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Welcome to Buckswood Summer School


uckswood International School Tbilisi is offering an English Language Summer Camp which ideally combines British and Georgian traditions. In the Buckswood Summer School, the academic and nonacademic activities of the program are well-balanced. Along with English language studying, students will take part in various activities, competitions, art and sports contests, excursions and camping. We believe that children and teenagers need a rest and summer is the best time for it. We also think that rest and studying can be combined. Moreover, peers will study together in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. The number of pupils in the classrooms is low, taking into consideration the needs of the children with their individual abilities, each of them receiving the focus and attention they need to achieve their ideals and to realize that working hard at all levels is the secret of success. Cost: 490 GEL per week, including: • 20 hours of English classes per week; • Living in a school camp and three meals per day; Buckswood International School Tbilisi is an official representative of • Transportation to excursions, entrance ticket costs if needed; Buckswood Overseas Summer School in Georgia, so we can provide a • 24 hour supervision and security; full travel package to Buckswood UK (www.buckwwodsummerschool. • A cap and a course completion certificate; com) summer school, including: • Internet and library; • Air Transfer; • Afternoon activities. • Visa Support; • Travel insurance; • Food and Accommodation in Buckswood UK; • A full package of academic and non academic activities; • Excursions to different British cities and towns. Buckswood International School - Tbilisi Georgia, Tskneti, Rustaveli Ave #52 577 992 993; 577 992 997

Educational Programs in the Art Palace of Georgia

THE SECRET OF COSTUME DESIGN Have you ever wondered how costumes are made for the theater and cinema? What does a Costume Designer do? How do sketches become real costumes worn by actors? Can you design and make your own costume? For the answers to these questions and more, head along to the Art Palace of Georgia where you get to see the original costumes and designs kept in the Museum- either in front of your eyes or through a special computer archive program. WHAT’S INCLUDED 1. Journey through the one of the most significant palaces in Tbilisi, built in the 19th century- a perfect example of gothic and Islamic architecture. 2. Learn more about the history of the Museum and explore five permanent exhibition halls in which the most valuable exhibits are presented. 3. Listen to the history of creating costumes for theater and movies and learn more about the painter’s role. See the costumes and sketches from real performances dating back to the 19th century. 4. Get tested with fun brain teasers to see how much you’ve learnt before discovering different costume sketches from Georgian performances and making your own costumes together with your classmates.

THE PROJECT IS FOR SCHOOL PUPILS. Maximum number of participants is 10-30 children Project duration – 90 minutes Project fee – 4 Gel Pre-registration is necessary to participate in the program! Tel: +995 (32) 95 36 86; 593 11 33 91 Address: Art Palace of Georgia, Tbilisi, Kargareteli Str. # 6

Georgia Today Education #3  

April 2016

Georgia Today Education #3  

April 2016