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Court Reporter Services

Want To Be Connected With The Judicial System But Not A Lawyer, No Worries Did you know that according to the States Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for qualified court reporters would grow by 14% between the years 2010 and 2020? Therefore, if you are not a lawyer and if you want to be a part of the legal system, court reporting might just be the best career option for you.

A court reporter, though, ignored most of the times, is an officer of the court and is highly respected by all those who are a part of the legal system. Court reporters are those individuals who are specially trained professionals who type minimum 225 words in a minute and deliver an accurate record of the events in whatever task or work they are assigned. It can be a business meeting, deposition or any legal proceeding.

Court Reporter Services

Today court reporting as a profession is going through an evolution. There is always going to be a demand for word-for-word transcriptions of legal proceedings. However, the need for individuals who are able to produce verbatim transcripts in non-legal industries will never shrink.

Therefore if you are not a lawyer and still want to be a part of the judicial system then court reporting might just be the answer to your question. The major responsibility of a court reporter is to sit and in a court room or a deposition and take down every spoken word during the proceeding. The transcripts prepared by a court reporter are used as the official record of the events that take place during the hearing. Court reporting services also include being responsible for certifying that what has been entered is accurate and true to the best of their ability. These official transcripts are of the sworn testimony for use by attorneys, judges and litigants. Court reporters traditionally fall under two categories – Freelance and Judicial. Freelance court reporters are those individuals that work for court reporting agencies. They are hired by law firms, attorneys, corporations and any other organization that would need their services.

Court Reporter Services

Court reporting agencies hire freelancers to cover depositions, examinations under oath, hearings and board meetings. Depending on the agency and the kind of court reporting services it provides, the agency can either have independent contractors or hire them as employees.

Official court reporters are those that are hired by the court. Mostly they are assigned to a particular judge or courtroom. This gives them a chance to cover a variety of court cases, from lower to some really high profile cases depending on the court. Today many jurisdictions in the country need reporters to pass certifications, such as the RPR (Registered Professional Reporter) and CRR (Certified Realtime Reporter), that test their written knowledge and skills before qualifying to work in the courts. A court reporter is in control of the transcript he is producing, and can ask anyone involved to repeat themselves. The individual is an officer of the court hand is highly respected by the entire legal system. Just like official reporters need certification, freelance also need it. But once, you get the job, you become a very integral part of the system.

Court Reporter Services

Want to be connected with the judicial system but not a lawyer, no worries  

Court Reporting – a career option that has stayed strong through the times is one of the best options to choose if you are not an advocate....