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Culprits of ROC crime still at large

• Thursday, July 19, 2012 •



No new information is being released regarding vandalism at the Recreation Outdoor Campus July 7, but investigators continue to pour over evidence, York Regional police said yesterday. Two people suspected of vandalizing public property to the tune of more than $100,000 remain at large. Almost two weeks have passed since perpetrators vandalized 14 municipally owned vehicles on the back parking lot of civic centre grounds and trashed the Recreation Outdoor Campus in the early morning hours of July 7.

Early in the investigation, town officials expressed confidence those responsible would be caught referring to surveillance tapes from the chalet’s security camera, which filmed the rampage in progress. Evidence was also left behind at the scene, according to York Regional Police. As of Monday, town CAO Winanne Grant remained committed to that sentiment, expressing her confidence that “the offenders will be See page 8.


Board park opening this fall BY HEIDI RIEDNER


Megan Melo, 3, peeks through her father’s wood sculpture called Topsy Turvy at the 11th annual Purple Turtle Art Festival at the Briars Resort in Jackson’s Point all weekend. For see our photo gallery of the event, go to

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Skateboarders should be stoked since they will be the first user group to take advantage of the former Sutton Public School site on Dalton Road. A $245,000 skateboard park was given the go ahead at council Monday night. Council authorized a contract for Toronto company New Line Skateparks to design and build a much-anticipated second park in Georgina on the southernmost portion of the town-owned property. The park will run perpendicular to Dalton, running from Dalton back toward the river bordering Ultramar gas station. The site was chosen, even though the town is yet to decide the fate of the 2.6-hectare site and its 38,700 sq. ft. building, because it best met the criteria of being in the open and highly visible, according to Mayor Rob Grossi. At the mayor’s suggestion, interested youth ARE invited to participate in the design


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Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 2

Resident pushes for investigation into mayor’s conduct BY HEIDI RIEDNER

A sit-down with Mayor Rob Grossi to discuss his conduct during a defamation lawsuit last winter isn’t good enough, says a Keswick resident. Kristina Toomey filed papers last February requesting a neutral thirdparty investigation but is disappointed with how long the process is taking and the town’s choice of mediation instead of an investigation. Five months ago, Ms Toomey had requested Mayor Rob Grossi reimburse taxpayers for all legal expenses due to the lawsuit, provide full public disclosure of all legal accounts and that an investigation be launched to determine if the mayor contravened the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act or town Code of Conduct in regard to a Feb. 10 letter to the editor in the Pefferlaw Post and if the mayor declared a pecuniary interest at all appropriate times. That hasn’t happened, she said. “In essence, this is a practice in futility. How exactly is mediation going to work if I am not a willing participant? As far as I am concerned, this is not a mediation matter. This is an investigation matter.” But according to the Georgina CAO’s office, mediation is the prop-

er procedure to follow. “I am not willing to participate in any mediation process as that will not provide the comfort or the necessary legal opinion that any contravention has occurred,” said Ms Toomey. Ms Toomey willingly waived the first two steps of the town’s process, which involves a meeting between the complainant and the member of council involved, followed by talks with the CAO, an independent third party and/or the mayor or alternate to discuss the complaint and resolve the issue. “I do not believe a meeting between myself, the mayor, the CAO and an independent third party will help resolve any of my concerns that I continue to raise,” said Ms Toomey. To attempt to resolve the issue, CAO Winanne Grant contacted York Community Mediation Services (YCMS) to establish if it would be able to effectively mediate the case. “In order to accommodate Ms Toomey’s refusal to participate in the required first steps, the CAO consulted with the town’s solicitor and sought direction from town council with regards to how to proceed,” said communications coordinator Jordan Redshaw. Ms Grant was directed to pro-

ceed with a third step, which is to have the CAO “investigate the complaint and/or to arrange for a neutral third party to mediate the dispute.” According to the town, the policy requires an attempt at mediation before any further steps may be taken. “This agency offers free mediation services and normally deals with neighbour disputes. This is not a neighbour dispute, it is a potential breach of the town’s policy and the Municipal Act,” she said, adding she provided a list of six potential companies to Ms Grant that specialize in municipal investigations. The town defends its choice of mediator, however, saying YCMS was selected based on recommendations from various other municipalities, said Mr. Redshaw. Furthermore, as the mediation would be funded by taxpayer dollars, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm Creating Pictures File Management Using the Internet Printing Information

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YCMS was Ms Grant’s “first choice due to the low costs involved in using its services when compared to the other options given by Ms. Toomey”. That answer doesn’t sit well with 011 Receive $500 Dealer Discount, Ms Toomey. $500 TD Canada Trust RRSP “(Council) didn’t blink twice to or $500 Gas Card! put out over $30,000 over that defamation nonsense,” she said. “This Weekly payments from $$53.00 •41,000 kms is my money, too, and this is how I Anti-Lock Brakes • Child Seat Anchors want it spent.” • Power Windows • Power Trunk • Air Conditioning She adds while she has been patient, co-operative and has done • Folding Rear Seat • Split Rear Seat • AM/FM CD Player her due diligence working with the Financing done on site. TD prime rate from 3.0% town, she feels like the town is “dragWeekly, bi-weekly & monthly payments available. O.A.C. ging its heels” on the matter. “I have no intention of letting this matter fade off into the sunset,” she Bill Bennett Motors said. “My position since day one has 77 High St., Sutton (905) 722-8650 been an investigation by an pendent third party.”


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Page 3, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

LEGAL ISSUES: Requested probe into lawsuit procedure still not happening, Kristina Toomey says

Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 4


Ron Burrell (pictured) and business partner Ron Ryan took over Cook’s Bee Supplies in Aurora, which has catered to beekeepers since 1923. The store belonged to Aurora resident Jim Cook’s family since it opened almost 90 years ago.

Old-fashioned honey business still buzzing By Chris Traber

Other than personnel, not much has changed at Cook’s Bee Supplies since it was established on Aurora’s Edward Street in 1923. The original building exists, albeit with an addition. Former owner Jim Cook, whose father and grandfather were in the bee business, lives across the street in the house where he was born. The retired senior still drops by the shop to see how the new guys are doing. The public, business end of the shop is small. A wooden counter supports a phone and computer, the only hints of 21st-century technology. A plush toy bee hangs from the ceiling, turning silently in the heat. An antique rope-coiled skep (a beehive-shaped structure once used to house colonies) shares the shelves with bee motif collectables and the tools of the beekeeping trade — apiary starter kits, hats and protective netting, stainless steel collection vats, devices to emit smoke, honeycomb frames, industry magazines and how-to books. Cook’s is now owned by two Rons — Burrell and Ryan. Friends, beekeeping hobbyists and partners in the niche market supply enterprise, the men have long shared a fascination and respect for the indefatigable bee and its unher-

alded place in the food chain. “From the first time you uncover a bee hive, you realize theirs is an entire civilization on its own,” Mr. Burrell said. “They’re a wild swarm and they’ve built the combs perfectly and by themselves.” Their admiration for the creatures is immense. Honey bees are the main insects that make food for humans, they said. Flowering plants rely on pollinators, such as bees, for reproduction. Without bees, there would be dangerously low fruit and vegetable harvests. Bees have been around for some 30 million years, largely unchanged, blindly dedicated to their queen and colony, working themselves to death. East Gwillimbury’s Mr. Burrell and Toronto’s Mr. Ryan, decided to transform their hobby into a profession in 1994. Out of work, Mr. Burrell heeded his accountant’s advice and opted to take over Cook’s with Mr. Ryan. “We kept bees on the farm as a hobby and that kept us in touch with the community,” the droll 70-something, with a shock of luxuriant white hair said. “The business is a good fit.” The enterprise draws customers from all walks of life and corners of the GTA, Mr. Burrell said. It serves hobbyists, sideliners and people who love native bees and the honey, wax and royal jelly they produce. Commercial operations

Old School A periodic series on people who keep old-fashioned craftsmanship alive

with thousands of hives and millions of bees buy their gear in bulk elsewhere. The two Rons sell equipment and can source queen bees, drones, workers and “nucs” — the nucleus of a beehive where cells contain eggs that become the brood. The men dispense advice on how to counter recent problems, including colonies faltering due to pesticides, disease and mites. Of course, the shop also sells honey and coloured wax for candle craft. If you’re keen on keeping a bee colony, you have to ensure bylaws are observed. Most urban areas ban beekeeping due to liability. Once established with a starter package, nucleus and protective gear, you can farm the flying critters for about $500. “The biggest mistake people make is giving all the honey away,” Mr. Burrell said with a chortle. “Then they complain how expensive it is.” Mr. Ryan has been a bee devotee “since before Kennedy was assassinated”, he said, placing his passion to the early 1960s. He admires bees’ work ethic and loyalty and their colonies’ hierarchy.

“I like their intelligence,” he said. “Beekeeping is a tremendously fascinating experience.” While there are different species, there are three kinds of bees in a hive: queen, worker and drone, the men explained. Only the queen lays eggs, approximately 1,500 a day. She communicates with her hive with her own special scent, called pheromones. The worker bees are female and perform all the tasks in the hive, including cleaning, feeding babies and the queen, packing pollen and nectar into cells, building and repairing honeycombs, guarding and fanning to cool the hive. The workers also gather nectar and pollen from flowers. They’re also the only bees with stingers. The stingerless male bees are drones. While it doesn’t seem fair, their sole job is mating. Bee society balances the scales, the men said. In winter, to ensure survival, the workers execute many of the drones. People need to be vigilant when bees are present. If a hive loses a queen, the bees become distressed. If their space is threatened, they will defend. Mr. Burrell knows the ire of an angry swarm. He recalled a warm August day when he went to clean a hive. “All of a sudden, they were over me like Jack the Bear,” he recalled. Stung often, the bee’s venom

BEE FACTS 4Bees have two stomachs — one stomach for eating and the other for storing nectar collected from flowers or water so that they can carry it back to their hive. 4If a worker bee uses her stinger, she will die. 4Bees are classified as insects and they have six legs. 4Bees have five eyes — two compound eyes and three tiny ocelli eyes.

poisoned him. He suffered anaphylaxis, a severe, whole-body allergic reaction. He was rushed to the hospital. “About five kilometers down the road, I saw the light,” he said. “It was close.” He survived and has no ill will against the insects, just a heightened respect for the strength of their numbers. The men toil six days a week and worry about the bee supply industry. “As the older guys retire, fewer young folks are taking it up,” Mr. Burrell said.

Skateboarders asked for input on design From Page 1

process so the skateboard park will offer different challenges than at the Keswick location. Whether it is to ensure appropriate “transitions” are incorporated or enthusiasts have enough opportunity to “ride a rail”, the mayor suggested including youth in the design process be formalized through town meetings. “This is their facility,” he said. “I ain’t going there.” New Line has designed and built nearly 200 concrete skate parks and has committed to a 2012 completion period for the project. A nine-week construction phase is scheduled to start Sept. 10. A decision regarding the former school building, however, was deferred until Aug. 27. Options being presented range from minimal upgrades to the existing facility at a cost of $350,000 to a $3.7-million overhaul to current architectural, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, fire protection and electrical systems. They address the fact that, among other things, there is lead and asbestos containing materials throughout the building. The asbestos, primarily in insulation of boiler room piping, however,

is “contained” and “not exposed to the environment”, similar to many other structures in the province, said Mr. Doherty. Inefficient mechanical equipment and numerous replacements would also be required to bring the building up to code. The structure was originally constructed in 1951 and experienced five additions between 1956 and 1992. A complete demolition and construction of a new community centre at an estimated cost of $12.4 million, however, was quickly taken off the table. “It’s not being considered,” said Mayor Grossi. “With all due respect to my friends in Sutton ... Keswick is the major growth area.” He added the intent was to use the building for maybe 10 years at best and further examination should be conducted to fully understand the financial implications of retrofitting or selective demolition, especially since the land, and not the building, was the prime directive behind the town purchasing the site at a cost of $880,706.50 last summer. Referring to the Sutton secondary plan, he added the site was chosen for its potential to reintroduce

Sutton to its heritage. “The purpose of the purchase ... was for the land,” he said. “We paid for the land, we paid very little, if any, for the building,” said the mayor. With Sutton’s population projected to increase to more than 15,000 — 4,225 of them new to Georgina — by 2030, the site is a key location, especially since Dalton is pegged as one of the main targets for higher density development and redevelopment, according to official growth plans and provincial guidelines. The mayor suggested demolishing a portion of the building, severing the property and selling it off to a third party. Discussion continues.

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Page 5, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

RECREATION: Former Sutton school use still up in air due to costs

Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate Page 6




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Epic battle outcome will be true test to Liberal priorities


here’s an epic school yard boxing match brewing this summer. The big smack down is set for the first week of September when children are heading back to school. After all, the bigger the audience the better and everyone will be watching. It’s going to be a bloody battle and one that is sure to draw even more attention since both sides have been school yard pals for many years. In one corner is “education Premier” Dalton McGuinty, looking slim and trim with his red gloves tentatively, but steadfastedly, raised in battle position — he’s a relative newbie to bruising this heavyweight opponent — versus the collective favourites; Ontario’s teacher unions (except, of course, the Catholic teachers who recognized how good they have it and, admirably, backed out of the match).

SPITTING AND FROTHING The other unions are spitting and frothing at the mouth, flailing their giant gloves all over the place in their amply generous and luxurious corner of the ring. The teachers, of course, are heavily favoured to win given their easy victories with this government in the past, but the Liberals, this time, aren’t in the mood to be pushed around. The government is pressing on with its proposal to freeze and overhaul the generous teacher salary grid — although a heavy-handed approach didn’t likely help — after assessing the grave reality of Ontario’s ballooning deficit. A wage freeze would bring beleaguered taxpayers longterm savings that could affect the bottom line in 2017 and beyond. And let’s face it. Ontario needs those savings and we need to know our government is fighting for us and not special interest groups that grow stronger and more influential with every passing

contract. A wage freeze is a most necessary change being that Ontario’s 115,000 teachers are heavily contributing to the province’s multi-billion-dollar budget shortfall. But the feisty teachers’ unions, belting back with their don’t-mess-with-us mantra, are refusing to back down and will be punching and hammering hard to keep what they have.

Lot at stake And there’s a lot a stake. Most teachers in Ontario can bank 20 sick days a year, up to 200 days over their career, and get paid a lump sum averaging $46,000 when they retire. Cha-ching. We’re all green with envy. This unrealistic payout has to end when you consider teachers’ sick days amount to a $1.7-billion liability with the province facing a $15-billion deficit, the ministry has said. So, it’s going to come down to how well the Liberals fare in this epic battle to reveal its true priorities and its allegiance to citizens over the self-interests of unions. It’s a pressure-cooker for the minority Grits, but McGuinty must stand his ground and continue on his course to rid the province of excessive and out-of-reach frills we can’t afford; be it teachers or any other public-paid perks. The Liberals have to put the teachers’ unions in their place and force them to see the reality of our situation. Teachers don’t have the public’s sympathy in this matter when they blindly insist huge payouts on retirement are their right and privilege. It’s agreed a vast majority of our teachers are hard working and dedicated, but it doesn’t give them the right to hold society at ransom and use our children as pawns to ensure a padded retirement on the backs of taxpayers. The outcome of this battle will be the true test to the Liberals. Let’s hope they get more than a passing grade.


ROC vandals likely won’t be punished Re: 2 suspects, 17 and 22, being sought, July 12. It’s so appalling and totally upsetting to think this could happen in our community. Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, I’m sure there will be little punishment, if any, if these individuals happen to be under 18 and protected by this law. If they happen to be older, I’m pretty sure nothing will happen to them. Ontario’s laws seem to protect the offender and make the victim innocent. Parents today have to start instilling in their children as early as age two to respect other people and their properties. We have children in our neighbourhood who just look at us with blank faces if we ask them to stop doing something they shouldn’t be doing, such as riding bikes over flower beds and shrubs because, apparently, their parents don’t tell them what is right or wrong. I shake my head wondering where the young families

in our own driveway. You are such great role models to the young kids in our neighbourhood. I mean, who wouldn’t want to grow up to be a teenager who has nothing better to do than roam around their own neighbourhood stealing from their neighbours? You guys are stars and a credit to your parents and community. If you’re doing such irresponsible and thoughtless things now, what kind of adult are you going to be? People in this neighbourhood are hard working and pay for the things they have and do not deserve to have their property vandalized or stolen. We should feel safe in our homes and you’re stealing that feeling along with the property J. & D. Hopkins with which you have taken. Keswick Despite what you may think, you are not entitled to whatever you see. Try being a help to your community instead of a blight. Thanks to the thieves who stole my girls’ Hello Kitty magPatricia Robarts net off of our van, while it was Keswick

and their children are going to end up in the future. Who is going to pay for the damage at the civic centre and the ROC? Hmmm, I guess you and me, taxpayers of Georgina. I was speaking to a man the other day about this vandalism. His thoughts were that the parents of the convicted offenders should pay for the damage through their insurance policies and then, when their premiums go up, or possibly, not being able to get insurance again, they might start teaching their children some lessons in respect and finding out where and what their kids are doing at night. I’m hoping beyond hope these darlings are caught and punished but that’s like hoping I’m going to win the lottery.

Thieves not entitled to whatever you see

Page 7, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

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Improve your game today!

Has your life been affected by someone else's drinking?

Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 8


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No further details in police investigation into vandalism at ROC chalet and civic centre, police say.

Vandals will be ‘dealt with’: mayor says From Page 1

apprehended and dealt with,” in response to Mayor Rob Grossi’s request for any new information. No further details regarding any additional measures to beef up security at the facility, however, were provided. “The alarm system at the ROC chalet was functioning properly,” said town officials

yesterday,” in response to questions regarding whether there were issues with the chalet’s alarm protocols. At a first meeting of council since the July 7 incident, the mayor said he hoped “taxpayers are as outraged as we are” about the extensive damage to public property. It was confirmed July 12 two males between the ages of 17 and 22 were being sought in connection with the incident.

As of yesterday, however, no arrests have been made. The police investigation continues and anyone with information is asked to contact 3 District’s Criminal Investigations Bureau at 1-866-876-5423, ext. 7341, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222TIPS, leave an anonymous tip online at www.1800222tips. com or text a tip to CRIMES (274637) starting with the word YORK.

The 157th

Canadian Solar Solutions Inc.

SOLAR LEADERS CANADIAN SOLAR AND SKYPOWER ENTER INTO PURCHASE AGREEMENT SkyPower Limited (SkyPower) is pleased to announce a purchase agreement with Canadian Solar Solutions Inc. (Canadian Solar), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian Solar Inc. As part of this purchase agreement, Canadian Solar acquired a majority interest in 16 utility-scale solar projects from SkyPower. Canadian Solar has acquired majority ownership stake in the EarthLight (Sutton, ON), BeamLight (Sutton, ON) and GoldLight (Sutton, ON) projects, while SkyPower Services (SkyPower) still maintains a minority ownership stake in these projects. Canadian Solar will be managing the remainder of the permitting activities and will be responsible for the construction and operation of the facilities. This announcement represents a continuation of the relationship that Canadian Solar and SkyPower have built through the design and construction of several solar projects in Ontario.

Sutton Fair & Horse Show August 9, 10, 11 & 12, 2012

Sutton Fair Grounds - Fun for the Whole Family! NEW ATV Challenge (Sun., Aug. 12 @ 1pm)

- Bring your ATV! - Registration at noon or register before hand at the Fair Office with entry fee of $20 - Timed event on a course with trail riding obstacles including water holes, logs, jumps, etc... - Youth Class 14-18 (must be accompanied by an adult) and Adult Classes (Male & Female)

NEW Sunday, August 12 Attractions:

Construction of these projects is expected to begin in 2013 and last approximately 8 to 10 months. Each project is expected to create up to 100 local construction jobs during the construction window. Furthermore, Canadian Solar will supply the photovoltaic solar modules from their Guelph, Ontario manufacturing plant which currently employs about 350 people.

- Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty - ATV Challenge - Johnny Cash Tribute Show - Agri-Kidabra Magic Show

SkyPower and Canadian Solar will continue to work together to obtain the necessary permits and approvals for these projects.

Other Attractions:

To learn more about the project or provide comments in writing, please contact:


545 Speedvale Avenue West • Guelph, Ontario N1K 1E6 Email: Phone: 519-837-1881 ext. 2342 • Fax: 1-519-837-2550

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Adanced Sales available at Sutton & Keswick Home Hardware locations until store closing on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. • Ride All Day Midway Bracelets for $30 • Adult Entry Admission to the Fair for $10 (discounted rate)

Would you like to be the next Sutton Fair Ambassador? Are you aged 17-24? If interested contact Claire Bunnik at!

For more details and a complete list of events go to Tel: 905.722.3165 • • Fax: 905.722.3160

Page 9, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 10

SPLASH KIDS: Gearing up for Floating Water Festival Aug. 17, 18. Go to to read the series

Ontario Water Centre idea making SPLASH in Georgina By Jack Richard

With the scorching hot weather and endless sunny skies, it’s clear water is especially welcome this summer. At the SPLASH Floating Water Festival coming up Aug. 17 and 18 at De La Salle in Jackson’s Point, there will be an opportunity to have a closer look at the ideas being floated for a Water Centre for Innovation, Research and Learning on Lake Simcoe. This inspirational idea is the brainchild of Ladies of the Lake Conservation Association, the Alliance for a Better Georgina and a citizen steering committee. It’s described by Ladies of the Lake president Annabel Slaight as “clusters of centres and activities throughout the watershed that

would make the entire Lake Simcoe area a living laboratory.” The water centre would advance knowledge through research, spur innovation in many ways and help people enjoy different kinds of learning – all inspired by water. Ms Slaight, who leads the water centre steering committee, sees real opportunity for this goal to be achieved and, best of all, she says, major social, economic and environmental benefits for Georgina as the place where the idea first took hold. The SPLASH Festival, she says, helps showcase the variety of things the water centre idea could do. For example, the Friday afternoon event takes place in a real forest. The Fantastic Forest Experience will immerse participants in mythology, science, art and music,


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facts and feelings, priming them for personal experiences within a forest full of life. And then it will provide the opportunity for people participating to work together on a community legacy project showcasing the forests of the watershed online. While locations, dates and time lines cannot be predicted at this time, planning is under way, and it’s clear the water centre will soon be a reality. Until then, the community can continue to enjoy the lake, hot weather and check out or help at the upcoming SPLASH this summer. — This is one in a series of articles by Keswick High students leading up to the SPLASH Floating Water Festival, Aug.17 and 18, celebrating Lake Simcoe.

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Council C.O.W. Council C.O.W.

TBD 9:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

VOLUNTEER FOR SPLASH! Last year the lake was the shining star. The inaugural SPLASH floating water festival brought together over 2000 people in De la Salle Park to kick back and love the lake, listen to music, interact with water innovations, eat local foods, play and learn and try some 21st century silent water sports. The best of 2011 will reappear at SPLASH 2012. We are now looking for an amazing crew of volunteers to help make this happen. Specific Duties and Requirements WHO: Volunteers of all ages. Groups and companies are welcome too! DATES: Thursday, August 16th through to Sunday, August 19th (any hours you can contribute would be amazing). DUTIES: site set up, supervising various activities at the festival, assisting the organizing team, assisting with food services, acting as parking attendants, and much more. **High school students will receive volunteer hours** *There will be an orientation session the week before the Festival when you can commit to hours and responsibilities. Register Online! Please go to to sign up, or email our volunteer coordinator, Goody Gerner with any questions at We look forward to working with you to make this big idea come to life!

SUTTON SKATEBOARD PARK DESIGN WORKSHOP Thursday, July 26, 6PM to 8PM Former Sutton Public School, Gymnasium 20849 Dalton Road Everyone Welcome! Share your ideas and meet the design team for Georgina’s newest Skateboard Park.

MUNICIPAL SERVICING ALLOCATION Applications Available For: MUNICIPAL SERVICING ALLOCATION ASSIGNMENT IN KESWICK On June 18, 2012 Town Council approved the start of the third round of the Keswick Servicing Allocation Assignment Program for the Major Residential Development Category within the Keswick system. Further information and Application Forms can be obtained from the Planning Division at the Civic Centre at 26557 Civic Centre Road, Keswick ON L4P 3G1, or from the Town’s website at Submission Deadline: 4:30 p.m. Friday, August 31, 2012 Contact: Barbara Mugabe, Planner, at 905-476-4301, ext. 275 or the Planning Division, at ext. 250

2011 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Council adopted the audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the Town of Georgina for the 2011 fiscal year on June 25, 2012. The Financial Statements may be downloaded from the Town`s web site Or upon request from Mysti Hamilton at (905) 476-4301, ext. 202.

File Number: 03.1059 THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWN OF GEORGINA NOTICE OF APPLICATION AND PUBLIC MEETING CONCERNING AN APPLICATION TO AMEND ZONING BY-LAW 500 TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Town of Georgina will be holding a public meeting on Monday, August 20, 2012 at approximately 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Georgina Civic Centre, at 26557 Civic Centre Road, Keswick, to consider an application to amend Zoning By-law 500, pursuant to Sections 17, 21 and 34 of the Planning Act R.S.O., 1990. Please note that there may be more than one public meeting scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on this date and that this matter will be dealt with in the order that it appears on the agenda or as Council may determine. LOCATION AND DESCRIPTION OF THE SUBJECT LAND: The subject land is municipally referred to as 6725 Old Shiloh Road and is legally described as Part Lot 5, Concession 1 (G). The property is located on the south side of Old Shiloh Road, west of Park Road. PROPOSAL: An application has been submitted to amend Zoning By-law 500, in order to legalize the current use of two detached structures on the property as “bed and breakfast” buildings, each containing 3 guestrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 full bathroom and 1 two piece bathroom, accommodating 6 guests in each building. The application also seeks approval to address associated zoning deficiencies or non-conformities regarding building heights, yard setbacks etc. As some of the buildings have been constructed on the adjoining land parcel not owned by the applicant, Consent Application B4-12 has also been submitted seeking approval to enlarge the subject land in order for the uses/ buildings/structures to comply with the zoning by-law. This application is being held in abeyance until the subject zoning amendment process is completed. OPPORTUNITIES TO PROVIDE COMMENT: ANY PERSON may attend the public meeting, and make oral and/or written submissions either in support of or in opposition to the matter to be considered at the meeting. If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Town of Georgina before the by-law is passed, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Council to the Ontario Municipal Board, and the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so. If you wish to appeal the decision of the approval authority to the Ontario Municipal Board, a copy of the appeal form is available from the OMB website at and from the Town of Georgina website at or from the Town of Georgina Planning and Building Department. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additional information relating to the proposal may be available for inspection at the Planning and Building Department from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on regular business days. A copy of the staff report will be available from the Planning and Building Department as of the afternoon of Friday, August 17, 2012. If you wish to be notified of the passing of a zoning bylaw, you must make a written request to: Town of Georgina Civic Centre 26557 Civic Centre Road, Keswick, Ontario, L4P 3G1 Attention Town Clerk Telephone: (905) 476-4301, (905) 722-6516, (905) 437-2210 Facsimile: ((05) 476-8100 If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Barbara Mugabe, Planner, by phone at (905) 476-4301 ext. 275, by fax at (905) 476-4394, or by email at

The Town of Georgina Purchasing Division will receive tenders and/ or proposals as follows: ARTICULATING COMPACT FOUR WHEEL DRIVE WHEEL LOADER 1.0 Cubic Meter Bucket REQUEST FOR TENDER OED2012-039 Closing: Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m., local time TWO (2) DIESEL POWERED COMMERCIAL ZERO-TURN RIDING MOWERS REQUEST FOR QUOTATION OED2012-037 Closing: Friday, July 20, 2012 @ 12:00 noon, local time PROFESSIONAL SERVICES WORKSPACE PLANNING & DESIGN GEORGINA PUBLIC LIBRARY – KESWICK BRANCH REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL GPL2012-042 Closing: Friday, July 27, 2012 @ 12:00 noon, local time *For full tender and proposal information, please visit the Town of Georgina website at or please contact Brian Jordan, CPPB, AMCT, Purchasing Manager, Telephone: (905) 476-4301 or (705) 437-2210; Fax: (905) 476-8100

NOTICE TO ALL RATEPAYERS OF THE TOWN OF GEORGINA 2012 FINAL TAX BILLING RESIDENTIAL/FARM PROPERTIES The 2012 Final Tax Notices for all Residential/Farm properties in the Town of Georgina were delivered to the Post Office on or about June 20, 2012. The property tax billing is payable in two (2) installments as follows: 1st Installment – Friday, July 27th, 2012 2nd Installment – Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 Property tax bills for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential properties will be issued in early July 2012. Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility to pay the taxes by the due dates. If you have not received your tax notice, please contact the Tax Office at the Civic Centre prior to the due dates, so that the information may be given to you in order to avoid the imposition of any penalties or interest. The 2012 tax rates were approved by Town Council on May 7, 2012 and are included in the 2012 Tax Billing Information Brochure as well as our website at The Town of Georgina offers a monthly pre-authorized tax payment plan option, please contact the Tax Office for further information or printed applications are available on our website at David Reddon Manager of Taxation and Revenue Tax Collector

For additional information for all Town services please visit The Towns’s website at

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Town of Georgina

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Kicking back around a campfire, roasting wieners or marshmallow is off limits effective immediately since a fire ban has been issued for all northern York Region municipalities. A ban on all outdoor and open air burning was instituted Tuesday in Georgina, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch-Stouffville, King, Newmarket and Aurora. Due to recent hot temperatures, lack of rain and weather forecast, residents are advised that no burning of any kind is permitted, including recreational camp fires. Lighting of bonfires, as well as the use of outdoor burning appliances such as chimineas, are prohibited in all areas. The ban will remain in effect until further notice. “Residents are strongly urged to comply with this ban as it has been issued for their property protection, their safety and the safety of firefighters, who would have to respond to an incident started by the unlawful burning of materials,” said Georgina Fire Chief Bill O’Neill in a press release. In municipalities where burning permits are required, no permits will be issued until further notice.

FAST FACTS Call these frie departments for more information :

4Georgina at 905-476-5167, 4East Gwillimbury at 905-853-8842, 4Newmarket/Aurora at 905-895-9222, 4Whitchurch-Stouffville at 905-6409595, 4King at 905-833-2800, For further information on this ban or any other fire safety information, residents are encouraged to contact their municipal fire service at the following numbers. — Heidi Riedner

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Donna Miller took this Reader’s Pic of her husband, Bruce, fishing Monday. “It was a perfect evening. He fished and I read my book. A great way to enjoy the lake on a hot summer night,” she said. Send in your Georgina nature shots to

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The Queensville Players presented a compilation of scenes from the works of William Shakespeare Friday evening at the Peter Gzowski Public Library, Sutton Branch. Here, Imre Szabo, is all ears for Patsi Szabo in a scene from Midsummer Night’s Dream. For a photo gallery of the event, go to

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Registration is underway for the Give A Miracle A Chance 2012 charity golf tournament, a four-person scramble with shared cart, taking place Sept. 29 at Harbour View Golf Club in Gilford. Entry fee of $460 covers a team of four players or $120 for individual players. Dinner only costs $35. Registration and lunch at 11:30 a.m. precedes a noon tee-off. Dinner at 5 p.m. is followed by a live auction and awards ceremony at 6 p.m. for prizes, including hole-in-one, longest drive, putting contest


ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Immaculate Conception

20916 Dalton Rd., Sutton MASSES SAT. 6:00 PM • SUN. 8:30 AM

Our Lady of the Lake

129 Metro Rd. N., Keswick MASSES SAT. 4:00 PM & SUN. 11:00 AM



and closest to the pin. Contact Lynn Marles at or call 877-6039991, ext. 1. for registration forms and further information. ••• The Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery is one of the charitable recipients of this year’s Magna Hoedown and it needs your help to fill its required quota of tickets. Tickets are three for $20. Call 905-722-9587.


You couldn’t pick a better back-

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Sunday Service 10 am Parking at Sutton Public School


20858 Dalton Rd., Sutton

Home of the Community Meal Every Tuesday 5 pm

177 Church St. • 905-476-5532 Sunday Worship/Sunday School Closed Sunday, July 22nd “field trip”

St. Andrews Presbyterian Dalton Road, Sutton

JULY 22nd at 12:00 pm Bible Studies/Kid’s Club:

7:00 PM* Wed. Affordable Christian School Inquire now for Fall. * or call 905-989-0006 for more info.

Home of the Community Meal every Thursday 4:30 - 6:30 pm

DOVE Christian Fellowship Canada

Sunday Worship 10:30 am Music in the Park - 6:30 pm Jackson’s Point Bandshell

Anglican Parish of Georgina Sunday Services

St. James Church ~ 31 River Street, Sutton Closed for the Season St. George’s Church ~ 408 Hedge Rd., Sibbald Pt. 8:00am Said Eucharist • 10:30am Choral Eucharist Weekday Morning Prayer (Said) 7:30am

45 Atherton Crescent

Sun. 11:00 am Worship/S. School Mon. 10:30 am Prayer Time Thurs. 7:30 pm Bible Study Follow the Yellow Signs

Pastor Bill Dunbar 905-960-2139

The Congregational Christian Churches of Canada

United Church of Canada KNOX-SUTTON

10 a.m. Sunday Service

Sunday School & Supervised Nursery

Rev. Ted Grady (905) 722-3742 (Corner of Market St. & Fairpark Lane)

We welcome you warmly.

Belhaven Free Methodist Church A Christian community of faith celebrating the power of God to heal and deliver. It has been our experience that to rely on God wholeheartedly is to live the miracle daily!

Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m. Junior Church: ages 4-11 yrs. Pastor Michael Gibney 905-476-7692

Located at: 25152 Warden just north of Old Homestead Rd. ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. Zech 4:6

••• A Royal Garden Tea in honour of the Queen’s Diamond JubiJULY lee is being hosted by St. George’s Church in Sibbald Point from 2:30 to 5 p.m. Doug and Lenora Brown


Se page 19.

Sunday Gathering 10:30 a.m. 85 Osbourne St., Roches Point

Engaging Family Spirituality in Egypt’s Historic Country Church!

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St. Paul’s Church Keswick

Maple Hill Baptist Church 215 Glenwoods Dr. Keswick

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Pastor Chad Houghton

All are Welcome Rev. Susanne McKim | Chaplain Paul Robson




Sunday Services 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

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We welcome you to join us as we worship our Lord in an informal House Church setting.

Anglican Worship Christ Church Roches Point

Sunday Service 12:00 p.m. 11:15 a.m. prayer meeting Tuesday Service 7:00 p.m. All are welcome!


Harvest Family Community Church

Georgina Gospel Assembly

Pastor Ronald Gosse 905-476-9155


A community day is being hosted at Whipper Watson Park from 1 JULY to 3 p.m. Organized to allow the commnuity a venue to respond to last year’s vandalism of the park that included a number of trees being hacked down, the event provides an opportunity to get out in your community, air your concerns and enjoy an afternoon. ••• Egypt’s Homecoming event

includes its famous camel races, barbecue and games for the smaller set Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. A morning worship and car show takes place

P laces of W orship

2435 Glenwoods Rd., East of Woodbine, Keswick

For other services please phone for times.

vehicle. For info, call 905-722-8061. •••


Keswick United Church

A Warm Welcome Awaits You! Rev. Marg Smith

Georgina Baptist Church


drop than a night sky full of stars at Sibbald Point Provincial Park for a free flute concert at JULY the amphitheatre. Flutist Jennifer Burne-House has been performing for 34 years, travelling with a musical group to Europe and the United States with her creative style and love of music. She will perform a concert at the amphitheatre beginning at 8:30 p.m. featuring an interpretive dance by Amanda Burne, Derek and Wanda Dutka. Concert is free with admission to the park. Day passes are also available for $20 per

Keswick Christian Church A Family Church Est. 1821


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16 Sunday Worship 10:30 am Wednesday Bible Study 7:30 pm Have a Wonderful Summer Pastor Hal Arthurs

905-476-4548 Corner of Woodbine & Old Homestead Rd. Loving God and Others Through Jesus Christ

Sunday Service & Church School 11:00 a.m. Pastor: Rev. John Coulman Church Office: (905) 476-3491 Website:

6779 Smith Blvd • 905-722-7783 Sunday Morning Church Time 11am Pastors Doug & Jeannie Neufeld

Keswick Presbyterian Church Family Worship Sunday at 10:30am Summer Morning Camps July 23-27 or August 20-24 Kids JK to Grade 4 Limited Enrollment - Register today 23449 Woodbine Ave., Keswick Website:


Write for: FREE Bible Correspondence Course and/or Bi-Monthly Magazine: “LIGHT ON A NEW WORLD.” Dawn Christadelphians, P.O. Box 931, Sutton West, Ontario L0E 1R0 Tel: 905-722-5922 • E-mail: • Website:

THE BIBLE PROMISES A RENEWED EARTH FILLED WITH PEACE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS ”How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken”, Jesus said to his followers after his death and resurrection. As Luke records in chapter 24, the disciples of Jesus had misunderstood the sacrificial events connected with Jesus’ work of redemption. Jesus said to them (verse 44) “This is what I told you while I was still with you (before his crucifixion): Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms”. Jesus then “opened their minds so they could understand the scriptures”, which foretold his suffering, his death, his resurrection after three days. Are we so foolish and slow of heart not to likewise believe all that is foretold in the Bible concerning the promises that Jesus will come again as King over the whole renewed earth, bringing peace and righteousness? Consider the following two of many prophecies yet to be fulfilled from the Bible: “Of the increase of His (Jesus’) government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice”. Isaiah 9:7 “This same Jesus who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go” Acts 1: 11 To learn more about the message of the Bible, please visit our exhibit at the:


Page 17, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

PLUGGED IN: Send your info to

Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 18


York Region Media Group

Celebration of the


July 6, 7, 8, 14, 15

*July 8 & 15: 2pm Showtimes

Than Bursa ks to ou witho ry Spon r sors ut not m you we c , come ake dre ould am tru we h e! Since s $322 ave awar 2001 ,000 ded to 21 in bursar ie 7 win ners. s

July 20 & 21

Book online at • Newmarket Theatre, 505 Pickering Crescent, Newmarket Newmarket Theatre Box Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 1:00-5:30pm and Saturday, noon to 4:00pm 24-hour Ticket Order Hotline: 905-953-5122 All showtimes are 7:30pm* • Tickets are $15.00 per person. To inquire about becoming a sponsor or donating to a bursary please contact Debra Weller at


are hosting the event at their beautiful perennial garden at 144 George St., one block south of the church. Prizes will be awarded for the most jubilant tiara or ’50s hat. Admission price of $15 includes a tour of the church. For details, call 905-722-3726. ••• All Tuesdays from now until September are volunteer days at Loretto Maryholme from 10 a.m. to JULY noon. Drop by if you’d like to help with various projects at the centre, but if you can’t come on Tuesdays, call and make other arrangements. Secondary school students needing community service hours are welcome. Visit or call 905-476-4013 for details.


The Gem Theatre offers free late-night movies on Wednesdays for the remainder of the summer during its Way Back Playbacks. JULY What could be better than enjoying a comfy, air-conditioned theatre, a cool drink, plenty of treats and some of the oldies but goodies when it comes to film. Upcoming movies include Back to the Future July 25, Ferris Buller’s Day Off Aug. 1, Jurassic Park Aug. 8. ••• All are welcome to Keswick Christian Church’s free community dinner held the last Wednesday of JULY every month from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Enjoy good food and good fellowship. For more information, call the church at 905-476-4548.

25 Community

– The voice of savings in Canada Join the community it’s quick and easy.


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GS an d Read BLO y m on ey vv sa n ar le ! savi ng tips

FLYER LIST Bulk Barn Rona Metro Foodland Giant Tiger Home Hardware Food Basics Sears 3G Chinese Food Vince’s Showcase Home Outfitters Factory

Ben’s Pharmacy Bouclair Stretch Thrift Outlet Lowes Centennial Windows Shoppers Drug Mart Bath Fitter Pharmasave Drugs Michaels Future Shop TC Direct Home Depot Pharmasave Plus Store

Keep an eye out for an EXCLUSIVE E contest sponsored by: y:

Sparkle Pharmacy Your Independent Grocer Real Canadian Superstore Zehrs Fortino’s TSC Stores Best Buy Rexall Canadian Tire Walmart No Frills Part Source Sutton Future Freshco Sobey’s Kazi Sushi Haus Sutton Group Aurora Vision Centre North York Chrysler Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen New Jumbo Furniture Giant Auction My City Auction Canada

Sh are D is cu ss & FORU MS r ou De als on


Check out Note: Not all flyers are booked for all areas For more information or to book your flyers call Veronica Annan or Alexis Reinhardt at 905-853-8888

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development

Career Development




AD PROOF: LAW OFFICE MANAGER/BOOKKEEPER ($45K to $70K) Proof Due Back By: 7/3 at 5pm

Career Training



Vaughan law firm requires a full-time office manager/bookkeeper Adhandle #: P23573-s-9944-4x4 to various administrative, book-keeping and general office Deadline To responsibilities. Pub: 7/5 at 5pm management Applicants should have (i) at least Run: 7/12/12 working in a law office in an administrative 3First years experience capacity, (ii) MetroLand knowledgePublications of bookkeeping and accounting Publication: principles, andBanner (iii) considerable working knowledge and Section: Era experience with PCLAW and Quickbooks as well as an Specs: 4.09375x4 understanding of law office financial procedures. All applicants must Approved be eager, energetic, detail oriented, computer literate, and as is. have access to a vehicle. Expected salary range is from Approved with revisions. $45K-$70K (depending on experience).


  

Call Now for More Information!

Revise and resend.





TAXI DRIVERS Part time and full time. Good driving record an asset.

Call 905-722-1020 905-989-2222

Salon & Spa

Initial _________ __________ Vaughan law firm Date requires a full-time real estate law clerk.


Applicants must have (i) at least 3 years experience dealing with residential real estate law, (ii) an extensive working knowledge of Conveyancer, Teraview and E-Reg, and (iii) an ability to independently handle residential and other real estate transactions from start to finish. Expected salary range is from $40K-$60K (depending on experience). Please e-mail all resumes to NEWMARKET 16 Convenient Locations in Ontario

Busy salon requires 3 HAIR STYLISTS To apply please email salonresume

• Career services assistance available to graduates • Morning and afternoon classes available • Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify • Programs and schedules vary by campus

Providing Quality Education in Ontario for More Than 40 Years

Page 19, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate


Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 20



Salon & Spa

Salon & Spa

RECEPTION AND ATTENDANCE ADMINISTRATOR Under the direction of both Assistant Heads of School, the Reception and Attendance Administrator has the responsibility of managing the day-to-day operations of the Reception Office, in addition to monitor, track and follow-up daily on student attendance for the school. In this role, you will also manage the school's switchboard, greet visitors and manage office equipment and purchasing, while maintaining a professional customer service oriented manner. You are required to have a minimum of 2 years experience working in an administrative or reception capacity, preferably in a school environment. You are required to have strong organizational, multitasking, interpersonal and customer service skills. You take initiative and willingly seek process improvements, and are able to react calmly in pressured situations. You have strong computer skills and are comfortable with all office equipment (fax, telephone system, photocopies, postage meter). The Reception and Attendance Administrator works 12 months of the year. Qualified and interested candidates are invited to send a resume no later than July 30, 2012 to: As a condition of employment, the successful candidate must provide a current Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Report.

We thank all applicants for their interest, but we will contact only those selected for an interview.




Full time/Part time 135 First Commerce Place, Aurora

Be a part of the fast pace and energetic environment of a SmartStyle salon that thrives on teamwork. You’ll get the chance to work with other talented individuals and use all of your skills and talents, creating the latest styles for a wide variety of clients. SmartStyle also offers you the rewards, educational opportunities and benefits to help you succeed as a top stylist. Call Laura at 905-841-7459 Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

Rymar Mechanical Ltd. Local commercial HVAC service contractor, is currently looking for •LICENSED JOURNEYMEN and •REGISTERED AIR CONDITIONING APPRENTICES 3rd-5th year. Confident & motivated applicants with clean driving record should send resume to:

Experienced Welders Wanted For a busy welding shop. Pipe & tank welding experience an asset. Must know TIG , MIG & stick. Full time hours. Fax 905-830-9160 or email Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

Experienced MIG Welders

We are looking for DZ DRIVER/ LOADERS For our Aurora location. Previous waste experience an asset but not required. Please email your resume, abstract and CVOR to or fax to (905) 713-2445


to work in construction industry hauling asphalt and gravel. Please fax resume to 905-775-2721 or call 905-775-4866


Salon & Spa

Salon & Spa

F/T & P/T for Trailer fabrication. Experience preferred. Mechanical knowledge an asset. Schomberg area. Please e-mail or fax resume 905-939-9592 Office/ Administration

JUNIOR COLLECTIONS REPRESENTATIVE/ ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE We currently seek a Jr. Collections Representative with 2-3 years of experience in commercial accounts. This is a 1yr. mat-leave contract with the possibility of a perm. position at end of contract. This role should be filled by a team player with a positive attitude, strong attention to detail, and who possesses superior customer service and follow-up skills. The successful candidate will also require excellent communication skills, both written & verbal, in English. Hwy 7 & Dufferin area. Email at:

Office/ Administration

Build a career starting day one. Aurora location • hourly wage plus commission • excellent benefits package • full and part-time positions • flexible working hours • equipment provided • advanced training program • no clientele required Call Cristina 905-727-6359 a world of choice

Office/ Administration

Office/ Administration

Tupling Insurance Brokers Limited a division of Insureit Group Inc.

is looking for a RIBO licensed

Technical/Skilled Trades

Technical/Skilled Trades

SPECTRA is an ISO registered full service aluminum parts supplier with 4 plants in Ontario with an opportunity in our Bradford facility for an:

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN with ELECTRICAL EXPERIENCE The incumbent will be hands-on with a strong mechanical aptitude and experience with PLC (preferably AB), hydraulics, and troubleshooting and read electrical schematics. Possess ability to manage multiple projects. Please reply in confidence to:




CUSTOMER SERVICE MGR Customer Service Manager req'd by a well-established, rapidly expanding Medical Co. in Richmond Hill. Applicant must be organized, reliable and must have experience supervising at least 3 employees at one time. Duties include order entry, invoicing and quoting. Excellent written and communication skills req'd. Please send your resume to: AMICO CORPORATION Fax: 905-764-0862 Email:

General Help


AUTOMOTIVE SALES REPRESENTATIVES FOR NEW CAR SALES Would you like to be treated with respect? Would you like to have an opportunity to earn what you’re worth, and work in a team atmosphere? Come join our successful organization.

We offer:

•Top Selling Import •Includes company vehicle plan •Established dealer

•Bonus incentives •Medical and dental plan •Centrally located

Candidates should possess: •Automotive sales EXPERIENCE •Drive for success •Strong communication skills •Team spirit If you are looking for a challenging career, please contact us to arrange a confidential interview. Fax or email your resume to:

Dave Robitaille: Fax: 905-898-7955 75 Mulock Dr., P.O. Box 150, Newmarket ON L3Y 4W3


Salon & Spa

Blow dry bar seeks someone to do make up and hair styling, located in Aurora. Send resume to info@ Sales Opportunities

$15 Per Hour + Bonus Seniors to Students Welcome Fun part time canvassing lead generators needed 905-294-3811 Restaurants/ Hospitality

Office/ Administration

Office/ Administration

Accounts Payable / Accounting Clerk Steel Art Signs has an opening for the above position. Responsibilities include payable invoice processing and payments, banking and other related accounting duties as required. Strong computer working experience along with good communication and organizational skills is important. Candidate should have a minimum of 2 years experience. Please forward resumes with salary expectations to

Newmarket company looking for an office/accounting person. Duties will include reception, filing, data entry and also some basic accounting tasks. Must have proficient computer skills and knowledge of excel and word a must. Please fax resume to 905-836-2736. Careers


•Cashiers •Barista's •Cooks •Meat Counter Monday, July 23rd. 2-4pm 14785 Yonge St. Aurora


for new Hungarian Restaurant in Newmarket. Detailed knowledge of cuisine and bilingual in Hungarian and English a must. Start at $15./ hr. Call Judit at 905-806-4721

Over the past 34 years Aurora Overhead Door has established a solid reputation as the leading supplier of garage doors and accessories in York Region. We are currently expanding and require an additional


The successful candidate should be a self motivated, team player, with mechanical aptitude and have a related background in door or construction sales. We offer an excellent remuneration and benefit package.

Please call Ian at 905-727-1382 for further information.

All applications will be treated with strictest confidence.

Sales Rep/ Account Manager Requirements: • Knowledge of landscape maintenance and snow clearing services for commercial and industrial locations. • Excellent communication, problem solving & presentation skills • Valid, clean driver's license • Knowledge of MS Office Must be able to work flexible hours Please fax resume to: 416-291-6792 or email

SALES REPRESENTATIVE For Newmarket based freight brokerage Requires perfect English and Computer skills. Salary + Comm. Email resume to: Dental


Fantastic Career Opportunity! Newmarket practice seeking a highly skilled experienced

Edward Street Market. JOB FAIR

Personal Lines CSR This is for a one year contract which could lead to a full time employment opportunity! Three years experience is preferred and knowledge of Agency Manager is an asset. If you are committed to service excellence, we look forward to hearing from you! Please forward your resume in confidence to Marlaine Miller at

Technical/Skilled Trades


PRODUCTION MANAGER Required by a well-established, rapidly expanding Medical Co. in Richmond Hill. Applicant must understand the assembly of custom manufactured products. Knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems a must. Experience in Support and Troubleshooting essential. Strong oral and written skills, leadership experience req'd. Must manage priorities & meet deadlines. Excellent benefit pkg. available. Please send your resume to: AMICO CORPORATION Fax: 905-764-0862 Email:

Must love dentistry and connecting with people. If you are an organized, self-driven leader who wants to fully use your skills and be appreciated come interview with us. Please call Kim at 289-383-1024 or send resume to: Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities


Required for local school aged childcare centres. Part-time Split shifts, Mon- Fri. Must be available to work Sept to June. Email: amongfriendsdaycarecentres

LIVE-IN COUPLE Needed for Group Home in Newmarket.

Supervision, medication management, cooking & cleaning.

416-518-7508 johngas@ Career Development MAKE A Difference! Get the career training you need to become an Addictions and Community Services Worker at Everest College Call Now! 1-866-424-8742 Newmarket (In the Tannery Mall) Career services assistance available to graduates. Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Day and evening classes available.

Technical/Skilled Trades INSERT OPERATOR for Transcontinental PLM in Aurora. PM shift (4x10hours). Minimum 5 years experience. B and H & P. Bowes experience preferred. Experience with in-line folding, cameral and matching systems. Please send resumes to Glen Burnie: No phone calls please.

Office/ Administration FRENCH CUSTOMER Service/ Accounting for Shadex in Markham. Must be fluent in French and English. Accounting background, QuickBooks knowledge an asset. Send resume to:

Apartments for Rent AURORA- 1 bedroom, bright, 2nd floor, water and heat included. Parking, laundry. $775 +hydro. Immediately. No dogs. First, last. 905-478-4486 AURORA- 2 bedroom lower level, fridge, stove, laundry hook-up, $950.+ Available August 1st. 905-836-0962 AURORA- Bright spacious 1 bedroom basement. All appliances. Shared laundry. Parking. Non-smoking/ pets.. Suits single/ couple. $950 inclusive. Steven (905)505-6967 AURORA- DOWNTOWN Yonge upper bright 1 bedroom with heat, appliances, non-smoking, no pets, no parking. Immediate. $1050 plus hydro. 416-605-7457

Health Care/ Medical

Health Care/ Medical

Part-time Opportunities

Part-time Opportunities

Part-time Opportunities

Part-time Opportunities

Thanks. Irene

General Help

General Help


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���������������������� Apartments for Rent


• Shift Nursing Over Nights Facility • Shift Nursing Private ~ Days, Evenings and Weekends

Competitive Pay - Signing Bonus Must have vehicle Fax: 905 895 7353 Email:

Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Opportunities

AURORA GROVE- 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome, walkout bsmt, overlooking conservation. 5 appliances, yard. $1985/mo. inclusive. August 1. Lori 416-433-7424. AURORA- SPACIOUS, 1+ bedroom basement, separate entrance, new carpet. Suit professional. Nonsmoking/ pets. $925. 289-221-6910 AURORA TOWERS- 90 Temperance. 1 bedroom. Small building. $1000. inclusive. Parking. August or September 1st. No dogs. 647-321-5930 BRADFORD- 3 bedroom, 2 storey detached house, upper, garage, private deck, backyard, non-smoking/ dogs, $1695 inclusive. Sept. 1st. Nathalie 416-272-8584 BRADFORD- 3 bedroom, main-floor bungalow, 3 parking, laundry, fenced yard, non-smoking/pets $1,450 includes heat, a/c, hydro. First/ last. Immediately. 905-895-9019 BRADFORD- BRIGHT 1 bedroom basement, separate entrance, no smoking/ pets. Suits single. First/ last/ references required. $775. inclusive. 905-775-5671 HOLLAND LANDINGCentral, spacious 2 bedroom upper. Private entrance, appliances, parking. Near amenities. $875+. Non-smoking/ pets. Available Aug. 15th. (905)830-4151

Join York Professional Care & Education 4 RECE & Assistants for before and after school programs Applicants must: • Have a recent vulnerable sector screening • Have experience with children 4 -12 yrs old • Be available to work split shift 4 On Call Supply RECE & Assistants for child care centre/before & after school. Applicants must: • Have recent VSS & First Aid/CPR certificate • Have exp. with children 18 months - 6 years • Be able to work flexible days and shifts Please specify in your covering letter which position you are applying for. Email cover letter and resume to:

Only those applicants of interest will be contacted

JACKSON’S POINT/ Sutton, 2 bedroom, new appliances, deck, coin-laundry, well-kept, suits professional/ couple. Lapsized pet friendly, $1099inclusive, Aug 1. 905-251-5483. KESWICK- 2 bedroom apt. 1200sq.ft. inclusive. Close to lake, 2 parking, laundry, big backyard, $1200. No smoking/ pets. Sept. 1st. 905-722-3640 KESWICK- BRIGHT 1 bedroom, 1 bath walk-out lower apartment, fireplace. 4 appliances, ensuite laundry. $1100/mo. inclusive. August 1. Gord 416-419-4607 KETTLEBY- (HWY#400/ 9) 1 bedroom, main floor, $950. Non-smoking/ pets. (905)727-7790

PART-TIME OPPORTUNITIES Employment with The Town of Aurora offers an opportunity to make a positive difference in our community. We are a progressive, forward-thinking organization that is focused on continuous improvement, innovation and providing exceptional customer service. With us, you will enjoy a collaborative team environment with a dynamic culture and a drive for progressive excellence. We invite you to join our team. We are recruiting for the following positions for Fall 2012. Applicants must be available to work flexible hours including daytime, evenings and weekends, must have Standard First Aid and CPR-Level C Certification as well as the ability to deal courteously and effectively with program participants, staff and the general public. Skate Patroller(s) ($11.56 to $13.14 per hour) You will be responsible for the on-ice patrol of public, adult and pre-school and parent word ad, if this recreational skating programs, as well as monitoring and For ensuring a safe environment. You possess the advanced ability to ice skate and to manoeuvre on ice in a controlled manner as well as good interpersonal and communication skills.

SALES ASSOCIATES, ASSOCIATES, PART SALES PARTTIME TIME Fabricland in Keswick. forfor Fabricland in Keswick. Candidates Candidates should be mature, should be mature, friendly and friendly andsewing courteous; courteous; and sewing drapery and drapery experience experience preferred. Must bepreable ferred. Must be able to work to work weekends, and some days weekends, and some days and and evenings. Qualified applicants evenings. Qualified applicants apply with resumé to Manager. apply with resumé to Manager. Fabricland Fabricland 417 Queensway S. S. 417 The The Queensway Keswick Keswick

is an option:

Apartments for Rent KESWICK- LARGE 1 bedroom. open-concept kitchen/ bathroom, walkout beautiful garden. Laundry. Non-smoking/ pets. Suits mature. $900. inclusive. Must see! 647-221-9996 KESWICK- LARGE 1 bedroom, parking, available August 1st. $950 inclusive. Call Shannon (289)231-7193 KESWICK- LARGE 2 bedroom upper, 1200 sq.ft. balcony, parking, laundry. First/ last, $1200. inclusive. Aug./ Sept. 1st. No pets. 905-251-0204 KESWICK NORTH- close to lake, separate entrance, parking, a/c, laundry & utilities in. $1,000. 905-836-2303 LESLIE/ GREEN Lane- 2 bedroom basement. Livingroom, dining room, separate entrance. Laundry, 2 parking, A/C, non-smoking/ pets. $1100. 905-967-0425, 289-500-9911

Page 21, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

Health Care/ Medical

located in Aurora requires a FULL-TIME SALES ASSOCIATE MOUNT ALBERT areaSALES ASSOCIATES, PART Fabricland in1 bedroom Keswic Retail experienceTIME, an asset. Nofor Sundays. Nature lover. Program Leader(s) ($11.56 to $13.14 per hour) lower level, patio. Suits 1. Call (905)727-9391 mature, friendly and courteous; a Non-smoking/ sewing pets. $800. You will be responsible for the delivery of birthday partiesCandidates and child and youthshould be -------------------------------------------------------inclusive. Available August programs, including assisting with program research, planning and instruction, parent 1st. (905)473-7023 5 BELOW Must JEANSbe&able MORE drapery experience pre-ferred. to work weekends, a liaison duties and ensuring a safe environment. You have completed Leaders-in-Training/ located in Aurora requires NEWMARKET- 1 bedCounsellor-in-Training, a babysitter course, experience working withdays childrenand preferably some evenings. Qualified applicants apply with condition, resumé room, excellent FULL-TIME SALES HELP 6-unit building, new appliRetail experience an asset. in recreational programs, creative program instruction/delivery skills as well as good air, skylights, launS., Keswick. ances, Call (905)841-7762 interpersonal, organizational and child supervisory skills. Manager at 417 The Queensway dry facilities, 1 car parking

Skateboard Attendant(s) ($13.64 to $15.51 per hour) You will be responsible for the transportation, set-up and take-down of our mobile skateboard park including skateboard ramps; patrolling recreational skateboarding, in-line skating, BMX biking and scooter programs; monitoring and ensuring a safe environment and ensuring the provision of music during the programs and the proper operation of the snack bar. You have demonstrated experience in cash handling, skateboarding and in-line skating skills.

Non-smoking/ pets $900+hydro 905-478-2051

Superintendent Couple for excellent senior style 63 ste bldg. in Barrie Handyman skills with knowledge of simple electrical & plumbing repairs. 2-BR apartment, all amenities + salary. Suit (semi) retired couple. Send complete CV for both husband & wife to or fax to 705-739-8816

NEWMARKET- 2 bedroom upper, great area, nice view, private laundry, parking, central a/c. Non-smoking/ pets. Available August 1st. $1050+. (905)233-1186

NEWMARKET/ BRADFrom: Irene Kalyniuk, Fabricland FORD1 bedroom, bright, spacious, private entrance. Parking, nonTel. 416-658-2218 Fax 416-658-2201 smoking. Laundry hook-up.

Lifeguard(s) ($13.64 to $15.51 per hour) You will be responsible for monitoring and supervising recreational swim activities including patrolling the pool deck; scanning the water to ensure a safe swim environment; emergency rescue as required; completion of incident reports; responding to enquiries resolving issues and associated public education duties regarding safe swim habits; tidying pool deck area; conducting, monitoring and logging water quality and temperature; providing swim instruction as directed and providing guidance and supervision to Assistant Lifeguards when assigned. You have demonstrated lifeguard experience with NLS, AED and Standard First Aid certification. Aquatic Instructor(s) ($16.44 to $18.69 per hour) You will be responsible for instructional duties for assigned aquatics programs, including parent/participant liaison duties, skills testing, awards processing, ensuring pool maintenance complies with health regulations and assisting with program design. You have demonstrated experience as an aquatics instructor and possess NLS, RC/LSS Instructor Awards, AED and Standard First Aid certification. If you are interested in joining our dedicated team of municipal professionals, please forward your resume specifying the position(s) of interest to: Human Resources, Town of Aurora, 100 John West Way, Box 1000, Aurora, ON, L4G 6J1 or email We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for an interview will be notified. The Town of Aurora is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to recognizing and celebrating the diversity of opinion, talent and expertise that make each person unique. Town of Aurora 100 John West Way, Aurora, ON L4G 6J1

General Help

General Help

General Help

General Help

Sandgate Women's Shelter of York Region is looking for individuals to fill a Relief Women's Advocate paid position and for Volunteers to support its Shelter and Community Programs. Please visit for details and job descriptions

Supervisor for Child Care Centre

Looking for an energetic, creative, RECE to teach half time and take charge of a Child Care Centre. Excellent written & oral communication skills required. Familiarity with Emergent Curriculum an asset. Email cover letter & resume to: Only those applicants of interest will be contacted.

Rental & Repair shop looking for


No experience necessary. Good communication skills. Will train. Competitive wages. Full benefits.

requires: • F/T LOT PERSON Monday - Friday • P/T EVENING LOT PERSON Monday to Thursday &/or Saturday for Sales Department Please fax or drop off resume Att: New Car Sales Manager 75 Mulock Drive, Newmarket Fax: 905-898-7955

VEHICLE OPERATORS • 3 + years of commercial driving experience • Clean recent driving abstract • Insurance Experience Letter with no claims in 5 years • Excellent customer service skills is a must Please forward your resumes to

From $775+ utilities. Immediate. 416-751-3368

NEWMARKETDAVIS/ Lundy. 3 bedroom main. Newly renovated. C/A, parking. Non-smoking. $1350 inclusive. August 1st. 905-853-1550 NEWMARKET (HOSPITAL) 2 bedroom basement. Separate entrance, laundry. Non-smoking/ pets. $1000. inclusive. 905-535-3436, after 6pm. NEWMARKET- LARGE 2 bedroom, walk to hospital. New kitchen, paint, balcony, parking. Quiet building. $1150 inclusive. No dogs/ smoking. 905-836-6328 NEWMARKET- LARGE 3 bedroom, walk to hospital. New kitchen, paint. Parking. $1250 inclusive. No dogs/ smoking. 905-836-6328 NEWMARKET- LUXURY loft. 1+ den. Cathedral ceilings, open concept. Private laundry, parking. Historic home. Sept. 1st. 905-895-9942 NEWMARKET MINUTES/ hospital. Large 1 bedroom walkout, private deck, large backyard. Separate entrance, parking, laundry, fireplace. (905)715-8945

Apply in person to: Leslie Street Rentals 17775 Leslie Street, Newmarket

NEWMARKETQUIET building, private balcony new kitchen, 2 bedroom, near hospital. Parking, laundry on premises. No dogs. $1100. 905-953-9683.


NEWMARKETQUIET building. Heating, parking included. Large 1 & 2 bedroom apts. Non-smoking/ pets. 647-930-6347

Fax: 905-898-4006 Email:

NEWMARKETRENOVATED, large 1 bedroom, 1st floor. Close to hospital. Appliances and laundry. $900 inclusive. Available August 1st. 647-242-6046


Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 22

Apartments for Rent

Apartments for Rent

Vehicles Wanted/ Wrecking

Vehicles Wanted/ Wrecking

#1 CASH FOR CARS $250+ for most cars/ vans/ trucks ~ picked up Any condition. Any time. Fast free towing




Seasoned Hardwood

Cut • Split • Delivered • Top Quality • Prompt Delivery • Clean, debris free wood

705-437-4673 Auctions & Sales

Auctions & Sales

AUCTION SALE farm machinery, potato equipment, fork lifts, 1988 Ford truck, hay plus household items.

Saturday July 28 th, 10 am

The property of Anton Folmeg #30857 Hwy # 48 Port Bolster, ON Sale located just East of Durham # 23 & Hwy # 48, Across from the Drive in. See Signs!!

Farm Machinery: TL80 N.H. 4X4 diesel tractor with a/c cab plus Alo # 310 quick attach front end loader with 6' material bucket and round bale spear- 4099 hrs, 2 sets of rear remotes, plus 16.9 X 34 snap on duels selling separate, # 265 M.F. diesel tractor 5748 hrs plus 13.6 X 12.38 duals (separate), # 344 Leyland diesel tractor with Ezee on front end loader with 6' material bucket, plus 5' manure fork & 16.9 X 14.28 selling separate, 1988 Ford F Super Duty diesel auto truck with 11' X 8' livestock box plus hoist (sells certified, 111,800 Kms), # 492 N.H. haybine, FBA Gaspardo 7' sickle mower, (3 pth) , # 166 N.H. hay inverter, N.H. 2 wheel rotary rake, # 335 J.D. round baler, # 550 Case/Int 2 beater manure spreader, # 155 Int. manure spreader, # 175 M.F. diesel tractor with front end loader, 4/14" J.D. semi mount plow, 4 X 12" M.F. 3 pth plow, Wallenstein 3 pth backhoe attachment with 2'/8" buckets, # 93 Int. gas combine with 10' grain head, TR 300 Hardi field sprayer with 40' boom plus 2-100 gal field sprayers, 6' rotary mower, # 124 M.F. square baler, stooker fork, Vicon 3pth cone fertilizer spreader, 16' X 24' Skeleton hay elevators, small oat roller, 4" grain augers, 2 flat hay wagons, 7' Walco snowblower (like new), 2-20' Martin feeder wagons, # 10 Int 16 X 7" seedrill with 3 boxes, # NO. 20A M.H. seedrill on steel, 2-200 gal fuel tanks with hand pumps, fanning mills, electric fans, jack-all, T-posts, 4 small calf feeders, Large variety of farm related & shop tools, chains and some scrap metal, some household items, 100 gal fuel tank, Etc. Potato Equipment: LK 650 Grimme self loading potato harvester with hydraulic controls, 44' Delhi 2 unit potato washer with 4 grader system, V40B Caterpillar and Clark propane 3 stage forklifts (4000 lb, 156" height capacities) Hale V8 irrigation pump with 6 " intake, aluminum irrigation pipe 24 pcs 6" X 30", 211 psc 30' X 4" , plus sprinkler units. 2-Turnco gravity boxes with h.d. running gear (modified for potato use), Haines 28" X 16' potato conveyer with deviner unit, (pto driven), Haines small potato conveyer/grader, 3 pallet pumper carts, various wooden skids, potato boxes, bushel & quart baskets, steel shelves, 15' X 8' & 12' X 8' insulated truck storage boxes, 12' hydraulic tandem truck dump box, 2 row potato bin planter, 10' Bush Hog hydraulic disc, 14' X 10' Triple K 3 pth. cultivators, 12' Glencoe cultivator, 7' Ferguson 3 pth potato cultivator/scuffler, # 108 Ford 3 pth aerator, Delhi packer units 1-5' & 2-4' pcs. Cobra 3 pth rear end scoop, Cooper 5 hp garden tiller, old upright grain scale, finger weeder attachments, Misc. Items: 28' & 34' Aluminum extension ladders, many 12" X22' steel trusses, large variety of steel sheeting 12' up to 20' sheets, quantity on used lumber, cedar poles & post, 30' steel culverts 2' X18" diameter, oil furnace with tank. Hay: 1000 small square bales hay, Straw - 250 small square bales of barley straw, 12 ton of Barley Terms: Cash, Known Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Interac. NO BUYER'S PREMIUM! Lunch Available No Reserve Sale Managed & Sold by 705

Kevin Barker Auctions Ltd.

-374-4478 (office) or 705-878-2947 (cell) Visit: for pictures of sale items. Vendor: Anton (Tony) & Theresia Folmeg 705-437-3124

CASH PAID! WANTED DEAD or ALIVE $250.00 plus most cars & trucks picked up. Over weigh scales, call for pricing. BUYER OF ALL METALS & BATTERIES Free Tire Disposal! 705-437-1533 Open Mon-Fri. 9-5 & Saturday 9-4


Houses for Rent

Apartments for Rent NEWMARKETYONGE/ Davis- bright, spacious 2+ bedroom basement, private entrance/ laundry/ yard. Appliances. Parking. Non-smoking/ pets. References. Sept. $900+. 905-717-6232 PEFFERLAW- 2 bedroom, with yard, appliances, laundry, no smoking. no pets. 1st/ last/ references. $1050 inclusive. Available August 1st. 705-437-1757 PROFESSIONAL 2 bedroom, heart of Newmarket. Open concept: kitchen, livingroom/ dining. 4pc bathroom. Own balcony. Hospital, walking trails+ restaurants. Laundry. Parking. Non-smoking/ pets. August 1st. $1150+ hydro. 905-715-5106 SUTTON- BRIGHT 2 room, $900+ gas, smoking/ pets, first/ references. August Kim, (905)722-5116

bednonlast, 1st.

SUTTON- RAVENSHOE/ Hwy 48. Bachelor. Satellite, parking. Non-smoking/ pets. $750 inclusive. Call (289)231-3539 Unregistered apartments could be unsafe. Ask to see your landlord’s registration certificate. Town of East Gwillimbury.

HOLLAND LANDING- 3 bedroom bungalow, air, high efficiency furnace, appliances, full basement, walkout- deck. September 1st. $1375+. Non-smoking/ pets. 905-478-2051 JACKSON'S POINT- Resort setting, large, spacious, newly decorated 3.5 bedroom, large deck. 100ft from lake access. Immediate. 416-535-4141. JACKSON'S POINT- small 1 bedroom bungalow, all inclusive, $700. Aug. 1st. First/ last. 647-993-4883 KESWICK- ALL brick, clean, 4 bedroom, steps to beach, gas heat. August 1st. $1395. 905-717-0012 NEWMARKET- 2 storey home, 2240sqft., 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, appliances, situated on attractive property. Non-smoking. $1800 inclusive. Sept 1st. 905-251-3068 NEWMARKET- 3 bedroom, 2-storey semi with full basement, laundry. $1350+ utilities. No pets. Available September 1st. Call after 1pm (905)715-3105

NEWMARKET- 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, appliances, near hospital, schools, shopping, 404. August. $2200+. In-law YONGE/ WELLINGTON- 2 suite extra. 416-662-1241 bedroom, 4th floor, a/c, fridge, stove, 1 parking, NEWMARKET- (ALEXAN$1000+ utilities. No pets. DER/ Davis) 3 bedroom backsplit, 50' lot. $1400+. 416-743-5601 Parking. New kitchen/ appliances. Available immeCondos for Rent diately. First/ last. 905-762-2260 NEWMARKET- LARGE 2 bedroom highrise condo apartment. Fitness/ party room/ transit. $1395+. Tony Mendes, (905)715-4951, Century 21. NEWMARKETRENOVATED, immaculate 2 bedroom. Open concept. Appliances, balcony, parking, storage, gym. Great building. $1350.+ September 1st. No pets. (905)727-8308

NEWMARKET- SEMI, 3 bedrooms, close to all amenities & transit, $1160+ utilities. 905-830-2915 SOUTH EAST KeswickQuiet, rural, 2 storey, 3 bedroom, 4 appliances, 1.5 baths. Non-smoking/ pets. Available Aug. 1st. $1100+. 905-478-2141

Rooms for Rent and Wanted

BRADFORDFURNISHED room. Mature male only. Own entrance. Bus route out front. $475. AURORA 3 bdrm town- Immediate. (905)775-2237 house. 6 appliances, AC, Call after 2pm Open concept, fenced KESWICKROOM yard. Close to school, available. Share kitchen, shopping and all bath. Parking, laundry. Maamenities. 416-476-3855. ture non-smoking profes$1,550 sional male only. $450. (905)989-0496. BRADFORD- LARGE 1 bedroom semi-detached NEWMARKETFURhouse. Central, near So- NISHED basement room. bey's. 2 parking, laundry, Fridge, microwave, toaster backyard, deck. $960. all oven, Yonge/ Davis. inclusive. Immediate. Smoking outside. First, 905-726-5965 last, references. Prefer 40+ male. $450. CLOSE TO lake. 3 bed- 905-853-7091 rooms, 1.5 baths bungalow, private w/beach TENANT/ ROOMMATE. access, marina. Applianc- Sutton West. (Lake aces, a/c. $1200.+ hydro/ cess). $480/ month. Refergas. Rocky Madsen ences required. No pets. 905-722-5425 905-235-3833

Houses for Rent



Leo Francis Post January 9, 1943 - July 14, 2012 Leo has begun his new journey. He was welcomed home by his parents Mary and Gerald, brother Tom, grandparents Thomas and Mary, and William and Eleanor. Leo will be forever loved and missed by his brother Bill Post (Kay), and his sister Sharon Post. Leo's niece Barbara Kolterman (Post), her husband Jon and Leo's great-nephew, Tyler will remember Leo with great affection and smiles. Leo's nephew, Tommy Post will fondly think of Leo, and smile that little smile that so resembles his wonderful Uncle. Many, many friends will think of Leo whenever they hear an Elvis song. Our family has lost another ray of sunshine, which only means the skies will shine brighter. Many thanks to the wonderful staff and housemates of 404 Selby Crescent, Newmarket (Community Living Newmarket-Aurora District) for the friendships which bloomed over the years with Leo. Thank you to the amazing ICU staff at MacKenzie Richmond Hill Health (York Central Hospital), and especially to Dr. Szacky for keeping Leo as comfortable as they could the last few days. "Fly with the Angels and Sing with Elvis, Leo" We will always love you and think of you often... A Memorial Service will be held at the Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home, 155 Main Street South, Newmarket on Thursday, July 19th at 1 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations made to: Community Living Newmarket-Aurora District, 757 Bogart Ave, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 2A7. JANSE, Doreen Peacefully passed away at Hospice Simcoe, Barrie on Friday, July 13, 2012. Doreen Janse of Innisfil and formerly of the Holland Marsh at 62 years of age. Beloved mother of Kirk (Erin) Helleman, Andrea Helleman and Adele Helleman. Proud grandmother of Kiefer and Mariah. Loving sister of Effie (Jim) Geertsema, Art (Pat) Janse, late John (Madeline) Janse, Jim (Jenny) Janse, Ray (Janet) Janse, Bob (Betsy) Janse, Nancy (Dave) Rupke, Ken (Mary-Ellen) Janse, late Harriett Janse and late Marvin (Kathy) Janse. Doreen will be fondly remembered by her nieces, nephews and friends. Friends called at SKWARCHUK FUNERAL HOME, Bradford for visitation. Funeral service was held at the Collier Street United Church, Barrie on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 11 a.m. Interment Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Bradford. LANGLEY, William Passed away peacefully on Friday, June 13, 2012 at Toronto General Hospital at the young age of 65 years. Beloved husband of the late Wendy Langley. William will be deeply missed and forever cherished by his children Taunya (Roger) and Troy (Jodi), adoring sisters of Mary (Albert) and Sarah (Andrew), loving brothers and friends of Ed (Cathy), Hughie (Nancy). Treasured "papa" of Rory and Nolan. A special thanks to all the extraordinary medical teams and ICU nurses at Toronto General Hospital. At William's request, cremation has taken place along with an intimate family gathering. If desired, donations in memory of William can be made to The Lung Association. "Breathe easy snowman."



DEIGHAN, Beatrice Elaine Passed away suddenly, at home in Newmarket, on Monday, July 16, 2012 in her 78th year. Predeceased by her husband Richard. Beloved mother of Paul and the late Mary Jo, Mary and her husband Barry Hyde, Chris and his wife Susan, Anne and her husband John Easton, Rita and her husband John Jeffries and John and his wife Tania. Proud grandmother of Jennifer, Andrea, Andrew, Laura, Mark, Jonathan, Christopher, Alicia, Ryan (deceased), Stephanie, Kayla, Matthew, Luke, Joshua, Daniel and Michael. She will be greatly missed by her siblings, nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home, 157 Main St. South, Newmarket for visitation on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 from 7-9 p.m. and Thursday, July 19, 2012 from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. A Funeral Mass will be held at the St. John Chrysostom Church, 432 Ontario Street, Newmarket on Friday, July 20, 2012 at 11 a.m. Interment at Queen of Heaven Cemetery.

BAILEY, Kenneth Edward Suddenly, on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at the age of 71 years. Dearly loved husband for 48 years of Margaret Bailey of Keswick. Loving father of Gayle Bailey of Innisfil and Paul (Charlene) Bailey of Keswick. Cherished poppy of Curtis Bailey. Ken will be lovingly remembered by his sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews and friends. Visitation from M.W. Becker Funeral Home, Keswick 905-476-7711 on Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Service from the Chapel on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. Cremation to follow. If desired, donation to the Heart and Stroke Foundation would be greatly appreciated. Online condolences and donations may be left at



KAYE, Ryszard “Richard”

Passed away peacefully at Southlake Regional Health Centre on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at the age of 87. Predeceased by his wife Marjorie Kaye. Dear father of Frank (Anne) and Rick. Cherished grandfather of Angela (Len). Great grandfather of Francis and Jonathan. Richard will be greatly missed by his extended family and many friends. Cremation has taken place and a private family interment will take place at a later date. Arrangements entrusted to M.W. Becker Funeral Home, Keswick 905-476-7711. TRUSLER, Margaret Irene (Rene) Passed away on 13 July, 2012, at Aurora Resthaven in her 95th year. Born 6 April, 1918 in Eastborne, England. Loving wife of the late "Jim" Trusler, dear friend of the late Gerry Hoare. She will be sadly missed by her daughters, Susan Trusler of West Vancouver, Jane Weiss of Cochrane, Alberta and Anne Smith (Rob) of Newmarket. Predeceased by her son Robert, (1956) and daughter, Sally Switzer (Gary), Ottawa, (2009). Beloved grandmother to Tracy (Dave), Robyn (Don), Stephen, Todd, Scott (Leah), Jill, great grandsons Aidan, Declan and Fraser. She truly was a unique lady who leaves a huge legacy of warm and unforgettable memories. The family wishes to express heartfelt thanks to the staff at Aurora Resthaven for compassionate and dedicated care and support of the family. A private family "Celebration of her life" was held on Tuesday, July 17th. Memorial donations in Margaret Trusler's name may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Memorial Services

Paul Feltkamp 30 March 1928 – 25 June 2012 Memorial to be held Sunday, July 29, 2012 @ 2 o’clock, Cayley Hall, 6 Turner St., Roches Point, ON L0E 1P0 In Memoriam

DEMMY, Joanne Passed away peacefully at Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket on July 15, 2012 in her 54th year, after a short battle with heart disease. Beloved eldest daughter of Leonard and Alice Demmy (both deceased). Loving sister to Christine, Brian and Shelley (Hadfield). Dear aunt to Dalton, Brandon Clarke. Joanne loved art and literature, especially reading her Bible. As a former Sunday School Teacher, she fondly remembered and prayed for many children (students) each by name. A heartfelt thank you to all staff and friends at Revera Eagle Terrace nursing home where Joanne lived and thrived for the last 12 years. Joanne was past president and vice president of the resident council group. Friends may call at Roadhouse and Rose Funeral Home, 157 Main Street S., Newmarket, Ontario on Friday, July 20th, 2012 from 1-3 and 7-9 p.m. There will be no service at Joanne's request. Cremation and a private family interment at the Newmarket Cemetery will follow. If desired, a donation may be made in Joanne's memory to Eagle Terrace Resident Council.

Memorial Services

In Memoriam

MADIGAN, Greg Eugene - December 3, 1969 - July 14, 1997. In loving memory of a dear son, brother and uncle. Our thoughts are with you Though you have passed away And those who loved you dearly Are thinking of you today. It broke our hearts to lose you But you did not go alone For part of us went with you The day God called you Home. Your presence we miss Your memory we treasure Loving you always Forgetting you never. Loving you always Dad, Mom, Laurie, Danny, Rachel and Melissa SLATER, Paul In loving memory of my husband Paul who passed away July 21st, 2008 I once had something special That money could not buy I had a very special love And had to say goodbye My memories and photos Are all I have to touch Of a very special person Whom I love and miss so much Loving you always, Di

YONGE/ DAVIS- 2 upper rooms available in house. Share washroom/ kitchen. Laundry. A/C. Non-smoking/ pets. Parking. $500 each. Immediately 647-931-2598

FIREWOOD- SEASONED, cut/ split in shed. $49.-$69./ face cord. Must go. Farm being sold. 905-476-4479

Vehicles Wanted/ Wrecking $300 TO $1000Dead/ Alive. Cars/ trucks/ vans. Fast Free towing. We sell parts. 416-500-5050

YONGE/ MAJOR Mackenzie- room in quiet townhouse. Cable/TMN, Personals/ internet, parking, transit. Companions Amenities. $540 Inclusive. Suits mature female ALCOHOLICS 416-948-2973 MOUS905-989-0652, Storage Space for 905-722-5246 Rent INDOOR/ OUTDOOR Storage- Half price! good security. Open 7 days. 905-642-2689

Card of Thanks

Card of Thanks

In memory of Henry Zimperfeld We would like to thank The Forrest & Taylor Funeral Home for all their help and support, also to all the people that helped us through this tough time. We also would like to give a big thank you to Larry from Clearwater Haulage. From Silvia, Iris & Stephanie Zimperfeld

Public Notices

DANCING TO DisneyGarage\ Bake Sale\ BBQ. 180 Church St., Keswick. Saturday, July 21, 7:30-1pm

Public Notices


ANONYKeswick. Sutton,

Domestic Help Wanted

A CAREGIVER (PSW) required for severe ABI gentleman. Must be flexible; CARPETS- I have several evenings, nights, weekthousand yards of new ends. 905-868-8452 stainmaster & 100% nylon carpet. Will do living room & hall for $389.00. Includes: carpet, pad, instal- Mortgages/ Loans lation (25 yards). Steve 289-464-6049 $$MONEY$$ CONSOLIDATE Debts Mortgages to CEDAR TREES for hedg- 90% No income, Bad creding 3' to 8'. Pick up or de- it OK! Better Option Mort#10969 livered. Planting Available. gage (705)432-2237 Canning- 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2 - 1 1 6 9 ton.

Articles for Sale


MT. ALBERT- 3600sq.ft. executive house, laundry, A/C, internet, cable, hardwood, non-smoking/ pets; 2 bedrooms, private bathroom, $950. August 1st. 416-707-4038


The personal property, household goods, and contents of the following rental spaces will be sold for cash or otherwise disposed of, to satisfy rental liens for unpaid rent in accordance with Ontario Statutes Chapter R.25. on July 25, 2012 at 10a.m. at Northern Self Storage, 33 Church St., Keswick, L4P 3E2, (905)476-7273

Name: Brandon J. Sugden Christopher T. Bisson Lorri J. Brand



2 Floors of ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Fri Sat Sun & Mon 10am - 6pm 23906 Hwy 48

Just South of BALDWIN North of Ravenshoe Rd

Space No. 10 x 13 10 x 10 5 x 10


KESWICK- 31 Margaret Place. July 21st, 8:30am-2pm. Moving. Misc. contents. Furniture, tools, chainsaws, household items.


Notice re:

KESWICK- 41 Glendower Cres. Saturday, July 21, 8am-4pm. New items from business. Some used. Great prices!

KESWICK MEDICAL CENTRE. The family practice of Dr. Peter Strawbridge will be closed after August 30th, 2012.




Book now for Summer Projects •Decks •Fences •Gates •Trim & Doors •Power washing •Electrical •Painting •Renos References

(905)722-7683 Need a Family Handyman? Home Repairs & Small Renovations • Fences • Sheds • Eaves cleaning • Electrical • Plumbing • Trim work • Indoor/ Outdoor Painting • Flooring • Toilets • Vanities • Light Fixtures

All other odd jobs ~ No job too small! Call Terry (905)252-0657


TRIMLINE CONTRACTING Specializing in above average quality work guaranteed. Interior/ exterior from bathrooms & kitchens to fences & decks. Call 905-252-8746 for free estimates

Presented by The Georgina Advocate

905-853-2527 Ask for Sue

Drought in the Horn of Africa: Hunger puts lives of millions at risk. Support us in our mission to help the hungry in the Horn of Africa: or text RELIEF to 45678 to donate $5 Coming Events

Coming Events

Coming Events

Coming Events

Coming Events

Fighting Hunger Worldwide Coming Events

Coming Events

Join us on october 23, 2012 at the 1st internationally educated Professionals conference in york region. This one-day event is for internationally educated professionals and entrepreneurs who are new to York Region. York Region's Internationally Educated Professionals Conference

Coming Events

attend confer the at no c ence ost.

For more information and to register visit or contact Margaret Martin (416) 646-3109

Coming Events

Coming Events

Page 23, Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate

Shared Accommodations

Thursday, July 19, 2012, The Georgina Advocate, Page 24


Keswick Motors


Are you ready to make the trade? Trade up to one of our 2012 vehicles the deals are available now. Our line-up offers more performance and fuel efficiency than ever before. No matter what you’re looking for in a new vehicle, we’re sure you’ll find one that delivers the quality, reliability and value that you deserve. Bring your current vehicle to our dealership and get it appraised for trade-in. While you’re there, take a new vehicle out for a spin. Check out the enclosed trading cards and get ready to trade up! Plus, enter to win the 2012 vehicle of your choice.





An all-around great player, the Chrysler 200 pleases as Canada’s most affordable mid-size sedan10. The premium soft-touch interior and sophisticated suspension make for a ride that looks and feels as nice as it handles.

Serving up surprises every game, the Dodge Journey is thenumber one selling3 and the most affordable mid-size crossover in Canada4. With Best-in-Class V6 driving range and storage4, you can take it to the limit – and enjoy the ride while you do it.

STRENGTHS: Affordability, handling

MPG: 11.0L/100 km (26 mpg) CITY* 6.8L/100 km (42 mpg) HWY*

STRENGTHS: Affordability, safety

WARRANTY: 5-Yr/100-km Powertrain Limited Warranty



ENGINE: Available 3.6L Pentastar™ VVT V6 AWARD: 2012 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE The most awarded SUV ever6, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a player to watch this year. It works and plays like no other, with Best-in-Class V8 hp and towing6, which are just a couple of the reasons it’s the best-selling mid-size SUV in Canada6. STRENGTHS: Performance, luxury

MPG: 12.6L/100 km (22 mpg) CITY* 7.8L/100 km (36 mpg) HWY*

ENGINE: 3.6L Pentastar™ VVT V6

WARRANTY: 5-Yr/100-km Powertrain Limited Warranty

AWARD: 2012 Mid-Size Utility of the Year from

HORSEPOWER: 290 TOWING: 260 lb-ft of torque

MPG: 13.0L/100 km (22 mpg) CITY* 8.8L/100 km (32 mpg) HWY* WARRANTY: 5-Yr/100-km Powertrain Limited Warranty

RAM 1500


This star loves hitting the dirt. As the most capable off-road vehicle in its class , the Jeep Wrangler offers best-in Class maneuverability and power2, making it a mighty playful addition to any team.

Ram 1500 is a consistently powerful performer, always ready to take you where you need to go. With segment-exclusive link coil rear suspension, 1500 plays it smooth. Additional the class-exclusive RamBox® Cargo Management System7 gives you lockable storage on both sides of the truck bet.

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a family favourite in any game. Boasting available Super Stow ‘n Go® seating and a Stow ‘n Place™ roof-rack system, it’s no wonder this is the industry’s most versatile cargo and passenger vehicle. Nobody does it better than Dodge5.

STRENGTHS: Capability, uniqueness

STRENGTHS: Towing, hauling

MPG: 15.4L/100 km (18 mpg) CITY* 10.2L/100 km (28 mpg) HWY*

STRENGTHS: Versatility, safety


MPG: 12.7L/100 km (23 mpg) CITY* 9.3L/100 km (30 mpg) HWY*

AWARD: Consumers Digest Best Buy

WARRANTY: 5-Yr/100-km Powertrain Limited Warranty

TOWING:407 lb-ft of torque

WARRANTY: 5-Yr/100-km Powertrain Limited Warranty

AWARD: 2012 Consumers Digest Best Buy


ENGINE: 3.6L Pentastar™ VVT V6

ENGINE: Available HEMI® 5.7 V8 HORSEPOWER: 390 AWARD: 2012 Consumers Digest Best Buy

ENGINE: 3.6L Pentastar™ VVT V6 HORSEPOWER: 283 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick



475 The Queensway S. (at Glenwoods) KESWICK (905) 476-3111 1-800-263-3235 FAX (905) 476-8104

SERVICE HOURS: MON. - THURS., 7AM - 9PM FRI. & SAT., 7AM - 5PM Visit Us At Our Website: or e-mail:

MPG: 12.2L/100 km (23 mpg) CITY* 7.9L/100 km (36 mpg) HWY* WARRANTY: 5-Yr/100-km Powertrain Limited Warranty