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ATTLE OF THE SERVERS Feeling the lure of blogging? The only blogs that really come onto my radar are and, not just because they’reboth free but also because you can literally get one set up in a minute, probably under a minute with practice.

ridiculous? Contacting help is an absolute mis-

charge, I don’t know anyone who uses them and

sion and there isn’t really any way to report spam

I don’t see the point. If you can get mayonnaise

or offensive comments. So if you’re planning on

free at Wetherspoons you’re not going to go and

writing something controversial, be prepared to

buy a massive jar are you? There are a lot of free

look at those retorts every time you look at your

blogs, but if you truly want to pour all your pass-

post, because there’s no getting rid of them. It’s

ing thoughts into the blogosphere then for me, it’s

not that blogger is a bad website, it’s owned by

a toss up between Blogger and Tumblr. Want a

google which is far from subtle so really you get

blog that you won’t be embarrassed to show your

what you expect, which is pretty much epitomized

friends? Go with tumblr. Lets be honest, no mat-

by the massive ‘create your own blog’ button on

ter how cool your blog name, when its says blogs-

the home page. If you want blogger to basically at the end of your domain it’s still going

run your blog then it’s not a bad way to go, when

to be pretty lame. Another major flaw is the lack

you’re starting off and don’t really want or care

of control you have, blogger doesn’t allow you to

about the responsibility of a blog. Going the other

delete or manage your own comments. Isn’t that

way, tumblr is girly, lets be honest. If you want to


picture credit:, screengrabs from and blogger. com-, Tranquil Garden

I’m not even going to mention blogs that


be a little bit edgy its probably the better way to

video based with just little snippets of words. No

go as long as you have accepted the girly denota-

wading through heavy posts that don’t change

tions that the little at the end of your

your life here. Tumblr describes itself as more of

domain name come with. Not necessarily a bad

a digital scrapbook and is slowly turning into a re-

thing, tumblr is a lot smaller than blogger, more

ally useful site and, with its ease of use and mas-

of a mini blog without the capability to receive

sive scope for creativity is really the perfect blog

comments, which I personally prefer. No chance

for the more media savvy, concise poster who is

of annoying spamming and if people don’t like

just a bit too cool for blogger.

what they see then they can’t complain! Perfect. Blogger may give you some creative choices but generally, most of their blogs look pretty similar. A big plus with tumblr is the lack of rules when it comes to setting up, it can literally look anyway you want, with the majority being more image and

Georgia Weaving


Battle of the Blogs  

oppinion piece from Oh My Blog

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