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Tips to Prevent Cancer in Your Dog With the number of cancer cases on the rise in dogs, pet owners are fearful of their dog being diagnosed with this dreadful and expensive-to-treat condition. Most owners wonder why this is happening or what they can do to prevent it. Cancer coverage in available with most dog insurance plans, which can help you cope with the financial setback that results from your dog being diagnosed with cancer, but as the popular wisdom says, prevention is better than cure. The good news is that with all the research being done in this field, experts advise that certain practices could actually reduce the chances of your canine friend getting cancer. 


One of the most common kinds of cancer in dogs is that of the reproductive organs. Along with the numerous other health benefits, de-sexing or removal of the reproductive organs eliminates the risk of ovarian / testicular cancer in canines. 

Avoid indoor pollution

Indoor pollutants like cigarette smoke, which is known to increase the risk of cancer in both humans as well as animals, should be avoided. Other indoor pollutants include strong and harsh chemicals used as pesticides and household cleaners. As far as possible, it is advisable to replace these with natural products like vinegar, baking soda etc. 

On-road precautions

When travelling, e.g. to the vet or the park, your pet can be exposed to the traffic pollution and the oxidants in the exhaust gases of vehicles, if travelling in uncovered / open vehicles like the back of a pickup truck. Avoiding such situations by having your dog travel inside of a car can help reduce the chances of cancer. 

A healthy natural diet

Animal and plant by-products or chemical preservatives and additives, which could be present in packaged pet-food, are also known to increase the chances of cancer in canines. To minimize this risk, choose the brands of pet-food carefully and prefer natural wholesome diet for your pet as much as possible. 

Regular check-ups

Early detection of cancer often means easier and quicker treatment and reduced risk of fatality. Regular check-ups can help detect cancer at an early stage. Pet insurance is often a saviour when it comes to cancer treatment in dogs. While the emotional and physical stress can only be reduced through steps taken for prevention or early diagnosis, the financial stress can be overcome through pet insurance. Pet insurance is an option worth exploring.

Tips to Prevent Cancer in Your Dog