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How to get the most out of your Pet Insurance policy?

Many people insure their pet and don’t get the most out of it. If you follow the following five steps you can make sure that your pet insurance is ensuring that you have enough coverage to protect your pet when or if disaster strikes.

Insure your puppy or kitten as soon as you get them home Pet insurance is like all other types of insurance, in the way that you should insure the item before something ‘could’ happen to it. Insuring your pet straight away is the same as insuring your car before you leave the car dealership. The reason why you need to activate a pet insurance policy as soon as possible is because something could happen, in regard to their health, at any moment. This is the same reason why people insure a car that they just got or a house that they haven’t moved into yet – because you never know.

Insure your puppy or kitten with your vet or breeder Insuring your pet with Petplan pet insurance under the advice of your pet store, vet or breeder is like insuring your car with a provider that advertises at the car dealership. It means that you have the ultimate in coverage because you are insuring your pet with pet insurance before you officially take over the duty of care. This means that you are also not leaving any space for things to go wrong. The other benefit is that a pet insurance company that has an arrangement with a vet or breeder will be of a higher standard than one that is not recommended by professionals.

How to get the most out of your Pet Insurance policy?

Make sure you keep your records in order The best kind of pet insurance is one that asks for a lot of information while setting up your policy. This means that the amount of information that they ask for when you need to make a claim will be less than those that don’t ask for any. If you ensure that your records (veterinary check-up records, worming and vaccination records and so on) are in order then when you are asked for records be the pet insurance company you will have a smoother application or claim time.

Make sure your pet is vaccinated and attends regular check-ups Many diseases are treatable, and if you have pet insurance you will be able to afford it. Although having that peace of mind does not mean that you can abandon responsibility when it comes to preventing health concerns with your pet. In order to make sure that you don’t have a rejected pet insurance claim you should make sure that your pets are vaccinated and that you have ensured that you keep up with vaccinations are up to date and that you have not ignored regular check-ups.

Make sure that your pet has preventative treatments when needed Preventative treatments are of particular concern when it comes to making a pet insurance claim for a disease or disorder that is highly preventable. Basically a good example of this is tooth decay. If you are providing your pet with tooth care (raw chicken bones every week or so, plenty of fresh water and check up and clean at the vet

How to get the most out of your Pet Insurance policy?

when needed) and your pet suffers a dental concern, it will most probably be covered by your pet insurance company. If you have ignored their teeth and then claim a dental surgery there is a chance that the surgery will not be covered. Essentially all you need to do is do the right thing by your pet and you will get the most out of your pet insurance policy.

How to get the most out of your Pet Insurance policy?