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A group of staggering men, heads covered by plastic bags dripping with vomit are marched through the streets in broad daylight by an officer dressed in a Nazi


style uniform. Not footage of war torture but an initiation into a sports society. The NUS and many universities

sports initiations in the UK. All

across the country have called for

alcohol related. Alex Doji choked

bans on sports initiations. NUS

to death on his own vomit after

President Wes Streeting told BBC

a rugby initiation where he was

News: “We are totally opposed

required to pick deflated balloons

to student initiations. They put

out of dog food chili and offal.

students at serious risk and exclude

Gavin Britton died from alcohol

students who don’t want to take

poisoning after a golf club initiation.

part in that binge-drinking culture.” Following these tragic incidents Initiations are traditionally secret

universities across the nation have



slowly but surely either altogether

strict and sometimes humiliating

banning or enforcing strict regulations

orders over an evening and in

to control the ridiculous behaviour.



some cases whole days. Initiates are expected to take part in

A student who joined a university

tasks without complaint, often

rugby team was disappointed by

dress up, eat a variety of horrific

the lack of initiations,

substances and almost always consume horrendous amounts of

‘Hippies run the union and they

alcohol in short periods of time.

hate sport. I was a bit put out

The USA has previously led the

when they didn’t have anything

way in outrageous initiations and

except a normal night out, I just

their ceremonies, which often go

don’t think it would be as bad as

to unbelievable extremes, have

they say, people have just taken

caused a reported 89 deaths so far.

it to extremes. I really don’t see

Georgia Weaving

anything wrong with it if the club


So far, there have been at least

keeps it to themselves and doesn’t

three reported deaths linked to

offend people. Or kill anyone! ’

No initiation required  

A short piece on sports initiations in the UK

No initiation required  

A short piece on sports initiations in the UK