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Th e Da ily S h re w Noor Semaan, Georgia Tice, Zahra Asghar

Breaking News: Finally the Savage has been Tamed But Did Petruchio go too Far? At last the impossible turns possible when the presumptuous Petruchio finally tames his wife the insolent, Katherine Minola. But the question is, were Petruchio’s methods of taming her too harsh? Katherine Minola is the daughter of the wealthy Baptista Minola of Padua, and is the sister of the affable, Bianca Minola. Katherine is known for her sharp tongue and is described by her father as, “a shrew of thy impatient humor.” (Shakespeare 3.2.29). Continued on Page 3

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By Zahra

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Finally the Savage has been Tamed But did Petruchio go to Far? Noor Semaan

At last the impossible turns possible when the presumptuous Petruchio finally tames his wife the insolent, Katherine Minola. But the question is, were Petruchio’s methods of taming her too harsh? Katherine Minola is the daughter of the wealthy Baptista Minola of Padua, and is the sister of the affable, Bianca Minola. Katherine is known for her sharp tongue and is described by her father as, “a shrew of thy impatient humor.” (Shakespeare 3.2.29). But when she meets the bigheaded, Petruchio, she cannot stay angry at him for long because she is beguiled in his charm and behavior. When they eventually marry Petruchio finds away to change Katherine’s attitude drastically. However there is something she doesn’t know. Coming from one of Petruchio’s honest servants, Grumio, the editors of the Daily Shrew found out that Petruchio has a secret, ingenious scheme in order to tame her, and it might not be pleasant. The first thing Petruchio does to tame Katherine is starve her. Although from Katherine’s perspective it seems like he is doing it out of love, so she cannot react like her usual self, and just has to keep calm and carry on. For example, when Page 3 Katherine and Petruchio eat dinner on the first night they move to

Where is the rascal cook?” (Shakespeare 4.1.98). He makes it seem that the piece of meat is not good enough for Katherine and makes sure she does not eat dinner. He then suggests for them to go hungry at night by saying, “for this night, we’ll fast for company.” (Shakespeare 4.1.113) This ensures Katherine won’t eat for at least one more night, which will make her ravenous and Petruchio one more step closer to his goal to tame Katherine. The next task for the diligent Petruchio to accomplish for his plan is to get Katherine sleepless. His strategy to make her restless is to make up an excuse saying the bed isn't comfortable or is not good enough for her to sleep on. That way the vexed Katherine believes that the only reason he is not letting her sleep is because he wants the best for her, so she cannot shout or get angry at him. Petruchio then orders a special session with a tailor to come to prepare a desirable gown for Katherine to wear on their way back to Baptista’s house in Padua. When the tailor arrives and shows them the dress he has made, Katherine thinks it is very elegant and loves it, on the other hand Petruchio detests it and finds the sleeves distasteful, “What’s this? A sleeve? 'Tis like a demicannon.” (Shakespeare

servants prepare a lovely roast mutton and Petruchio responds by saying, “Tis burnt, and so is all the meat. anymore and just agrees that it is the moon in the sky. To make the matter worse, Petruchio then changes his mind and says it is the sun in the sky. The fed up, starving, and exhausted Katherine just gives up and agrees with everything he does instead of disagreeing and acting furious. Even a good friend of Petruchio, Hortensio agrees that now he is going a bit to far and says, “Say what he wants or we’ll never go.” (Shakespeare 4.5.12). When the time comes for Bianca and Lucentio’s wedding, Hortensio, Lucentio, and Petruchio make a bet that whichever of their busy wives will come when they call them wins. When Hortensio calls his widowed wife, she doesn’t bother coming, when Lucentio calls Bianca she does’t listen, so everyone is confounded when usually raging Katherine responds to Petruchio by listening and coming. She replies saying, “To wound thy lord, thy king, thy governor. It blots thy beauty as frosts do bite the meads.” (Shakespeare 5.2.9). This proves that finally Petruchio has tamed the beast, and everyone is satisfied!

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sends back the remarkably made dress to the tailor, and Katherine who is already jaded and hungry entreats to keep it. She tries convincing Petruchio to buy the dress, but his opinion about it doesn’t change so therefore he won’t buy it. Petruchio blames the tailor for making it so horribly, while kissing up to Katherine so that way she won’t react like her short- tempered self. On their way back to Padua, Katherine and Petruchio have an unnecessary argument about the sun and the moon. The reason they have this argument is because Petruchio still has the last thing to accomplish in his plan, and it is to wear Katherine out completely, so that way she will for sure have no more energy to fight back or to act like a shrew, and instead be more submissive to Petruchio and listen to what he says. Petruchio claims, “Good Lord, how bright and goodly shines the moon!” (Shakespeare 4.5.2). Whereas Katherine claims, “The sun! It is not moonlight now.” (Shakespeare 4.5.3). After they both argue continuously, the hopeless Katherine doesn’t know what to do

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Daily Horoscope AQUARIUS: (Jan. 20- Feb. 18): You are going to be asked out today by the guy you love. You finally find out the true identity of the person but your feelings about him do not change. You cannot wait for this special marriage, after finally being able to with your father’s permission. Who am I? Bianca Minola PISCES: (Feb. 19- March 20): You are forced to make a your master’s wife starve, exhausted, and out of energy for your special master’s plan. You do not agree with this but you have to be submissive in order to keep him content. Who am I? Grumio ARIES: (March 21- April 19): Something out of the ordinary will happen for you. Something as outrageous as getting forced to disguised someone’s father to help the person get married to a beautiful and rich lady. You will agree and play the part as best as you can until the person with the identity you took finds out. Who am I? The pedant

Quote of the Day “O slow-winged turtle, shall a buzzard take thee?” Petruchio (Act II, Scene I, Page 10, Line 202)

SCORPIO: (Oct. 23- Nov. 21): You will start acting more friendly than your usual self. You finally will have a spouse that will take care of you and not get on your nerves. Although your spouse may not be feeding you or letting you sleep, it is only because they care about you and your confront. You are no longer known as a rich shrew but instead the obedient wife. Who am I? Katherine Minola

SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): You will help your master in achieving his plan for marriage. You won’t be the main helper but you will definitely TAURUS: (April 20- May do small things here and there to 20): Your more sharp- tongued make things better. You have to try daughter finally will find a husband, and cooperate as well as you can with and you cannot wait. This means your more dainty daughter can get VIRGO: (Aug. 23- Sept. 22): You will your master in order to make him happy. married as well. Things are looking marry a short- tempered, rich Who am I? Biondello good for you since you have finally individual and plan a way to tame achieved your dream of getting your them. As time goes by you will be successful taming your shrew. You two daughters married to well prove this at a wedding ceremony, rounded, affluent men. Who am I? Baptista Minola when your spouse is the only spouse there that listens to your call. This causes many people to admire you as CAPRICORN: (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): a person. Who am I? Petruchio You finally get the person of your GEMINI: (May 21- June dreams. All the time and effort you put 21): You will disguise as a music disguising yourself has paid off. Your tutor to pursue the person you love. soon-to-be spouse is just as happy However, you do not manage to get marrying you and both of you feel their interest, and you are feeling a great. You may want to make sure bit agitated. When you get yourself LIBRA: (Sept. 23- Oct. 22): You are your spouse is dutiful because she together again you continue your might not listen to something you tell a search to find the special someone, very helpful person. No matter what her on your wedding day. you’re going to be loyal and listen to and manage to get a wealthy, Who am I? Lucentio all the tasks your master tells you to widowed lover. do. You will take the risk of disguising Who am I? Hortensio yourself as your master just to help him get what he wants. Who am I? Tranio CANCER: (June 22July 22: You face one of the biggest, most shocking moments of your life when you visit your child. As you are there, people tell you that your child is getting married to a rich individual, Page so you5have to go and see for yourself. When you find your child you happen to be in time for the wedding ceremony. Who am I? Vincentio

LEO: (July 23- Aug. 22): You have a crush on a much younger person, but unfortunately they do not like you back. You end up being frustrated and giving up on this person. You quit the whining and carry on with your life since after all you are aging quickly. Who am I? Gremio

Exclusive Interview: Living With a Shrew Followed by Obsessive Suitors By Georgia Tice

We find out what its like to feel the pressures of being the affable daughter of Baptista and the sister of Katherine. We talk with the Bianca who is the envy of every woman in Padua. What is it like living with Katherine? Do your differing personalities clash often? Katherine is a character. She is not afraid to speak her opinion and disagree with Baptista. Many people are surprised that we are related! Ever since Katherine and I were young we have never gotten along, she takes pleasure in my misfortune. She goes out of her way to make me out to be self absorbed and narcissistic in front of others. She especially dislikes it when I side with Baptista in an argument. Katherine hates that I am submissive and because of that popular among the gentlemen of Padua. What is the most outrageous argument you have had? Katherine will often have an outburst of anger and pick a fight with me over nothing. We had a fight just the other day. It started when she extemporaneously picked an argument Page 6 with me over nothing. Next thing I knew Katherine was tying me to a chair. She took this time to yell and slap me.

“Sister, content you in my discontent.” -Bianca (Shakespeare.1.1.82) “Bianca, go inside. And don’t be unhappy, my dear. Whatever happens, you know I’ll never love you less.” -Baptista (Shakespeare.1.1.77)

and Katherine was scolded. Baptista is often jaded from Katherine’s wretched behavior. Do you ever feel pressure to live up to the expectations of others? Definitely, being known as the affable Daughter of Baptista is not as easy as it seems. I always I have to impress everyone I meet. I can’t disagree with others or speak my opinion because I have my reputation to keep. I try my best not to disappoint Baptista because Katherine does a good job of that already. It’s difficult to keep such Georgia Tice goodByreputation but I’d rather be known as submissive than as a shrew. What was your reaction when you found out We at had Thefound Dailya Shrew have Katherine husband? Katherine is ruthless and takenI was the time to analyze andbelieve accessthat definitely not afraid to speak in shock. I couldn’t any man would ever agree to marry her. At Katherine’s behavior. What are her her mind. She has committed the same time I was relieved social tendencies? What is this her meant that several wanton acts such as Irelationship could finallywith marry myself. Bianca? tying Bianca to a chair and What are you feelings about Hortensio? Throughout this article we compare Hortensio is too desperate in my hitting Hortensio over the head Katherine’s mannerism to those of opinion. I took and immediate disliking to with a lute. “I think she’ll otherHe women in hard Padua such me as her him. tried too to court and he sooner prove a soldier. Iron sister Bianca. just came across as desperate and lonely. may hold with her, but never first introduced PlusWhen he is several years olderto than I. lutes.” (Shakespeare.2.1.139). How did you react perceive when youher realized Katherine people as Hortensio wasjust trying to court However, Katherine is much insolent and plain Many I pretended to be naïve. Instead of flat more than a just a shrew. are confounded by her outrageous out rejecting him I focused more on The Gentlemen of behavior.and Even sister and that her I was Lucentio gaveher him the idea Padua find it especially difficult father cannot Itbreak through her hard not interested. was not a big deal for me; I to come within a few feet of am flirtedThe by gentlemen frequently so I exterior. Gentlemen of Padua her. Katherine is ruthless and knew I was doing. find itwhat especially difficult to come What was going through your mind when definitely not afraid to speak within few feet of her. Katherine is her mind. She has committed you metaLucentio? ruthless notIafraid to was several wanton acts such as When Iand firstdefinitely met Lucentio knew he the speak oneher for mind. me. It was She his hasbeautiful committed words tying Bianca to a chair and that made me fallacts in love with several wanton such as him. tyingIt was so hitting Hortensio over the head romantic the way he disguised Bianca to a chair and hittinghimself just with a lute. “I think she’ll to be with me. sooner prove a soldier. Iron

W hy does Katherine Behave the Like a Shrew?

Hortensio over the head with a lute. “I think she’ll sooner prove a soldier. Iron may hold with her, but never lutes.” (Shakespeare.2.1.139). However, Katherine is much more than a just a shrew.

may hold with her, but never lutes.” (Shakespeare.2.1.139). However, Katherine is much more than a just a shrew.

When Katherine first met Petruchio her husband to be she was stubborn and unwelcoming. Why does she react this way towards men? A lot more negative gossip is spread about Katherine than first hand experiences are shared with her. Katherine’s rock hard exterior makes it difficult for others to get to know who she really is. Katherine feels as though she has to live up to her reputation as a shrew just like Bianca has to keep her reputation as the perfect woman. For Katherine source of anger could be from the way she is treated by her family members. Most of the time Katherine seems almost jealous of Bianca’s popularity. When Katherine ties Bianca to a chair she interrogates Bianca and asks for Bianca to pick her favorite suitor so Katherine can take him for herself. Another source of anger could be Baptista’s relationship with Bianca. This is another reason for Katherine to stand up for herself since she has nobody on her side. “What, will you not suffer me? Nay, now I see She is your treasure, she must have a husband, I must dance barefoot on her wedding day and, for your love to her, lead apes in hell. Talk not to me. I will go sit and weep till I can find occasion of revenge.” (Shakespeare.2.1.31-36). Katherine makes a drastic change in her behavior after she marries Petruchio. After Katherine marries Petruchio she transforms into another person. With Petruchio’s effective method to dull Katherine’s sharp tongue she is now as submissive as ever. How might Katherine feel about her transformation? It is most likely that Petruchio has worn Katherine out. But maybe she enjoys being an obedient wife. After years of being known as a shrew Katherine could be enjoying her new reputation. After all it’s a chance for brand new start and a better reputation for herself.

Cupid’s Work in Padua! Quotes from the Lovebirds Themselves

By: ZAhra Asghar

Lucentio’s First Impression... “Tranio, I burn, I pine! I perish,

Lucentio (as the tutor Cambio) wooing Bianca as he teaches her latin.

Cupid Has Been Busy in

Tranio if I achieve not this young modest girl.” -Lucentio And Bianca’s?

Padua! Bianca and Lucentio,

Now let me see if I can conster it.

Love at First Sight

Hic ibat Simois, I know you not,

Ever since seeing her for the first time in

hic est Sigeia tellus, I trust you

Padua, Lucentio has known that Bianca Minola

not, Hic steterat Priami, take

was the woman for him. Though he was

heed he hear us not, regia,

supposed to go to school in Padua, his love for Bianca was too strong. The only problem was how to get her to notice him, for her father

presume not, celsa senis, despair not.

Baptista had specifically said that no man would woo his daughter Bianca until his older daughter Katherine had been wed. His love was too strong to be quieted though, and he decided to switch clothes with his man Tranio, and get close to her by becoming someone who the Minola family greatly needed: A tutor. Thus enters Cambio, who it Lucentio in disguise, sent to tutor Bianca Minola in the beautiful language of Latin.

Hortensio and Gremio: Rejected!

But he’s not the only one...

Though Lucentio and

Though Lucentio seems to be the most

Bianca lived happily ever after,

desirable out of all of her suitors, Bianca Minola

there were some people that were

has also ensnared the affections of Hortensio, and Gremio. Hortensio decides to become her music

hurt in the process. Hortensio

tutor, while Gremio stays true to himself. It soon

and Gremio were both in love with

becomes clear that Bianca has fallen for Cambio,

Bianca. Unfortunately, they

who is really Lucentio. To seal the deal, Lucentio then sends his

were both COMPLETELY wrong

man Tranio to pretend to be him! It seems that

for her. It is definitely a good

our Lucentio has a devious streak! Tranio (as

thing she chose Lucentio!

Lucentio) speaks to Baptista and convinces him

Page 8 that Lucentio is the best choice for his daughter’s husband.

and Lucentio, agrees to this on one condition:


Lucentio’s father Vincentio must agree to provide a very large dowry. So what does Tranio (as

Lucentio) do? He hires a merchant to pretend to be Vincentio!

Eventually, Lucentio tells Bianca the

truth about him. Though she is unsure that she will ever be able to trust him again, she

“ Help! I am in love with a girl half my eventually forgives him for his lies and admits age, what do I do?”


that she still loves him


Eventually, the wedding day rolls

around,and the real VIncentio shows up! Though

“ Give have nowedding, chancethe it should haveup! put aYou damper on the with this girl if she is that much true love that resonated between Lucentio and younger than you. She probably only Bianca could not be broken. Eventually, the thinks of you as an dirty old man. I parents that of theyou bridedon’t and groom know wanthad totohear this, understand that true love can not be be, broken. but as beautiful as she might you Theprobably love of Bianca is true. should go and for Lucentio someone born in the century as you.” This is proven by the fact that Bianca still -Theand Daily understood lovedShrew Lucentio when he admitted that he had lied to her. Also, she quickly decided that he was the man for her rather than the

“ My older daughter is an insolent other suitors who were vying for her affections. shrew but I need to get her married No my matter what people say about the is before younger daughter who engagement being toWhat abrupt,do nobody can dispute very desirable. I do?” the fact that Bianca and Lucentio were a match


made in heaven.

By: Zahra Asghar

“ Try making a law that says that your younger daughter can’t be married until your older daughter. This should get your younger daughter’s suitors scrambling to find your older daughter a husband.” -The Daily Shrew “ I cant stay out of everyone else’s business. Help me please!” -Tranio “ Try to mind your own business and worry about your own problems. If you keep interfering, you might find that you are in the middle of everyone’s problems and can’t get out!” -The Daily Shrew “ I am pretending to be a rich boy’s father. What should I do? Pedant “ Keep being the boy’s father because if you stop now you could get in lots of trouble. Just make sure that the boy’s father doesn’t show up when you are pretending to be him! That could be potentially hazardous.” -The Shrew Daily “ I am in love with a beautiful girl.

Page 9 help me win her heart.” Please -Lucentio

tutor to get close to her. Then, when she realizes that she loves you, tell her the truth about your rich background. If your love is true she will forgive you.” -The Daily Shrew “ I am being tamed by a man but he is only doing it out of love for me. What should I do?” -Katherine “ Take a closer look at the man who says he loves you. Are you sure that he is only doing it out of love for you? If he is, tell him what is bothering you. He will understand.” -The Daily Shrew “ I am married to a shrew! Help please!” -Petruchio “ Do your best to tame her (we suggest the same method used on falcons). While you are taming her, pretend it is only out of love so that she does not get angry (you may have to take some acting classes first).” -The Daily Shrew “ I put a lot of effort into a disguise to woo a girl but she is in love with another man. What should I do?” -Hortensio “ If she is obviously not interested, give up. You may love her, but she doesn’t love you back. Try making somebody else happy by marrying them.” -The Daily Shrew “ I have three men vying for my affections. What should I do?” -Bianca “ Follow your heart. Choose the man that is going to make you happy.” -The Daily Shrew OUR ANSWERS WORKED!: “ Thus I have politicly begun my reign, and tis my hope to end successfully.” -Shakespeare Act 4 scene 1 lines 188189. Way to go Petruchio!

By Zahra Asghar

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