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Georgina Heaton BA Product Design Central Saint Martins 07472669720

By studying product design I have been able to work with a strong sense of creative freedom, allowing me to build a kaleidoscope of new skills with each project. I am looking for opportunities to work with brands as I find storytelling to be one of the most enjoyable things not only in design, but in the world around us.

Dropple FMCG Blow Moulded Bottle 600ml Ironing Water

Market Research Ironing water: mostly purchased in supermarkets, infrequently bought, few options available, inexpensive for large quantity Consumer: typically over 35s, bought based on scent and to prolong appliance life Iron: comes with a 12oz plastic jug to pour water into it, an annoying extra step, jug is viewed as disposable - cheap plastic vessel does not match prospected lifespan of the iron

How can these issues be addressed with a contemporary outcome that entices new and younger customers to buy into the concept of ironing water?

Development Sketches

Balancing appropriate and functional forms while mainting a playful appearance.


To maintain the water drop imagery I have designed the punt to replicate a water drop on still water.

I set myself the task ofBranding then naming and designing the logo to be heat transferred onto the exterior of the bottle.

Base Punt

To maintain the water drop imagery I have designed the punt to replicate a water drop on still water.

Pantone 2747

Pantone 515


Brand Encoding/Decoding Headspace Designing an audio device centered around the brand principles of the meditation app Headspace

Brand Analysis

Brand Attributes



On Brand

These images represent my asessing and interpreting of the brand’s code and analysing their product output. I then created my own corresponding mood board and establishing a personal design brief.

Off Brand

Playful fun, inviting, cute

Gimmick overdone, tacky, childish

Calming ritualistic, subtle, soothing

Dull uneganging, boring, repetitive

Helfpful useful, methodic, science backed

Inefficient useless, unpleasant, irrelevant information

Modern exciting, trendy, contemporary

Traditional outdated, obsolete, inconvenvient

Affordable good value, honest, reasonable

Unaffordable prohibitive, exclusive, inaccessible

Convenient individual, inclusive, easy

Chore task, burden, counter productive

I discovered that Headspace offers free subscriptions to certain people with specific jobs and I thought to introduce a product element for use in the workplace.

Ideation Circular forms aid successful mediaton. Stacked disks allow for sound to easily be carried from the speaker.

Modelmaking Iterative modelmaking was crucial for this project and the model had to be well scaled to mount on the wall.

Orange LED Beneath the speaker’s surface is 28 LEDs that illuminate one at a time. The length of time for the illumination to do a revolution signifies at what point they are in their meditation’ much like an analogue clock.

Looped Cable I saw these playful elements all through Headspace’s app graphics. As this is a wall mounted speaker I chose to celebrate the inevitably visibilty of this cable with a subtle but playful detail.

Bringing Headspace into the workplace

Giving businesses the power to provide their employees with the opportunity of wellness. A corporate speaker will be provided for communal use when a business purchases Headspace membership.

Blue Sky Coming Client Project ‘Folio’ Product design for an electronic car company looking to begin selling lifestyle goods.

Research If using an organiser, would use a free company branded one from cupboard, or one that was a freebie from another firm



Where is there room for new design alongside current products and services?

Users are aspirational young proffesionals

     (   )


What products are being used in the workplace?

Tonality Establishing perameters for designing relevant to the brand.  


Previous brand collaborations





Deskspace can be used as a method of asserting a worker’s presence, in a meeting or communal work space.

Designing from Insights

“Meetings can quickly turn from very nerve wracking to incredibly boring, taking notes can just be something to do” James, (45, solicitor)

Mobile phones are able to be slipped into the elastic, making them ‘away’ yet still moderately available to the user. The pouch next to it is able to house a portable charger without the cable becoming untidy.

Designing from Insights “It’s great to have everything displayed so that I can see it, but I wouldn’t want everyone else to see what I have” Rebecca (32, financial analyst)

The left hand pouch offers privacy for certain items. Users can keep objects hidden as they don’t need to completely unfold it.

The Brief

Client Project Design a product and experience for London zoo that demonstrates the benefits of animals in captivity and raises awareness for global conservation issues.


The demographic with the largest opposition towards zoos and animals in captivity are milleneals, who are the target for this experience and product. Their only reason for visiting the zoo was to go on dates, which became the direction for design. An additional element of storytelling that came from research was the inscription on the wall, allowing me to create a narrative as to how these couples could create a lasting pleasant memory of the zoo.

Roger, 46 Michelle, 45

Tourists visiting London, visiting the zoo on their 14th wedding anniversary. Are happy to see animals in captivity as they can tell they are also happy living there. Were unaware of any conservation work done by the zoo.

Rob, 26 Val, 23

Met online 6 weeks ago, this is their fourth date together. Rob chose the zoo as it interesting and gives them something to talk about. Went on a date to the zoo when he was 16 also.

Cheryl, late 70s Feeds the pigeons 4 days a week, brings them either her own leftover bread or reduced food bought elsewhere. Talks to them and connects with them, they recognise her and that she brings food (mutual relationship).

Date Focussed Experience Design A date specific map, with pointers for couple oriented areas throughout the zoo.

Lovebird Points

Placed at quieter and more restful points around the zoo, will be love related information plaques. These will display lighthearted information regarding some of the zoo’s longstanding animal couples, as well as showcasing ZSL’s work for species diversity and extinction prevention.

It was important for me that the outcome of the service element encouraged conservation within the users. For a small donation the couple are able to snap off the first peg to plant in the zoo, encouraging biodiversity within the zoo and benefitting their insect ecosystem. The other two pegs are able to be snapped and shared between the couple, to stimulate plant growth in among their homes. These plants are seed producing, thus attracting a variety of bird species and benefitting local wildlife.

Seed Bring Snaps the zoo home by attracting new birds to your garden. Snap the pegs apart and plant in necessary spaces to stimulate biodiversity withing the zoo and at home.

Chris Lefteri Design Material Innovation Reports Trend Research Creating Inspiring CMF Boards Obtaining Samples Contacting Clients General CAD Work

Current placement Ending 11/10/19

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Georgina Heaton 07472669720

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BA Product Design Student at Central Saint Martins

Georgina Heaton Portfolio  

BA Product Design Student at Central Saint Martins