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Greek Council Spotlights

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Who We Are

Advice for Parents

Collegiate Panhellenic Council

Everything you need to know for a successful CPC sorority recruitment experience including rules, attire, FAQs, and more! There are 10 chapters to choose from.

National Pan-Hellenic Council

This council is the coordinating body for historically African-American Greek letter organizations. There are 2 sororities and 4 fraternities.

Multicultural Greek Council

MGC governs the historically culturally based Greek letter organizations. There are 3 sororities and 4 fraternities.

Interfraternity Council

Find out what the IFC fraternities at Tech have to offer and how to become a member. This section includes information on fraternity life and chapter information for our 32 fraternities.

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2017 Greek Council Presidents:

From L to R: Sean Ramjit (MGC), Rohan Iyer (IFC), Marguerite Bradley (CPC), Frank Johnson (NPHC)

Congratulations on your decision to come to Georgia Tech. You’ve already made one of the most important decisions of your life, and you’ve chosen one of the best institutions in the country. As leaders of the Greek community, we’re excited about the potential in this year’s incoming freshman class. During your time in college, you will have many exciting learning experiences, but none so complete, well-rounded, and long-remembered as that of being a member of a Greek organization. Even though you may have no intention of joining a Greek organization, it is worth your time and effort to go through the recruitment process in order to meet new people and learn more about the different facets of the Georgia Tech community as a whole. As a potential member, we ask that you keep an open mind and base your decision on your personal opinions and not those of friends, relatives, other potential members, or stereotypes you may have heard or formed. Joining a fraternity or IFC President Rohan Iyer rohan.r.iyer

CPC President Marguerite Bradley president.gtcpc

sorority is a lifelong decision that will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. There is a chapter for everyone, but what is right for your friends or family members may not be the right choice for you. Additionally, fraternities and sororities today are vastly different from stereotypes you may have seen or heard of in the past. Even from campus to campus, individual chapters carry a personality all their own, and it is up to you to choose the organization that best represents your ideals and values. New members of Greek organizations enter a community of leaders, academic achievers, philanthropists, and a social circle of friends that is unmatched by any other experience. No matter what group you choose, the friendships you form will be lifelong. We encourage you to visit our website for more information about summer events and contact information. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us. (All emails end in @gmail.com) NPHC President Frank Johnson nphcgt.president


MGC President Sean Ramjit mgc.gt.president


Think about it... Home Away From Home If you aren’t sure Greek Life is for you, or if you don’t even know what it is, keep this in mind: If you value academics, philanthropy, and leadership, and you are looking to form a close network of friends - the Greek community at Tech may be for you!

Not everyone thinks of “going Greek” when they come to Tech, based on what they heard or seen about Greek organizations, but there is more to Greek Life than what meets the eye. It is only once you participate in recruitment or start to meet Greek students at Tech that you realize whether or not Greek Life is for you. Always keep in mind there are over 50 chapters to choose from, each one is unique and has different values. Find the one that fits best for you, and you will begin the most well-rounded and memorable college experience possible. Continue reading to hear more from the students themselves!

A Few Notable Georgia Tech Greeks Megan Blake PSYC ‘83 Alpha Xi Delta

Actress and former Miss Georgia

Presidential Management Fellow at NASA

Wonya Lucas ISYE ‘83 Alpha Kappa Alpha

Mike Duke IE ‘71 Delta Sigma Phi Past CEO of Walmart

Executive VP of Discovery, Science, and Weather Channel


Mihir Pathak ME ‘08 Sigma Beta Rho


From the Staff Summe

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Who we are...

The Greek Community Academics


The Greek community at Georgia Tech realizes that excelling in academics is the top priority of every student. Each Greek organization has its own unique way of encouraging and rewarding superior academic performance. Chapters, as well as the four Greek governing councils, sponsor various educational programs and awards.

The Greek community develops members by offering many executive board leadership positions - either in their individual chapter, or through a Greek governing council. Throughout your years in a fraternity or sorority, skills are gained through a variety of experiences. In addition to involvement within their chapters, Greek students learn leadership qualities through on-campus and co-op jobs or internships, and other student organizations.

Programs may include: • time management and study skills seminars, • scheduled study hours with free tutoring, • organized study groups, • and advice on courses and professors.

Order of Omega, a Greek honor society, also inspires Greeks to reach their highest potential by rewarding academic excellence. As members of the Greek community, we stand firm in our dedication to good scholarship and believe that educational success at Georgia Tech prepares men and women for personal and professional success. Retention rates, graduation rates, and grade point averages are higher for Greeks. There is a Greek academic/membership breakdown at the end of this guide. 6

Being involved in a Greek organization also allows you to network and increase your involvement on campus, and as a result, many leadership positions on Georgia Tech’s campus are held by members of the Greek community.

Quick Facts:

Freshmen Retention Rate Greek: 97.6% Non-Greek: 94.7% Graduation Rate Greek: 86.7% Non-Greek: 80%




Every national fraternity or sorority has a designated charity or philanthropy that they regularly sponsor. Each local Georgia Tech chapter participates in projects which support their national organization’s cause.

Athletics are an integral part of Greek Life at Tech. Many chapters participate in Tech’s 20+ intramural sports programs offered throughout the year. Fraternities and sororities compete in their own league for the Greek championship, then advance to play in the school championship rounds. In addition to intramural sports, Greek chapters receive block-seating at all home football games. This guarantees you a seat in the same section of the stadium with others from your chapter, so you never have to worry about standing in line to get a seat!

Every year, Greeks come together for large scale philanthropy projects such as St. Baldrick’s and the AIDS Walk. Greeks assist with many projects during Homecoming and Greek Week that range from planting flowers, to volunteering at homeless shelters and repairing local parks. In addition, Greeks at Georgia Tech host Habitat for Humanity Builds for families in need in the Atlanta Community. In the spring, Greeks participate in Dance Marathon and the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

At Georgia Tech, Greeks feel it is important to contribute their time and efforts to their community, as everyone is able to learn and grow through serving others.

Quick Facts:

Hours of Community Service by Greek Community:


Dollars Donated to Philanthropy by Greek Community:


* Based on 2016-17 Annual reports


Who we are...

The Greek Community Alumni


Greek organizations have been on Georgia Tech’s campus for over 125 years. Since the first fraternity was chartered in 1888, thousands of young men and women have been initiated into Georgia Tech’s numerous fraternities and sororities.

In addition to academic and leadership opportunities, Greek organizations provide a balance to the academic rigors of Georgia Tech with a full social schedule. Social events include: • Semi-formals • Formals • Date Nights • Parents and Family Weekends • Alumni gatherings • Step shows

Fraternity and sorority alumni stay active with their respective local and national chapters, as well as the Institute, long after they have completed their degrees at Tech. Although alumni support Georgia Tech and their chapters financially, they also act as mentors and serve as great examples for undergraduate members. Greek alumni demonstrate how fraternity or sorority association can equip its members with the skills to excel personally and professionally. When you graduate, alumni networks generate valuable resources that can assist you in finding a great job and much more. Alumni networks reach far beyond individual chapters and across various geographies. Imagine how it will feel to be able to go anywhere in the United States (and even beyond) and have automatic connections through a fraternity or sorority! 8

Each of these events is organized and planned with enjoyment as well as safety in mind; each organization follows a responsible social policy laid out by Georgia Tech, our student governing boards, and national risk management policies.


“It’s Greek to Me”... Greek Terminology

Bid - an invitation to join a fraternity or affiliated with a fraternity or sorority but sorority chapter. Bid policies differ for have not yet been initiated. fraternities and sororities Neo/Neophyte - term used by NPHC/MGC Chartered - the date an organization organizations; similar to “New Member.” started a local chapter or colony. Order of Omega - Membership to the Order includes being within the top 3% of the Greek Continuous Open Bidding (COB) - an GPA, junior or senior status, and significant oppotunity for Panhellenic chapters that are leadership/service to campus. eligible to extend bids to potential members outside of formal recruitment. Potential New Member (PNM) - a woman participating in formal recruitment. Formal Recruitment - the process CPC sororities uses each fall to select new Probate - a new member presentation where members. the newest members of NPHC/MGC chapters present history, reveal who they are and often Initiation - a formal ceremony, for some step or stroll. organizations, that signifies transfer from associate or new member status to fully Prophyte - term used by NPHC/MGC chapters initiated, active membership to refer to an older brother/sister who has had a line cross below them. Intake - The process NPHC/MGC chapters perform to recruit, interview, choose, and Recruitment Counselor - A woman who educate new members. disafiliates from her organization during formal recruitment and is trained to guide Legacy - a person whose parent, brother/ PNMs during that time. sister, or grandparent was a member of a fraternity or sorority. Legacy stipulations Ritual - the traditions of fraternities and differ for each sorority and fraternity and sororities which are usually known only to do not guarantee membership. initiated members. MRABA - Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement; a form potential new members will sign indicating they will accept whichever bid extended to them by a Panhellenic sorority.

Rush - a period of time set by IFC during the school semester designated for the recruitment of new members.

Stepping/Strolling - Historically black traditions characterized by synchronized New Member/Pledge - term applied to hand foot movements, along with singing, members that have accepted a bid and are dancing, chanting, and acting.



Parents and Families; How You Can Help

A fraternity/sorority offers a wonderful support system that can help your student with everything from adjusting to the academic rigors of Georgia Tech to finding a “home away from home.” Upperclassmen in fraternities and sororities have been through many, if not all, of the situations that your student will experience as a student at Georgia Tech. Fraternity and sorority members can provide See you at FASET! invaluable advice to help your student make good choices that will ensure their future Staff members and success. However, the active members of a chapter are not the only source of guidance. Most chapters have vast alumni networks that can open many doors to future opportunities. Many famous Tech graduates are alumni of fraternities and sororities at Georgia Tech.

students will be at every session to answer questions about your student’s Greek experience.

If your student is considering “going Greek,” remember that what you may have seen on television or in movies is very about misleading what being “Greek” really means. In addition, your time in college will be drastically different than what your student may experience. If you still have reservations with allowing your student to join a fraternity or sorority, contact the Office of Greek Affairs or the Parents Program Office. As a parent or family member, there is a lot you can do for your student during their Greek experience. Deciding which organization to join can certainly produce excitement and a bit of anxiety. You can be there to counsel them through their decision:


• Check in with your student during the recruitment process. • Talk with your student about all of their options to join, even if those options do not include their friends’ choices. • Discuss reasons for joining the group: opportunity to engage in service/philanthropy, social support, impact on academics, etc. • Consider the financial obligations of joining a fraternity/sorority.


If your student decides to join, you are encouraged to be involved in the chapter experience. Many parents and families choose to get involved in a variety of ways:

• Ask your student about their new brothers or sisters. • Visit the chapter’s website and the official website of the fraternity/sorority headquarters. • Review the fraternity/sorority mission, values, and tenants of membership. • Encourage your student to take a leadership role in their chapter. • Know the grade requirements for new and active members. • Be supportive of your student if they do not receive a bid to join an organization. Encourage and remind them that there is plenty for them to get involved with at Georgia Tech! • Attend Family Weekend events. • Join or start a Parents Club. • Encourage your student to take advantage of chapter resources, and scholarships. • Encourage your student to attend educational programs in the chapter and on campus. • Know the contact information for the chapter, and your student’s big brother/ big sister.

At no time should your student’s membership detract from their academic performance, job or co-op duties, nor their ability to be a successful student at Tech. Unfortunately, there are activities that can be divisive to the growth and development of your student. Alcohol misuse and hazing are issues that plague fraternities and sororities across the United States and Canada. At Tech, we work diligently to address these issues in the community. However, our institution appreciates your support in reporting these issues. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Greek Affairs, the Parents Program Office or the specific fraternity/sorority headquarters.

Contact Information:

Office of Greek Affairs: 2211 Student Center Commons 350 Ferst Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30332 *Our new address starting July 2017!* Phone: 404-894-2002 Parent & Family Programs: Laci Weeden, Director laci.weeden@vpss.gatech.edu 404.385.1396



NPHC Spotlight

Q. How did your views of being Greek change from before you got to Tech to after you arrived on campus? Before arriving at Tech, my only notions as to what Greek life would be like came from stories I heard from my father who was also a member of Kappa Alpha Psi during his years at Tech. After joining the fraternity myself, however, I noticed that not everything was about the parties, business connections, and strolling. I’ve learned, and am still learning, valuable lessons about brotherhood, manhood, and being a leader.

Daniel Seal Major: Industrial Design

Q. How has being a part of an NPHC organization affected you as a Georgia Tech student? Tech already offers a diverse student experience as is, but there is an added benefit of being a part of the NPHC - it opens up greater avenues of opportunity. It has charged me with a bigger commitment to service while representing something much larger than myself. I have enhanced my skills of time management, conflict resolution, communication, and effective collaboration through event programming for my chapter while balancing my studies. Thus

understanding that I represent both my org and this institution with pride wherever I go as they are connected through the council.

Nelson Raphael Major: Electrical Engineering


IFC Spotlight Q: How has your Greek affiliation made a positive impact on your Georgia Tech experience? My Greek affiliation has challenged and motivated me to create projects and new ideas outside of CS classes, surround myself with a group of like-minded and highly successful men in my chapter, and has given me the push to become better in all aspects of my academics, social life, and professional career. The connections through Chapter Alumni in the Software industry have also benefited me significantly in pursuing internships, co-ops, and full time job opportunities. I would not be in my current position if it wasn’t for Greek life. Ryan Brooks

Major: Computer Science

Q. How has your Greek affiliation helped you to become more involved in other activities at Georgia Tech? As an out of state student, I didn’t know a single person when I got here. My Greek organization really helped bridge that gap, and enabled me to get involved with a Freshman Leadership Organization within the first few weeks of school. Older brothers and mentors within the chapter have greatly aided with my academic development as well. Without my Greek organization, I never would’ve gotten involved with Career Fair, Barbell club or numerous other intramurals and groups, and I never would have met so many great Tech students. Jack Corelli

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Q. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

Georgia Tech is a wonderful institute, ripe with infinite possibilities and paths to take. I invite you all to explore different organizations, events, and communal groups to find where you fit in the best. College is an exciting time of your life because you can truly discover the person that you want to be. This may seem like an incredibly daunting task, but just remember that everyone around you is sharing this novel experience with you. At Georgia Tech, you are never alone.

Sujay Peramanu Major: Industrial Engineering


CPC Spotlight Information Information about about the Collegiate the National Panhellenic Pan-Hellenic Council Council andand its member its member chapters chapters is available is available on page on page 17. 32. Q. What is your favorite aspect of being involved in CPC??

Because sorority women are the largest group of educated women in America, being a part of this community is an amazing way to complement your undergraduate experience. And as CPC’s Director of Philanthropy, we are working to raise money in order to build a school in a developing nation in collaboration with Circle of Sisterhood - CPC’s national philanthropy. COS was founded as a way for collegiate women to help spread women’s education worldwide, particularly in countries affected by oppression and poverty.

Ana Jafarina Major: Mechanical Engineering

Q. How were you able to balance schoolwork with your involvement in the Greek community?

It definitely takes up a lot of time, but when you’re doing things you love and making great friendships, it has always been worth it for me! At the end of the day, I came to Georgia Tech to get a good education, and always put school work first.

Megan Kitzmiller Major: Business Administration

Q. How do your values align with those of the CPC community?

One thing that CPC really values is empowering women to develop into great leaders. This really resonates with me because leadership is so applicable to all aspects of college life, and life after graduation. Being a member of the CPC community sets you up to be succeed in your future career, as well as providing you with a group of women who will support you in all aspects of college life.

Hannah Orr Major: Mechanical Engineering

Q. How has Greek affiliation had a positive impact on your GT experience?

The best thing that the Greek community has given me are the role models. I’ve been empowered to take leadership roles in other clubs and to participate in GT traditions. Freshman Margaret was more timid and quiet. Greek life has given me confidence and a voice. I cannot thank GT Greek life enough!


Margaret Buxton Major: Business Administration

MGC Spotlight Information about the Multicultural Greek Council and its member chapters is available on page 38.

Q. How would you describe the impact that being Greek can have on your collegiate experience? I wanted to join a smaller organization that focused on personal ties and professional growth. Delta Phi Lambda allowed me to do this because I was able to take on larger leadership roles that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to take in a larger organization.

Arianne Quinanola

Major: Industrial Design

Q. What inspired you to join a Multicultural Greek organization?

I was looking into rushing before I got on campus because I was out of state and wanted to meet people. One of the brothers handed me a flyer so I went to a couple recruitment events. I really liked how close everybody was and I felt like I was in a real close-knit friend group like I had in high school.

Justan Su

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Q. How were you able to balance schoolwork with your involvement in the Greek community?

I was able to learn from the great examples set by members from my fraternity as well as members from other MGC organizations when it came to managing schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. Whether it be having older brothers to tutor me in a subject or companions for late nights in the library, there was never a shortage of academic support from my Greek community to stress that school comes first!

Joel Joseph

Major: Industrial Engineering

Q. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen? Try new things! Joining a sorority wasn’t “my thing” when I came to Tech, but you may see it differently after you realize it just a group of close-knit friends that enjoy each other’s company and push you to be better!

Khushbu Patel

Major: Biomedical Engineering


GT Relay for Life For more info, check out our website tinyurl.com/gtrelay4life. Apply to be on a committee Fall 2017. Our event is in Spring 2018.

Society of Women in Business Georgia Tech 2017 - 2018 2016-2017 SWiB Sponsors

Who are we?

Diamond Sponsors

It is our mission as Society of Women in Business (“SWiB”) to foster the empowerment of women in the workplace by: - Establishing professional connections both in the corporate world and at Georgia Tech - Serving as a source of knowledge for professional development, particularly as it applies to being a woman in business - Supporting women in their pursuit of higher levels of educational and professional achievement

Platinum Sponsors

Additional information and the application for membership can be found on our website at www.gtswib.com.

Silver Sponsors

All meetings take place every other Tuesday from 6:30 – 7:30 PM.

Business Speaker Series A Hermann Brown Lecture

The weekly series provides Georgia Tech students, alumni and the Atlanta business community an opportunity to network and learn from successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and notable business and non-profit leaders. FREE and open to the public ile.gatech.edu/impact



Collegiate Panhellenic Council

ss the


nal a

ls of


Margaret Buxton Executive Vice President evp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Sofia Switzer Programming VP pvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Jamie Curtis Financial VP fvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Pauline Vastakis Recruitment VP rvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Meredith Mohr Communication VP cvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Mary Grace Walsh Recruitment Programming VP rpvp.gtcpc@gmail.com

Staff Advisor Dr. Jamison Keller 404-894-2002


Table Of Contents

18 About Panhellenic Council 19 Formal Recruitment 20 Chapter Finances 21 Recruitment Schedule 22-23 Round Descriptions 24 FAQs 25 Important Guidelines for PNMs 26 Alpha Chi Omega 28 Alpha Xi Delta 26 Alpha Delta Pi 28 Kappa Alpha Theta 27 Alpha Gamma Delta 29 Phi Mu 27 Alpha Phi 29 Zeta Tau Alpha 30 Associate Chapter Recruitment Information 31 Alpha Delta Chi (Associate Member Sorority) 31 Alpha Omega Epsilon (Associate Member Sorority)


for at

Marguerite Bradley President president.gtcpc@gmail.com


Panhellenic Council About Us

Our Council Every woman who joins a Panhellenic sorority also becomes a member of the Collegiate Panhellenic Council (CPC). CPC is the governing body for the ten sororities on Georgia Tech’s campus and unites all of its members regardless of affiliation. CPC and our members work to make the Greek community a positive influence on campus and in the community. Each member sorority has a delegate on the CPC governing board, which is led by seven Executive Board members. CPC is responsible for promoting scholarship, philanthropy, personal growth, safety, and campus involvement among all sorority members. CPC women strive to live by the Panhellenic Creed and embody high ideals in all that they do.


The Panhellenic Creed We, as Undergraduate Members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities.

We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live. -From the National Panhellenic Conference


2017 Collegiate Panhellenic Council Executive Board

From Left: Marguerite Bradley (President), Margaret Buxton (Executive VP), Mary Grace Walsh (Recruitment Programming VP), Sofia Switzer (Programming VP), Meredith Mohr (Communications VP), Pauline Vastakis (Recruitment VP), Jamie Curtis (Financial VP)

Formal Recruitment

Formal Recruitment is the process by which the seven National Panhellenic Conference sororities recruit new members. Every fall, CPC organizes Formal Recruitment by overseeing the invitation and bid matching process, establishing recruitment standards, and selecting Panhellenic recruitment counselors. In the next few pages we will explain the recruitment process to you and what a fun experience it will be! CPC Formal Recruitment requires interested women to register on the CPC website. All seven National Panhellenic Conference sororities will receive each potential new member’s application. A non-refundable application fee is charged to all registrants. The registration fee is $80 until August 1st. After that, the registration fee will increase to $90. Registration will remain open until 4:00PM on Thursday, August 17th.

Expectations of Joining a Sorority Members of Panhellenic sororities must complete a number of requirements that vary between organizations in order to maintain their memberships. These requirements often include completion of a set number of philanthropy hours, weekly attendance at chapter-wide meetings, participation in formal recruitment prior to the start of the school year, on-time payment of chapter dues. Membership requirements are customized for each Chapter and exist in order to maintain Panhellenic’s history of strong and successful organizations. By joining a sorority, you will gain an incredible support system of women who share your values. You will have access to unique academic resources, professional opportunities, leadership positions, social events, and a variety of philanthropic activities. Women of CPC are dedicated to leading well-balanced lives and making a positive impact on our Georgia Tech community.



Formal Recruitment Basics

Chapter Finances Though financial commitment is necessary, joining a sorority comes with many benefits! Sorority housing generally costs less than on or off campus housing. There are many opportunities within each chapter to find ways to help with the costs of being in a sorority. CPC Chapters give out approximately $5,000 in scholarships each year. Please be sure to ask each chapter on Day 2 of recruitment about fees as well as check out their websites. All costs below are approximate. National Panhellenic Conference Chapters

Optional House Rent Chapter Dues Meal Plan Cost

Housing Corp. Fee Social Event Cost Other Dues One-Time Fees** (Only in the first semester as a New Member - unless otherwise noted)


Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Delta Pi





$290 $645

$335 $375

In Chapter In Chapter Dues Dues



Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Phi




(Included if living in the house)




In House Corp. Fee

Alpha Xi Kappa Alpha Delta Theta






$10-25 In Chapter Dues


Phi Mu

Zeta Tau Alpha









$250 (Per Semester in 1st Year Only)




Associate Chapters

In Chapter Dues

$177 (Every Fall semester of membership)



$91.12 - Fall $101.12 Spring



Alpha Alpha Omega Delta Chi Epsilon
















In Chapter In Chapter Dues Dues


In Chapter Dues






1st Semester as New Member TOTAL (Excluding House Rent)




$ 2,989.73

$1,560 1,570


$1,826.62 $1,703 1,852.62



2nd & Subsequent Semester TOTAL (Excluding House Rent)



$1,564 1,579

$ 2,244.73

$1,355 1,365


$1,421.12 $1,428 1,446.12



^both semesters are assuming you sign up for their meal plan, but not rent as this is the more common outcome *KAT will host a weekly chapter dinner **One-Time Fees are based off of minimal badge price; there is typically a range based off the badge you select for initiation


Schedule Recruitment Counselors/CPC Executve Officers will be assisting with Move-In the morning of 8/17!

Thursday, August 17: Recruitment Kick-off at the Ferst Center for the Arts

7:00PM - 8:00PM 8:00PM - 9:15PM 9:15PM - 10:30PM

Check-in at the Ferst Center Orientation and Recruitment Counselor Presentation Meeting with your Recruitment Counselor Group

Friday, August 18: Day One, Scholarship/Involvement Day

8AM - 6:30PM You will initially meet at a central location, TBA. Party rounds are 25 minutes each. You will visit all eight NPC sororities. Lunch will be provided.

Saturday, August 19: Day Two, Philanthropy /Finances Day

8:45AM - 7:00PM You will initially meet at a central location, TBA. Party rounds are 35 minutes each. You will visit up to six sororities. Lunch will be provided.

Sunday, August 20: Day Three, Sisterhood Day

7:00AM - 4:00PM You will initially meet at a central location, TBA. Party rounds are 40 minutes each. You will visit up to four sororities. Lunch will be provided.

Monday, August 21: Day Four, Preferential Night

5:30PM - 11:45PM You will initially meet at a central location, TBA. Party rounds are 55 minutes each. You will visit up to two sororities and sign your preference card and MRABA at the end of the night.

Tuesday, August 22: BID DAY!

3:30PM - 5:30PM Potential New Members pick up their bids at the Student Center Ballroom to be opened with a Recruitment Counselor. Recruitment Counselor Reveal and Chapter celebrations to follow!




Formal Recruitment Outfits/What to Expect Basics

Day One Scholarship Day

What to expect... During this day you will visit each of the eight chapters for 25 minutes. Conversations will be short and light-hearted. Make sure you tell the sisters about yourself, and feel free to ask questions about the sorority and Greek life in general. Maintain a positive outlook throughout all the parties, and do not set your mind on one chapter before Recruitment or during Round One. Keeping an open mind is the best way to ensure that you go to the house where you are happiest!

What to wear... Day one dress is casual and comfortable. We will provide everyone with a recruitment t-shirt to wear that will be handed out at the kick-off ceremony on August 17th. Shorts should be worn with the t-shirt. You will be walking to many houses, so comfortable shoes such as sandals are a must. Questions to ask yourself ... Would I like to get to know these women better? Did I feel welcome when I walked through the door? Were the members pleasant and friendly?


Day Two

Philanthropy Day

What to expect... During this day you will visit up to six chapters. The second day of events is philanthropy day. Each party lasts 35 minutes. The chapters will introduce you to their philanthropy and all of the different things they do both on campus and nationally to further their causes. The atmosphere will be very relaxed; ask questions you might have about the philanthropy within the sorority as well as on campus. Today, you and the sisters should be able to know each other better. You may get a tour of the house on this day and financial information will be presented.

What to wear... Skirts, nice shorts, or summer sundresses are recommended. You will be moving through the houses so be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. Comfortable sandals are appropriate footwear for Day Two as well. Questions to ask yourself... Do I feel comfortable with these women? Are they genuine? What can I gain from membership in this group and what can I contribute? Can I afford the financial commitment to this sorority?


Day Three

Day Four

Sisterhood Day

Preferential Round

What to expect... During this day you will visit up to four chapters. The events are longer and more personal. You will watch a video, which is meant to tell you more about the chapter, and you may talk with people you have previously met. The atmosphere is much more personal; ask any questions you might still have about the sorority and its members. Trust your feelings and begin thinking about which chapter you feel you would fit in best. Consider where you feel most comfortable, and do not rely on the opinions of others. What to wear... Outfits on Day Three are a little nicer than before. Skirts, dresses, or pant outfits that you might wear to a banquet or religious service are recommended. Sandals, flats or comfortable wedges are appropriate footwear. You will be doing some walking this day, so be sure to be comfortable. Questions to ask yourself... Am I still comfortable with the sisters I have met? Can I call these women my sisters? Do they stress the values that are important to me?

What to expect... This round is called Preferential (Pref) because you will be attending up to two chapters and making the final decision about which sorority you would prefer. Each sorority has a different ritual or ceremony they will present, and the sisters will be telling you what their sorority means to them. Reflect back over the last few days, and ask any questions you may have. It may be difficult to choose between chapters, but remember what is most important to you and the values each chapter demonstrated. Consider all of your options and go where YOU will be most happy.

What to wear... A nice dress that you would wear to a wedding or a similar special event would be appropriate. Semi-formal or formal (prom type) dresses are too dressy. You will only be visiting 1-2 houses, so you may wear comfortable heels if you want. Questions to ask yourself... What do I want in a sorority and are these qualities and values present in this chapter? Do I want these women to be my sisters?




Frequently Asked Questions If I go through Recruitment, am I obligated to join?

No, many women choose to go through Recruitment to meet people and make new friends. Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit the sororities, get a glimpse of Greek life, and assess whether or not you would like to join the Greek community. You may choose to stop the process at any point.

What should I talk about during Recruitment events?

It is important to be yourself during Recruitment and let the conversation flow naturally. The sororities are presenting themselves to you just as you are presenting yourself to them. Ask questions so you can make comparisons and decisions.

During day 1 you will mostly talk about yourself— what you were involved in during high school and your intended major. During day 2, the sisters will be telling you about each chapter’s involvement in service and other events. Remember to keep asking questions during this round since you will have to be narrowing down your choices in the next round.

During Days 3 & 4, conversations will become more serious. It is in these rounds that you want to make sure the sorority women get to know you more. Remember to keep in mind what values are important to you as you are making your selections.

What should I expect my Recruitment days to be like?


Recruitment can be tiring both physically and emotionally. However, you decide how positive a recruitment experience you will have. Keeping a good attitude and an open mind are vital. Focus on

sororities that are inviting you back rather than on any disappointments.

What if I’m shy?

Just be yourself! Every sorority wants members with a variety of personalities. Each member of a sorority contributes her own individual talents to the chapter. Keep in mind that it is up to you to present yourself to each sorority. Smile and feel free to talk. Sororities want to impress you as much as you want to impress them.

What if I have trouble choosing sororities?

Difficult decisions are common, but you should not look at this as a problem. Most women would be happy at more than one chapter on campus. Think about what each sorority has to offer you. A sorority should feel like a second home, a place where you feel totally comfortable and welcome. Your experiences at each event and your values should guide you to the groups that are right for you.

What is a bid?

A bid is an invitation to join a sorority. Bids are given out on the final day of Recruitment: Bid Day! You can only receive one bid and must choose to accept or deny that sorority’s invitation.

What if I turn down a bid I receive?

If you turn down your bid, you will not be able to participate in Recruitment for one calendar year, and you will not be able to participate in Continuous Open Bidding. Think before deciding! Give yourself and the sorority a chance before rejecting a bid.


Important guidelines for PNMs

1. A PNM (Potential New Member) must be enrolled as a full-time student at Georgia Tech in good standing. 2. All PNMs must have registered and paid their Recruitment fees by 4:00pm on Thursday, August 17, 2017.

3. Each chapter has minimum GPA requirements for women with already established college GPA’s: it is important to maintain your grades if you are participating in summer semester. 4. No women participating in FASET should reveal their affiliation to you during a FASET session. It is equally important for you as a PNM not to try to figure out your FASET Leader’s affiliation during the session.

5. Sorority women you did not know at the beginning of the summer should not attempt to contact you at any point during the summer or Formal Recruitment. 6. You should not attempt to contact any sorority women you did not know prior to the summer. 7. PNMs and sorority women cannot be friends on Facebook until after Formal Recruitment is over.

Important Links Facebook: Georgia Tech Collegiaten Panhellenic Council Instagram/Twitter: @GTCPC Georgia Tech CPC Website: gatechcpc.com Georgia Tech Greek Life: greek.gatech.edu

National Panhellenic Conference: www.npcwomen.org

Register for Recruitment:


8. No PNMs should visit sorority property except during scheduled Recruitment functions.





Alpha Chi Omega (Alpha Chi, A. Chi O.) gt-axo.com, 741 Brittain Dr. President: Olivia Pool gtaxopresident@gmail.com Instagram: @gt_axo gt-axo.tumblr.com facebook.com/gtaxo Motto: Together Let Us Seek The Heights Tech Chapter: Epsilon Phi, est. 1975 Philanthropic Efforts: Our annual events, AΧΩ’s Best Kisser Competition and Let’s Taco ‘Bout It, raised over $10,000 for Domestic Violence Awareness and our local women’s shelter, Partnership Against Domestic Violence.

Accomplishments and Awards: AΧΩ’s are involved in over 120 campus organizations and serve on the leadership boards of over 40. We had a sister win the Scheller Professional Excellence Award while another participated in research that first detected Einstein’s gravitational waves. About our Sisterhood: AΧΩ’s are Real. Strong. Women. We pride ourselves on being well-rounded, passionate, and talented women, who together form an unbreakable sisterhood. While each sister is unique, uniting us is a bond characterized by passion for leadership, philanthropy, and dedication to one another.


Alpha Delta Pi (A. D. Pi) gtadpi.org, 729 Brittain Dr. President: Eden Fletcher president@gtadpi.org Instagram: @gtadpi gtadpi.tumblr.com facebook.com/Georgia Tech Alpha Delta Pi Motto: We Live for Each Other Tech Chapter: Zeta Omicron, est. 1967 Philanthropic Efforts: 3rd Annual Run for Ronald 5k in 2015 raised over $14,000; totaling $42,000 since 2015. Sisters also collectively serve over 500 Ronald McDonald House service hours each year.

Accomplishments and Awards: We have been CPC’s highest GPA on campus since 2009. In 2015, we received the Golden Lion; the highest international award given to an ADPi chapter. About our Sisterhood: ADPi provides a network of support, friendship, and a strong foundation to leverage success in and after college. Sisters maintain a very well-balanced life as students at GeorgiaTech. While we are all involved in many different activities, this never takes away from our bonds of sisterhood. We are always re-connecting to study together, grab coffee, work-out together, or adventure off campus. We stick together through the ups and downs of navigating Georgia Tech, forever upholding our motto “We live for the each other.”


Alpha Gamma Delta (Alpha Gam)

georgiatech.alphagammadelta.org, 177 5th St. NW President: Margaret Dickey president.gtagd@gmail.com Instagram: @gtalphagammadelta alphagammadeltagt.tumblr.com facebook.com/gtalphagam Motto: Inspire the Woman, Impact the World Tech Chapter: Gamma Phi, est. 1972 Philanthropic Efforts: We impact the world by supporting our philanthropic mission of fighting hunger. Through fun fundraising events, we provided 450 meals to Meals on Wheels and over 1000 pounds of food to the Atlanta Mission this spring. We have logged over 3000 volunteer hours.

AΦ gtalphaphi.com, 705 Brittain Dr. (as of Fall ‘17!) President: Morgan Labrie jmmagil@gatech.edu Instgram: @gtalphaphi gtaphi.tumblr.com facebook.com/GTAlphaPhi Motto: Union Hand in Hand Tech Chapter: Iota Nu, Founded in 2008 Philanthropic Efforts: In 2016, our chapter raised over $32,000 at our annual Red Dress Gala. We also raised over $12,000 at King of Hearts, our annual male beauty pageant. All of our philanthropic efforts support The Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports improving women’s heart health.

Accomplishments and Awards: This year, Alpha Gam’s have been awarded Ms. Georgia Tech, Greek Goddess, Fulbright Scholarships, and Whitaker Fellowships. Our chapter has received an Excellent Membership Experience Award and is a National Jewel Chapter. About our Sisterhood: We share an indescribably supportive and enthusiastic bond. We cherish friendships through sister-dates and chapter events. Sisters love creating costumes for socials, studying together both in Atlanta and abroad, and making memories to last a lifetime. We strive to make a lasting impact on our campus, community, and each other. We aim to Live with Purpose every day.

Alpha Phi Accomplishments and Awards: In 2015, our chapter was one of the top 5 donating chapters in the Southeast Region. In Spring 2017, we won Greek Week for Sororities. About our Sisterhood: From bid day to graduation, every Alpha Phi experiences tradition, inspiration and a sisterhood that will last beyond her years at Tech. Alpha Phi’s enjoy an exciting social calendar including Ivy Ball, date nights, sisterhood events, and mixers! Sisters strive for academic success and celebrate each other’s achievements. Between classes, clubs, and activities it’s the moments of love and sisterhood that define Alpha Phi.


Alpha Xi Delta (A. Xi D.) gatech.alphaxidelta.org, 847 Techwood Drive NW President: Daylee Helton dayleehelton20@gmail.com Instagram: @alphaxideltagatech Twitter: @axid_gatech axidgt.tumblr.com facebook.com/alphaxideltagatech Motto: Realize Your Potential Tech Chapter: Gamma Eta, est. 1954 Philanthropic Efforts: Through our national partnership with Autism Speaks, ΑΞΔ works to impact the lives of those with autism. Our signature Step It Up 5K raises over $26,000, and we engage the GT campus to celebrate World Autism Awareness Month.


Accomplishments and Awards: Our nationally recognized chapter has a legacy of excellence at Georgia Tech. Our sisters are active in over 180 campus organizations, student government, as well as a finalist for Miss GT. About our Sisterhood: Our chapter is a home away from home where you develop lifelong friendships and create lasting memories. From socials to studying, Greek Week to graduation, our sisters support each other. As Tech’s first sorority, our sisters have always been bold leaders who blaze trails in college and beyond. We are proud to be “First at Tech - First in Sisterhood.”


Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta) GeorgiaTech.kappaalphatheta.org CEO (President): Hannah Orr gtthetaceo@gmail.com Instagram: @gttheta facebook.com/GeorgiaTechKappaAlphaTheta Motto: Leading Women Tech Chapter: Theta Nu, est. 2016 Philanthropic Efforts: For over 25 years, Theta has supported Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), which represents children in the court system. We have contributed to our local CASA chapter by hosting our ‘Capture the Kite’ tournament.


Accomplishments and Awards: Kappa Alpha Theta was established on Georgia Tech’s campus in November 2016. Members have had the opportunity to build the chapter from the ground up, creating our own sisterhood and traditions. About our Sisterhood: Kappa Alpha Theta is comprised of members that are Leading Women on campus and in the community. Theta women are focused on the capacity to lead, intellectual curiosity, and the widest influence for good all while building friendships, strengthening sisterhood and making memories that will last long after we graduate from Tech.

ΦΜ gatech.phimu.org, 240 Ferst Drive President: Morgan Stephens gtphimu.president@gmail.com Instagram: @gtphimu gtphimu.tumblr.com facebook.com/GTPhiMu Motto: Love, Honor, Truth Tech Chapter: Theta Zeta, est. 1989 Philanthropic Efforts: We support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and last year we raised over $67,000. While our fundraising is a fiscal representation of our dedication to CMN, the most rewarding experiences are those spent in the hospital, where we can see how our support impacts patients.

ZTA gatech.zetataualpha.org, 189 5th Street NW President: Leah Ward presidentgtzta@gmail.com Instagram: @gtzta Twitter: @ZTA_GeorgiaTech ztageorgiatech.tumblr.com facebook.com/ZTAGeorgiaTech Motto: Seek the Noblest Tech Chapter: Iota Theta, est. 1984 Philanthropic Efforts: ZTA’s national philanthropy is Think Pink, which supports breast cancer education and awareness. Our chapter hosts an event to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the fall and Think Pink week in the spring, both of which greatly contributed in Iota Theta raising over $20,000 this year.

Phi Mu Accomplishments and Awards: This past year we were proud to receive the Phi Mu National Chapter Programming Award and the Panhellenic Spirit Award from CPC. About our Sisterhood: Phi Mu’s sisterhood is built upon three ideals: Love, Honor, and Truth. We value one another while remaining true to ourselves. Being a Phi Mu means continually growing as an individual with love, support, and encouragement from your sisters. At Georgia Tech, Phi Mu is a home away from home.

Zeta Tau Alpha (Zeta) Accomplishments and Awards: We were recently awarded Most Outstanding Philanthropy and Community Service for 2016 and Greek Academic Excellence by Georgia Tech’s CPC. About our Sisterhood: At Zeta Tau Alpha, we realize that love is truly the greatest of all things. During our sisterhood weeks and every day in between, we focus on making memories, strengthening friendships, and supporting each other as leaders and scholars.

Associate Chapter Recruitment CPC has two associate member chapters, Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Omega Epsilon. Associate member are not National Panhellenic Conference groups, but they are a part of Georgia Tech CPC. Associate chapter members enjoy similar events, programming, and socials as NPC sororities and participate in many CPC and Greek activities on campus. Alpha Delta Chi is a national Christian sorority, and Alpha Omega Epsilon is a national social engineering and technical sciences sorority. While they do not fully participate in Formal Recruitment, both will be present on Day One and Day Three if you would like to learn more and meet their sisters. Alpha Delta Chi and Alpha Omega Epsilon will then conduct their own, separate Informal Recruitments during the second week of school. Want to learn more? Attend the Associate Member Recruitment Kick-off Event! Sunday, August 28th at 7:00 pm Location: Student Center Theater (tentative) Information, Snacks, and Fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Informal Recruitment different than Formal Recruitment? It is a less-structured process that involves events and socials where you will be able to meet the members of the Associate Chapters. Examples of events include info sessions, game nights, professional nights, and ice cream socials. Just like formal recruitment, the process is about a week long and ends with a bid day, but the process itself is much more informal . 2. Who can participate in Informal Recruitment? Alpha Omega Epsilon accepts women who are engineering majors, as well as computational media, computer science, biochemistry, and chemistry majors. Alpha Delta Chi accepts Christian women of any major.


3. Do I have to sign up for Informal Recruitment? Nope! We do encourage anyone who is interested in the Associate Chapters’ Informal Recruitment Processes to attend the Associate Chapter Recruitment Kick-Off on Sunday, August 28th at 7:00pm.

4. What if I have a conflict and can’t make it to every Informal Recruitment event? Don’t worry, you can still participate! If you have a conflict, we encourage you to contact the Associate Chapters’ recruitment chair (contact information can be found on each of their chapters’ websites). 5. When is Associate Chapter Recruitment? Recruitment for both Associate Member Chapters will be held during the second week of school in the fall. Be sure to check the chapters’ Georgia Tech websites for exact dates, times and locations.

AΔΧ Alpha Delta Chi (A. D. Chi) gtadx.org, 162 4th St. NW President: Kaitlyn Shunault adx.president@gmail.com Instagram: @alphadeltachi_sigma/ Twitter: @adchi_gt facebook.com/gtadchi/ Motto: As in a Mirror Tech Chapter: Sigma, ext. 2003 Philanthropic Efforts: Alpha Delta Chi encourages active community service, particularly with our chapter’s philanthropy: Atlanta Missions, which provides food and shelter to the homeless.

Accomplishments and Awards: We obtained the highest GPA both within CPC and all of the Alpha Delta Chi nationally last fall. About our Sisterhood: ADChi is a sisterhood of Christian women who seek to build a community on campus that mirrors Christ’s love. Our organization is built upon three main pillars: spiritual, scholastic, and social. We support the spiritual growth and fellowship of our members through sister-led Bible studies, weekly devotions, and accountability. We promote scholastic excellence among sisters and aim to connect with students in all walks of life through an active social calendar. Members take part in various events such as mixers, date nights, formals. We hope to see you in the fall!

AΩE Alpha Omega Epsilon (A. O. E.) gtaoe.org President: Kripa Varghese president.gtaoe@gmail.com instragram.com/gtaoe facebook.com/aoesigma Motto: Friendship, Leadership, Professionalism Tech Chapter: Sigma, est. 2006 Philanthropic Efforts: Our National Philanthropy is Dress for Success, an organization whose goal is to empower women through providing them with a support network and professional attire as they enter the work force.

Accomplishments and Awards: Current sisters are honored to be part of the President’s Scholarship Program, Georgia Tech Honors Program, Opportunity Research Scholars and other programs. About our Sisterhood: Friendship lies at the heart of every activity that Alpha Omega Epsilon members participate in. We aspire to be leaders in our fields and provide additional leadership opportunities for our members. Professionalism is also an integral part of our organization; we are dedicated to providing our members with opportunities for professional growth by hosting resume workshops, etiquette dinners, and corporate talks.

National Pan-Hellenic Council

35 34 34 35 35


President Frank Johnson 404-824-6093 nphcgt.president@gmail.com

About NPHC Alpha Phi Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Iota Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Psi

Staff Advisor Dr. Jamison Keller (404) 894-2002 jamison.keller@studentlife.gatech.edu

36 36 37 37

Omega Psi Phi Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Beta Rho Zeta Phi Beta




The Georgia Tech National Pan-Hellenic Council, Incorporated (NPHC), is currently composed of seven international Greek letter sororities and fraternities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. NPHC promotes interaction through forums, meetings, and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various activities and functions.

The Georgia Tech NPHC sponsors activities and events that promote educational enrichment and positive social interaction for community members. Annually, the council hosts the Homecoming Step Show, and is integral in planning Greek Week events.

NPHC Mission

The stated purpose and mission of the organization is: “Unanimity of though and action as far as possible in the conduct of Greek letter collegiate fraternities and sororities, and to consider problems of mutual interest to its member organizations.�

In addition to council events, each fraternity and sorority hosts an annual week that showcases and highlights the mission and values of the organization. Community service is central to the activities during each week, and allows members to engage the campus and Atlanta communities. Educational programs provide an opportunity to enhance the college experience through a variety of topics such as: alumni networking, career preparation, and life-skills development.


NPHC Convocation takes place in the second week of the fall semester following the start of classes. Stay tuned to social media and our website for more!





Alpha Phi Alpha (Alphas) aphia.gtorg.gatech.edu Contact: DJ Lewis dlewis70@gatech.edu Motto: First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All Tech Chapter: Nu Mu, est. 1977 History Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was founded on December 4th, 1906 on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. It is the oldest collegiate Black Greek letter organization.

About our Brotherhood Founded by the seven Jewels, the organization has sought develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, and serve as an advocate for our community. Through national programs such as A Voteless People is a Hopeless People, Brother’s Keeper, Go to High School Go to College, and Project Alpha, the fraternity has left an indelible mark on the community. At Tech, the Nu Mu chapter has since strived to empower the community through a variety of initiatives like “Wreck the Vote Week” registration drive. This, combined with a number of other social, political, and academic activities, allows Nu Mu to impact all areas of campus life. In addition, brothers of the chapter remain heavily active in campus affairs, ensuring the continual wellbeing of the entire community.


Delta Sigma Theta (Deltas) dst.gtorg.gatech.edu Contact: Jenell Clark (advisor) jenell.clark05@gmail.com Motto: Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom Tech Chapter: Xi Alpha, est. 1978 History On January 13, 1913 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was founded by twenty-two women at Howard University in Washington, D.C.


About our Sisterhood On March 4, 1978, the Xi Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. was charted as the first predominately-black sorority at Tech consisting of nine founding members. We host a variety of programs to enrich the university and participate in community service projects uplifting the surrounding community. Previous programs have included DSTea, Dine & Grind, and So You Think You Can Step. The Xi Alpha Chapter has a 2013 National Minerva Award for Excellence, is the 2013-2104 Southern Region Collegiate Chapter of the Tear and a 2014 Best Philanthropy Award. Above all, public service is their mission an that are strengthened by Christian principles as a sisterhood.


Iota Phi Theta (Iotas)

Motto: Building a Tradition, Not Resting Upon One History Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. was founded by 12 men on September 19, 1963 at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. The Iota founders were distinguished from their peers as they were all nontraditional students. Three to five years older than their peers, many had served in the military, worked full-time while attending classes full-time, and had families with small children.

About our Brotherhood We will be joining the NPHC community this fall!


Kappa Alpha Psi (Kappas)

ldnupes.org Contact: Jermaine Medley jermaine.medley@gatech.edu Motto: Training for Leadership Tech Chapter: Lambda Delta, est. 1981 History Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded January 5, 1911 at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. The fraternity’s purpose, “Achievement in every field of human endeavor,” continues today.

About our Brotherhood The fraternity has over 150,000 members with 700 undergraduate and alumni chapters in each state. Kappa Alpha Psi sponsors programs providing community service, social welfare and academic scholarship. The Lambda Delta Chapter was found February 6, 1982 by six great men. Lambda Delta’s presence has dynamically influenced Tech and the community for 30 years. The brothers of Lambda Delta continue to fulfill their obligation to the community through such events as assisting the sickle assisting the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, American Cancer Society, African American Student Union (three presidents), National Society of Black Engineers (National president, and chapter president), Team Buzz, and many other leadership endeavors.



Omega Psi Phi (Omegas, Ques) mindspring.com/~omegapsiphi/index.html Contact: Brandon Brown deltakappaques@gmail.com Motto: Friendship is Essential to the Soul Tech Chapter: Delta Kappa, est. 1976 History On Friday evening, November 17, 1911, three Howard University undergraduate students, with the assistance of their faculty adviser, gave birth to the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

About our Brotherhood The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. founding occurred in the office of biology Professor Ernest E. Just, the faculty adviser, in the Science Hall (now known as Thirkield Hall). The three liberal arts students were Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper and Frank Coleman. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Delta Kappa Chapter was chartered on Georgia Tech’s campus on November 20, 1976, making it the first Black Greek Organization chartered at Georgia Tech. The man who played a key role in getting Delta Kappa chartered was Brother James Mack, a graduate of Morgan State University and the Dean of Pledges for the first two lines here at Georgia Tech.

Phi Beta Sigma (Sigmas) phibetasigma1914.org Contact: Nelson Raphael nraphael7@gatech.edu Motto: Culture for Service and Service for Humanity Tech Chapter: Nu Beta, est. 1981 History The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was founded on January 9th, 1914, on the campus of Howard University, Washington D.C., by three young African-American male students.



About our Brotherhood The Naughty Nu Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was chartered at Tech on May 11, 1981, by 10 men looking to bring the “Culture for Service” to campus. The chapter was revived in the Spring of 2008 when four young men captivated by the legacy of Sigma restored it to the colony status. After thorough recruiting and much work, Nu Beta was completely restored to the status of a fully chartered collegiate chapter in the Fall of 2011. Since then, Nu Beta added more brothers to the chapter in the Spring of 2014, Fall of 2015, and Spring of 2016. The Nu Beta brothers hold themselves to a high standard of excellence and scholarship, consistently maintaining one of the highest GPAs in NPHC and being active in the community.


Sigma Gamma Rho (S-G-Rho)

sgrho.gtorg.gatech.edu Contact: Precious Gibson pgibson7@gatech.edu Mott: Greater Service, Greater Progress Tech Chapter: Sigma Upsilon, est. 2003 History Sigma Gamma Rho Sororitity, Inc. was founded in 1922 at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Spectacular Sigma Upsilon chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was founded at Tech on April 19th, 2003.

ZΦB zphib.gtorg.gatech.edu Contact: Ruby Gleber rubygleber@gmail.com Motto: A Community Conscious, ActionOriented Organization Tech Chapter: Gamma Rho, est. 2000 History Founded January 16, 1920, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. began as an idea conceived by five coeds at Howard University in Washington D.C.

About our Sisterhood Throughout “A Decade of Progress,” our members have continued to grow and maintain a presence on campus. Today, we strive to uphold the virtues of this esteemed sorority. In effort to be a leading service organization, members actively support and participate in national programs, such as Operation BigBookBag, Wee Savers, and Sigma Youth Symposium. Members of the Sigma Upsilon Chapter also participate in campus organizations such as The National Society of Black Engineers, African American Student Union, and Minority Recruitment Team. Sigma Upsilon continues to grow through Sisterhood, Scholarship, and Service.

Zeta Phi Beta (Zetas) About our Sisterhood Our five founders dared to depart from the traditional coalitions for black women and sought to establish a new organization predicated on the precepts of Scholarship, Service, Sisterly Love and Finer Womanhood. The GLAMOROUS Gamma Rho Chapter was founded at Tech by eight GLAMOROUS women. We are an organization of MANY firsts and our chapter at Georgia Tech has been as well. Our national programs include Z-Hope, Stork’s Nest, and the Elder Care Initiative. Our annual events include Candiez and Condomz - a comical and fun evening that promotes sexual awareness and safe sex education - and our Finer Fitness Campaign that rallies youth to commit to a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Multicultural Greek Council President Sean Ramjit 321-297-3931 mgc.gt.president@gmail.com

40 40 41 41


VP Recruitment Divya Chidambaram 678-451-7051 mgc.gt.recruitment@gmail.com

Staff Advisor Amanda Fishman 404-385-7262 amandaf@gatech.edu

Unity in Diversity

Delta Phi Lambda Sigma Beta Rho Sigma Sigma Rho Xi Kappa

42 Fall 2017 Additions 42 Lamba Theta Alpha 43 Lambda Theta Phi 43 Lamba Upsilon Lambda


2017 Multicultural Greek Council Executive Board

From L to R: Ethan Dcunha (VP Programming), Khusbu Patel (VP Finance), Grace Pak (VP Communications), Sean Ramjit (President), Divya Chidambaram (VP Recruitment), Peter John (VP External), Sai Gundlapalli (Executive VP)

Our Council

Our Diversity

Since its inception, MGC has served as an umbrella for culturally based Greek organizations on campus. Established in 2006, our council is the youngest of the four Greek Councils and is currently comprised of six unique organizations, which the council supports as they preserve the cultural diversity of the community. Our council not only helps its constituent members express their own diversity, but also acts as a venue for further understanding and appreciation of the culture of all individuals.

The purpose of the MGC and each member organization is to educate the community about diversity and various cultures represented in today’s community. Our council motto is “Unity in Diversity,” because though our council consists of a spectrum of organizations, we pride ourselves on our ability to respect each individual and see one another as members of a large family.


While these organizations are oriented towards a certain culture, each is open to membership from any race or ethnicity. The recruitment process for each organization is conducted individually by each of the fraternities and sororities, and the specific dates of the process are determined and announced by the individual chapters prior to the start of the school year. Contact information and websites of each organization are shown in the following chapter pages. If you have any questions about our recruitment process or the Greek Community in general, please feel free to contact the members of the executive board of the council or contact on the chapter pages.

Important Dates

Thursday, August 17 9:00AM - 3:00PM Move-In Help from Greeks Monday, August 22 - Friday, August 26 11:00AM - 1:00PM Tabling on Skiles Walkway Thursday, August 25 5:00PM MGC BBQ at Curran Parking Deck Saturday, August 27 11:00AM MGC Field Day at Student Center





Delta Phi Lambda (DPhiL, DFL) www.gtdphil.org Contact: Amy Li recruitment@gtdphil.org 804-502-3851 Motto: “Let Our Light Shine Forth” Tech Chapter: Zeta, est. 2007 Accomplishments and Awards • MGC Chapter of the Year (2017) • MGC Best Overall Programming (2016) • MGC Overall Excellence (2013) • AASA Most Collaborative (2012)

About our Sisterhood As the first recognized Asian-interest sorority at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Zeta Chapter of Delta Phi Lambda is dedicated to our mission of advocating Asian awareness through fostering Everlasting Sisterhood, contributing to the community, and developing dedicated female leaders. We strive to represent our virtues of loyalty, honesty, respect, dedication, discipline, and academic excellence while cultivating an environment of sisterhood and support.


Sigma Beta Rho (Sig Rho) http://www.gtsigrho.org/ Contact: Vandit Ladha eboard@gtsigrho.org 404-713-0939 Motto: “Brotherhood Beyond All Barriers” Tech Chapter: Sigma, est. April 2005 Accomplishments and Awards • Sigma Award for Service • Chapter of the Year Award (2015) • Program of the Year (2017)


About our Brotherhood Sigma Beta Rho is a national multicultural fraternity founded on the principles of giving back to society, forming a brotherhood beyond race, religion, or ethnicity, and remembering all the unique cultural heritages we hail from. We believe our pillars of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance is why Sigma Beta Rho is the fastest growing multicultural fraternity in the nation. SigRho at Georgia Tech is always seeking to provide its brothers with all the resources to pursue their passions-whether it is meeting new people, volunteering, growing professionally/academically, or forming a strong brotherhood.

ΣΣΡ Sigma Sigma Rho (Sig Sig) http://gtsigsigrho.com/ Contact: Ashika Ganesh recursion@sigmasigmarho.com 732-890-9065 Motto: Mann, Atman, Dharam, together they are one, we will not fall, forever we are one…Qayamat Tak! Tech Chapter: Nu, est.2005 Accomplishments and Awards • MGC Greek Chapter Of The Year (2015 & 2016)

About our Sisterhood Sigma Sigma Rho was established in 1998 by ten young women seeking for an existence of a group that defined unity amongst South Asian women. The name Sigma Sigma Rho was chosen for this organization because it upholds our motives and goals, which are expressed as Sisterhood, Society, and Remembrance. Through these ideals our sorority hopes to serve both the South Asian community and the greater community, strengthen our sisterhood, and break down ethnic and cultural barriers. We develop women of strength and leadership through participation in our communities. We build the traits of conduct, thought, and idealism which characterize the responsible members of our organization.

ΞΚ Xi Kappa (XK) xkgt.com Contact: Alex Trinh atrinh365@gmail.com Motto: “Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Philanthropy” Tech Chapter: Beta, est. 2002 Accomplishments and Awards • Hosted Mental Health Summit (2015) • Significant volunteer work for Advancing Justice

About our Brotherhood Founded in 1998, Xi Kappa was established as the first Asian-interest fraternity in the Southeast United States. Xi Kappa has grown to represent three collegiate schools in Georgia and one in Boston and is still growing. With chapters at four institutions, Xi Kappa has become an example of how Asian Americans of different ethnicities and backgrounds can unite under the banner of brotherhood and become a positive force in today’s society. Georgia Tech XK was founded in 2002 and has been giving back to the Georgia Tech community ever since. We strive to give create brothers of excellence that are active in both the community and academia.

The following chapters listed are those that are returning to campus or joining our Multicultural Greek community for the first time. The Office of Greek Affairs and MGC could not be more excited for these additions!


Lambda Theta Alpha (L. T. A.) http://lambdalady.org Contact: : recruitment@lambdalady.org

Motto: Principles are unity, love and respect Tech Chapter: Gamma Omega - Originally Founded Spring 2005 National Philanthropy: St. Jude’s Research Hospital

About our Sisterhood

Since our founding in 1975, Lambda Theta Alpha has evolved and continues to be a leader among the fraternal community while remaining true to our Founders’ purpose and mission – to establish a sisterhood based on unity, love and respect, and to serve as a support group catering to the needs of and empowering Latinas in higher education, by the promotion of scholarly excellence, empowerment of the universal woman, political & cultural awareness and community activism. LTA has a motto, “Latin by tradition, not by definition.” As a non-exclusionary sorority open to all ethnicities and backgrounds, the women who join LTA today still feel the need to promote those same values on their campus.

ΛQF Lambda Theta Phi thelambdas.org Contact: Kevin Webb GeorgiaTechLambdas@gmail.com Motto: Chivalry Above Self


About our Brotherhood Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. is the first nationally recognized Latino fraternity in the country.Our goals are to promote scholarship, Latin unity, respect for all cultures and brotherhood. We hope to enhance the image of Latin culture and be positive role models in the Latino community. Although Lambda Theta Phi is Latino by tradition, membership is open to all college males who want to develop their leadership skills while having a strong brotherhood.




Lambda Upsilon Lambda (L.U.L.)

http://lul.gatech.edu/ Contact: Federico Morales federico.m.barrera1@gmail.com 561-267-3261 Motto: Para Siempre

Want to learn how to sail? Love being on the water? Join the

GTSailing Club For more information, visit www.gtsailing.org

About our Brotherhood Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Fraternity, Inc. aims to embody the true values of our national organization while engaging the Georgia Tech and surrounding Atlanta community with a variety of events centered on meeting the needs of the Latino and minority community through academic achievement, cultural awareness, community service and promotion of the Latino culture and people.

Interfraternity Council About Us President Rohan Iyer 678-907-1851 rohan.r.iyer@gmail.com

VP of Recruitment Asahi Murata 404-374-1391 amurata3@gatech.edu

Staff Advisor Amanda Fishman 404-385-7262 amandaf@gatech.edu

Table of Contents 45 About the Interfraternity Council 46 Fraternities Today

47 Finances and Rush Schedule 48 Joining a Fraternity 50 FAQ’s

52 Greek Sector Map

Fraternity Information 53 53 54 54 55 55 56 56 57 57 58 44

Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Delta Chi Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha

58 59 59 60 60 61 61 62 62 63 63

Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Theta Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Psi Upsilon

64 64 65 65 66 66 67 67 68 68

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Xi Triangle Zeta Beta Tau Phi Kappa Tau

Phi Kappa Tau will be returning this fall to our IFC community; more information about their recruitment will be given at Rush Kickoff.


2017 IFC Executive Board

Front Row, L-R: Asahi Murata (Recruitment VP), Graham Ely (Rush Chairman), Rohan Iyer (President), Brian Bradley (Finance VP), Jason Hunyar (Communication VP) Back Row, L-R: Matt Prince (Executive VP), Jack Corelli (Programming VP), Marco Ricci (Administrative VP)

What is IFC?

What is Rush?

IFC stands for Interfraternity Council, and as an organization it serves as an advocate and governing board for its 32 chapters at Georgia Tech. You can learn more about the details of this on our website at fraternity.gatech.edu.

Rush is a week-long opportunity to learn about the Georgia Tech community and meet many of your fellow Ramblin Wrecks. You might already know you want to join a fraternity. You might have never even considered joining a fraternity at any point in your life. That’s OK.

The members of these 32 fraternities make up the membership of IFC, and they represent the largest population of students within the Georgia Tech Greek community by a substantial margin. These men are come from all across the country and some from across the globe to study all of the various academic programs GT has to offer.

Of course, with 32 chapters, there is a lot of variety in our Greek community at Georgia Tech, and when you find a fraternity that you like, and that fraternity likes you, a fraternity might give you n invitation to join their brotherhood.

If you have visited Georgia Tech, you have most likely seen the houses around East Campus that are adorned with Greek letters. We also have three IFC fraternities that do not have a physical on-campus residence. The other eight Greek letter houses on campus are CPC sororities (see pg. 19 for more information).

There is absolutely no commitment involved in Rush Week. It’s very casual, and you can go at your own pace. You just show up to fraternity houses or events (after you have registered, see the next page for more information), eat free food, and talk to people.



Interfraternity Council Fraternities today... Values



No Hazing

In general, the crucial difference between a fraternity and any other typical student organization is that fraternities are based on strong values. Whether our organizations are brand new or 125 years old, all of them find success in aligning their actions with their values. College represents an opportunity to make friends that you will have for the rest of your life. Whether or not you join, the Georgia Tech IFC community offers you an awesome opportunity to make new friends, both freshmen and upperclassmen, through the experience of Rush Week.


At Georgia Tech, the Greek community consistently maintains a higher GPA than the non-Greek community. For a breakdown of these statistics in detail, go to greek.gatech.edu.


Fraternities offer both internal leadership opportunities because they themselves need strong leaders, but also external leadership opportunities. Greek men and women represent the vast majority of campus leadership positions. As such, Greek Life can sometimes be a springboard for other involvement opportunities on campus.


The fraternal values of our community lead us to many philanthropic and service endeavors within the Georgia Tech and Atlanta community. Fraternities provide a great outlet to continue or to build a passion for serving others and making a difference in the world.


Fraternities compete against each other in fraternity-only leagues in intramural sports, but also compete against other groups, particularly in the playoffs. Most of the time, the competition is fierce, but more importantly, it is always fun and a great way to relieve stress.

Every fraternity has outlawed hazing in any form, and all have stated that hazing is contrary to the ideals of Fraternity. In the State of Georgia, hazing is a criminal offense. IFC and the Georgia Tech administration are unconditionally opposed to any situation created to produce mental and/or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.

Social Responsibility

During the week of rush, all fraternity houses and events are required to be free from any alcohol, and IFC patrols each chapter to ensure compliance with this rule. If you do join, you can look forward to a rewarding social life integrated with the culture and traditions of the Institute. IFC fraternity parties are regulated by clear and reasonable policies that keep our community safe.


New students are often worried about the monetary costs of fraternity. This is something you should discuss with each fraternity individually. Many times it is possible that joining a fraternity can lower costs over the course of your college tenure.


Fraternity Cost Housing (per semester) Meal Plan Meals / week Average cost/ meal Dues Total

Fall Rush: Dates and Times

Fraternity Cost

Georgia Tech

$848 9

$16652 12-13

$2157 $5.88



$982 $3987


This table is a breakdown of average Georgia Tech cost versus average fraternity costs for a student in their second-year, and beyond. As you can tell, on average, fraternity members’ costs are on par with Georgia Tech’s while enjoying the additional benefits of fraternity life!

Difference $800 per semester $4000 over 3 years

Please remember that this table shows only averages, and individual chapter prices may be higher or lower than those listed. On average, the first-year cost of joining a fraternity at Tech is higher than the costs listed above. Fraternity Averages accurate as of self-reported information from 2017 Annual Report

Thursday, August 17 9:00AM - 3:00PM

Move-In Help from Greeks

5:00PM - 7:00PM

Rush Kickoff, Meet at Ferst Center Theater This is your first opportunity to meet all of the fraternities.

7:30PM - 11:00PM

Formal recruitment rounds held at each fraternity.

Friday, August 18 - Saturday, August 19 7:00PM - 11:00PM

Formal recruitment rounds held at each fraternity.

Sunday, August 20 - Tuesday, August 22 7:00PM - 10:00PM

Formal recruitment rounds held at each fraternity.

Wednesday, August 23 Greek Peer Education*, evening Thursday, August 24 Run for the Roses*, evening

*Events for those who choose to join a fraternity.



Interfraternity Council Recruitment/Rush

Before You Start School Recruitment Events

If you are in or near the Atlanta area this summer, you may be invited to rush events by fraternities. This is a great way to get head start on Rush Week and start getting to know some fraternity men. We encourage all potential new members to meet multiple fraternities before making a final decision about joining. Please note that these events should not involve alcohol in any way.

Required Registration

You are required to register for Rush Week online at fraternity.gatech.edu. It is completely free and it can only help you by giving fraternities a way to learn more about you and potentially contact you. There is no obligation to participate after you have registered, but is a great way to get information and updates about the process.


You can meet IFC and learn more about us and all of Georgia Tech Greek Life at FASET Orientation. Come to our “Greek Life 101� breakout session to get background information and helpful statistics. You will hear about GT Greek Life right from the source! Also, please visit our tables at the involvement fair and during class registration. This will give you the chance to meet us on a more individual basis and ask us more specific questions.

Registration for Rush is required. Link is available at fraternity.gatech.edu.



Tips for Rush Week

Things to Remember

1) Keen an open mind. Many people that end up joining a fraternity did not plan on it before they came to college. Rush is a great opportunity to see if going Greek is a good fit for you.

1) Register for rush at fraternity.gatech.edu

3) Do your homework. Check out greek.gatech.

4) Not all our IFC fraternities have houses on campus. Rush Week is about meeting and getting to know people, regardless of where they live.

2) Be yourself. The fraternity wants to get to know the real you; don’t feel overwhelmed if the they ask you a lot of questions. They want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know them.

edu, this Guide, and chapter websites. Being prepared for Rush will help you get the most out of it.

4) Don’t get discouraged. There are 32

chapters. If you haven’t found one you like, keep looking. You do not have to make a decision this week, or even this semester.

5) Use the narrow down approach. First, select

10-15 chapters through research and the Kick-Off tabling event. Then, visit between 5-10 chapters during the first two days of rush. In days three and four, invest more time with the ones you connect with most as you narrow down your final choices throughout the week.

2) There should be no alcohol present at any rush activities, on campus or off campus. If there is alcohol present, please notify the Office of Greek Affairs or IFC Executive members.

3) No fraternity endorses or condones any form of hazing. If you experience hazing, please notify the Office of Greek Affairs or IFC Executive members.

5) There are a lot of stereotypes out there about fraternities. Rush Week is your opportunity to meet Fraternity Men and determine your own opinion.

6) Bring your buzzcard with you to Rush Kickoff and then each house you visit throughout the week as you will be asked to check in.

7) Follow us on Instagram - @gt_ifc amd Facebook!



Interfraternity Council Frequently Asked Questions How does the bid process work?

Bids are an official invitation to join a fraternity as an associate member/pledge. A fraternity can give a bid at any time of the year according to their policy. Chapters will generally give a bid if they feel you could be a good fit for their organization. You may receive bids from many fraternities and then decide where you fit best. Do not feel pressured into accepting the first bid you receive! You don’t have to accept a bid if you don’t feel a particular fraternity is right for you.

Do I have to become a brother if I accept my bid?

No! Pledge period is a time for you to get to know the fraternity and for the fraternity to get to know you more. Both have options of ending the pledge period at any time if the fit is no longer right. Pledge periods vary in length, but are generally two to three months long. During that time, you will learn the history of the fraternity, bond with the brothers and other pledges, and participate in service projects, intramurals, socials, date nights, mixers, and other aspects of fraternity life.

Will I get hazed?

No! If a fraternity pledge program involves hazing, chapters face serious consequences for hazing pledges or brothers. IFC and Georgia Tech have developed strict guidelines to make the pledge process as safe as possible.


What if I don’t have time?

While you are expected to become involved and participate in events with the fraternity, they realize that you are also adjusting to college life. If anything, a fraternity will help teach you valuable time management and study skills. Fraternity members can offer you help with your classes and will make sure you are studying to get grades equal to your ability. After investing time and effort into you as a pledge, the fraternity is committed to helping you succeed.

What if I can’t afford it?

It is important for you to make sure you can fulfill the financial obligations of pledgeship and being a member. However, being in a fraternity is usually cheaper than living on campus after your first year (information about finances are on page 47). Chapter presidents and treasurers are also generally willing to work out payment options for members. Talk to the fraternities you are interested in about how their dues work and how it can work into your budget.

What should I wear to rush?

Rush is very informal, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Most chapters will be dressed in business casual — a collared shirt and khakis, but you aren’t expected to wear anything in particular.


You keep up to

10% of your sales!


Interfraternity Council Greek Sector Map

*AEP, DSF, CF, and a portion of DC will be under construction throughout the next year **Unhoused fraternities will host recruitment at Peters Parking Deck


(Coming 2018!)



Unhoused Fraternities will recruit from the top of Peters Parking Deck.

CCF Catholic Center

Baptist Campus Ministry


ΑΕΠ Alpha Epsilon Pi (A. E. Pi) aepizeta.com, 714 Techwood Drive President: Zach Greenfield ztgreenfield@gmail.com, 864-838-9344 Recruitment Chair: Bret Davis bretdavis1996@gmail.com, 770-313-9043 Motto: Opportunities for Jewish Men Seeking College Experiences Tech Chapter: Zeta, est. 1920 Philanthropic Efforts Our chapter raised money for Furkids, Atlanta’s largest no-kill animal shelter and raised nearly $3,000 for pediatric cancer research.

Accomplishments and Awards • Greek Academic Excellence Award • Top 5 Greek Week • SAA 100% Organization About our Brotherhood Brothers of AEPi embody success and leadership at GT. Brothers have served as Student Body President, Mr. GT, presidents of Hillel, and more. Located right next to Bobby Dodd Stadium, you will enjoy the best location on campus paired with an incredible social calendar and stellar academics, combining in the best possible experience at Georgia Tech. *Our house will be offline this year as we are constucting a new one to open 2019!*


Alpha Sigma Phi (Alpha Sig)

gatech.alphasigmaphi.org, 171 5th St. President: Austin Allen gtalphasigpresident@gmail.com, 770-842-5580 Recruitment Chair: Robert Cooper gtalphasigrecruitment@gmail.com, 910-540-7870 Motto: To Better the Man Tech Chapter: Zeta Eta, est. 2012 Philanthropic Efforts In 2016 - 2017, our chapter volunteered 850 hours of service and raised $1000 through our annual “Strike-Out Abuse” bowling event for RAINN.

Accomplishments and Awards • GSP Award Winner (Top Alpha Sig Chapter in the Nation) • Top 3 GPA for Georgia Tech Fraternities • Raised over $2500 for RAINN About our Brotherhood Since its founding at Georgia Tech in 2012, our chapter’s commitment to excellence has led to its recognition as one of the top chapters of Alpha Sigma Phi in the nation. Our chapter has placed consistently in the top five IFC fraternities for GPA and our members are involved in leadership roles in a variety of campus organizations. We also pride ourselves on our full social calendar and close-knit, diverse brotherhood.



Alpha Tau Omega (A. T. O.) gtato.org, 205 4th St. President: Pablo Ortega pcawk34@gmail.com, 678-451-9995 Recruitment Chair: Erik Happ happ.erik@gatech.edu, 678-576-0999 Motto: Love and Respect Tech Chapter: Beta Iota, est. 1888 Philanthropic Efforts ATO raises thousands of dollars a year to donate to United for a CURE, an organization that funds research to cure childhood cancer.

Beta Theta Pi (Beta)

Accomplishments and Awards • True Merit Honorable Mention • IFC #1 Leadership Fraternity 2015 • IFC Top 5 Best Overall Fraternity 2015 About our Brotherhood Being the first fraternity on campus, our chapter has played an intricate role in Georgia Tech. We hold leadership positions on IFC, ROTC, numerous FLOs, GT Ambassadors, SGA, FASET and more. Our brotherhood is like no other and is composed of diverse members and personalities. ATO’s philosophy is to produce great leaders with strong character while providing a well-balanced college experience. Our house focuses on academics, campus leadership, intramurals, and social events.


Accomplishments and Awards • Won 30 of last 40 Dean Dull Awards • Won the two top awards from national fraternity in 2016 • Second highest GPA in IFC - Fall 2016 About our Brotherhood Motto: Learn to Lead Founded a century ago, Beta is dedicated to making Tech Chapter: Gamma Eta, est. 1916 good men better. We take pride in recruiting members who will be leaders of the community, dedicated Philanthropic Efforts scholars, athletes, and well-rounded contributors to Each brother completes 15 philanthropy hours each Tech. It is our goal that over the course of a member’s semester. We support the Leukemia and Lymphoma time here, he will advance his professional, social, and Society and Chattahoochee Riverkeepers. academic capabilities. We are proud of our heritage and seek new brothers who will live out their values while enjoying everything college has to offer. gtbeta.org, 764 Fowler St. President: John Proctor president@gtbeta.org Recruitment Chair: Stephen Koenig stephen.koenig@gtbeta.org, 678-667-6010

XΦ gtchiphi.org, 720 Fowler St. President: Pat Burke p.burke232@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Marc Sewell marc.sewell1@gmail.com Motto: Truth, Honor, and Personal Integrity Tech Chapter: Omega, est. 1904 Philanthropic Efforts Each semester, our fraternity raises more than $2,500 to our national philanthropy the Boys and Girls Club and serves over 500 hours for the community. In Fall 2015, we donated over 2,000 lbs of non-perishable goods to the Atlanta Food Bank.

Chi Phi Accomplishments and Awards • National Fraternity’s Most Improved Chapter Award • National Fraternity’s Campus Involvement Award • National’s Fraternity Athletic Excellence Award About our Brotherhood Chi Phi’s come from every walk of life from New York to Georgia to the United Kingdom but even with the unbelievable diversity, we still remain a closely knit brotherhood. Our motto is Truth, Honor and Personal Integrity and I’m proud to say all of us, regardless of our birthplace, follow those words to the letter.

Chi Psi

chipsi.org, 150 4th St. President: Robert Gwynn rgwynn3@gatech.edu, 301-520-2397 Recruitment Chairman: Anish Shenoy ashenoy10@gmail.com, 570-854-9291

Accomplishments and Awards • GPA above Georgia Tech Average • Nominated for National Fraternity’s Most Improved Chapter • Multiple Intramural Teams made playoffs

Motto: A Family of Gentlemen in Persuit of Excellence Tech Chapter: Iota Delta, est. 1924

About our Brotherhood What sets us apart from others is our dedication to excellence and academics while maintaining a social environment. Step into the Lodge and you will find more than just a group of men. It’s a fantastic social environment for those looking to grow as leaders and to expand their network at Tech.

Philanthropic Efforts We raised over $600 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank and over 1000 hours of community service as a brotherhood.



Delta Chi gtdeltachi.com, 170/176 5th St. President: James Youhne jamesyouhnegatech@gmail.com, 678-939-1101 Recruitment Chair: Rahul Raina rraina7@gatech.edu, 315-345-2925

Accomplishments and Awards • 3 NIC Chapter of Distinction Awards (Best Overall Greek Letter Chapter in North America) • Best Scholarship Fraternity • New House to open January 2018

Motto: The Brotherhood of a Lifetime Tech Chapter: Georgia Tech, est. 1991

About our Brotherhood At Delta Chi, we promote our four founding principles: academics come first, friends are always welcome, chivalry is not dead, and no hazing. In adhering to these principles, we have been awarded the highest honor of our Nationals, the President’s Cup, for 19 of the past 25 years. We strive for a healthy balance of social life, academics, philanthropy, intramurals, brotherhood, diversity, and involvement across campus.

Philanthropic Efforts Our chapter supports the V Foundation for Cancer Research. We hold an annual Pig Roast in the Fall in addition to other fundraising events.


Delta Sigma Phi (Delta Sig) godeltasig.com, 165 4th St. President: Andrew Pofahl apofahl@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Adam Berger AdamGBerger23@gmail.com, 404-844-9802 Motto: Better Men, Better Lives Tech Chapter: Alpha Gamma, est. 1920 Philanthropic Efforts In addition to hosting a blood drive each semester, we hold Rock for Relief, a band party with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.


Accomplishments and Awards • Top 5 New Member GPA • Raised over $2 Million for construction of a new house set to open Fall 2018 About our Brotherhood Founded in 1899, Delta Sigma Phi boasts over one hundred chapters across the US, and our Alpha Gamma Chapter is a proud representative. We hold pride in cultural diversity, a tightly knit brotherhood, and a balanced approach to the collegiate experience. If you are looking to broaden your horizons, be involved in philanthropy and service, all while balancing a strong social experience, we encourage you to stop by.

ΔΤΔ Delta Tau Delta (Delt) gatech.deltsconnect.org, 227 4th St. President: Alex Kemenov president.gtdelt.@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Alexis Mangual rush.gtdelt@gmail.com, 787-316-1217 Motto: Committed to Lives of Excellence Tech Chapter: Gamma Psi, est. 1921 Philanthropic Efforts Our chapter raises over $15K annually towards charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, JDRF, and Relay for Life.

Accomplishments and Awards • Top 13 Best Overall Fraternity • Top 12 Leadership Fraternity • Top 5 Educational Programming Fraternity About our Brotherhood Delta Tau Delta’s motto, “Lives of Excellence”, is the foundation on which we base our values of brotherhood, leadership, academics, and service. Our chapter’s legacy is evident by the connections we have with our many successful alumni and through the monumental contributions Delts have made on the Georgia Tech campus.

ΔΥ Delta Upsilon (D.U.) gtdu.org, 154 5th St. President: Zachariah Swint president@gtdu.org, 404-539-1099 Recruitment Chair: Chris Sequeira recruitment@gtdu.org, 404-547-2498 Motto: Building Better Men Tech Chapter: Georgia Tech, est. 1957 Philanthropic Efforts We have raised over $50,000 for the St Baldrick’s Foundation over the last two years. We have strong ties with Trees Atlanta and DKMS.

Accomplishments and Awards • Greek Week 2015, 2017 winner • Greek Tug 2014-2017 winner • St. Baldricks Fraternity competition, 20152017 winner About our Brotherhood We pride ourselves on our founding principles of non-secrecy and non-hazing. Along with heavy involvement in almost every facet of on-campus life, we as a fraternity also participate in school-wide events and traditions. We have a strong focus on academics and diversity, and an all-encompassing priority on the betterment of each brother.


Kappa Alpha Order (K.A.)


kagatech.com, 801 Techwood Dr. President: David Wiens david.wiens22@gmail.com, 404-345-8886 Recruitment Chair: Richie McClure mcclurerichie@gmail.com, 404-988-7790

Accomplishments and Awards • National Fraternity’s Outstanding Scholastic Excellence Award • Samuel Zenas Ammen Award for Chapter Excellence

Motto: Building Men into Strong Leaders for Tomorrow Tech Chapter: Alpha Sigma, est. 1899

About our Brotherhood Kappa Sigma has been a staple of Tech’s Greek Life since 1895, and has never in its 122 year history been suspended from campus. We pride ourselves in our strong sense of community, our unique traditions, our impactful philanthropy events, our influence on campus through our SGA representative voting bloc, and our very lively social schedule.

Philanthropic Efforts Raised over $8000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, our national philanthropy.

Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig) gtkappasig.com, 1826th St. President: Christian Kahf ckahf3@gmail.com, 404-374-8549 Recruitment Chair: Dev Mandavia ddmandavia@gmail.com, 770-490-6549 Motto: Not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life. Tech Chapter: Alpha Tau, est. 1895 Philanthropic Efforts Kick the Stigma has raised over $10,000 and engaged over 2000 by increasing awareness about mental health issues and suicide prevention.


Accomplishments and Awards • Burdell’s Best 2017 Nomination for Best Fundraiser • Eight more Burdell’s Best 2017 Nominations • National Fraternity Founder’s Award for Chapter Excellence About our Brotherhood We enjoy a rich history, large and active alumni base as well as 120 years worth of tradition and values. These values are based upon the four pillars of Kappa Sigma, Leadership, Fellowship, Scholarship and Service. We have recently been blessed with the honor of moving into the newest fraternity house on campus in October of 2013, and we hope you take the time to pay us a visit!

ΛXA Lambda Chi Alpha (Lambda Chi) Accomplishments and Awards • IFC Academic Excellence • Top 3 “Pomp” (Homecoming competition) • Top 3 Intramurals

gtlambdachi.org, 792 Techwood Dr. President: Josh Cherry alpha@gtlambdachi.org Recruitment Chair: David Stroer delta@gtlambdachi.org, 770-617-0851 Motto: A Lifetime of True Brotherhood Tech Chapter: Beta Kappa Zeta, est.1942 Philanthropic Efforts Collected 700 lbs of food in our spring 2017 food drive, totaling over 1000 lbs this past year towards our national philanthropy, Feeding America. We also raised $15,000 towards the Saint Baldricks Foundation.

About our Brotherhood We continue to uphold our reputation as one of the largest, most involved, and most diverse fraternities at Georgia Tech. While heavily involved with oncampus organization and athletics, we also take academics very seriously and use the ABAS program to aid our members in their studies. Our social calendar is one of the most noteworthy on campus, including our annual “Watermelon Bust,” our weeklong party “Magic Carpet Ride,” and other various events throughout the semester.


Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt)

www.phideltatheta.org, 734 Fowler St. President: Chris Kelley chkelley95@gmail.com, 770-645-1251 Recruitment Chair: Chris Skretkowicz cjskretkowicz@gmail.com, 901-569-9735 Motto: Be the best version of yourself Tech Chapter: Georgia Delta, est. 1902 Philanthropic Efforts As a chapter we host two annual events: an oncampus 5k & a crawfish boil, both that benefit our national philanthropy, the ALS association.

Accomplishments and Awards • Top 5 overall GPA among IFC Fraternities • Alumnus inducted into Greek Hall of Fame each year since its inception • National Fraternity’s Ritual and Scholarship Award About our Brotherhood Phi Delta Theta is a fraternity with a strong brotherhood founded on the three cardinal principles of friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. Installed at Georgia Tech on June 11th, 1902, Phi Delt boasts an involved and powerful alumni network that is very active within the Tech community.


Phi Gamma Delta


gtfiji.com, 841 Fowler St. President: Ari Bleemer ableemer@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Philip Murray p.murray1212@gmail.com

Accomplishments and Awards • 2015 Cheney Cup for Most Excellent Fiji Chapter Nationally • 2017 Dean Dull Best Overall Fraternity Award, to make 5 out of the last 7 years • 2015 and 2016 Intramurals Award Winner

Motto: Gentleman of Quality Tech Chapter: Gamma Tau, est. 1926

About our Brotherhood The Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, founded in 1926, is based on the values of Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality and Excellence. The brothers of Phi Gam are held to the highest of standards and serve as leaders across campus. Along with leadership, Gamma Tau maintains outstanding philanthropy, athletics, and brotherhood.

Philanthropic Efforts Raised $15000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research. Also raised $10000 for Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.

Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi) gtphipsi.org President: Jong Seong Lee jlee963@gatech.edu, 678-764-5581 Recruitment Chair: Dhorn Kosolpatanadurong dhorn30@gatech.edu, 860-316-8049 Motto: Live Ever, Die Never! Tech Chapter: Georgia Beta, est. 2000 Philanthropic Efforts Currently, we have cooperation with many organizations off campus, such as “Trees Atlanta”, “Books for Africa”, and “Adopt for a Day”.


ΦΚΨ Accomplishments and Awards • “The most diverse fraternity” About our Brotherhood We are a group of educated men who endeavor to live honorably and humanely. Our Brotherhood is open to those who feel an affinity with one another in the pursuit of excellence. Although our Brothers may differ in backgrounds and beliefs, they are united in their dedication to the highest standards of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual integrity. Brothers are encouraged to express the true measure of their abilities through the great joy of serving others.


Phi Kappa Sigma (Skullhouse)

gtskulls.org, 783 Techwood Dr. President: Kevin Ferri kevin.ferri95@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Cameron Hines hines.cameronj@gmail.com Motto: Brotherhood is More than Skin Deep Tech Chapter: Alpha Nu, est. 1904 Philanthropic Efforts Each year, we raise over $5000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through events such as a Dunka-Professor, Rose Sales, and Tape The dawg.

Accomplishments and Awards • National Fraternity’s Most Improved Chapter Award • National Fraternity’s Outstanding Chapter Award • Top 10 finish in Greek Week About our Brotherhood As the first fraternity to adopt an anti-discriminatory clause, our Brotherhood prides itself in our diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and interests. In our 113 years on Tech’s campus, we have committed ourselves to developing professionally and socially, with alumni working everywhere from Microsoft to NASA.


Phi Kappa Theta (Phi Kapp)

gtpkt.org, 800 Fowler St. President: Kevin Readen president@gtpkt.org, 571-334-7401 Recruitment Chair: Joshua Davis rush@gtpkt.org, 770-366-9716 Motto: Give, expecting nothing thereof Tech Chapter: Gamma Tau, est. 1969 Philanthropic Efforts Our chapter actively fund raises for Children’s Miracle Network of Atlanta, Phi Kappa Theta’s national philanthropy.

Accomplishments and Awards • Founder’s Cup Recipients 2014 • Founder’s Cup Recipients 2013 About our Brotherhood Phi Kappa Theta focus on the five developmental pillars of our fraternity: spiritual, fraternal, intellectual, social, and leadership. By exemplifying these characteristics, the brothers of Phi Kappa Theta form a close-knit family, which encourages the inherent social nature of man, and develops brothers who are outgoing, giving, and confident.



Phi Sigma Kappa (Phi Sig) gtpsk.com, 825 Techwood Dr. President: Michael Chen psk.kd.chen@gmail.com, 770-490-5558 Recruitment Chair: Ryan Reed psk.kd.reed@gmail.com, 775-815-4689

Accomplishments and Awards • National Fraternity’s Outstanding Chapter Award • Top 3 in Greek Week • Top 3 in Homecoming

Motto: Do Unto Others As You would Have Them Do Unto You Tech Chapter: Kappa Deuteron, est. 1923

About our Brotherhood We are a diverse group of men striving to fulfill our cardinal principles of brotherhood, scholarship, and character. We have made great strides over the past decade, and recently won our National Fraternity’s Outstanding Chapter award. The chapter has a strong base of active alumni, including John Brock, current CEO of Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Philanthropic Efforts In addition to our national philanthropy, the Special Olympics, brothers have been very active with Campus Kitchens and Trees Atlanta.

Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) gtpikes.org, 260 Ferst Dr. President: Shen Yoon shen.yoon@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Ben Kucera benkucera@gmail.com, 770-807-9529 Motto: Scholars. Leaders. Athletes. Gentlemen. Tech Chapter: Alpha Delta, est. 1904 Philanthropic Efforts We host events to support Wounded Warriors and the local firemen, along with Fight For Life to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


ΠΚΑ Accomplishments and Awards • Top 6 Intramurals Fraternity • Top 5 Greek Week Tug About our Brotherhood Currently the largest international Fraternity, PIKE was founded in 1868 on the premise of recruiting Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen. Each brother seeks to excel in every aspect of his life, whether it be at work, on the field or in the classroom. Brothers are very involved on campus, holding exec positions in organizations such as Order of Omega, IFC, Consult Your Community and Habitat for Humanity, in addition to havingone member with Mr. GT in 2014

ΠΚΦ Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp) pikapp.net, 220 Ferst Dr. President: Adam Valletutti president@pikapp.net Recruitment Chair: Steven Maa rush@pikapp.net, 609-865-6211 Motto: Men of Class Tech Chapter: Iota, est. 1913 Philanthropic Efforts Pi Kappa Phi’s very own philanthropy is The Ability Experience. Our mission is to share experiences to support people with disabilities.

ΨΥ rush.psiugt.org, 831 Techwood Dr. President: Caitlin Bowles caitlinbowles31@gmail.com Recruitment Chair: Cathy Lefebvre cathy.e.lefebvre@gmail.com, 678-640-1354 Motto: Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship Tech Chapter: Gamma Tau, Founded in 1970 Philanthropic Efforts We partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to participate in the Atlanta Out of Darkness walk and host a campus walk.

Accomplishments and Awards • National Fraternity’s Campus Involvement Master Chapter Award • Top 8 Intramurals Fraternity About our Brotherhood The Iota Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi is a diverse and engaging brotherhood, bound together by our common pursuit of academic achievement and campus leadership. The influence of Pi Kapp brothers is widespread, with many leaders active in GT Athletics, New Student & Sophomore Programming, The Student Government, Research, and many other organizations.

Psi Upsilon (Psi U.) Accomplishments and Awards • Garnet and Gold Award of Academic Excellence at 170th Convention • Psi Upsilon Award of Distinction • Participants in InVenture Prize Competition, Global Jam, and Convergence Innovation Competition About our Brotherhood As the only co-ed social fraternity at GT, no matter the gender, we all are Brothers. Most of us never thought we’d go Greek, and it’s probably easy to see why. Do you like metal, Riff Raff, Cthulhu, couch fires, or potatoes? Well come by no matter what, because Psi U is a unique place where drastically different people coexist under one roof.



Sigma Alpha Epsilon (S.A.E.) http://www.georgiatechsae.com/, 221 4th St. President: Christopher Torie president@gtsae.com Recruitment Chair: Chandler Bovitz bigdogbovitz@gmail.com, 706-564-2264 Motto: The True Gentleman Tech Chapter: Georgia Phi, est. 1890 Philanthropic Efforts Our chapter raised over $6,000 through our annual philanthropy poker tournament and Dance Marathon, plus 1,600 hours of volunteer work.

Sigma Chi georgiatechsigmachi.org, 770 Techwood Dr. President: Joe Welch jwelch.gt@gmail.com, 706-816-3177 Recruitment Chair: Nathan Settlage nathansettlage@gmail.com, 770-286-8865 Motto: Cultivate the Ideals of Friendship, Justice, and Learning Tech Chapter: Beta Psi, est. 1922 Philanthropic Efforts We support The Huntsman Foundation through our philanthropy events, Derby Days, and awards dinners raising close to $10,000.


Accomplishments and Awards • National Fraternity’s Chapter Achievement Award 2015-2016 • Greek Academic Excellence Award Fall 2016 • Dean Dull Award Recipient 2014 About our Brotherhood Men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon come from all walks of life. We vary by backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. However, central to all of our values is “The True Gentlemen”, our creed, which inspires us to strive to help within the community and humble ourselves before each other every single day.

ΣΧ Accomplishments and Awards • Top 11 Best Overall Fraternity • Top 10 Scholarship Fraternity • Top 10 Leadership Fraternity About our Brotherhood We focus on recruiting the most outstanding leaders, scholars, athletes, and well-rounded men to continue our long tradition of excellence on Tech’s campus. We offer the opportunity to get involved at Tech and shape campus life. Our core values are Friendship, Justice, and Learning. The brothers strive to exemplify these values by possessing strong academic records and maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle through weekly social events.


Sigma Nu Accomplishments and Awards • Top 5 Sigma Nu Chapter Nationally • Top 15 House GPA on Campus • Largest Pool on Campus

gtsigmanu.com, 750 Fowler St. President: Will Stith president@gtsigmanu.com, 770-841-0357 Recruitment Chair: PJ Collins patrick.collins@gatech.edu, 404-326-2164 Motto: To Believe in the Life of Love,and to Walk in the Way of Honor Tech Chapter: Gamma Alpha, est. 1896 Philanthropic Efforts As chapter, we completed over 900 hours of community service last school year, over a multitude of events.

About our Brotherhood We inspire members to strive for excellence in a balanced collegiate lifestyle. We prioritize academics and social life through our academic support system and our wide array of mixers, date nights, alumni events, and pool parties. Events we host include our annual band party, Steeplechase volunteer event, and the Lake Lanier Poker Run where we helped raise $500,000. If you’re serious about making the best decision of your life, come by and rush Sigma Nu.


Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep)

sigepgt.com, 190 5th St. President: Doug Learnard douglearnard@gmail.com, 678-431-4212 Recruitment Chair: Wilson Pu wpu3325@gmail.com, 404-641-3325 Motto: Building Balanced Men Tech Chapter: Georgia Alpha, est. 1907 Philanthropic Efforts Raised over $15,000 for St. Baldricks in the past two years. Paired with sorority Kappa Alpha Theta for yearly Capture the Kite tournament.

Accomplishments and Awards • Top 5 Best Overall Fraternity • Top 10 Leadership Fraternity • #2 Intramurals Fraternity About our Brotherhood The brotherhood at the Georgia Alpha chapter is extraordinary in many ways, but above all, the incredibly diverse spectrum of passions fostered by each brother makes our chapter truly unique. The environment created by a mutual sense of excitement for life and dedication to our interests helps every brother become the best versions of themselves.



Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teak) betapitke.org, 159 5th St. President: John Foster johnbfost@gmail.com, 229-425-9778 Recruitment Chair: Jack Schlumper jschlumper1@gmail.com, 404-374-9028 Motto: Better Men for a Better World Tech Chapter: Beta Pi, est. 1948 Philanthropic Efforts Over the past two years, our chapter has raised nearly $30,000 through various fundraisers dedicated towards St. Baldrick’s foundation.

Accomplishments and Awards • Voted “Top TKE Chapter” by nationals • Top 6 Intramurals Fraternity • Top 16 Overall Fraternity About our Brotherhood TKE is the largest fraternity nationwide, and our chapter here has staked its claim as one of the finest branches it has to offer. Not only do we enjoy the strongest social calendar on campus (with band parties, date nights, mixers, formals, and more), we also have a GPA north of 3.0. Given TKE’s success in intramural sports and the number of leaders it places in organizations throughout campus, it’s easy to see why TKE offers the most well rounded fraternal experience at Georgia Tech.

TKE QC Theta Chi gtthetachi.org, 840 Techwood Dr. President: Jack Joyce president@gtthetachi.org, 203-906-8101 Recruitment Chair: Dustin Nguyen rush@gtthetachi.org, 478-232-6000

Accomplishments and Awards • Top 10 Best Overall Fraternity • Top 10 Leadership Fraternity • Greek Week 2016 Champions

About our Brotherhood The Alpha Nu chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity was founded at Tech in 1923. Our motto, “An Assisting Hand”, charges brothers with always lending a helpingPhilanthropic Efforts hand to those in need. Our Resolute Man initiative In 2016, our chapter completed over 2,200 hours of duties our brothers to become the most well rounded philanthropy along with raising almost $6,000 for men they can be. If becoming the best version of the Shirlock Foundation and the USO. yourself is what you are looking for from your college experience look no further than Theta Chi. Motto: Alma Mater First. Theta Chi for Alma Mater Tech Chapter: Alpha Nu, est. 1923


ΘX QX gttx.org, 777 Techwood Dr. President: Evan Long president@gttx.org, 770-851-7686 Recruitment Chair: Brent Peterson rush@gttx.org, 678-218-8390 Motto: All True Men Tech Chapter: Beta Alpha, est. 1951 Philanthropic Efforts Brothers serve through their churches, tutoring programs, Georgia Tech service organizations, mission trips and more.

Theta Xi Accomplishments and Awards • 2016 Memorial Trophy - Best Theta Xi Chapter nationwide; Top 5 Dean Dull • Top 3 Homecoming Winners, 10 years running • Greek Sing and Pomp Winners 2014, 2016 About our Brotherhood Georgia Tech’s only Christian fraternity, Theta Xi values academics, athletics, social ties, and spiritual growth. Heavily involved through Reck Club, SGA, Team Buzz, and many other groups, Theta Xi is also highly competitive in Homecoming and Greek Week, excelling at Mini 500 and Greek Sing. Through Band Parties, date nights, formals, and retreats, Theta Xi aims to develop strong bonds between its brothers.

Triangle Triangle triangle.org President: Adam Fultz afultz3@gatech.edu Recruitment Chair: Marion Anderson jmiller349@gatech.edu

Accomplishments and Awards • Top 10 Leadership Fraternity • National Fraternity’s Campus Involvement Award • Top GPA of any Greek Chapter at Tech, 2016

About our Brotherhood Triangle men are heavily involved in campus leadership, be it academically, professionally or Philanthropic Efforts socially, as it serves as the only organization that Our Chapter supports Habitat for Humanity through forms the connection between a social fraternity, service days and Children’s miracle network through a academic honorary, and professional society. massive campus gaming marathon. This only strengthens our brotherhood, as we constantly seek to build each other up, regardless of circumstance. Motto: Truth Conquers All Tech Chapter: Gerogia Tech Colony, est. 2014



Zeta Beta Tau (Z. B. T.) techzbt.com, 160 6th St. President: Christian Madsen president@techzbt.com, 770-653-2088 Recruitment Chair: Nicolas Bernal rush@techzbt.com, 678-927-4187 Motto: A Powerhouse of Excellence Tech Chapter: Xi, est. 1916 Philanthropic Efforts ZBT participates in many community service projects, fundraisers, and philanthropy. Our official charity is the Children’s Miracle Network.

Accomplishments and Awards • $6,000 raised for Philanthropy • 20 Hours community service each semester per brother • Recognized as Five Star Organization by Tech About our Brotherhood ZBT is a smaller fraternity and defies the stereotypes and status quo of Greek life. Xi chapter pursues the strength of diversity, pushing its members to become the best they can be in all aspects of life, while creating a strong sense of brotherhood. Our nonpledging policy enforces equality from the moment you join.

FKT https://www.phikappatau.org/ Contact: Darryl Thompson dthompson@phikappatau.org

About our Brotherhood Establishing itself this fall, Phi Kappa Tau is the latest addition to the Georgia Tech Fraternity community. With Phi Kappa Tau being new to this campus the opportunity presents itself Motto: Developing Men of Character to Men of Distinction to create a unique identity for this Tech Chapter: Returning to campus Fall 2017! brotherhood. Academics, leadership, and service are our ‘what’ and the how is up Philanthropic Efforts to you. Using diversity and transparency The Serious Fun Children’s Network was created by actor, racecar as the primary tools we are looking driver, brother of Phi Kappa Tau Paul Newman (Ohio ’43) in 1988. to build a fraternity that will create a This series of summer camps were designed for children facing life tradition of excellence on this campus for many years to come. With the help threatening illnesses to be able to escape the fear and isolation of over 1,000 area alumni and hundreds of their medical conditions and, in his words “raise a little hell.” of undergraduates at nearby universities From humble beginnings in Ashford, Connecticut the Network this colony will quickly become one of our has grown to 29 camps worldwide serving more than 1,000,000 top groups in the nation. children 68 at no cost to their families. All we need now is you.





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Greeks by the Numbers: Fall 2016 For the full grade report, please visit http://greek.gatech.edu/content/4/reports

All Sorority (3.36)

Undergraduate Greek Women = 30%

All Fraternity (3.31)

Undergraduate Greek Population = 25%

All Greek (3.32)

All Undergraduate Women (3.25)

Undergraduate Greek Men = 22%

All Undergraduate (3.22)

All Undergraduate Men (3.21)

Spring 2017 All Sorority (3.38)

Undergraduate Greek Women = 30%

All Fraternity (3.34)

Undergraduate Greek Population = 26%

All Greek (3.35)

All Undergraduate Women (3.31) All Undergraduate (3.29)

All Undergraduate Men (3.28)


For the full grade report, please visit http://greek.gatech.edu/content/4/reports Undergraduate Greek Men = 23%




Ope Tech


Prog a no


Honor Societies

Order of Omega is a national Honor Society for juniors/seniors in the Greek community. Members are chosen based on scholastic achievements, leadership, and involvement in the Georgia Tech and Greek Community. As an organization they host leadership development opportunities such as networking events and guest speaker series. Gamma Sigma Alpha was founded at the University of Southern California on

November 9, 1989, by a group of scholastic achievers representing various fraternities and sororities dedicated to the advancement of higher education and academic accomplishment. Today, this honor society has more than 215 chapters and recognizes nearly 2,000 members of fraternities and sororities each year. The chapter here at Tech has a membership recquirement of junior/senior standing who have achieved at least a 3.85 cumulative or semester GPA. This Prague • Budapestthe • Kraków recognizes top 5% of our Greek community academically.


INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERS The GT IISE is the premier organization for Industrial Engineering students at Georgia Tech!

rof !hce

With 300 active student members, join us now to get ahead on your P.rofessional and techmcal development while also gettine: connected with students from your major1

su n dna e:ntti 1roja

IISE hosts many events such as: o Career fair with 45+ companies and 700+ students o Lean Green Belt and Six Sigma Green Belt certifications o 10+ Company Info Sessions per semester o IISE regional and national annual conferences o Spring Picnic and other social events o Excel, Tableau, Resume, and other workshops o Scholarships every semester


NINE CREDITS · NINE WEEKS · THREE COUNTRIES Open to undergrad, graduate and non-Georgia Tech students Out-of-state residents pay in-state rate Program includes an international project with a non-profit in Hungary


Fellowships available No pre-requisites


Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0285 wwww.greek.gatech.edu

Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Atlanta, GA Permit No. 8087

Profile for Fraternity and Sorority Life at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Guide to Greek Life 2017  

The GT Guide to Greek Life is designed to give incoming freshman & other unaffiliated students information about Greek Life at Tech and the...

Georgia Tech Guide to Greek Life 2017  

The GT Guide to Greek Life is designed to give incoming freshman & other unaffiliated students information about Greek Life at Tech and the...


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