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Outdoors by Bree Tuttle


he Psalms tell us, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” I could not agree more.

Recently my family and I left the suburbs of Atlanta and moved north to Toccoa, Georgia, downsizing from 2600 sq ft to 600. And all of it triggered by our love of nature and the outdoors. Our little cabin boasts glorious views of Lake Hartwell and I am often humbled by what I see when watching the day rise over the treetops or pausing to watch the sun kiss the lake at dusk. We have grown accustomed to the beaver who swims in our cove, the bluebirds that awaken my daughter in the morning, and the Bald Eagle that occasionally soars above us diving for fish off our dock. The scenes never get old…because nature never gets old. It is constantly renewing, reviving, and regrowing itself. There is balance in the outdoors. Every element playing its part in the eco-system that God so brilliantly created. I love how it all works in tandem with itself. Nature providing so much stimulation and reward in the smallest thing, the oxygen that is expelled by the trees or the wild flowers growing between rocks and roots. The other morning, as the fog rolled out of the cove, I grabbed my running shoes, a lite jacket, and my walking buddy Shelby, and we headed out into the misty morning. A low fog covered the path, filling the forest floor with its smoky haze. It was a gloriously mystical walk. In the silence

of the foggy morning, I heard the gentle steps of deer, scratching of squirrels, and twittering of birds as they all sleepily began their day. There was a brisk chill in the air that fought against the incoming warmth of spring, and I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with it all. The pup at my side raised her ever searching nose into the mist as if also to absorb the last of winter in her lungs and then… we ran. Taking in the glory and beauty and mystery that is the outdoors. Edward Morris once wrote, As ice turns to water and lush green arrives, The crags reappear and new wildlife thrives. Soon streamlets will gurgle and columbines grow; The mountains are calling, and I must go. As we move into summer and crisp mornings give way to warmer ones, so will the outdoors give way to a new energy. Trees will stretch out their arms and bright green leaves will open to absorb sunny skies. Warmer waters of the lake and longer days of summer will bring with it swimming, boat rides, mountain hikes to hidden waterfalls, kayak rides in shady coves, festivals, family gatherings, and adventures. I cannot wait to be apart of it all. The mountains do indeed call…they call me to prayer; they call me to silence; they call me to singing; they call me to stillness; they call me to adventure…they call me to God.

Bree Tuttle is a Senior Interior Designer at Angel Oak Home; she is an outdoor enthusiast and loves the mountains. While interiors are her specialty, Bree and Angel Oak Home can design your outdoor living space. Creating a sanctuary in nature for your comfort and enjoyment is equally essential for a beautifully balanced home. From porch to patio, we invite you to reach out to us for ideas and a consultation. You may visit us at 46 Doyle Street in downtown Toccoa, Georgia, call 706-898-5427 or visit

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