we need to be going and what’s right for us. “It’s important because not all seniors are the same. They have different needs and challenges.” Existing programs, such as senior housing in-home care and adult day care, will need to be ramped up to accommodate the influx of older residents, she said. York Region Emergency Medical Services will also be impacted by an aging population, Ms Urbanski said, particularly by the needs of people well beyond retirement. Citing emergency transport records from 2009 to 2011, EMS annually transports 5 per cent of the region’s population. Each year, 27 per cent of residents

aged 75 and older were transported by our EMS, while 10 per cent of those aged 65 to 74 were transported by EMS. The census detailed the citizenry in York’s nine municipalities. Markham has the largest population, with 301,709 people, 12.3 per cent of whom are seniors 65 and older.

was among the lowest of the G8 countries, just slightly ahead of the United States and Russia, he said. There were 5,825 people 100 and older in Canada, up 25.7 per cent since 2006. The gender of our nation is roughly split between men at 49 per cent and women at 51 per cent.

‘It’s important because not all seniors are the same. They have different needs and challenges.’

Canadian’s median age is 40.6 years. Ontario’s population is 13.9 per cent seniors, while Nova Scotia has the highest proportion at 16 per cent. The fewest seniors live in Nunavut, where three in 100 people are 65 or older. It’s projected one in four Canadians will be 65 or older by 2061. While the ranks of Canadians aged 65 and older increased by 609,810 between 2006 and 2011, the number of children aged 14 and under grew by just 27,505, a rise of 0.5 per cent. The numbers reveal where Canadians are working and retiring. Parksville, on Vancouver Island, and Elliott Lake, had the highest proportion of seniors at 35 per cent, double the national average. Climate plays a role, with seven of the 10 municipalities with the highest proportion of seniors being in British Columbia. The statistics show retirement communities taking root in Ontario, with Cobourg, Tillsonburg and Collingwood all boasting high percentages of seniors.


King, York’s least populated area, with just less than 20,000 residents, has the region’s highest 65-plus cohort at 14.5 per cent. Whitchurch-Stouffville had the largest population surge since 2006. The municipality’s 37,628 citizens, 14.1 per cent of whom are seniors, represents a 54.3-per-cent hike in five years. Aurora, with an 11.7-per-cent population jump to 53,203 since 2006, has the lowest number of seniors, with one in 10 residents being 65 or older. The new figures offer a snapshot of who we are, Statistics Canada Demography Division analyst Jonathan Chagnon said. Expected trends were melded with interesting findings. The proportion of seniors in Canada

Bike trail would start in Sutton From Page 1

outlined in general terms. It would start in Sutton, follow the lakeshore around Cook’s Bay and stretch to Leslie Street as the main corridor. There are challenges, Mr. Cheah said, in finding routes to cut through Richmond Hill, north and south of Richmond Green. The aim is to link up with a segment cutting through Thornhill’s German Mills Settler’s Park that effectively links up with Toronto’s path along the Don River. That stretch goes all the way past Hwy. 401 and then an on-road segment takes you to Edwards Gardens, from which you can take a single, winding path clear to Lake Ontario. Getting Toronto on side with the “Lake-to-Lake” brand is another challenge, but talks have gone well so far, Mr. Cheah said. Beyond the main trail, there is also hope of creating spurs that will take cyclists east and west to points of interest throughout the region, including the natural heritage area around Lake Wilcox. The region has budgeted as much as $500,000 per year to help local municipalities develop their own elements, but no determination has been made about who will run and maintain the completed trail. “Riding in York Region is just terrific,” D’Ornellas Cycling Club president Jeff Goldberg said. The Toronto club does the majority of its riding on the region’s streets and Mr. Goldberg is a fan of anything that makes cycling safer and easier. “We have this affinity for York Region because the roads up there are really, really good. The only bad thing is it’s so popular,” he said.

Be a volunteer driver... ...and put a smile on a senior’s face! • Drive local seniors to medical appointments and grocery shopping.

Seniors are on a waiting list they need your help today!

• Easy and convenient – use your own vehicle, mileage is reimbursed.

Just a few hours a week can make a big difference!

• Meet new people, have some fun!

Call (905) 713-3494 or 1-877-755-3494

Women’s Shelter of York Region Inc.

Sandgate Women’s Shelter of York Region celebrates 20 years of service York Region, Ontario - On June 2nd, 2012, Sandgate Women’s Shelter of York Region Inc. will achieve the outstanding milestone of having served the community for a full 20 years while consistently accomplishing a mandate to provide services to women and their children in and around York Region who have experienced violence. Sandgate was founded in 1992 as a grassroots organization working from a feminist perspective. Led by a group of concerned citizens called Committee Against Domestic Abuse (CADA), a 10-bed emergency shelter and a 24-hour crisis line were opened. During its 20 years in operation, Sandgate has grown and evolved. Expansions include: • The original 10 beds soon became 20 and later became 30 beds with the opening of a second shelter in Richmond Hill • The addition of outreach and transitional programs based out of offices in Keswick and Markham. • A “Let’s Talk” program was implemented to counsel and educate children who have been exposed to violence against women.

Attention Students! s Make Money s Earn Bonus Points s Earn Bonus Cash s Carrier Appreciation Days New routes are often available. Please Call 905-853-5613 ext. 515

• Investment into extensive building renovations creating second stage housing to assist women and their children to transition into new lives free of violence. With the dramatic and ongoing growth of York Region, the demand for services like those provided by Sandgate increase every year. It is with great pride and a strong sense of accomplishment that Sandgate staff has supported more than 20,000 women and children over the past 20 years and look forward to many more years of making the world a better place one woman at a time. Sandgate would like to thank the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the United Way and the community at large for their ongoing support.


For enquiries, please call 1-800-661-8294 ext. 113.

Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer, from children to senior citizens. Children at Northern Montessori School in Newmarket have one among them and were inspired to help. For the past two years, the school has hosted a loonie-toonie drive to support GetRecD, a local organization that directly supports cancer patients. “When kids are aware, they go that extra bit to help,” school founder and director Cheryl Minassian said. “Kids are warm and like to give. They become all encompassing when they take on a cause.” To date, the children have raised about $800, which will help purchase laptops and pillows for chemotherapy rooms at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake and Princess Margaret Hospital. The laptops allow patients to surf, bank or visit social media sites while undergoing treatment. GetRecD donates pillows decked out with the GetRecD shamrock logo because it is a little piece of comfort. “Pillows are a small piece of home,” GetRecD founder and Newmarket resident Laura Daly said. “When they put their heads down, we send them good luck for their fight. We want them to know someone out there supports them and cares for them.” Cancer does not discriminate based on age, so the organization wanted to help support young adults going through treatment. “We’re seeing a lot of young adults with a

To cast your vote for the Me to We awards, visit For more information, visit mortgage and daycare to worry about,” said Ms Daly, who lost her brother to leukemia. GetRecD also provides cancer patients with gift cards for gas, groceries, house cleaning and entertainment evenings. “There is so much stress and sadness associated with the disease,” Ms Daly said. “We’re all about the life experience moments.” Ms Daly also prepares battle baskets, filled with items to assist during treatment, such as peppermint candies to help with nausea, body cream and vitamin E to prevent scars from radiation and books and games to help pass time. “This isn’t a pity grab,” she said. “These people are thinking of their own battles and sometimes might forget about getting gas on the way home from the hospital.” Because Ms Daly has dedicated her life to fighting cancer, she is nominated for a 2012 Me to We award. This year, Me to We will honour six everyday Canadians dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others by thinking we before me. You can vote in six categories, including children, youth, social action, in the community youth, educators and free the children efforts. Winners will receive a $5,000 donation to their charity. Voting ends Friday.

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

Welcome to Shabnam Imdad Robert Davidson, Branch Manager of the Newmarket and Aurora branches, is pleased to announce Shabnam Imdad has joined RBC Dominion Securities as an Investment Advisor. One trusted name joins another

Shabnam Imdad Investment Advisor 905-895-2671 RBC Dominion Securities 17120 Leslie Street, Suite 200 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8K7

Shabnam has built a strong practice assisting business owners, professionals and their families in creating, managing and preserving their wealth, and now draws on the comprehensive, integrated approach to wealth management and vast resources of RBC Dominion Securities, Canada’s largest wealth management firm. Prospective and former clients are invited to contact her in her new office.

Professional Wealth Management Since 1901

NOTICE OF STUDY COMMENCEMENT AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRES MUNICIPAL CLASS ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT STUDY YONGE STREET AQUIFER WELL CAPACITY RESTORATION PROJECT The Regional Municipality of York (York Region) has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to identify a solution to restore the full permitted capacity of York Region’s wells within the Yonge Street Aquifer area (see map), while maintaining the long-term protection of York Region’s groundwater supply for the Towns of Aurora, East Gwillimbury and Newmarket. Restoration of the reduced well capacity will form part of the ongoing responsible management of the Yonge Street Aquifer.

The Advocate/The Banner/The Era, Sunday, June 3, 2012



GetRecD gets rec(ognize)d

The Regional Municipality of York

Some of York Region’s wells operating under the Yonge Street Aquifer “Permit to Take Water” cannot currently deliver their maximum permitted water takings and/or are increasing in age and require more frequent maintenance. This groundwater exploration study will examine the groundwater resources in the study area, assess the performance of existing wells and identify a practical solution to recapture lost well capacity. Potential options to address the reduced well capacity include doing nothing, rehabilitating existing wells or drilling new wells. This Class EA study is being conducted in accordance with Schedule B of the Municipal Engineer’s Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000, and as amended in 2011). Residents, agencies and other stakeholders are encouraged to provide input and comment on this Class EA study by attending consultation events or by contacting York Region directly with information, comments or questions. York Region will be hosting Public Information Centres (PICs) for this project to discuss the study background, information about the municipal wells and potential options to address capacity issues. The PICs will be arranged as an open house, all those with an interest in the project are urged to attend. The PICs will be held in the following locations: Town of East Gwillimbury Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Location: East Gwillimbury Sports Complex Address: 1914B Mount Albert Road, Town of East Gwillimbury Time: 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Town of Aurora Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 Location: Aurora Town Hall Address: 100 John West Way, Town of Aurora Time: 6 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

If you require accommodation to fully participate in this meeting, please contact York Region at 905-830- 4444 ext. 5027 to advise of any specific requirements. A mailing list for notification purposes is being compiled. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, or if you wish to submit project-related questions or comments, please contact: Tammy Silverstone, M. Eng., P. Eng. Senior Project Manager, Infrastructure Renewals Capital Planning and Delivery Branch Environmental Services Department The Regional Municipality of York 17250 Yonge Street Newmarket, ON L3Y 6Z1 Phone: 905-830-4444 ext. 5027 Fax: 905-830-6927 Email: Thank you for your participation in this study Comments and information regarding this project are being collected in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act. Other than personal information, all comments received may be included in the project documentation and become part of the public record.

RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. *Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund. RBC Dominion Securities Inc. is a member company of RBC Wealth Management, a business segment of Royal Bank of Canada. ®Registered trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. © 2012 Royal Bank of Canada. All rights reserved.


The Advocate/The Banner/The Era Sunday, June 3, 2012, 10 C

FLYER LIST *NOTE: Not all flyers are booked for all areas.

Water Depot Tru Country Oncare Health

Brian Hepburn Corrpar Industries J & J Aveeno

Princess Auto P&G Brandsaver TC Direct

For more information or to book your flyers call your Era Representative at 905-853-8888


Website covers York’s music scene BY JEREMY GRIMALDI

A pair of local musicians has launched a website focusing on York Region’s music scene. The site,, is just more than a month old, but Aurora’s Pat Mete and Newmarket’s CK Armstrong have already seen some traffic, often attracting more than 100 people per day. The site features artist profiles, events, interviews and reviews posted by Mr. Mete, Mr. Armstrong and other music enthusiasts. “We will be going out to shows and featuring bands and artists, but we are also encouraging others to post anything they would like or even album reviews,” said Mr. Mete, an acoustic guitarist. So far, about 120 artist profiles and hundreds of events at venues around York Region have been added to the site. “We are pretty excited,” Mr. Mete said. “Our primary goal is to create awareness about local artists and we have got to this level without any advertising and just by word of mouth.” In the future, the men hope to earn money with the website, but Mr. Mete said it will always be free for artists to use and post profiles.

‘Our primary goal is to create awareness about local artists and we have got to this level without any advertising and just by word of mouth.’ Pat Mete co-creator



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905-476-7247 “Our main goal is to get the majority of musicians in York Region on the site and to have a place where local enthusiasts can find out who we are and when albums are being released,” he said. Mr. Mete and Mr. Armstrong spent eight months learning website design before they got started. Another website,, acts as an Internet radio station that only plays music from York Region.

Dryer Vent Cleaning $25.00 with purchase of duct expire cleaning *Offers June 9, 2012



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PEOPLE: Freedom Chuck NOW OPEN

Singin’ songs of freedom

• Dog walking • Daycare • Overnights 647-203-1279



For more information, visit


or one Newmarket resident, playing music is more than a combination of riffs, chords and melodies. Chuck Ander, known as Freedom Chuck, is a regular performer at Books, Cafe and Things on Main Street. “A song is not just a song,” he said. “For many of us, a song is a memory or a feeling and hearing that song makes someone feel good. And that’s why I play.” Whether it’s a country, rock, blues or folk song you want to hear, this guitarist likely knows it. The musician taught himself to play guitar as a teenager more than 45 years ago and now has more than 1,000 songs in his repertoire.

Music at Sharon

A Message Community to Our

REDUCED HOSPITAL SERVICES Monday, June 4, 2012 is a designated Hospital holiday. As such Southlake will operate with a reduced work force and many departments and out-patient clinics will either operate at reduced services or will be closed.

Larry Beckwith and Rick Phillips Artistic Directors

Four Sunday afternoons of glorious music in a magical and acoustically stunning setting



SCHUBERT’S WINTERREISE Daniel Lichti, bass-baritone; Pentaèdre Wind Ensemble; Joseph Petric, accordion



ZELENKA PLAYS BACH Winona Zelenka, cello


The Emergency Department will not be affected.


If you are planning to come to the Hospital for a regular or scheduled out-patient test or clinic visit, please call ahead to confirm that the department or clinic you wish to visit is open. If you require assistance with reaching a particular area, please call 905-895-4521, extension 2118.


Meredith Hall as Dido; Todd Delaney as Aeneas; Toronto Masque Theatre; Larry Beckwith, Director



Full operation of services will resume on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

Tradition is cherished, change is welcomed C

For him, performing is about what the audience wants to hear. Some of the more popular requests include songs from The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. “When someone requests it, the song becomes new again,” he said. “Someone wants to hear it and their reaction is new.” He has been playing regularly at a local cafe for a couple of years and has learned the musical choices of some regulars. “As an artist, I’m able to do something for them,” he said. “In a small way, I enrich their lives in that moment.”

596 Davis Drive, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2P9 Tel: 905-895-4521 • TTY: 905-952-3062


Serouj Kradjian, piano

For all dates: Pre-concert chat at 1:15 p.m., followed by 2 p.m. concert

Get your tickets today! 905-830-4529

Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum 18974 Leslie Street, Sharon, Ontario (just north of Newmarket, Ontario)

Tea sommelier Ingrid Folkers teaches you to brew the perfect cup in our video.

BREAKING TWEETS Join the conversation.

Follow editor Jeff Bower.

NEW PHOTO GALLERIES Check out our images of York Region’s special needs track meet, Georgina’s military day and many other events in your community.



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Golf Tournament ... June 13 ... Westview Golf Club ... Starts 1 p.m. ... $145 per golfer ... E-mail Cheryl Duckworth at

FILES Looking for a tournament to play? Need players to fill out your tournament? Check out these 2012 events at York Region golf courses.

Aurora Chamber of Commerce Classic ... June 14 ... St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Club ... Starts 10 a.m. ... $220 per golfer ... E-mail Nancy Eveleigh Browne at or phone 905-7277262.

2nd Aurora Tigers Jr. A Tarnished Cup ... Tomorrow ... St. Andrew’s Golf Club ... $175 per golfer ... Starts 1:30 p.m. ... E-mail Barry Quinn at Bquinn2009@

2nd Georgina Girls Hockey Association Golf Tournament ... June 16 ... Pines of Georgina Golf Club ... Starts 1 p.m. ... $75 per golfer ... E-mail Brian White at

21st Wayne Snooks Golf Classic ... Tuesday ... Cardinal Golf Club ... $200 per golfer ... Starts 8 a.m. ... Proceeds to Crime Stoppers of York Region ... Call Jack Hurst at 905-508-4944 or 647-292-1700.

4th annual Salvation Army Golf for Hope Tournament ... June 18 ... Silver Lakes Golf Club ... $155 per golfer ... Starts 8:45 a.m. ... E-mail Glennanne Phillips at glennannephillips@rogers. com or call 905-895-6276.

18th annual Forget Me Not Golf Tournament for Bereaved Families ... Thursday ... Station Creek Golf Club, south course ... $200 per golfer ... Starts 8:30 a.m. ... Call Diane Humeniuk at 905-8986265 or 1-800-969-6904 or go to

After 29 plus years with York Region Media Group, district representative

Dianne Harrison has made a decision to retire.

10th annual Or Hadash Charity Golf Tournament for Safehaven ... June 20 ... Wooden Sticks Golf Course ... $195 per golfer ... Starts 1 p.m. ... E-mail Sara Bates at or call 905-853-8930.

3rd annual Warriors Football Booster Club Classic Tournament ... Saturday ... Shawneeki Golf Club ... $150 per golfer... Starts 1 p.m. ... Proceeds support Huron Heights Secondary School’s football program ... E-mail Debbie Needler at debbie.needler@sympatico. ca or Annie Corsetti at Inaugural Special Olympics — Aurora Community

The Advocate/The Banner/The Era, Sunday, June 3, 2012


If you were one of Dianne’s carriers or worked with her, we would like to invite you to drop by and wish her well.

2nd New Beginnings Christian School Golf Tournament ... June 23 ... Orchard Beach Golf and Country Club ... $100 per player ... 9 holes ... Starts 2 p.m. ... E-mail Bonnie Baber at or call 905-953-1081.

Tuesday June 12th • 5pm-8pm Aurora Cultural Centre • 22 Church St., Aurora Please r.s.v.p. Mary Martin by June 8th if you can attend.

To list your charity golf tournament, send details to

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Annual Street Sale, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. along Yonge Street, between Wellington Street and Murray Drive. The Aurora Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual street sale featuring close to 500 vendors, street performers and live musical entertainment. Visit


east gwillimbury




Music at Sharon, 2 p.m. at Sharon Temple, 18974 Leslie St., East Gwillimbury. The first concert of the season is a salute to Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert. For tickets, visit


Mount Albert Sports Day and Spring Fair at the Mount Albert Community Centre grounds. For a complete schedule, visit

BRUNCH Edwardian brunch, 11 a.m. or 1 p.m. at Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum and Community Centre, 14732 Woodbine Ave. Enjoy an Edwardian-inspired, formal brunch and have a chance to win door prizes. For tickets, visit

FUNDRAISER He’Art of Rescue fundraiser, noon to 6 p.m. at 15340 Dufferin St., King Township. Enjoy a day with family and pets. The event will feature a dog agility course, hiking trail, barbecue and dog kiddy pools. Money raised will assist with medical costs associated with the puppy rescue project from the “shelter of hell” in Istanbul, where animals are left. Visit

TRAIN RIDE York-Durham Heritage Railway, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Uxbridge Station, 19 Railway St., Uxbridge and noon at the Whitchurch-

Your Local Supplier of: • Premium Compost • Quality Garden Soils • Topdressing • Mulches Decorative Stone • Sand and Gravel





Big Bothers/Big Sisters wrap up, 4 to 6 p.m. Presentation starts at 5 p.m. at the Xscape Entertainment Centre at Silvercity, 18151 Yonge St., East Gwillimbury. Learn more about the agency. Visit bigbrothersbigsisters. ca



Eating disorder support group, 5 to 6 p.m. at the Eating Disorders of York Region central office, 15213 Yonge St., Aurora. Participants will learn about various factors that contribute to the development of disordered eating and later serve as maintaining mechanisms. For more information, visit




Rhythm @ riverwalk, noon and 7 p.m. at Newmarket Riverwalk Commons, 200 Doug Duncan Dr. Come enjoy these live music shows where open mic opportunities are available. Runs Wednesdays in May and June. Visit

FINANCES Money talks, 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Aurora Public Library, 15145 Yonge St. It’s a free informal discussion group to share ideas and exchange unbiased financial planning information. To register, visit library.aurora.



Author reading, 7:30 p.m. at the East Gwillimbury Civic Centre, 1900 Leslie St. Friends of the East Gwillimbury Public Library hosts a night with Governor General’s Award recipient Miriam Toews. For tickets, visit Author reading, 1 to 3 p.m. at the Aurora Public Library, 15145 Yonge St. Meet author Bernice Copson Bell. She will present her book A Man of Vision, the story of Henry William Copson of King Township. To register, visit

Chorus auditions, 6 to 8 p.m. at Redstone Public School, 235 Redstone Ave., Richmond Hill. The York Region Children’s Chorus welcomes interested students to audition. Bring a short piece of music to sing. For more information, call 905-731-2371.




Come Grow With Us! Miller Compost LOCAL:: 905-773-9876 LOCAL 135 351 1 Bloomington Rd., Richmond Hill Keeping your donation Working close to home.

PICK UP ~ DELIVERY ~ ONLINE ORDERING • OPEN SIX DAYS A WEEK Mon. - Fri. 7am to 6pm • Sat. 7am to 5 pm • Closed Sunday

Stouffville GO train station, 6176 Main St. The York-Durham Heritage Railway is a great way to share the fun of an unforgettable summer journey. Canadian Forces members ride free. Visit

Summer Social, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Madsen’s Gardens, 160 Bayview Pkwy., Newmarket. Habitat York hosts a gourmet cocktail reception with a silent auction supporting future builds in York Region. For tickets, visit

French conversations, 7 p.m. at Starbucks, 17130 Leslie St., Newmarket. This group is for anyone who wants to learn or practise French at any level in a fun and friendly environment. Visit Newmarket French Language on

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Summer Camp (with this ad!) Expires August, 1st 2012

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June 8-9, 2012 • Magna International, Aurora June 22-23, 2012 • Pickering College, Newmarket TAYLOR


"NEWMARKET CHAPEL" 524 Davis Drive


Please Support Relay for Life

FULLY COMPLETELY Cleaning & Restoration

301 Mulock Drive Newmarket

905-898-3758 Toll Free: 1-866-53FULLY Fax: 905-898-0266

320 Harry Walker Pkwy. Unit 16 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8G1 "To Service, Not Sell" Please Support Relay for Life Flood/Fire Restoration, Window Cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Odour Control and Area Rugs

17, The Advocate/The Banner/The Era Sunday, June 3, 2012

Relay For Life 2012

19101 Leslie Street, Sharon 905-478-8241 869 Mulock Drive, Newmarket 905-853-3356 Now open in Uxbridge Please support Relay for Life

15815 Yonge St. Aurora



Mon-Thurs: 9am - 9pm / Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday: 9am - 5pm

Please Support the Relay for Life

Please Support The Canadian Cancer Society and Relay for Life

Neal Kearney Law Office


320 Harry Walker Pkwy N., Unit #3 Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 7B4

Newmarket, Ontario


905 898 3012

Please support the Relay for Life

Please Support Relay for Life

Serving York Region since 1964 435 Davis Drive (at Main St.) NEWMARKET

905-895-8822 Support the Relay for Life

17615 Yonge St. Newmarket (905)898-1900 Help Support the Relay for Life

Please Support Relay For Life

A 12-hour overnight relay. Join us for a celebration of survival, a tribute to the lives of loved ones, and a night of fun, entertainment, friendship and a chance to raise funds to beat cancer. To register as a volunteer or a cancer survivor, or to purchase a luminary to honour a loved one, contact us today!

Newmarket / Aurora/ Bradford/ Georgina

905-853-0780 Please support the Relay for Life

Relax It's Done!

586 Steven Court, Newmarket

(905) 830-0447 ext. 3833

(905)853-9551 "Please Support the Cancer Society"

Please Support Relay For Life C

18 The Advocate/The Banner/The Era, Sunday, June 3, 2012









Mustangs’ Benn rises to new heights BY JOHN CUDMORE

Ward Benn simply keeps soaring higher. The Grade 12 student at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School in Aurora turned in a personal best vault of 3.9 metres Wednesday to capture the Central Region senior boys pole vault title in Oshawa. It is a performance that puts the 18-yearold Aurora resident into the conversation for a medal at the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations track and field championships starting Thursday in Brockville. Benn outduelled Dean Heliotis of Barrie’s Innisdale Invaders, securing the victory with a successful second jump, while Heliotis missed all three of his attempts. In two previous meets, Heliotis got the upper hand on Benn. “I’ve improved a lot this year with more training and getting more jumps in,” said Benn, 18, who will attend York University to study business administration in the fall and likely turn to the decathlon. “I’ve been (vaulting) well in practice and it came together.” Despite setting a meet record at the York Region championships in mid-May at 3.53 metres, Benn knew there was room for improvement. “I wasn’t performing as well at that meet,” he conceded. “I didn’t have the best warmup and had just changed poles.” Although Benn missed out on the Central record at four metres, Mustangs track and field coach Sue Deighan thinks his best is yet to come. “I think by OFSAA, he’ll be over four metres,” predicted Deighan, who convinced the former power thrower to try pole vault in Grade 9. “It’s probably his passion and drive to improve. He’s more focused in the past two years.” Benn knows the areas he needs to polish prior to Saturday afternoon’s pole vault competition. He seems to be on the right track, judging by his recent performance. “I have to get inverted more and stay inverted,” he said. “I was coming off the pole early and losing potential for height. It’s hard to fix all at once.”

It will be Benn’s fourth OFSAA appearance. “Last year, I jumped 3.4 and came 16th,” he noted. “A medal would be awesome. Last year, 3.9 was second place at OFSAA.” Younger brother Ross won the midget boys pole vault title at 2.8 metres. As usual, it’ll be a busy couple of days for the Freemantle clan trackside in Brockville. Brothers Alex and Ben Freemantle made certain of that by claiming victories in the 800 metres in their respective age categories Wednesday at the Central Region championships. Alex captured the senior boys title in one minute, 57.25 seconds to qualify for his second event at the provincial championships. He also placed third in the 1,500 metres. Meanwhile, Ben claimed the midget boys title in 2:04 after a second-place showing Tuesday in the 1,500. Teammate Alec Pichelli also made noise, claiming second place in the midget boys 200 metres for his third qualifying berth at OFSAA. A day earlier, Pichelli won the 100 metres and was third in the 100 hurdles. Crusaders high jumper Aloysha Popov cleared 1.85 metres to win the junior boys high jump. The top four finishers in each event qualified for the OFSAA championships.

Cru girls OFSAA-bound The Sacred Heart Crusaders are the No. 11 seed for the OFSAA girls rugby 3-A/4-A championships, which kick off Monday in Ottawa. The Crusaders defeated the Aurora Eagles 5-0 in the senior girls Tier 1 rugby final Wednesday in Markham to claim a ticket to the 16-team tournament. Sacred Heart opens the three-day event against the sixth-seeded Malvern Collegiate Institute Black Knights.

SAC lineman hot item Watch for St. Andrew’s College Saints left tackle Peter Godber to be one of the most

ship offers from Baylor University and Rice University, according to Saints head coach Len Gurr. Both schools are in Texas. The six-foot, four-inch 290-pound Godber participated in the International Bowl high school showcase game in Austin earlier this off-season as a member of Team World. He was the lone Grade 11 player to crack the international team roster. The Toronto resident succeeded Eddie Meredith at left tackle for the SAC squad that advanced to the Metro Bowl final last season. Meredith accepted a full ride to Boston College two years ago.

Hot wheels Drew Davidson of the St. Maximilian Kolbe Mustangs rode to victory in the elite open boys category of the YRAA mountain bike cross-country championships Wednesday at Ravenshoe Forest. Mulock Ravens’ Bradley Shostak won the junior boys title. The Bill Crothers Colts won the overall team title.

Colts claim field lacrosse title


Sacred Heart Crusaders’ Claudia Zwierzchowski carries cheering teammate Edwina Stancovici after the team won the Tier I YRAA varsity girls rugby final Wednesday, beating the Aurora Eagles 5-0 at St. Brother Andre Catholic High School in Markham.

hotly pursued GTA football players between now and next February’s NCAA signing period. The Grade 11 student at the Aurora private boys school has already received full scholar-

Cole Young scored twice as the Bill Crothers Colts edged the Sir William Mulock Ravens 7-6 in the YRAA field lacrosse title game Wednesday at Keswick High School. Wyatt Pickrell and Colton Wood both scored twice for Mulock, which lost in the final for the second straight year. The Colts doubled the Sutton Sabres 8-4 in semifinal play earlier in the day, while the Ravens received a hat trick from Tyson Bruce and two goals from Bobby Quinn in a 7-3 triumph over the Aurora Eagles. The Colts will represent York Region at the OFSAA 3-A/4-A championships June 7 and 8 in Brampton. Taking notes ... The Bill Crothers Colts captured the YRAA girls Tier 1 soccer title with a 2-0 victory over the Newmarket Raiders Thursday ... Crothers also captured the Tier 1 varsity baseball title with a 4-1 triumph over the St. Joan of Arc Thunder.




18100 Yonge Street, NEWMARKET

17415 Yonge Street, NEWMARKET

11645 Yonge Street, RICHMOND HILL

WHERE: Aurora Family Leisure Complex, 135 Industrial Pkwy. N., Aurora MORE:

RELAY FOR LIFE — NEWMARKET WHEN: June 22 to 23, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. WHY: Proceeds support the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission to eradicate cancer and support people living with cancer. WHAT: Inspirational overnight non-competitive team walk WHERE: Pickering College, 16945 Bayview Ave., Newmarket MORE:

Shopping for a New Vehicle? FEATURED THIS WEEK

First go to



aand find out what Moore, Robinson, Drury and Beintema have to say

MORAINE FOR LIFE ADVENTURE RELAY WHEN: June 16, 8 a.m. WHY: Supports the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. WHAT: Non-stop, 14 relay stages, 160-km team challenge that includes run, hike, bike and paddle. WHERE: The course starts in Gore’s Landing and travels west to King Township. MORE:

E-mail your events to Amanda Persico at apersico@

AURORA’S ADRENALINE RUSH WHEN: June 17, 9 a.m. WHY: Try your hand at this extreme fitness event. WHAT: 5 km run with 3.2 km challenges, including tire run, muddy ground crawl and hopscotch course

Career Development

Career Development

The Advocate/The Banner/The Era, Sunday, June 3, 2012

TRY THE TRI TRIATHALON WHEN: Saturday, 8 a.m. Mandatory bike check in and race kit pick up June 7, 5 to 9 p.m. WHY: This event is designed for individuals of all ages who want to try a triathlon. WHAT: Swim, bike and run different distances based on age categories WHERE: Ray Twinney Recreation Complex, 100 Eagle St., Newmarket MORE:




RELAY FOR LIFE — AURORA WHEN: Friday and Saturday, 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. WHY: Proceeds support the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission to eradicate cancer and support people living with cancer. WHAT: Inspirational overnight non-competitive team walk WHERE: Magna International, 337 Magna Dr., Aurora MORE:

Career Development


4 SLO-PITCH BALL PLAYERS 55 Plus Mens League





Thursday Mornings & Tournaments Full Uniform Supplied For more information call

Al Fleming (905) 252-5385 or (905) 476-0073

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Career Development

Career Development


Career Development

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development


Newmarket Moving Company requires Highly professional & motivated

F/T EMPLOYEES Ability to drive standard preferred (905)853-7312

Careers Career Development

Career Development


CORPORATE/COMMERCIAL LAW CLERK Busy Vaughan law firm seeking a full-time Corp./Comm. law clerk with min. 5 yrs workrelated exp. Applicants should have exp. with comm. transactions and corp. re-org. while being able to work independently. Working knowledge of any or all of the LDD, conveyancer, Cyberbahn, PC Law & Microsoft Word would be an asset. Salary commensurate with level of experience.

Please e-mail resumes to

NOW HIRING High Profile Security Officers Paladin Security is committed to offering the best employment and career development opportunities in the Security Industry. Find out why we have been selected as the "Employer of Choice" in the Security Industry! Paladin Security Group is presently recruiting High Profile Security Guards within the Region of York. Apply with us today! Submit a resume & 3 professional references to


TEACH ENGLISH OVERSEAS Jobs Guaranteed TESOL Certified in 5 Days NEWMARKET COURSE: September 5th - September 9th, 2012 FREE INFORMATION SEMINAR June 7th, 2012 - 7p.m - 8p.m. Newmarket Public Library 438 Park Ave., Newmarket To register: Call 905.830.7481 or email:


The Advocate/The Banner/The Era Sunday, June 3, 2012, 20







RESIDENT SERVICES MANAGER At The Roxborough Retirement Residence in Newmarket directing and supervising care staff in a retirement setting. Must be an active Registered Practical Nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario as well as in possession of a current Medication Administration Certificate with experience in geriatric nursing. * Offers of employment are subject to criminal record checks. Please send resumes to Or Fax: 905-853-4928 Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted


Salon & Spa




Salon & Spa

HAIRDRESSER Experienced and licensed for nursing home in Aurora Part-time. No evenings or weekends.

Please call 1-866-303-0698 Technical/Skilled Trades


STICK/ARC WELDER experienced in light gauge metal. Call 905-264-4401 or fax resume 905-264-4404

Classified Hotline: (800) 743-3353 Drivers Drivers


Minimum 3 years experience. Must have clean driver's abstract. Company benefit package and steady year round work Apply in person: Ontario Sawdust 48 Sluse Rd., Holland Landing (905)836-9356 General tool rental/mini bin company requires

P/T DRIVER for approx 20 hours per week for deliveries in Newmarket and Aurora. C

Email resume:

Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

to work in construction industry hauling asphalt and gravel. Please fax resume to 905-775-2721 or call 905-775-4866

LISBON PAVING Professional


LAW CLERK For friendly fast paced Aurora Law office. The suitable candidate will have their own office and will be responsible for managing uncontested divorce files and estate administration files from beginning to end. We are looking for an "A" team player with superior skills requiring minimum supervision. Must have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in a law office. Please email resume to:

Office/ Administration

Detail Oriented CLERK/ADMIN Seeking a mature individual who has experience working in a fast paced environment and enjoys the challenges that come with tight deadlines. You can multitask and keep yourself on track by being well organized. You have excellent data entry/written skills and are detail oriented. Main duties would include preparing mail/courier, copying, filing, faxing, data entry and assisting with other administrative duties as requested. Some knowledge of medical terminology/experience an asset. Salary plus benefits. Fax resume plus salary expectations to:

905-727-4524 Attn: HR or email to: NOW HIRING Fast paced Richmond Hill based Financial Firm Fortress Real Capital is now accepting resumes for an administrative assistant position in its Mortgage team. Office administration position candidates must be well organized, self-motivated individuals, able to work independently, and have a strong attention to detail. Be part of a winning team! Please send resume with salary expectation to ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/ BOOKKEEPER

Busy Service Department Requires QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS Chrysler Certified an asset Will pay top dollar to the right candidate

SERVICE ADVISOR Salary/bonus pay + benefits ADP/Chrysler experience an asset Please forward resume to: Fax or email: (905) 898-4729 Attn: Frank Caietta or Maria Botas: HVAC TECHNICIAN REQUIRED Must have experience residential/ commercial heating and cooling. Must have own tools, current licenses, clean driving record. Top wages paid with benefits. Please fax resume to: 905-727-0282 or email:



AZ/DZ DRIVER (Dump roll off experience required)

in Newmarket is under new management and requires motivated Hair Stylists to join their team. We also offer further training at our Hair Academy. Apply in person, with resume Upper Canada Mall, Lower Level.

Office/ Administration

requires an


Required by Home Builder/Developer in Markham. The candidate must have Home Building Experience and will be responsible for an entire project including contractors' and suppliers' payables, bank reconciliation, purchasers' deposit & upgrades, HST Reporting, Statement of Adjustments and year end reporting. Excellent interpersonal, multi-tasking and computer skills are also required. Email resume:

Medical Receptionist One-Year Contract • Experienced Medical Receptionist • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills • Flexibility with hours Please fax resume to (905)898-2253 or E-mail: Only selected candidates will be contacted

Mechanical/Electrical contracting office requires FULL TIME PURCHASER to handle day to day ordering and inventory control. Previous purchasing experience & knowledge of material is required.

Fax resume to: 905-713-3464 Health Care/ Medical

Health Care/ Medical

Send resume to: Ted Bennett:

Experienced MIG Welders F/T & P/T for Trailer & General steel fabrication. Mechanical knowledge an asset. Schomberg area. Please e-mail or fax resume 905-939-9592

Looking for 2-3rd year TRUCK & COACH APPRENTICES Full Time position Email Resume to:

Part-Time RN, RPN, PSW, Dietary, Housekeeping and Activation required for Willows Estate, our LTC home in Aurora. For Job qualifications please go to our website, listed under careers. Please submit resume by June 1, 2012 to: or fax: 905-841-0454. DENTAL ASSISTANT (1yr. maternity)

for a Newmarket specialty dental practice. Digital radiography exp. an asset. Computer skills essential. Email: dentalassistant

FULL TIME LEVEL II DENTAL ASSISTANT with 3+years exp. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-7pm. Saturdays 8am-4pm Newmarket office. Email: eyronodd@ Call: 416-270-2026

Health Care/ Medical

Health Care/ Medical

Full Time Experienced CDTC or CDR Established general dental practice in the heart of Aurora seeking experienced dental professional. The successful candidate must have minimum 3 years CDA chairside experience. Ideally CDTC and/or CDR experience preferred but will train the right person. Dentrix knowledge is an asset but not required. Strict attention to detail and ability to multi task is a must to keep up with large case load. Must possess ability to work independently and in team setting. Must be flexible and able to assist doctors if required. Mon.-Fri., possible 1 Sat. starting in Winter. Please send resume attention to Candice: or fax to 905-727-7681 Only qualified applicants will be contacted. General Help

General Help

Masterpiece Landscape is looking for hardworking individuals that enjoy the outdoors and that are reliable, honest, courteous. Must have own transportation, must be able to start immediately. great hours and great wages. Main working areas are Woodbridge, Vaughan, Concord. Job consists of weeding, digging, planting, cultivating, etc. Please email Amanda at:

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Food Manufacturer in Newmarket looking for hardworking energetic employee. Heaving lifting required. Monday to Friday Fax resume to 905-895-5280 or email Electronics Restoration Company Newmarket company looking for a reliable & honest individual capable of disassembling cleaning & reassembling electronic equipment. Required to drive company van. Some heavy lifting is required. Training will be provided. Fax/email resume to: 905-953-8449

Looking for Landscape Foreman (M/f): 3-5 Yrs Exp in natural stone, interlock, water features. Has experience with running 3-5 person crew. Exp with Skid steers & Excavators. Team player, looking to grow with the company. Competitive wages.

Please e-mail resume to

Parker Cleaners P/T SALES CLERK Great secondary income potential!!! Evenings & weekends (some days). Benefits. Competitive wages. Flexible hours.

PAID TRAINING. Call Joe 905-727-8122

Car required. Small friendly cleaning company needs honest RELIABLE F/T people with a strong work ethic who love to clean (days). Newmarket - Aurora Keswick $11.50/ hr. (905)955-8840

P/T, F/T HOUSE CLEANER/ SUPERVISOR Bondable. Fast paced env. Starting $11- $15/hr Driver's license req'd Email resume: home_sweep_home

General Help

General Help

Apartments for Rent MAKE A CHANGE for the Better in 2012 ! Newly renovated building in Sutton. 2 storey, 2 Bedroom apts. Parking included. Available July 1st. 50% Rented! From $810.+ Hydro

Call Dave (905)722-8799 A REFURBISHED basement apartment, North Richmond Hill, separate entrance, laundry, 800sqft., 2 bedroom. No smoking/ pets. Immediate. Parking. $975. 647-268-8449

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

SU 2 - ND 4 P AY M


422 QUEEN ST , NEWMARKET Offered @ $339,900 - Renovated Bungalow, Open Concept, Completely Redone Interior, Updated Kitchen High End Stainless Steel Appliances, New 4 Piece Bath, Updated Floors & Trim, Smooth Ceilings and Pot Lights, Windows, Shingles, Furnace & Air, Easy Walk to Go Train or SouthLake. Follow signs from Main & Queen. SU 2 - ND 4 P AY M


343 BINNS AVE., NEWMARKET Offered @ $699,900 - Sought After Glenway, 3500+ sq.ft., 3 car garage, Brick 4+1 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath, Granite Kitchen, Massive Open Concept Room, Gleaming Hardwood Floors, Finished Basement, Inground Pool, Nanny’s Suite, Backs On Pond and Future Proposed Golf Course. Follow signs from Eagle W & McCaffrey. “PUT MY 30 PLUS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOU!”

AURORA- 2 bedroom basement. Great area close to transit, shopping. Laundry, 1 parking spot, available now. $975.00 inclusive. 416-985-9164.

Google the Addresses for the Youtube Videos or Check Out the Full Details on my Web Site:


DAVE CLARKE group future realty inc.

Part time A/R required 3 days per week. Must have knowledge of Simply Accounting. Send detailed resume to: accounting@

2 Suites Re-Rentals Experienced - ONT. Landlord Tenant Bd. Fax machine & bonding req'd Phone: 1.403-282-8800 Fax: 1.403.282.8826 (Nwmkt Residents Only Apply)

Drivers VACATION RELIEF Driver required in Bradford. 6-8 weeks per year to cover permanent staff. Truck provided. Start date: late June. Current driver's license with no violations. Ability to work alone and lift 50lb boxes. Fax resume to: 416-961-5122

Career Development MAKE A Difference! Get the career training you need to become an Addictions and Community Services Worker at Everest College Call Now! 1-866-424-8742 Newmarket (In the Tannery Mall) Career services assistance available to graduates. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Day and evening classes available.

Technical/Skilled Trades CNC MACHINIST required for Canaco Industries Ltd. in Newmarket. For either Turning Centres and/or Machining Centres. Some experience an asset. Send resume to:

Office/ Business Space for Rent/ Wanted

Office/ Business Space for Rent/ Wanted

Rooms for Rent and Wanted

Articles for Sale

NEWLY RENOVATED- 2 bedrooms+. End unit w/balcony in Newmarket between mall & hospital. parking, laundry gym. $1250+. July 1st. 416-707-3857

NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom Rent lower level, separate entrance, a/c, parking, back- AURORA- MULTI-LEVEL yard. June 1st. $850.+ townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2 hydro. (905)853-1957 baths, 4 appliances, garage, available July 1st. NEWMARKET- 3 bed- $1500+ utilities. room, main floor, shared 905-737-2108 laundry, marble vanity, ceramics, oak kitchen, attic KESWICKTOWNstorage, 2 parking. $1250+ HOUSE, open concept, 3 1/2 utilities. bedrooms, 11/2 baths, (905)830-0573 large fenced yard & deck. Available June 1st NEWMARKETBAY- $1395+. Non-smoking/ VIEW/ Mulock, bright 1 pets. (905)476-3210. bedroom walkout, parking, laundry, separate en- NEWMARKET- YONGE/ trance, non-smokers/ no Eagle. Brand new 3 bedpets. June 1st. Referenc- room, 3 bathrooms, a/c, es, $950 inclusive. appliances, walkout base905-898-2003 ment. References/ credit check. Non-smoking/ pets. NEWMARKETDAVIS/ August. 905-884-0024 Prospect near hospital. 3 bedroom lower, $1150 in- Houses for Rent clusive. Renovated, 4 appliances. Non-smoking/ pets. Vacant. (416)678-2134, SUTTON 416-560-4248 NEWMARKET- (DOWNTOWN Eagle). 2 bedroom walk-out, bright, spacious, a/c, parking. No smoking, no pets. $1050 inclusive. Available immediately. (905)836-9666 416-258-16 66 NEWMARKET- LEGAL 2 bedroom basement w/brand new countertops cabinets +kitchen floor, separate entrance, parking, appliances, laundry. $1000 inclusive. Immediately. (905)898-2067

2 bedroom house, appliances, large yard. First and last. Non-smoking, no pets. Available immediately. $925+ utilities. (905)806-4566

KESWICKROOM available. Share kitchen, bath. Parking, laundry. Mature non-smoking professional male only. $450. (905)989-0496.

HOT TUB/SPA 2012 model, fully loaded, full warranty. New in plastic. Cost $8,000 Sacrifice $3,900. Call: 416-779-0563

KESWICK- WOODBINE/ Arlington. 1000sq.ft. walkout basement, furnished room w/tv. Female preferred. Walk to bus. $450 inclusive First/ last. Immediately. (905)898-7680

SLIDING MIRROR DOORS: Brand new, all sizes! We deliver and install! Call 905-717-0102 Visit our website www.

NEWMARKETFURNISHED basement room. Share bath/ kitchenette. Near Yonge/ Davis. No parking. Smoking outside. First, last, references. Male. $450. 905-853-7091

THOMASVILLE DINING set- buffet, hutch, server, curio cabinet, table seats 10-12, burlwood oak, $2500. Call 416-889-4233.

Shared Accommodations KESWICK- BEDROOM, large house. shared bathrooms/ livingroom/ kitchen/ laundry. Close to shopping/ bus. $500. inclusive. Non-smoking/ pets. 905-251-1095

Pools, Hot Tubs, Supplies HOT TUB, Delux Cabinet, must sell, warranty, $2,495 – 905-409-5285

POOL-LINERS! BEST prices! Largest selection! Quality work! Warranty! Free estimates! Glenn: 1-800-379-3827 or visit: NEWMARKETBED- ROOM, quiet, new house, Summerhill. Cable HD TV/ TMN, internet, laundry, Sporting/Outdoor amenities, parking. $540 Equipment inclusive (416)948-2973.

BEAUTIFULLY RENOVATED 3 bedroom farmhouse near Schomberg in King Township. New kitchen, and beautiful views. Gardening and lawn mainteNEWMARKET- LUXURI- nance included. $1,800/mth NEWMARKET- SHARE 3 OUS 2 bedroom, main lev- +utilities. 416-575-4897 el, walk-out decks, parking, BRADFORD BEAUTIFUL bedroom house w/one per- FISHING BOATING On garden, laundry, suit pro- 3 bedroom house, main son, park-like setting. 1 The Marsh rents out kayfessionals. Non-smok- floor, 5 appliances, new mile east of Woodbine. aks and fishing supplies on No pets. the Holland River. Come ing/pets. July 1st. $1175 bathroom & eat-in kitchen, $700+. check us out at The Holinclusive. 705-456-6993, parking. No pets. Must be (905)960-3391 land River Marina 21259 905-726-0350. seen. $1500 inclusive. Bathurst St. $20.00/Hr. Farms for Rent/ First/ last. (416)720-0200 $45/3Hrs. Open NEWMARKETQUIET Wanted 8a.m-8p.m Daily building, private balcony CHARMING 2 bedroom + new kitchen, 2 bedroom, den located in central BALDWIN- 20 acres, reno near hospital. Parking, Newmarket. Available July farm house, shop, barn. 647-802-5903 laundry on premises. No 1st. $1550/ month+. July 1st. $1400.+. lease dogs. $1100. 905-235-6457. available. Credit app. In- Pet Supplies/ 905-953-9683. quiries by fax: DAVIS/ MAIN- 4 bedroom 905-722-4257, give name, Boarding/Service NEWMARKETRENO- house, large backyard, address, contact numbers. AFFORDABLE DOG & VATED building, large close to amenities and Attn: Ning. Cat Grooming/ Boarding. 1000sq.ft. 2 bedroom. schools, a/c. July 1st. Back in Business after utilities. Near transit/ hospital. No $1500+ family illness. $35. Large Cottages for Rent pets. $995 inclusive. 416-522-8273 dogs welcome. 905-235-1739 (905)836-4366 GREAT- NEWMARKET NEWMARKET- YONGE/ location, 3 bedrooms, near A BEAUTIFUL Serenity Savage. New 2 bedroom pond, clean, cozy, well- Cottage- Muskoka (Six Vans basement, 1200sq.ft., sep- kept. Must see. $1800. Mile Lake, 1/2-hour from arate entrance, parking, 4 Price negotiable. Nazli Ei- Barrie), great fishing, priappliances, private laun- sazadeh, Royal Lepage vate dock. (416)708-5483, 2006 FORD Van- F250. dry. Non-smoking/ pets. Realty 416-838-7773. New tires/ rear brakes/ $1000 +1/3. KESWICK- 3 bedroom windshield. Good condi(416)566-9964 tion, 190,000kms. Air. bungalow, newly renovat- Articles for Sale $4,200 as is. ed. Hardwood/ ceramic QUEENSVILLE- 1 bed- floors. $1500+. Lots of 905-775-0366 room basement, own en- parking. No smoking. No CARPETS- I have several trance, July 1st. No pets. pets. Available immediate- thousand yards of new References. $750 inclu- ly. (416)558-1514 stainmaster & 100% nylon Motorcycles/ sive. F/L. 905-478-2963 carpet. Will do living room Offroad KESWICK- EXECUTIVE & hall for $389.00. InQUEENSVILLE- STUDIO home, granny flat in base- cludes: carpet, pad, instalapt. main floor. Laundry, ment, 4 bedroom, lation (25 yards). Steve parking, $700 inclusive. No 2400sqft, near lake. 289-464-6049 pets/ smoking. Available. ( 9 0 5 ) 4 7 8 - 4 5 9 0 , 1986 YAMAHA Radian 9 0 5 - 2 5 2 - 9 4 0 5 , 905-252-2624 905-830-9428 EZ LOADER boat trailer. 650, 7645kms. Good conSOUTH EAST Keswick- Carried 18' Bowrider. dition, nice looking bike. Unregistered apartments Quiet, rural, 2 storey, 3 $1200. O.B.O. Asking $1500. firm. James 705-220-9408 bedroom, 4 appliances, 1.5 905-476-1641 could be unsafe. baths. Non-smoking/ pets. Ask to see your Available July 1st. $1100+. landlord’s registration Mortgages/ Loans Mortgages/ Loans 905-478-2141 certificate. Town of East GwillimbuWOODBINE/ AURORA ry. Rd- 3 bedroom house, 1 UXBRIDGE- BRIGHT 2 bath. $1250 + utilities. immediately. bedroom basement. Partly Available furnished. Parking, trucks 905-889-1938 or cars. Newly decorated. Don't Worry About Credit! $800. inclusive. Immedi- Rooms for Rent and Refinance Now! ate. References. L/M. Wanted (905)852-4703 Call Hugh Fusco AMP -647-268-1333 NEWMARKET- ROOM for #M08005735 YONGE/ WELLINGTON- 2 rent, shared apartment. Igotamortgage Inc. bedroom, a/c, fridge, $500. inclusive. First/ last. #10921 stove, 1 parking, $1000+ Available immediately. utilities. 416-743-5601 905-836-0962

Available Mortgages Up to 90% LTV


SEWING MACHINE OPERATOR Experience on single needle & serger. Speak & read English. Full-time Nmkt. location. Call 905-868-9991 Fax 905-868-9992

Mini Property Caretaker - NMKT


AURORA- DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENTLY OWNED & OPERATED 905-853-5955 Yonge upper bright with heat, appliances, no smok- Apartments for Apartments for ing, no pets, no parking. Rent Rent Immediate. $1050+ hydro. 416-605-7457 BRADFORDDOWN- NEWMARKET- 1 bedroom TOWN. 1 bedroom apart- basement, full kitchen, 3pc ment, fully renovated, gas bath, separate entrance, AURORA- LARGE one fireplace, walking distance cable, laundry, parking. bedroom on Yonge, bright, to GO Train. $850. First/ Non-smoking/ pets. $850. references. Available mid June clean. In building, park- last/ (905)853-6626 ing, near all amenities. (705)456-6447 905-503-2133 FOR RENT/ lease- 2 bed- NEWMARKET- 1 bedroom room top floor, under- basement. Non-smoking/ ground parking. Main pets. Separate entrance, AURORA- SEEKING great Street, Newmarket. a/c, parking, fridge, stove. tenants- must see! 1 bed- Available July 1st/ 15th. Immediate. References. room, all inclusive, spec- $1250+ hydro. Mark $925 inclusive. tacular site, walkout, suits 416-882-5040 (905)898-1277. individual/ professional, Landing- NEWMARKET- 1 bednon-smoker/ pets. Ben HOLLAND bright 1 bedroom base- room, bright, large, recent905-713-3588 ment apt., satellite, laundry ly renovated, separate internet. No pets/ smok- entrance, laundry, a/c, $750 inclusive. parking, $1,000 inclusive. BALDWIN MOTEL- ing. June 2nd. (416)557-6488 Efficiency units, starting at Available (905)836-1315 weekly $200 or monthly NEWMARKET- 1 bed$700. (905)722-9066 JACKSON'S POINT- Re- room, bright walk-out sort setting. 3 bedroom, 1 basement. Livingroom, dinbath, large deck. 100ft to ingroom, separate en4 appliances, BRADFORD- 1 bedroom, lake access. Immediate. trance, separate laundry, private bright, spacious, private 416-535-4141. backyard, 2 parking. entrance. C/A, walk-up, 2 parking, non-smoking./ KESWICK- $1175 inclu- $875+. (416)721-6001. sive. Central air, excitingly dogs. From $750+ utilities. Immediate 416-751-3368, clean, bright, 2 bedroom NEWMARKET- 1 bedroom main floor, steps to shop- luxury basement, separate 905-778-8228 ping/ bus. No smoking. No entrance/ parking, cable, pets. 905-868-2158 internet. Non-smoking/ pets. $800 inclusive BRADFORD- 1 bedroom KESWICK- $725 inclusive. Available June 1st. walk-out., 4-pc bath, with Central air, pleasant, fresh- 416-666-6697 laundry. a/c. $850 inclu- ly painted, 1 bedroom sive. Available June 1st.. upper, steps to shopping/ NEWMARKET- 1 bedroom bus. No smoking, no pets. upper, century home, garNo pets. 416-707-2701. 905-868-2158 den, laundry, parking, suits single professional. No KESWICK- LARGE 2 bed- pets. $850 incl., July. BRADFORD- 3 bedroom room apt. parking, laundry. upper floor, appliances, First/ last, references. 9 0 5 - 7 2 6 - 0 3 5 0 , washer/ dryer. Newly reno- $1200. inclusive. July/ 705-456-6993 after 7pm. vated. Available immedi- Aug. 1st. No pets NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom ately. $1350 all inclusive. 905-251-0204 basement, large, clean, (905)955-7479, quiet, separate entrance/ (905)955-7136 KESWICK- NEWLY reno- laundry, parking/ yard, vated 3 bedroom base- non-smoking/ pets, $850+. ment near park. Lots of (905)392-8199. BRADFORD- CLEAN 3 big windows, kitchen, launbedroom, upper, no pets/ dry, bathroom, parking, ap- NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom smoking. Bright, spacious, pliances. $1300 inclusive basement, separate enbacks onto park, $1,150+ 905-960-9119 leave mes- trance, laundry facilities, sage fridge, stove. references. July 1st. 905-716-7755 $940. No smoking. July NEWMARKET- Renovat- 1st. (905)841-3553 ed 3 bedroom upper, HWY. 48/ Davis- new luxu- painted, new carpet/ floor- NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom ry 2 bedroom semi, no ing. Laundry hook-up, main level. Parking for one pets/ smoking, quiet pro- parking. From $1150.+. vehicle. Quiet building. 1st/ fessional(s). $800+. Lease, Non-smoking/ dogs. June last. $950 inclusive. Non416-751-3368, smoking/ pets. July 1st. first/ last. Immediately. 1st. 905-778-8228 905-836-6288 (905)473-9983 Brokerage

CRS Aurora is looking for qualified individuals to apply for the position of: Delivery Driver (AZ/DZ) Job Description Responsibilities include delivery of construction equipment and related supplies (frequent heavy lifting) to jobsites throughout our operating area; and other duties as assigned by the supervisor. To be qualified for this position a valid DZ driver's license and clean driver's abstract are required. AZ license preferred. Benefits include • Comprehensive benefits package including dental, eyewear, prescriptions etc. • Pension plan. • Year round employment You may apply in person, fax or email your resume to the attention of Human Resources: 79A Ram Forest Road, Gormley, ON LOH 1G0 905-751-0496

NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom basement, separate entrance. Yonge/ Sawmill Valley. Non-smoking/ pets. A/C. Near transit, schools, Immediate. $1000. includes utilities. 289-221-3922

Condos for Rent

Townhouses for

AURORA- 1 bedroom, bright, 2nd floor, water and heat included. Parking, laundry. $775 +hydro. Immediately. No dogs. First, last. 905-478-4486 AURORA- 1 bedroom, upper level, separate entrance, Yonge/ Wellington, near GO. Hardwood flooring. Suits 1-2 persons. Non-smoking/pets. $700+utilities. 905-727-6763

Apartments for Rent

21, The Advocate/The Banner/The Era Sunday, June 3, 2012

General Help

$300 TO $1000Dead/ Alive. Cars/ trucks/ vans. Fast Free towing. We sell parts. 416-500-5050 A FREE TOW for your scrap car or truck and cash paid. (905)775-1018 or (905)836-2100 A1 SERVICE. We pay top dollar. Wanted: Cars & Trucks. Your responsible auto recycler, 905-954-0002 CASH PAID $0-$2,500. Scrap & repairable. Cars, trucks, trailers. Will pick-up. (905)775-4935. Toll-free: 1-888-484-4887. Anytime. Metrowide Auto Parts CERTIFIED RECYCLER $300 to $1000 Dead/ Alive. Cars/Trucks/Vans Fast Free towing We sell parts 905-722-3223 905-960-5546 WE PAY $350-$3000 for your scrap cars, vans and trucks. Free towing 24/7. 416-825-3360.

Mortgages/ Loans $$MONEY$$ CONSOLIDATE Debts Mortgages to 90% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-282-1169

Cleaning/Janitorial A LOCAL residential cleaning company A+ top drawer cleaners is expanding. We are looking for homes in need of some loving care. Call now and pick your spot. For free estimates call 289-264-8056 ANDERSON CLEANING Service- 13 years professional cleaning experience. Free estimates! Affordable and Reliable! Lynette 705-796-5985. PAYLESS4CLEANINGRESIDENTIAL & Commercial, bonded, insured, reliable, references. Free estimate, affordable. Ludmila 647-267-2340

Decks & Fences DECKS, Shed, Concrete/ Stone walkway. Hardwood/ Laminate floors 25 years experience. 416-522-8034, 905-787-0236 http://fifieldconstruction.

Home Renovations CEILINGS repaired. Spray textures, plaster designs, stucco, drywall, paint. We fix them all! 905-554-0825 HOME RENO. 25 years exp. Basement. Kitchen. Bathroom. Drywall. Painting. Call Cam 647-388-1866


Moving & Storage A-PARRIS MOVERSLong/short, big/small, residential/ condos/ commercial. Quality service. Affordable/ reliable. 905-758-2848, 416-677-2848 www.



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Vehicles Wanted/ Wrecking


ELECTRICAL Up grade any wiring system Up grade service/ fuse panel to breaker Fan/ exhaust fan/hood/microwave/dishwasher Pot lights/chandelier - any other lighting Pool/ Hot tub/ whirlpool wiring Electrical inspection/ Trouble shooting Aurora based/ licensed and insured. Call MO at 416-918-9497 ESA/ECRA # 7008252

REPAIRS Glass/Door/Window/Caulking Siding / Eavestrough / Screens Hardware / Thermo Units Call (647)218-3950 10% Seniors Discount



Chain Link ~ Wrought Iron Residential/ Industrial/ Security Pool Enclosures ~ Dog Runs


CONCRETE IMPRESSIONS Stamped concrete for as low as $8./ sq.ft.

Garage Floors • Driveways Basement Walkouts • Patios Walkways • Waterproofing Over 30 years experience We leave "Good Impressions" Insured • Free Estimates • References


Specializing in STAMPED CONCRETE

Driveways ~ Patios Walkways & more Free estimates Competitive rates Nick 416-347-5062 local 482 Ontario St., Newmarket 905-898-1361 Showroom Hrs: Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm Sat. 9-3 Cash & Carry or Professionally Installed

D.C. fence & contracting inc. • Chain Link • Wrought Iron • Farm • Gates • Post Hole Digging • Decks (905)722-5408 (905)955-8275


Spring specials from $10/ft. Over 30 years in business 1000's of installations Decks and fences Plumbing/ Electrical Painting Installations Handy Man Jobs Soffit, Siding, Fascia

Toll free 1-855-332-9997 Immediate response to all calls 7 days/ week


$AVE and Restore your Kitchen Cabinets for Today's New Look! A fraction of the price of replacing. All panels removed and refinished in shop by seasoned pro painter. Email: 416-358-7071


Spring/ Fall Clean-ups ~ Designing ~ Pruning Planting ~ Mulching ~ Maintenance Call Wayne 905-960-2565 www.geminigardenservices. com

Design • Build • Maintain Complete Garden Management

Call: 416-821-0587

T & G Landscaping

• Interlock Stone • Retaining Walls • Flagstone Walkways • Lift & Re-level Interlock • Garden Installation ~ Top Soil & Seed

905-841-5098 Residential ~ Commercial

www.RYANS Weekly Lawn Care Mulch/ Soil Application Fertilizer Programs Weed Control Decks & Fences Tree Pruning Garden Creation Irrigation *** Plus So Much More *** Residential~Commercial Free Estimates




HOME RENO PLUS Any Projects Big or Small 1 Call, We Do It All! Basements ~ Bathrooms ~ Kitchens



Painting, Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall, Tiling, Framing, Additions, Enclosures, Chimney & Masonry, Brick Replacement. Decks, Fences. Complete finished basement with 3pc. washroom in 2 weeks!

• INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PAINTING • Crown Moulding & Trimwork • Free Estimates & colour consultations • Fully insured , Bonded, References

905-235-7357; cell 647-984-7366

Terry • 905-727-7048 June Special ~ Call Today! Freshen up your house with new colours! 4 Rooms with trim from $699 using Benjamin Moore paints

PKD Painting 905-836-4347 Local Newmarket company serving Nemarket, Aurora, Bradford since 1985

G.R. Home Improvements Quality work guaranteed! • Interior/ Exterior Painting • Decks • Fences • Crown Molding • Drywall • Taping • Flooring • Basements 905-895-6245 1-866-321-9646

LINDOS CONTRACTING LTD. Custom Interlocking Design Patios & Retaining Walls Driveways • Basement Waterproofing Weeping Tiles • Trenching/ Excavating Home Renovations AND MORE. Call John 905-478-4564 or 416-346-4816

Repairs Renovations

FOUR SEASONS PAINTING ...and Home Improvements 2 professional, hard working guys Inquire about more details on our Spring Painting Specials

CERAMIC TILE Expert Installations! Complete kitchen, bathroom & basement remodeling.

Call Nino 647-233-3304 ~ 905-936-6001

FLORENCE PLUMBING Complete Bathroom Renovations * Water softeners Purification systems * Natural gas installations * Plumbing service & repairs

Cell: 905-868-7318 905-898-5673 Licensed and Insured. Ask for Peter

Neil the Plumber Licensed Plumber

Installations, Alterations, Repairs, • Porch Enclosures Rough-ins & Service • Screened Complete Bathroom Rooms Renovations FREE ESTIMATES

Aurora based, Satisfaction guaranteed

Dave 905-713-7831

Ask for Debbie


905-898-3938 482 Ontario Street, Newmarket


DUCT CLEANING DRYER VENT Washroom Fans • Kitchen Exhaust Central Vac • Houses & Condos Sanitizing • Disinfection


Craftsmanship & Service Repairs to aluminum stainless, bronze, nibral propellers skeg repairs 25223 Valley View Dr. RR #1, Sutton

Phone (905)722.PROP (7767)

Presented by The Banner and The Era


• Four Season SunRoblin Rooms Neil Cell# 416-414-7313 • 905-778-9832 E-mail:

Expert Refinishing - Repairs - Upholstery Hand Stripping ~ Structural Repairs Colour Changes ~ Custom Upholstery Visit our Showroom or call for estimate 416-841-9698

905-952-7410, Dan

By a guy who comes to your house and scrapes, sands, primes and paints. No sloppy crews or messy kids. Just a professional who cares about quality.

Day of Evening 905-252-1300


Spring Saving$ 3 Rooms Painted (Walls) 2 Coats of Top Grade Premium Paint included for $475.00 Friendly, affordable expertise

☛ Computer Training ☛ Software/ Hardware Upgrades ☛ Network Implementing ☛ Trouble shooting/ Virus repair


Call Claudio 416-723-4860 or 905-727-0862






Kitchens ~ Bathrooms ~ Basements Electrical, Plumbing, Crown Moulding Wood Flooring, Decks, Fences, Ceramics

George @ cell 416-564-7942

Interlock, Retaining Walls, Patios, Decks and Fences Bobcat & Mini-Ex for hire


Renovations Basements Bathrooms Kitchens Flooring Roofing



DELIVERY/ MOVINGResidential, apartment, office. Local/ Long distance. Insured. Experienced. Reliable. 647-261-2060 Email: xpresstranscanada

Waste Removal 1/2 Price Junk Removal. Cheap. Fast Service. All loading/ cleanup. Free Estimates. John, 905-310-5865 (local)

Escort Services

Naughty Hotties Escort Service

We blow the competition away.

(705) 719-1004 ASIAN BEAUTIES- Escort service. Busty, sexy. Great deals, 24/7. Out calls only. 905-695-9089



McDONALD, Mark (Retired Fire Captain after 34 years with Mississauga Fire Department) Passed away peacefully at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 68 years of age with his loving wife Michele by his side. Loving father of Sarah, Kelly, Mark and Scott. Dear grandfather of Abbey, Megan, Matthew, Jessica, and Derick. Survived by his sister Veronica and predeceased by his brother Norman and his mother Patricia. Our sincere gratitude to the special staff at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre and the I.C.U., Cancer Care and Palliative Care staff and Dr. H. Yuen, Dr. K. Roberts and Dr. L. Zibdawi at Southlake. Thank you also to our caring, special friends and neighbours. Friends may call at the Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home, 157 Main St. South, Newmarket for visitation on Wednesday, June 6th from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. and on Thursday, June 7th from 11 a.m. until the time of a Memorial Service in the chapel at 12 noon. In memory of Mark, donations can be made to Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation. Online condolences may be made at

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

MUEHLHEIM, Christine (Tina) In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and grandmother who passed away June 3, 2003. May the winds of love blow softly And whisper so you can hear We will always love and miss you And wish that you were here. Lovingly remembered by your husband Fritz, daughter Ricky, grandson Marty and family, grandson David and family and grandson John and family.

Birthdays Happy 8th Birthday Georgia Grace From your “need for speed”, to your love and care of all God’s creatures … You make every day a better day!

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Moving & Storage

We love you sweetheart. With hugs and kisses from Mum and Dad, Nanny, Grampa in Heaven, your family, friends and your pets.

Anniversaries Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary

CUFF, DOROTHY Aileen (nee McMaster) Passed away while surrounded by family and friends on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at Newmarket Health Centre at the age of 93. Beloved wife of the late Henry William Cuff. Dear mother to H. William "Bill" (Charlene Tomlin), Grace Cuff and the late Gwen Gillespie (John). Grandma to Aaron, Melanie, Jordan, Amber, Terra, Devon; and great-grandmother of Amanda, Tawnisha and Tia. Dorothy was predeceased by her sister Isabelle Grass and her in-laws James Grass and Glenys and Jerry Thornton. The family would like to thank the staff at Newmarket Health Centre for their exemplary care and compassion over the last five years. A Celebration of Life will be held on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. at Markham Missonary Church (5438 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Markham). Visitation one hour prior. As an expression of sympathy, donations may be made to the Alzheimer's Society of York Region, Heart & Stroke Foundation or the Canadian Cancer Society. Condolences

BIRCHLEY, Agnes (Addy) Peacefully at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, on Thursday, May 31st, 2012. Addy was in her 91st year. Beloved mother of Maureen and her husband Richard Dixon of Barrie. Dear grandmother (Nana) of Karen Saunders of Barrie and adored greatgrandmother (Nanby) of Riley and Amber Saunders. She'll be laid to rest beside her husband William Birchley at Aurora Cemetery - "Together Forever". A Funeral Service will be held at Thompson Funeral Home, 530 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora, 905-727-5421 on Monday, June 4th at 2 p.m. with visitation one hour prior. Donations to Heart and Stroke or the Parkinson Society would be appreciated by the family. Online condolences and information at

John & Monica Whittle On June 2, 1962 you wed at St. Willibrord's Church in Manchester, England.

Congratulations on reaching your 'Golden' Year! Wishing you many more years of happiness. Love your Children and Grandchildren

Starting at


plus HST Minimum size 2x45 (as shown)

Here’s your chance to te congratulate your Graduate in our special


SATURDAY/SUNDAY, JUNE 23/24, 2012 and on

LAMINATIONS AVAILABLE 1 for $5 Additional Laminations $3 each

STECKLEY, Nicole Graduated Grade 8 from St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it, If you can dream it, you can become it. Dream on Dreamer.....

Congratulations Lots of love always ..... from all of your family

For more details and assistance with your announcement, contact a Classified Sales Representative at

905-853-2527 or 416-798-7284 Toll Free 1-800-743-3353 Deadline for Submissions: June 20 C

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Planning a New Kitchen?


AURORA is Proud to Present our

Kitchen Design & Planning Night )5((

Thursday, June 14 2012 at 7 PM Factory Sales Reps will be on-hand to answer all your Kitchen Renovation Que estionsâ&#x20AC;Ś

For more details contact: RONA HOME & GARDEN 140 First Commerce Drive Aurora, Ontario L4G 0H5


(905) 841-0795