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The Lion and the Wolf reviews


Alice Glass


Editors Letter

Just to say We’ve





socks off and I for one am very happy with this issue of daisy. We’ve got quite eclectic feel this

time with an interview from acoustic soloist The Lion and The Wolf

and a profile on thrash synth front

woman Alice Glass. These contrasting artists and more come together

mashed with a rather gorgeous little fashion shoot, some beautiful

reviews from art to albums and a look at the haunting and under the radar sounds of Lykke Li and it’s

all topped off with some happy horoscopes. So enjoy, I certainly did.

Make sure you read our Lion and the

Wolf interview, a personal favourite of mine, mostly because he’s a really lovely guy but also because

I can’t get enough of his folksy

dulcet tones. Have lots of fun bambinos and go and see and experience as much as you can xx



Char Craven

Tamique Thomas

Jade Leech


Georgia Weaving

Katie Lansdowne

Jade Davies


Rebecca Fordham


Art reviews

Events Guide





Music reviews


Picture Credit: Daniel Jordahl, Georgia Weaving


www News

Graduate with a degree in Gaga! A university in South Carolina has introduced a

course centred around the Lady herself entitled ‘Lady Gaga And The Sociology Of The Fame’. Course leader Professor Mathieu Deflem is a

self-confessed Gaga obsessive and decided to introduced the new module as she is “a social phenomenon”.

“It’s not the person, and it’s

not the music. It’s more this thing

out there in society that has 10 million followers on Facebook and six million on Twitter”, he gushed to the university’s student newspaper.

Kings of Leon add another London date to UK tour. The






went on sale this month but they have

announced a second live date at London’s

Hyde Park. Kings of Leon were previously playing in

the city on June 22 but are now also playing June 23 to meet high demand.

The summer schedule starts in May 2011 and sees

the boys hitting Coventry, Sunderland, Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

The stars are touring albums Aha Shake Heartbreak,

Because of the Times and Come Around Sundown.

Damon Albarn and Chili Pepper’s Flea record album. A new band made up of Albarn, drummer

Tony Allen and Chili bassist Flea, have collaborated to form an unnamed band. The new album is almost finished and said to be “centred around Allen and his Afrobeat background”, says the Blur and Gorillaz man.

He also hopes to follow up the current

Gorillaz tour with a new album, although

he admitted that this may be his last tour with the band.

But Albarn may be recording a solo album. 06

Kate Moss wraps up her Topshop lines. Since her collaboration with the high street brand

in 2007, Kate Moss has released fourteen collections

for Topshop but this month’s designs are to be her

last. They were unveiled at an exclusive party

at the Oxford Street branch in London which saw Kate and Arcadia boss Sir Philip Green

promoting her Biba-esque autumn line.

Her 70s inspired collection included velvet

hot-pants, feather capes, hippie tunics and flower

power skirts. The 109-piece ensemble is now on sale together with a new bestsellers range

entitled ‘Iconic Kate’ which captures her

ten best Topshop designs.

The tales of a domestic goddess. An exhibition named ‘Handmade Tales’ has opened to

celebrate the artwork of domestic housewives at The Women’s Library in London.

The show exhibits domesticities through time from

cross-stitching to sewing boxes and even a handmade swimming costume from the 1940s. Carol Tulloch, the creator, is a cooking and crafts fanatic herself.

“What Handmade Tales has tried to do is

show through objects and personal statements

why women have engaged with domestic crafts”, reveals Tulloch.

First look at Lanvin for H&M. This month sees the release of Lanvin’s

collection for H&M which previewed in London

this week. Lanvin’s





introduced his first collaboration with the high-

street brand producing a womens and menswear

range. The womenswear collection features tired

lace ruffle skirts, off-the-shoulder evening dresses with ruched detailing, and a handful of tulle.

H&M’s second new launch was for their new Home

Collection in Oxford Street where celebs such as

Sophie Ellis-Bextor arrived wearing the new Lanvin! The singer chose a shocking yellow cocktail dress. 07

Michael Spencer



WHAT’S ON THIS MONTH Gigs and events guide

The incredible band All Time Low will be on tour in various locations across the UK. Here’s a list of a few venues and dates, to keep in your diary. Sunday 27th February 2011 : Manchester Academy.

Thursday 03rd March 2011 : Rock City, Nottingham. Friday 04th March 2011 : O2 Arena, Birmingham.

Saturday 05th March 2011 : Newport Centre, Newport.

Sunday 06th March : Liverpool University, Liverpool.

02nd and 03rd July 2011


The Foo Fighters hit Milton Keynes Bowl.

Plus Special Guests Biffy Clyro (both days) 2nd July only : Death Cab For A Cutie 3rd July only : Jimmy Eat World.

Arcade Fire

Plus Guest Devendra Banhart & The Grogs 02nd December 2010 : O2 Arena, London

08th December 2010 : LG Arena, Birmingham

11th December 2010 : Manchester Central, Manchester



The amazing and absolutely stunning Ellie Goulding is performing in a venue near

you. This is an unmissable opportunity; tickets are selling fast so get yours now. Wednesday 10th November 2010 : Liverpool SU Mountford Hall

Friday 12th November 2010 : Great Hall, Cardiff University Student Union Saturday 13th November 2010 : O2 Academy, Bristol

Monday 15th November 2010 : O2 Academy, Birmingham

Tuesday 16th November 2010 : Southampton Guildhall, Southampton


Thursday 11th November 2010 : HMV Hammersmith Apollo Sunday 14th November : O2 Academy, Birmingham

Tuesday 16th November 2010 : O2 Academy, Leeds

Not to be missed... Secret name David Wightman

David Wightman builds layers of precision-cut wallpaper shapes to

create both abstract and landscape

paintings. he plays with established genres that art criticism has often declared obsolete.

Art Work Space,

Lower Ground Floor, The Hempel Hotel, Dates: 19th November - 19th December 2010 09

31-35 Craven Hill Gardens, London W2 3EA

picture credit:,

Wednesday 17th November 2010 : Manchester Academy, Manchester

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That’s very Lykke Li



At age twenty-four, this Swedish bombshell is

sounds and instruments that create a deep meaning-

ing an impressive resume, her song “Possibility”

often simple and dramatically lit; Li never fails

definitely someone to watch out for. Already boastarguably made the global phenomenon Twilight ‘New Moon’, but there is more to come from this little known artist.

Born in Sweden’s busy town, Ystad, Li (real

name Li Lykke Zachrisson), grew up on a mountaintop, moving to New York at just twenty-one where she began recording her first album. Lykke Li

was awarded “Female voice of 2009”

by blogger, Stereogum and was nominated for Meteor Ireland music awards for best international female.

Zachrisson’s debut album was called Youth Nov-

els, a haunting and poetic collection of eclectic

ful impact. Live, her shows are always different, to make an impact on an audience.

The Swedish starlet has described her single

‘time flies’ as the closest work to her heart because it relates to her life right now.

Despite growing up listening to Madonna and

Michael Jackson, Li insists her biggest influences are Edith Piaf and

Nina Simone, both known for

their iconic sounds, attitudes and energy.

With an individual look as well as sound, she

has also recently become the face of Levis Curve ID, along side Pixie Geldof and Miss Nine.

Li recently announced on her MySpace, that she

sounds. Despite the albums cult success, her popu-

is working on creating her second album and her

lease of “Possibility” for the phenomenon New Moon

baby faced, beauty.

(released 2009). Her beautiful lyric’s and unique

sound created a mesmerising scene in the film that captured audiences around the world.

Lykke Li’s sparse and often controversial songs

combine emotive lyrics with an array of synth

fans are eagerly waiting to hear more from this

“If you’re interested in things, I think that’s

the key to staying young. I don’t know? I want to

feel alive and I want to feel…on fire. ” Lykke Li September 2010 Levis Curve campaign.


Photo by Benoît Derrier

larity only really started to rise with the re-


Ellie Goulding Ellie Goulding is one of

the newest indie pop artists

to emerge onto the scene. She is on trend often photographed wearing high street favourites

and vintage pieces. Ellie is emerging as every girls Super Style icon!


Steal Her Style

tarry eyed singer Ellie Goulding is young, fresh and your typical girl next door. So now you want to know how to get

her style right? Well here’s how you can achieve her look effortlessly. As pictured, pair your denim shorts with a loose check shirt and pumps for a casual daytime look. Accessorise with some pearl studs, a pendant necklace or some funky patterned tights. Or add a blazer for a more tailored look.

She is quite fresh faced and keeps her hair long and flowing,

so keep the make up light. Soft shades of golds, pinks and nude lips are perfect!



Hayley William’s Hayley



member of Paramore, is our second




words to describe her style: quirky, expressive and LOUD! She epitomises the word ‘rock

chic’ and you can get her style in seconds!


he word flamboyant springs to mind. Known for her bright bleached hair and ‘out there’ fashion sense, hayley

is definately a style icon! Her music clearly influences her

style, and being the only female member of her band paramore,

she sometimes takes on the grunge tom boy image. From garish pattern tights to shiny latex leggings, oversized leopard print javkets to

fluorescent tutu’s, Hayley ahs worn it all! So how

can you rock her style?

She often wears ruffles, stripes and bows. Luckily, red lips

are back in business! So go for a rosey red tone and try back combing your hair.


Picture Credit Fame, TCDC Media, Dan Cox.

Steal Her Style

Fashion Black vest:

models own. Check shirt: primark,

£6. Shorts: Urban outfitters, £20.

Ballerina pumps: New look, £10.

Black bow headband:

Topshop, £6.

Chain: models own. Stripe

dress: Boohoo, £12.


Fashion Tribal print vest:

Primark, £4. Velvet cardigan: models own. High waited jeans: Topshop, £35. Lipstick: models own.

Check shirt: Primark, £6.

Tights: River Island, £4.

Black pumps:


Picture Credit: Sherelle Lancaster

models own.


The Lion and The Wolf Char Craven


he Lion and The Wolf is a solo acous-

a song on there about my best friend Marie

bearded and laid-back Tom George using lit-

All The Lion and The Wolf tracks are re-

tic act hailing from Southampton, with

who I grew up with.”

tle more than his voice and a guitar.

corded in his bedroom mainly using a lap-

Infusing folk music with pop, the acts live

top and keyboard. “I don’t want to go into

performance is stripped bare and usually

an expensive studio and pay for a sound

delivered within an audi-

ence, rather than on stage: The piece of advice that always

“I love playing completely sticks to me was from my teacher

stripped with no PA or mic. in sixth form who said “There are I like getting in there two types of music in the world:

with the audience - it’s a the stuff you like and the stuff you lot more intimate that way, don’t like”.

I don’t really like being I really like that. away from people” says Tom.

that I have to rush and not complete naturally

in my own time, my bedroom’s



Having discovered music

from a young age, Tom has developed his own

style with the act and recently



His powerful tunes are influenced by artists

portunities that suggest The Lion and The

chester Orchestra and Talking Heads, with

asked to do a B-Side on a single by a band

such as Ray Lamontagne, Brand New, The Man-

Wolf is not going unnoticed. “I did get

Tom putting his own spin on lyrics deriving

called Shadows Chasing Ghosts – I met them

from personal experiences.

when I went along with some friends who

“The main premise of the records I’ve writ-

were on tour; we got jamming and whatever,

ten are based around the break up with my

they took an EP and got in contact tell-

ex-girlfriend which happened over a year

ing me they were releasing a track and did

ago now. I spent about 3 months putting

I want to do the B-Side. I started on it

some songs together, not in a negative way

last night; it’s a lot of piano I’m chuffed

- you just write your feelings down then

with it.”

forget about it. I didn’t really want to

“I recently did a couple of shows in Berlin

make it all about that so for the EP, I put

too which was awesome. The good thing about 16


playing in Europe is the fact that they really look after acts, they’re not sketchy promoters at all – they’ll

feed you, give you money, free drinks and they’ll actually listen!”

Finish my sentence...

professional goal solely on this: “Ultimately, I’d love

Without music I would be boring

Tom prides the act on live performance and bases his

to be able to tour full time because I’m absolutely 100%

I write the songs because I

adventure every day. I’m not even too bothered about

I will stop doing what I do

getting a record deal, it would obviously help but if I

could tour all the time I’d be happy.” And with the help and support of his family his passion has only seemed to grow. “My Mum always cries when she listens to my songs,

which is quite sweet. I feel bad because she gets all

upset – I think she’s happy, she’s such a wimp! My family have seen me play and they really like it, they’ve always been supportive ever since I picked up a guitar when I was 13.

Music is the best thing in the world. Whatever you write

is yours and if you can write stuff that means something

to someone else then that’s the best thing ever. I’ve had a few compliments from people before saying how they can

relate to my music: it really does make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up – It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s really nice!”

With some travelling on the cards and a new CD in the running, keep your eyes firmly peeled open for Tom George and

his act The Lion and The Wolf – you won’t be disappointed. 17

like to never

The meaning of life is 42

If I could do anything right now it would be eat

My super power would be laser eyes

The most boring thing about

me is my interview answers/my shoes

Fame is not necessary

Success is not working 9-5 at HMV!

Picture Credit: Char Craven

my happiest when I’m on tour. I love it it’s like a mini

Live reviews

Marina and the Diamonds After a bad start to the evening - public transport, rain and a massive queue - Marina’s start to her Burger Queen tour is better than expected. Full of energy and what appears

to be genuine glee to be in dreary Portsmouth she bounds on the stage. We are treated to an array of outfits throughout the night, from an elaborate gaga style headdress to a full on American jock get up. A+ for effort, but you wouldn’t know it from the Shaun-of-the-

deadesque response from the crowd. Oh No!, a quirky indie pop number which was performed with particular ferocity, and her short but sweet encore of Hollywood were the ones that finally got the crowd interested. The encore is too little too late, however, and the songs

are interchangeable; it’s a shame that the fairly generic synth-pop couldn’t live up to her big outfits and big effort.

Little Comets The crowd grew as the three support bands revved up the energy, and by the time Little

Comets came on – nearly two-and-a-half hours later – the place was buzzing with anticipation. The support acts mingled in with the crowd of hundreds of indie kids to witness the performance of possibly the most underrated indie/alternative band of 2010. The epitomy of

British-indie, lead-singer Robert Coles sported a funky granddad jumper; and, obviously, no indie band could be complete without a checked shirt, tattoos – and, it would appear,

a fluorescent orange bobble hat. The band engaged with the audience with their witty Newcastle banter in-between crowd pleasers such as Joanna, Isles and One Night In October, resulting in a pounding dancefloor, and finishing fittingly with This One’s for Dancing -

sending the teenagers into a frenzy of jumping spasms. The unusual inclusion of maracas,

tambourines and saucepans, all hung up by a string-line over the stage, was the icing of

the performance. The Joiners proves the theory that the smallest venues are the best for gigs; the intimate atmosphere, combined with an incredible sound and light system, and pure, quality music meant for a night to remember. 18

Album reviews

Kings of Leon The Kings of Leon have gone back to their roots for their fifth studio album, Come Around

Sundown, an album that really epitomises who they are as a band. The album is surprisingly

different from cult-following album Only By The Night (2008); their focus is back on their loyal, older fan-base as reflected through the vintage sound of the album, reminiscent of

Youth and Young Manhood (2003). The chilled-out vibe is transcended through the hypnotic lyrics and Caleb’s trademark vocals. First single release Radioactive reintroduces us to

their mellow southern-rock spirit. The soft-rock vocals apparent in songs such as Pyro contrast with get-up-and-go tunes like Mary and Pony Up, whilst Pickup Truck combines

great vocals and lyrics with a phenomenon bass. Their ability to create pure and astoundingly raw records time-after-time gives them, and this album, an edge above any others.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift is back with her third album Speak Now, a collection of songs that almost

read like Taylor’s personal diary. She has the gift of story-telling, as demonstrated

throughout the album; she wrote every song without the aid of co-writers, something quite

Marina and the Diamonds: photograph by Georgia Weaving Little Comets: courtesy of Andrea vail, Flikr Kings of Leon: courtesy of Dave Hogan, Getty Images Taylor Swift: photograph by Bo Streeter Written by Katie Lansdowne

rare in pop music today. The lyrics are so emotive and heart-felt that it is hard not to be enchanted by them. Combined with Taylor’s sweet, melodic voice, I am unashamedly a Swift-convert. This may be guilty-pleasure listening, but it is in no way ‘just another pop album’. The album is much the same style as her previous albums when you consider

the themes - love, teenage angst, growing up - but this time round, Swift has put a edgy spin on it, showing that her confidence as an artist has rocketed. Better than Revenge and

Haunted show her variety as an artist, her voice sounding almost Hayley Williams/Kelly Clarkson-esque. The Swift style we are used to comes out in first single release Mine, Dear John and Last Kiss in particular. Taylor is out to prove herself to everyone, including Kanye West after ‘that’ VMA’s incident, with hit-back tunes like Mean and Innocent. If you think you know Taylor Swift - think again. 19

Art Reviews

1. The Fashion Illustration Gallery has recently opened a beautiful exhibition. It features cover art for international textile magazines created by

the renowned illustrator, Ren­ e Gruau who sadly passed away in 2004. This exhibition

celebrates his success and achievements

throughout his career by presenting a stunning collection of his works on paper. The exhibition closes on 4th December 2010, so

if you want to pay your respects to a true genius, head on down to the Mayor Gallery, London before the closing date.

2. On the 12th November 2010, The Victoria and Albert Museum are

4. Calvert22 are cur-

rently showing the works of

holding a fabulous exhibi-

3. The Courtauld Gallery are current-

fashion house is celebrat-

Paul Cezanne’s most fa-

tion. Kenzo, the Parisian ing its 40th anniversary. The Raphael gallery will host the celebration with a day of catwalk shows. The event will contain some of

the best pieces of Kenzo

fashion from the last 40

years. This exhibition is around for one day only so

it would be a true disap-

ly exhibiting some of mous paintings: The Card Players. Considered to

be among his most iconic collections, it would be a real shame to miss this once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity. The exhibition closes on the 16th January 2011.




Ponomarev. The extraordinary exhibition, ‘Sea Stories,’

delves deep into Ponomarev’s

history in nautical engineering and his early career as a submariner. The artist

has successfully managed to

recreate and evoke the emotions felt on his many expeditions. This exhibition

is fantastically eerie and I defy anyone to miss it. It closes on 21st November 2010 so be sure to join the fun.

pointment to miss out!


Book Reviews

5. In this hilarious instalment to

the ‘Shopaholic’ series, Becky Brandon,

(previously Bloomwood) is back with a mini-me in tow. With two-year-old Minnie as

a shopping companion, this novel promises

to be a giggle from start to finish. In true Kinsella fashion, this book is laugh

out loud funny. As expected, the story opens in the Mall, with Minnie’s main

words being; ‘I want,’ and ‘mine.’ After expecting motherhood to be a breeze,

from her ebay-using, cab-booking daughter and is constantly trying to regain

the parent/child equilibrium. If you love

Becky Brandon as much as I do, grab yourself a copy of this fantastic book and prepare to be entertained.

6. This autobiography from Keith Rich-

ards, guitarist of the Rolling Stones, is

as expected; a tale of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Although Richards is one of the

greatest rock Gods of all time, this memoir has an almost ‘heard it all before’ ring to

it. It is however brought to life when discussing his phenomenal music. It shows him

to be more than the ‘junkie’ he is known as and allows us to see the true musical genius he created. This book portrays all

of the battles that rock stars may have to face throughout their careers. It is well worth reading, allowing you to delve deep

into the mind of an artist who will go down in the history of music.


Picture Credits: 1. Sources from The Illustraion Gallery Archives. 2. Victoria and Albert exhibition promotion online. 3. The Courtauld Gallery archives. 4. Calvert22 exhibition press release. 5. From Sophie Kinsella’s website. 6. SOurced from the Rolling Tones Website.

Becky is confronted with several issues




september 24 - november 22

march 21 - april 20

The ram’s confidence is second to none so this month use that confidence to charm the advances of the sexy prey at the after party.

Your scales aren’t so even this week Libra and your aggressive side is taking to the stage. Don’t be afraid to lean on someone for support.



october 24 - november 22 happy birthday!

april 21 - may 21

It’s often hard for the bull to break out of its routine but this month release your inner Spaniard, knock over the matador and chance is there could be some serious romantic action going on this month.

You seemed to have lost a bit of your drive this month Scorpio! Hopefully a few nifty pressies will sort that out. Use this month and your new mature age to sort out what you really want from life.



may 22 - june 21

november 23 - december 22

Use your twin instinct this month Gemini and don’t ignore that problem that’s been bugging you for some time. It could just be a decision you’ll live to remember forever.

You’re an warrior Sagittarius but be careful not to shoot anyone in the back this month as your temper is running low.



december 23 - january 20

june 22 - july 23

Your determination is second to none so stop worrying this month Capricorn! Your career is precious at the moment so use your initiative to get to where you want to be.

You’ve got a problem Cancer and it’s not those pesky crabs. However, this month brings new options and a big decision. Do what makes you happy.



july 24 - august 23

january 21 - february 19

The Lion is the king of the jungle and when you’re at the top there’s always going to be gossip. Keep an open mind and the critters will shut up.

You wacky watery Aquarians are having a hard time this month. Take time to chill out and you’ll see the situation isn’t quite what it seems.



august 24 - september 23

This won’t sound like anything out of the ordinary for you virginous sort but preparation is key this month. Stop looking at life with the glass half empty.and you will be sure to reap tewards.

february 20 - march 20

Don’t slap love around the face with a fish this month Pisces because as much as you dream of it this could really be the one this time.

22 00

Picture Cred9t:


Picture Credit

Page Header


a touch of glass


988 was the year Alice


that enjoys dividing opinion. Her

unleashed into the world.

attitude. It is not unknown for


vocalist Castles


baby face ill-matches her reckless

The young punk from Toronto, Ontario

Glass to enter the stage completely

was discovered at the tender age

intoxicated and this has become the

of 15 by her now band mate Ethan

staple of her performance to the

Kath after performing in her noise

extent that it is now argued she

punk band “Fetus Fatale”. However, Glass





drinks water, passing it off for


vodka and pretending to be drunk on

after changing her name to Vicki

stage for fear her fan’s will not

Vale and running away to live in a

like her performance otherwise.

squat community of punks and drug addicts. Glass’ dramatic upbringing

Picture pictureCredit: credit flickr - rainydaykidd & Dese’Rae L. Stage


Glass is one of those creatures

Unexpectedly Glass has become

is often illustrated in her music


Ethan’s Myspace page as ‘murder,

Additionally she has also become a

having listed influences on her and



blank looks on girls, knives.’








mysterious sex symbol for guys.

Glass is clearly the face and

If you were to throw Alice in

voice of the pair. Whilst Kath

a bottle and stick a label on it

hoodie Alice wastes no time in

describe her intense character. The

is hiding behind his keyboard and

there would be no words to fully

jumping into the crowd to enjoy the

girl is an unruly haze of motion

atmosphere both on stage and in the

that cannot be restricted or fixed

centre of the mosh pit. Despite her

down by conventional means.

free-living nature Glass is also known





To find out more on Alice and

allegedly lashing out at a male

her band Crystal Castles visit:

fan, claiming to be groped by him

at Latitude Festival.

24 00

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